Nishio Yuka ~ January 2020 Tweet Translations

February 2020 Tweet Translations

32 Jan 2020 – 11:08 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses600 in Tochigi!
Please don’t forget your masks if you’re participating!!
Hope to see you there–!

Note: Everyone attending the Rebirth classes has been asked to wear a mask as a precaution against coronavirus.

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 2/2 Schedule)

32 Jan 2020 – 9:51 PM

Even setting aside the fact that I’m in it, I’m really looking forward to Gurumiku as a rhythm game…!!! #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix)

32 Jan 2020 – 8:46 PM

Thank you for the D4DJ watashikai~!
This is my first event paired with Aimi-san!!
Character business cards are rare( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And today I wore a donut skirt with Rinku in mind🍩 #D4DJ

Note: Donuts are Rinku’s favorite food

32 Jan 2020 – 8:43 PM

Yesterday’s Oricon Daily Ranking!
🎊💿🎉3rd place!!!🎉💿🎊
Thank you––––!!
Getting into Weekly TOP10…can we do it…can we do it…!?

Note: Dig Delight! single

32 Jan 2020 – 12:28 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
The disk skin currently being kept is this character design!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

32 Jan 2020 – 12:28 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

Note: You can only keep one disc and tweeting the result gives more rolls

32 Jan 2020 – 9:15 AM

January 32nd!

Note: See here.

32 Jan 2020 – 12:25 AM (Aimi)

Tomorrow is the #D4DJ release event with Oyu-chan! My excitement is still running high and I look forward to seeing you! It was fun singing DigDelight with everyone~! Good night!

Note: this was after D4DJ D4 FES, and the release event is for the Dig Delight! single

32 Jan 2020 – 12:37 AM

Please tell us your thoughts–!
I hope to see you!!
Good night~ #D4DJ

32 Jan 2020 – 12:07 AM

I know that I have a long way to go in many things, or everything, if you feel so inclined. but.
I’m really happy that more people are saying「HapiAra is fun」「I look forward to their future」or that they are Rinku oshis. Right now, all I can say is that I’ll do my best, but I want you to watch me.

Also. even if I do this, today, I know, it’ll be okay

Note: Rinku oshi = Rinku is their favorite character

31 Jan 2020 – 10:38 PM

「D4DJ D4 FES. -departure-」
Thank you!!!!
Full members, full costumes! It was undoubtedly a departure. HapiAra will put in continuous effort and work hard.
Please support the game and anime and CD and everything💿🎧
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

31 Jan 2020 – 11:33 PM

Happy Around!~~!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

31 Jan 2020 – 10:45 PM (Shindo Amane)

You were the beest Rinku-chan😭
You were cute–! Oyu-chaan!
Good workk!

32 Jan 2020 – 9:12 AM

Nesu nesu nesu, thanks–!!
I don’t know if it’s the next one or the next next one or the next one after that but I’m looking forward to Lililili’s stage too–!!!

Note: nesu = Amanesu = Shindo Amane
Lililili = Lyrical Lily, Amanesu’s D4DJ unit

31 Jan 2020 – 6:06 PM

D4 FES. -Departure-
Let’s have fuun!!!!

30 Jan 2020 – 9:02 PM

「Dig Delight!」7th place…!!!
It’s higher than the ranking that came out yesterday…!!
Thank you!💿💿💿
Those who have yet to GET it, please! Please!! #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! 7th Place on Oricon Daily Rankings for 1/29)

30 Jan 2020 – 6:08 PM

This month’s OyuneStYle!! Has been released–!
My first time [drinking] senburi tea✨✨🍵✨✨
#HiBiKiStYle #Oyunesu

Quoted Tweet (HiBiKi StYle #535 – Nishio Yuka & Shindo Amane Cooperative Quiz)

30 Jan 2020 – 5:29 PM

Huh? D4FES is tomorrow??
I had practice again today though! It’s tomorrow––!! I’m gonna make you happy! #D4DJ

↓↓ Someone who’s not used to having their picture taken. lol

30 Jan 2020 – 9:30 AM

L, did you know
If you sleep early, you wake up early.
(good morning)

Note: Death Note reference

29 Jan 2020 – 10:06 PM

Yesterday it was from above, but today it was from the side
\D4DJaay!/ came. We met again~

Ah, the picture was taken with an onigiri sign! Good for you, Rinku!🍙(?) #D4DJ

Note: “D4DJaay!” is from the ad
Rinku’s favorite foods are onigiri and donuts.

