[2018.12.31] Tsumugi Risa ~ New Year’s Tweet

Original Tweet

Since it’s the end of the year I, Tsumugi, composed this seriously.
If you would be so kind, next year as well… #TsumuTsumuTsubuTsubu

2018 was the most profound year of my life. I was able to make anime appearances like I had dreamed of since middle school and, regardless of whether a character has a name or not, the fact that I breathed life into him or her brings me unending joy. I’m deeply touched that, through my voice, these characters are moving— living! Whenever my name runs in the ending credits, I go “Ohhhhhhhhh!!!” and take a stream of photos. My days were filled unending gratitude for all of this. Embarrassing. On a personal note, something that touched my heart was bumping into an anime director, who served as a lecturer and took care of me when I was in high school, at the studio and auditions.

And then it was announced that I would become a new member of “RAISE A SUILEN” as a DJ. As someone who originally watched Bandori on screen and thought, “The seiyuu are playing their instruments and performing live, such a diverse skill-set…!”, I never expected that I would one day end up on the other side of that screen. That I can participate in Bandori, which started from Aimi and continued with PoPiPa, is nothing but an honor. That’s why from now on, even more than before, as both a DJ and as CHU²’s seiyuu, I’m going to raise up my arms and do my best to hype up Bandori!! I want to improve my skills!!!!!

And finally, about the members of RAS! At first, we were a mismatched group of members each with their own amount of experience and different fields of specialization. However, within all that time that we spent together I steadily found things to love about the members and now I truly love them so much that it’s unbearable! When I meet up with the members, how should I put this… It’s sort of a “that sense of relief when you go back home?” kind of thing, and I feel so at ease 😂✨I have something to respect about all of them, and realize that I am blessed. In particular, the day when the members came to my house and threw a party was fun and happy and my love was moved 😭
[Note: Her wording resembles “my heart was moved”, but she said “love” instead.]

2018 was tightly packed with different things! If my past self from just a little while ago saw my present self, I wonder what kind of face she would make (lol) “I’m absolutely glad that I didn’t give up,” is how I’ll sum it all up.
While cherishing my feelings of happiness and gratitude, I’ll proceed with determination next year so that I may come across many more character roles and also, as part of RAS, be able to meet many people and show them who we are! And I’m going to work harder right now! It is thanks to all the people supporting me that I can feel, “I can do my best!” When things go poorly, or when I’m frustrated, or when I can’t stop self-reflecting, I always pull out everyone’s letters from a box, read them, and receive strength! Thank you so much. My best regards for next year as well ⛩✨

Many thanks to Forreva and Ghostavich for quality checking!

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