Kagami Karin ~ July 2019 Tweet Translations

August 2019 Tweet Translations

31 Jul 2019 – 9:49 PM

I will be appearing here~!
My 2nd live stream ever…😖
I am starting to get nervous, but I’m really looking forward to it!!
Please be sure to watch!!✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Unit Meeting #1 w/ Happy Around!)

31 Jul 2019 – 9:35 PM

【Announcement】8/13(Tue)[Kagami] will be appearing in the first「D4DJ Unit Meeting」broadcast! (Staff)

#D4DJ #HapiAra [Happy Around!]

31 Jul 2019 – 5:52 PM

I drew some sketches today✏️
I love both looking at and drawing pictures!!
I drew a lot of girls today🤤
Thinking about what to draw next…💭

29 Jul 2019 – 6:46 PM

The preview video for HappyAround!’s 2nd song, “Direct Drive!”, has been released♫✨
I sang in English for a lot of this song! It was so much fun!!
I tried my best to sing it in a cool way😊
Please be sure to listen to it a lot!!

Quoted Tweet (“Direct Drive!” by Happy Around!)

28 Jul 2019 – 4:29 PM

I went to see a stage play! I still have a lot to learn😖
I drank tapioca afterwards~! moomin tapioca stand…a wriggly thing was attached to the straw…👀
Only half of the tapioca is left in the picture because it was so delicious that I was focused on drinking it…
It was gone by the time I noticed…😭

27 Jul 2019 – 8:38 AM

Kagami after her very first recording☺️ (Staff)

Note: Kagamin thinks it’s a picture until her manager tells her she’s taking a video…

26 Jul 2019 – 8:53 PM

The comments from HappyAround! have been released! I will do my very best as Akashi Maho from now on!✨
Thank you for your support~!!😊

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Happy Around! Cast Comments)

25 Jul 2019 – 8:01 PM

Good evening!
It was hot the whole day today!
It was too hot so I ordered a slush drink! Ramune flavor! It was cold and delicious🍨

24 Jul 2019 – 11:50 PM

Kagami looking happy eating her cake🍰 (Staff)

24 Jul 2019 – 5:39 PM

Pictures with fellow D4DJ 1st LIVE performers!✨
Nishio Yuka-san and Mimura Haruka-san, also from HappyAround!

Momono Haruna-san, Tsunko-san

Peaky P-key
Kurachi Reo-san
I am really glad I could perform together with so many wonderful people this time! Thank you!😖

I hope to see you at #D4DJ 2nd LIVE as well✨

22 Jul 2019 – 6:34 PM

The 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew and a flower stand addressed to the 3 of us!🌸The attached illustrations of us 3 are so cute…!! Thank you😭
I was really happy to receive letters and presents too~! Thank you!😊

22 Jul 2019 – 1:08 PM

Notice her movements when she realized it’s a video……👀✨ (Staff)

22 Jul 2019 – 12:19 PM (Kurachi Reo)

With Kagami Karin-chan💕

We ate together after finishing our two days on stage✨
2days for her first time on stage! Good work💐

22 Jul 2019 – 5:35 PM (Kagami Karin)

Good work!!✨
It was really fun being with Reo-san over these two days! Thank you for all of your encouragement😭
I am looking forward to eating with you again~!!

21 Jul 2019 – 7:51 PM

Thank you for coming to #D4DJ 1st LIVE DAY1 & DAY2–!😊
It was my first live ever, full of firsts like singing and dancing, but it was really fun!!
I will do my best as a member of Happy Around! to create more and more enjoyable stages for everyone!✨
I hope you will continue to support me–!!😊

21 Jul 2019 – 2:01 PM

#D4DJ 1st LIVE DAY2 I am performing again today!⭐️
I will do my very best together with everyone in Happy Around!!

21 Jul 2019 – 10:18 AM

I performed the #BCF2019 EXinMakuhari tournament opening call! Thank you!
Nishio Yuka-san
Mimura Haruka-san
we performed the call together✨
Thank you to everyone who gathered for it!

21 Jul 2019 – 9:15 AM

#BCF2019 EXinMakuhari
I will be doing the tournament opening call at the International Exhibition Hall, Hall 2 around 9:40! I will do my best💪Hope to see you there–!😆

20 Jul 2019 – 11:57 PM

Photos of #D4DJ 1st LIVE DAY1! Please support her again tomorrow! ☺️✨✨ (Staff)

20 Jul 2019 – 9:26 PM

I’m Kagami Karin. I was announced as the voice of Akashi Maho for Happy Around! at #D4DJ 1stLIVE today! Thank you so much for today! I will do my best to create a stage where everyone can be happy from now on!
Thank you for your support! 😊

7 Jul 2019 – 2:35 PM (Kurachi Reo)

That staff-san
borrowed the photographer’s camera to take this picture💁‍♀️

with Kagami Karin-chan✨

Note: The photographer is Reo (she calls herself RAS’ Photographer)
Reo is Kagamin’s senpai in S inc.

5 Jun 2019 – 10:01 PM

I appeared in「D4DJ Special Live Stream -STAY TUNE!-#2」. I was nervous because it was my first live stream but it was really fun! Thank you! 😊

Note: This is her agency’s Twitter account since she did not have a public Twitter at the time.

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