29 Jan 2020 – 7:14 PM

D4DJ departure Single「Dig Delight!」, whaaaaaaaaat!

💿🎊Oricon Daily 8th Place!!!🎊📀

I’m so happy–––!! Thank you so much!!!
A new world that starts with D.
I hope to keep spreading [D4DJ] with Rinku, everyone involved in D4DJ, and all the Digglers!! #D4DJ

Note: “a new world that starts with D” is a line from Dig Delight’s lyrics

29 Jan 2020 – 8:46 AM

Good morning!
📀「Dig Delight!」release day!💿

2nd LIVE Blu-ray Discs for different units will be included if you purchase both types simultaneously at specific stores🍩

Our 2nd LIVE costumes were (almost) the same as during 1st, but I was actually wearing a HapiAra bangle and a bracelet that I made in Rinku’s image color⭕️ #D4DJ #HapiAra

28 Jan 2020 – 5:58 PM

An article where I talk with Tsumu-san and Myuu-chan has been released–!
HapiAra is an「 Energetic! Cute! Fun! Festival!」
Please read it👀👀👀 #D4DJ

Note: Tsumugi Risa, Takagi Miyu

Quoted Tweet (Animate Times – Nishio Yuka × Takagi Miyu × Tsumugi Risa Round-Table Discussion)

28 Jan 2020 – 5:24 PM

I was walking around aimlessly during the day and was genuinely surprised to heard my voice from overhead!
I finally found one on flying get day––!!
\D4DJaay!/ #D4DJ

Note: the last line is from the ad

28 Jan 2020 – 7:20 PM (Nakayama Masahiro)

Rinku’s voice being broadcasted at Ebisu Station made me go(゚д゚)! as well✨May it reach lots of people~!💿

28 Jan 2020 – 9:17 PM

Rinku is in Ebisu too!? I’m shaking just thinking about so many people hearing Rinku’s voice…!! I hope Dig Delight! will reach as many people as possible💿

28 Jan 2020 – 9:38 AM

Good morning💿
Today is…

Dig Delight! flying get day!!!!!

Note: furage/flying get = retailers selling the CD a day before official release

27 Jan 2020 – 11:56 PM

Returning all sweaty and stepping out into the open feels so good
( ˘ω˘)refreshing
D4FES, omg? It’s definitely gonna be fun. Seriously!
I think the others aside from HapiAra are sure to be the same, so you just have to come. Come or come. I hope to see you at the venue and live viewings( ˘ω˘)👉👉👉 #D4DJ

27 Jan 2020 – 4:33 PM

New Year’s calligraphy on display!! Koufuku shuuhen~~
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: koufuku shuuhen = happy around

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Kakizome @ Animate Akihabara)

26 Jan 2020 – 11:25 PM

#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

Note: it’s just a sound

26 Jan 2020 – 10:57 PM

My credit card company asked「Did you purchase 100 sheep in Mongolia?」🐑🐑🐑
That was the most「?????」moment in my life!
They also asked「Did you purchase something for 1 yen abroad?」. It seems they try using 1 yen to check if the credit card can be used, so please be careful.

26 Jan 2020 – 10:32 PM

Getsubushi NEWS Warmup「Tablecloth Pull」!
This time I was taught the proper form & the objects were reduced from 4→1 for my challenge!! This time I’ll surely [succeed]!!!

26 Jan 2020 – 9:39 PM (Shindo Amane)

Oyu-chan, congrats–!!

26 Jan 2020 – 10:35 PM

(✌️˘ω˘) sᴜ

26 Jan 2020 – 10:02 PM

#Rebasu EP4!
Those who missed it can see it here!!
I really like Yuu-chan’s thinking pose.

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu EP4)

26 Jan 2020 – 6:33 PM

Got this from a raffle🎯
My luck this year is good indeed( ˘ω˘)Ah, perhaps it’s just January and not this year・・・no, that can’t be it・・・・・・it can’t!

Hm–what to do!
I’m thinking I might as well buy something I normally wouldn’t but
How would you use it??

