[2019.01.14] Sachika Diary. ~ ♡I Got a Birthday Surprise (Heart)♡

Original Blog Post[1] ~ Uesaka Sumire’s Post

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for the birthday live stream yesterday💓

I was really happy that there were way, waaaay more people watching and commenting than I had anticipated.

And for some good news,
Misawa Sachika’s official Twitter account has been opened!

Please be sure to follow me here!!!

And to commemorate my 10th anniversary as a seiyuu, we’ve decided to do a bus tour!

I’m so sorry that I was unable to touch on many of the comments and tweets during the broadcast😭

There’s too much that I want to talk about!

I’m happy that, no matter how old I get, my birthday is still celebrated💓

I received surprise comments from
Komagata Yuri-san
Hashi Afumi-san
Sakuragawa Megu-san
Uesaka Sumire-san
Tsuda Minami-san
in the message [corner]☺️💓

And, in the last five minutes of the broadcast, my Legal Wife・Uesaka Sumire-san[2] made an unexpected appearance!!!!!

She is the genius behind the phrase “Omae mo Yamanashi Okuri da!” [3]

Grapes! Hōtō! Anti-Oppression! [4]

Please continue supporting me from now on💓

Misawa Sachika

1. ^ The title is a direct response to Uesaka Sumire’s blog post about the stream,
“三澤さんバースデーサプライズ(はぁと)” => “Misawa-san Birthday Surprise (Heart)”
2. ^ She might be mimicking and one-upping the “Sworn Friend・Misawa Sachika” from Sumipe’s blog post.
3. ^ “Taking You to Yamanashi Too”, the name of her upcoming bus tour
4. ^ On the birthday stream they created this Yamanashi-themed rendition of Sumipe’s slogan,
“生産! 団結! 反抑圧!” => “Production! Unity! Anti-Oppression”

Thank you to Haruki Takanashi and Forreva for corrections!

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