Nishio Yuka ~ December 2019 Tweet Translations

January 2020 Tweet Translations

32 Dec 2020 – 6:36 AM

For the first time in my life, I “went to a countdown live” and gained a new experience right at the start of the year🌅Then I basked in the blasting sounds into a happy 2020☀️

I’m gonna have lots of first experiences & first challenges again this year–!
I hope you’ll continue to watch over me and have fun with me this year!!

🎍Happy New Year🎍

31 Dec 2019 – 4:32 PM

I’m not tired at all today but I’m gonna drink this~
The most (expensive) one~

31 Dec 2019 – 10:34 AM

Year end cleaning…isn’t over!┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛

30 Dec 2019 – 10:15 PM

While cleaning, “I want to go somewhere shining” popped into my head and this was the result.
to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa.
Absurdly pretty, absurdly relaxing, and a surprise bout of absurd laughter. I got a souvenir jellyfish too.
A great way to end the year.

30 Dec 2019 – 11:07 AM

My world was turned upside down this year.
But from now on.
I have lots of aspirations・fun schemes (all in my head).
I’m gonna do everything I can to make them happen.

Well then.
……year end cleaninggggggg

31 Dec 2019 – 7:30 PM

I met Rinku, I met Yuu-chan, and I met all the people supporting me. It was a jam-packed year.

Have a happy New Year~

30 Dec 2019 – 10:01 AM

Good morning🌈

29 Dec 2019 – 7:28 PM

in HobbyMarket Satou
in Card labo Hamamatsu Store
in Hamakita Kanteidan
Thank you–!
Today is the last of my Rebirth classes and work🎖💿🗾🎙📈🎤
Ibaraki Chiba Hiroshima Yamaguchi Aichi in January~
Filling up the blank map is delightful fun–!
I hope you’ll continue to support me next year🙏

Note: the map that shows where she’s done Rebirth classes

29 Dec 2019 – 10:55 AM

Aichi & Shizuoka today~
Hope to see you there–!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/29 Schedule)

28 Dec 2019 – 8:14 PM

It’s DJ Day so here’s Nishio DJing.

Note: Nishio performed as a DJ in clubs for about a year but paused shortly after joining HiBiKi
12/28 is celebrated as DJ Day because it’s the anniversary of the death of Itoi Goro, a pioneer Japanese radio DJ

28 Dec 2019 – 7:56 PM

in master’s guild nayuta
in Card labo Toyohashi
in Card Accademia
Thank you–!
I’m gonna eat eel~~
Aichi & Shizuoka tomorrow~

27 Dec 2019 – 7:51 PM

Yuu-chan and friends–! Are moving–!!
1/5 will surely be a day of Rebirth!! Please tune in🙏

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu Anime on 1/5)

27 Dec 2019 – 5:04 PM

Recording owariririririnku

Note: owari (finished) + Rinku (her D4DJ character)

27 Dec 2019 – 1:36 AM

Two of the three [4★ characters] were duplicates but I’m happy with this✌️✌️✌️Good night~ #StarlightRelive

26 Dec 2019 – 6:03 PM

Nishio has too much spare time.

Note: She’s practicing taking selfies with the rear-facing camera on her phone instead of the front-facing one

26 Dec 2019 – 6:09 PM (Shindou Amane)

Oyu-chan…you’re cute( ✧﹃✧)♥

26 Dec 2019 – 7:11 PM

Nesu~~Thanksnesu~~Nesu was all bundled up today too🌀

Note: Amane’s nickname is Amanesu

25 Dec 2019 – 9:46 PM

I met all of you, I found a giant Rinku, I wore these clothes for the first time, and I bought a super cute planner.
It was a really happy day.
It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all though!
But it’s fine if I’m happy. Yay.

