Kagami Karin ~ December 2019 Tweet Translations

January 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Dec 2019 – 8:33 PM

2019 was a fun year where I tried many new things✨

I’m glad to have found all my supporters. Thank you so much.
I’ll do my best to grow even more and challenge all sorts of things next year!

I hope you’ll continue to support me next year.
Have a Happy New Year✨

30 Dec 2019 – 12:40 PM

I went to this cafe with my friend the other day~☺️✨
There are star cookies on the drinks and they’re really cute💫
I’m going to go to lots of cute cafés next year too!😆

29 Dec 2019 – 9:03 AM

Good morning–!

28 Dec 2019 – 11:37 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

I went with Kagamin-chan to see「WEST SIDE STORY」Season1 featuring Aoi Shouta, a senpai in our agency.

The incredible non-stop intensity made my heart tremble‼️


29 Dec 2019 – 12:30 AM

I went with Sakuragawa-san to see「WEST SIDE STORY」Season1 featuring Aoi Shouta, a senpai in our agency!
I was completely immersed in the rotating guest seats, the imagery used in the production, and actors’ passionate acting and wonderful singing voices✨

28 Dec 2019 – 8:23 AM

Good morning☀

27 Dec 2019 – 10:04 AM

Good morning!!✨

27 Dec 2019 – 12:03 AM

Good night😴

25 Dec 2019 – 8:02 PM

It’s Christmas so I got santa and reindeer cookies🎅
They were delicious✨
I got this cute icing cookies for Christmas😋 Hope you are having wonderful holidays!!🥳

25 Dec 2019 – 8:58 AM

Good morning!!
Merry Christmas🎅🎄✨✨

24 Dec 2019 – 7:55 AM

Good morning!✨

22 Dec 2019 – 11:47 PM

It’s really cold today and was freezing all day😖❄️
I need to hurry and buy a scarf…!!
Well then, good night~!😴

22 Dec 2019 – 8:01 AM

Good morning🌞

21 Dec 2019 – 9:48 PM

I went to see『Nakashima Yuki Fan Event vol.13』today!!
There was so much—themed talks, stage readings, and game corners. I kept laughing at Sakuragawa-san and Nakashima-san’s conversation the whole way through!😆
It was so fun!
Thank you✨

Note: Sakuragawa Megu

21 Dec 2019 – 10:39 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

Karin-chan came to see my event✨
We took a picture too😊😊😊
It’d be nice if we had work together too–🥰

21 Dec 2019 – 10:56 PM

Thank you for taking a picture with me…!!😭✨
I’ll continue working hard so that we can work goether!
Thank you for a great time today☺️

21 Dec 2019 – 9:57 AM

Good morning!☀️
I’m still sleepy😪

21 Dec 2019 – 12:12 AM

Good night~😴✨

20 Dec 2019 – 7:09 AM

Good morning!✨

19 Dec 2019 – 5:22 PM

This photo was taken when I went out a little while ago!!
My face looks like I’m up to something🙊

Just waiting for my friend to guide me in the middle of a street, since I’m really bad at directions😅

Note: The second part was written in English.

18 Dec 2019 – 11:44 PM

Good night😴

17 Dec 2019 – 9:27 AM

Good morning!!
Good morning✨
It’s really cold outside…I’m freezing😖

Note: The second part was written in English.

17 Dec 2019 – 12:51 AM

Good night⭐️

16 Dec 2019 – 7:56 AM

Good morning✨

15 Dec 2019 – 9:11 PM

I found a stuffed polar bear!
I love stuffed animals so much that my room is becoming filled with them🤔

Me holding a stuffed polar bear🧸
Cuddling to stuffed animals always makes me happy☺️✨

Note: The second part was written in English.

15 Dec 2019 – 12:18 AM

I walked a lot today🚶‍♂️
Good night😴

14 Dec 2019 – 9:22 AM

Good morning☺️✨

13 Dec 2019 – 10:15 PM

The information was released today, #HapiAra is getting a manga…!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing how the story will turn out!! I can’t wait to read it!😆✨

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Manga Announcement)

13 Dec 2019 – 9:16 AM

Good morning!!✨
Good morning!
It is cold again today😖

Note: The first part was written in English.

13 Dec 2019 – 12:02 AM

Good night!🌙✨

12 Dec 2019 – 1:08 AM

Good night😴⭐

10 Dec 2019 – 9:16 AM

Good morning!☔️

9 Dec 2019 – 6:26 PM

I ate cake with shizuka-san🍰
We talked a lot and had a great time!!
shizuka-san, thank you😭✨

Note: shizuka is a pianist under AGEHA promotion, a division of S inc. (Kagamin’s agency) created by Satou Hiromi (CEO of S inc.) and Agematsu Noriyasu

9 Dec 2019 – 9:24 AM

Good morning!!☀️

8 Dec 2019 – 12:06 AM

It’s very cold today so I’m going to warm up and sleep…!😖
Good night~🌙

7 Dec 2019 – 12:28 AM

Good night⭐

6 Dec 2019 – 8:15 AM

Good morning☀️✨

5 Dec 2019 – 11:50 PM

I went to see BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE「VOICE -Hoshizora no Shita no Yakusoku-」!
Argonavis and GYROAXIA, both bands were cool in their own way and they were so wonderful…!
The excitement in the venue was incredible and it was over in no time!!✨

4 Dec 2019 – 9:14 AM

Good morning☀

4 Dec 2019 – 12:13 AM

Good night–!!💫

3 Dec 2019 – 8:29 PM

I ate a sandwich🥪
There was cheese omelette inside and it was a generous portion🤤
I ate sandwiches🥪 Cheese omelette inside of them and were delicious! I wanna eat them again😋

Note: The second part was written in English.

3 Dec 2019 – 10:11 AM

Good morning!
The weather is nice today☺️✨

2 Dec 2019 – 10:01 AM

Good morning❄️

1 Dec 2019 – 9:16 PM

Roselia×RAISE A SUILEN Joint Live
I went to see「Rausch und/and Craziness」DAY2!
The stage was filled with an awesome intensity from both Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN and I was so moved😭✨
Thank you for a really exciting, fun, and wonderful live…!

1 Dec 2019 – 9:10 AM

Good morning!☀️

November 2019 Tweet Translations

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