[2019.10.01] Otsuka Sae ~ “What’s your Identity?” Lyrics

On 2019.10.03, Otsuka Sae’s song “What’s your Identity?” began airing as the opening theme for the anime “EGG CAR”. She wrote this song a year and a half prior, and performed it at “SAE Vo.yage! vol.3 ~MAGICALOGIC!~“.

This is a translation of the short lyrics and excerpts from Saechi’s blog post.
You can listen to the song here!

Thanks to Forreva for pointing out the blog post and video. ^^

What’s your Identity?
Composer/Lyricist: Otsuka Sae

I’ve made up my mind

The people coming and going on the scrambled intersection,
if everyone was looking up
there would be endless encounters
and I wonder the good and the bad could be shared

Personality suppressed, only able to follow the motions
if anything still remains, it must be for real
I have nothing left to lose
I’ve made up my mind to take things into my own hands

I’m awaiting the day when
this mixed up identity will awaken once more
I won’t give up I won’t give up I won’t give up

This is one part of the lyrics.

I cast away most of what I had
and plunged into the unknown sea.

Prostrating yourself before things you don’t remember
being ridiculed, being beaten
being pressured, being deprived.

Every day enduring unbelievable realities and demands.

In stories for anime and TV you’re understood and rewarded in time,
but in real life even the most unreasonable things are surprisingly overlooked.

“Why is the world so cold?”

But if you stop, there will be nothing left.

Even now, I think there are many
people out there who can endure this alone.

『What’s your Identity?』

Identity… in short, it means what kind of person you are
I borrowed this word and wrote my own thoughts.

Even in absolute darkness with no exit in sight
if you don’t give up, a path is sure to open
I’ve irrationally held onto this confidence for the longest time, and the lyrics strongly reflect these values of mine.

For example, even if everything seems impossible,
the results will always follow.
I will never give up.


“Dreams come true”
Right now, I’m happy I could prove that with this song.

The sentiment of “I won’t give up”
It matches the setting of EGG CAR and when its glittering radiance came to light
I felt happier than anything else.

But dreams cannot come true alone, and I’m full of gratitude towards all the people who are connected with me in spirit.

When I received the news

I shouted, “I’m so glad I pushed through–!!!!”, out of character.

Then I recollected myself and clearly resolved to make sure it happened lol

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