25 Dec 2019 – 8:29 PM

in Ahikabara Cherumo
Thank you–!
I went with a Christmas (tree) outfit🎄
I drew a cute Merry Christmas illustration
Aichi & Shizuoka this weekend~

25 Dec 2019 – 2:17 PM

Uee––!!! The ghosts are too cute!!!!
Eh, gonna look for them…cu…cute……

Note: Oyu likes strange little creatures

Quoted Tweet (TAMAKYU Stackable Ghost Straps)

24 Dec 2019 – 9:43 PM

Tomorrow is Christmas Day so maybe I’ll dress for Christmas–! is what I’m thinking about( ˘ω˘)
My appointment is in Akihabara at 19:00.🎄
#RebirthNationwideClasses600 #Rebirth

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/25~27 Schedule)

24 Dec 2019 – 6:25 PM

Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2019 – 11:58 AM

The! Weather is nice like this today!
is what I thought as I looked out the window. It’s task-processing day at home

23 Dec 2019 – 8:28 PM

I got back to Haneda from Hakata yesterday and was greeted by Hiyoko.

Note: hiyoko = chick, but Hiyoko Sweets is a specific brand that originated in Fukuoka, where she had just come from

23 Dec 2019 – 8:50 PM

The origin? I learned [it was from] Fukuoka a few years ago when I first went to Fukuoka
Until then, I totally thought something like “This comes to mind for souvenirs from Haneda Airport!”.

22 Dec 2019 – 5:46 PM (Aiba Aina)

I got to see lots of Team HiBiKi at #WGP2019😆❣️

Note: Maeda Seiji, Aiba Aina, Mano Takumi, Morishima Shuuta, Hyuuga Daisuke, Nishio Yuka

22 Dec 2019 – 11:14 PM

I saw Aiai-san for the first time in a sorta long while✌️( ˘ω˘)

22 Dec 2019 – 5:12 PM (HiBiKi Staff Account)

#AibaAina, #NishioYuka, #MorishimaShuuta, #MaedaSeiji, #ManoTakumi, and #HyuugaDaisuke made an appearance at #WGPHakata! Thank you to everyone who came!☺️✨Team HiBiKi!✨

22 Dec 2019 – 9:33 PM

Was I this small……

22 Dec 2019 – 8:45 PM

Spin-Off Ver. #RebirthNationwideClasses600 (Pre-Order Session)
in WGP2019 Hakata Day 2
Thank you–!
I only went to street shops and didn’t do anything Fukuoka-like! But these 3 days were fun–! The classes were my first time in Kyushu.
Shizuoka & Aichi next week~
Before that is 12/25 in Tokyo!!!🎄🌰

Note: 🎄🌰 = meri kuri (chestnut) = merry christmas

22 Dec 2019 – 12:50 PM

Thanks for your support again today!
Hope to see you there–!!
#RebirthNationwideClasses600 #WGP2019

Quoted Tweet (WGP Hakata – Nishio Yuka Guest)

21 Dec 2019 – 6:38 PM

My body is made of #Rebirth.

Note: This is reference to Unlimited Blade Works from Fate.
(The Japanese chant differs from the English one!)

Quoted Tweet (WGP Hakata – Nishio Yuka Guest)

21 Dec 2019 – 6:45 PM (Tanaka Bunkei)

My blood of Spark, and my heart of Partner.

Note: This is the producer of Rebirth…
Spark is a type of skill, Partners are used to attack

21 Dec 2019 – 7:48 PM (kamespecial)

Not even a single Entry
Not even a single Retire

Note: Entry is the main card on your field, Retire = dead card

21 Dec 2019 – 7:57 PM (kyreyu)

The player lies here alone
Polishing their skills in the duel hall

21 Dec 2019 – 9:14 PM (Tanaka Bunkei)

Thus, my deck needs no tech

Note: These are cards specifically added to a deck to counter an opponent or meta

21 Dec 2019 – 9:32 PM (kamespecial)

This body is made from countless cards!!

22 Dec 2019 – 11:06 AM (kyreyu)

Unlimited Rebirth works

21 Dec 2019 – 5:23 PM

Spin-Off Ver. #RebirthNationwideClasses600 (Pre-Order Session)
in WGP2019 Hakata Day 1
Thank you–!
Everyone was so cheerful!!!
Hope to see you tomorrow as well~

Note: pre-order a Rebirth trial deck for a short handshake session with the seiyuu

21 Dec 2019 – 8:43 AM

I hallucinated “winning with wood chips” this morning.
Good morning~

20 Dec 2019 – 8:20 PM

in Hobby Station Tenjin Store
Thank you-!
It was friendly and enjoyable–!
I’m pointing at nothing on one side in the photo. lol
WGP2019 Hakata tomorrow & the day after~

20 Dec 2019 – 11:38 AM

I’m in Fukuoka this weekend––!
First up is today at 19:00!
Hope to see you there–!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/16~20 Schedule)

19 Dec 2019 – 9:57 PM

I went to see PENGUIN RESEARCH and KEYTALK’s joint live–!
It was amazingly fun and amazingly cool
In particular, MONSTER DANCE performed by 9 of them was the best part!!!

18 Dec 2019 – 1:54 AM

Everything about Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken is amazing! Good night!

17 Dec 2019 – 8:43 PM

It’s like everyone is at the beauty salon today?
And I took a hyper flattering (I think) photo so look!!!!!!!!!

17 Dec 2019 – 9:50 PM (Shindou Amane)

That jacket is…!!

17 Dec 2019 – 9:51 PM

The one I mentioned yesterday–!
Fluffy pink on green~~

17 Dec 2019 – 6:38 PM

Took a photo with a photo-worthy wall

17 Dec 2019 – 2:34 PM

It’s actually my first time in the Chugoku region・・・!
Hope to see you theree!!

Note: The western part of Honshu, Japan’s main island

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 December/January Schedule Update)

17 Dec 2019 – 2:04 AM

I left the TV on and the Nakano-sakaue Building that I recognized was!!! I was surprised

16 Dec 2019 – 9:23 PM

My boom lately. My moob.

Note: my boom = my obsession
the second line is just reversing the syllables

16 Dec 2019 – 6:43 PM

Memories of Shiga.

(I’m saying I’ll spin around one more time~but please ignore that because I cut the first time to fit within 2:20~)

Note: This is a casual stroll around Chikubu Island located in Biwa Lake!

15 Dec 2019 – 5:37 PM

in Hokkoku Shorin Tatsuno Store
in SuperKaBoS+GEO Mushu Store
Thank you–!
I’ve filled up the center of Honshu( ˘ω˘)
(I forgot to post the map yesterday…!)
In Fukuoka for 3days next week~

Note: Honshu is the main island of Japan

14 Dec 2019 – 6:16 PM

I took a Merry Christmas video🌰

14 Dec 2019 – 4:44 PM

in Card Shop Verde
in Ou no Doukutsu Ginan Store
Thank you–!
Kuri kinton is delicious––
Ishikawa & Fukui tomorrow~

Note: kuri kinton is a dish made from mashed sweet potatoes and candied chestnuts

14 Dec 2019 – 10:26 AM

Hope to see you there–!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/14 Schedule)

13 Dec 2019 – 9:40 PM

Lots of new D4DJ information is being unveiled–!!
Please check it all out!!!
But as far as Rinku goes, there’s the live, manga adaptation, and blood drive!!🎤📙💉
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Blood Drive)

13 Dec 2019 – 8:51 PM

in SuperKaBoS+GEO Tsuruga Store!
Thank you–!
Advancing into the Hokuriku region yayay
Gifu tomorrow~

13 Dec 2019 – 3:09 PM


And I also have #RebirthNationwideClasses600 this weekend!
Today at 19:00~at KaBoS+GEO Tsuruga Store. Hope to see you there!
My first time in Fukui~

Note: The picture shows her on Chikubu Island

Ah, umm, Lake Biwa.

Note: Chikubu Island is in Lake Biwa

12 Dec 2019 – 9:42 PM

I have nothing but motivation.

12 Dec 2019 – 5:40 PM

I think it’s surprisingly hard to tell in the video but I showed off these clothes that I really like for the first time and it has a sleeve on one side that’s all stretched
However, the sleeve is so big that I can’t wear a jacket so I’ll say goodbye for a while. lol
#HiBiKiStYle #Oyunesu

11 Dec 2019 – 7:05 PM

This month’s OyunestYle~!
watch watch watch
#HiBiKiStYle #Oyunesu #Rebirth

Quoted Tweet (HiBiKi StYle #519 – Rebirth TCG Playthrough)

11 Dec 2019 – 7:03 PM

The decorative lights that I passed by were beautiful! Mmm, but it doesn’t come across in the picture at all

10 Dec 2019 – 9:45 PM

By the end of the month, Fukui Ishikawa Fukuoka will be added too~

Japan is vast but small. No, it’s vast. but small. feels like that.
I’m having fun going all around the country( ˘ω˘)

10 Dec 2019 – 5:58 PM

Isn’t this so nostalgic???
It pulled up things from the depths of my memory…!!

Note: Pokémon Ball

9 Dec 2019 – 6:21 PM

Dig Delight! Jacket–––!!

Cute……cutee…too cute…!!
Not only the jackets, but also the included songs differ so please look into both Aver.Bver.!! #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! Jacket Reveal)

8 Dec 2019 – 6:14 PM

This was a few days ago, but I ate at a super cute shop with Kurusu-chan, who I had a stage reading with before~
We have a strange resemblance
Even though our interests are completely different! lol
Before I knew it, over 4 hours had passed!
It was so much fun~~

Note: Kurusu Reina

7 Dec 2019 – 7:44 PM

in Card・TV Game Shop Rirai
in Toys・Kanno
in SASYU Kamata
Thank you–!
I liked these clothes so much that I actually bought it in two colors◎
Fukui・Gifu・Ishikawa next week~

7 Dec 2019 – 7:47 PM

Ah, these clothes = top!
・・・and while we’re on the subject, I have the skirt in three colors. lol

7 Dec 2019 – 8:17 AM

I’ll be going to three stores today!
Hope you see youu!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/7 Schedule)

6 Dec 2019 – 9:12 PM

in Toreka Train Fukushima Minami Store
Thank you–!
Did you notice the BGM had ♪ Rebirth GO! playing??
And it was actually a solo ver. too~
(it looks like the stores will be playing it starting with this week’s classes🙏)
Still in Fukushima tomorrow~

Note: Rebirth GO! is the theme song for Rebirth

6 Dec 2019 – 5:38 PM

19:00~ I’m headed to Toreka Train Fukushima Minami Store–!
Hope to see you there–!!

Note: toreka = trading card

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/3~6 Schedule)

6 Dec 2019 – 11:03 AM

Is this fine for a reroll? Whatever!
I’m gonna build Oracle Think Tank~
#vgzero #Vanguard

Note: This is a clan in Cardfight!! Vanguard

6 Dec 2019 – 12:13 AM

I went to look for tops but I bought two bottoms. I’m satisfied~

4 Dec 2019 – 7:58 PM

The cloth is super cutee!!
I’ll be waiting for you to participate in a class & tweet your impressions! #Rebirth

Note: There’s a campaign for attending Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 and tweeting about your experience

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 Impressions – Reward Preview)

3 Dec 2019 – 9:57 PM

Nishio is known for being light on her feet⭕️

Nishio: Free tomorrow?
Nishio: Wanna go to Sado Island?
Friend: wait lollllllll

Note: alternatively, “a person of action”
Sado Island is about 7.5 hours from Tokyo…

3 Dec 2019 – 9:49 PM

I’ve been constantly taking in motivation lately.
There’s 2/22 too but before that I have lots to do for 1/31! Wait for me, D4 FES~!!

Note: 2/22 is ANIMAX NEXTAGE, 1/31 is D4DJ D4 Fes

2 Dec 2019 – 9:10 PM

It was a “What’s wrong with me??? Bugged??” day that I get once every few years so I got myself good work curry otsucurry~🍛

that’s not it.
there was an eaten take home curry plate on the street and it smelled so good that I started craving curry.

Note: Bugged like a computer bug.
otsukare (good work) + karee (curry)

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