26 Jan 2020 – 9:08 AM

Good morning🎥

25 Jan 2020 – 12:49 PM

9000 followers, thank you!
I’m already really happy and thankful, but I’d like to hit 10000 soon~~
If I reach 10000, perhaps I could do something, like a Q&A!?
By the way, I’ve been looking at all your replies up until now~( ˘ω˘)ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs

3 Feb 2020 – 8:16 PM

500 people to go~(ง ˙ω˙)ว
I’m currently thinking of doing a live stream instead of a Q&A~(ง ˘ω˘)ว

24 Jan 2020 – 6:13 PM

Flamingo Rinku!
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

Note: flamingos tend to stand on one leg

24 Jan 2020 – 12:23 AM

If you feel satisfied before going to bed, you’ll probably sleep wel……l, I learned that’s not true because I can’t sleep when I’m excited!!!
☀️Good night☀️

23 Jan 2020 – 5:34 PM

From today until the 31st, I’m going all-in on #D4DJ––!!
and so I’m changing my header.

I was happy that my Rinku photo got so many RTs and likes even though it was posted late at night, so I’ll upload another Rinku photo sooner or later~( ˘ω˘)

23 Jan 2020 – 4:48 PM

「 This is the best 」is all I feel… #RAS

23 Jan 2020 – 5:00 PM (Natsume)

Nishio-san, thank you😁

23 Jan 2020 – 5:16 PM

I look forward to hearing another one of your lives🙏!

23 Jan 2020 – 12:50 AM

Good night~
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

23 Jan 2020 – 7:36 AM (Shindo Amane)

Rinku-taya…came out of the screen😭✨💗🙏

Note: taya is probably chan → cha → tya → taya
the same pattern as Aimi and Kudo Haruka’s “tayan”

23 Jan 2020 – 12:54 PM


22 Jan 2020 – 6:08 PM

HapiAra is here–!! Costumes!!!!
I was so happy that took a ton of pictures✌️

Please come to the live & live viewings on 1/31
and participate in the campaign too!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ D4 FES – Happy Around! Costumes + RT campaign to win a goods bag for one unit)

22 Jan 2020 – 3:45 PM

Yuu-chan looks so beautiful!!!
I’m stacking 4.
#Rebirth #StrategyPresentation2020Winter

Note: 4 is the most you can have of the same card in a Rebirth deck

Quoted Tweet (Yuu Rebirth card by guest illustrator Tanihara Natsuki)

22 Jan 2020 – 1:43 PM

Bushiroad Strategy Presentation 2019 WINTER
The stream is scheduled to begin later at 14:00!
Please watch👉👉
#Rebirth #StrategyPresentation2020Winter

22 Jan 2020 – 9:03 AM

Good morning..

Note: relevant

21 Jan 2020 – 7:52 PM

Lives are great. Lives enrich the heart. They’re the height of culture brought forth by mankind. Don’t you feel that way, Digglers?

My body has recovered with a massage and my heart enriched with a live [concert]✌️
10 days to D4FES–!!!
I’m gonna do it–I’m gonna make you happy~~

20 Jan 2020 – 9:30 PM

Good work!!!

20 Jan 2020 – 1:10 AM

This was my first time applying [hair] color butter myself but it’s good stuff…I could get hooked on this…yet another new hobby…good night( ˘ω˘)ᴢᴢᴢ…

19 Jan 2020 – 10:22 PM

Anime「Rebasu」EP3 has been released-!!
It’s so fluffyyyyy
Also, I really like Chiharu’s「…huh?」. Please watch👉👉 #Rebirth #Rebasu

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu EP3)

19 Jan 2020 – 7:17 PM

★★★Shinkansen Party★★★

Note: The Shinkansen is a network of bullet trains in Japan

19 Jan 2020 – 7:23 PM (Shindo Amane)

Scallop strips are good, aren’t they?

19 Jan 2020 – 7:25 PM

Scallop strips and Karaage-kun Red are staple foods⭕

Note: Karaage-kun Red = spicy chicken nuggets from Lawson stores

19 Jan 2020 – 5:35 PM

in Cardkingdom AEON Town Shunan Store
in Card Box Shunan store
Thank you–!
Honshu is pretty filled. Yaay.
Coming up is a bit of a gap, Tochigi on 2/2~

Note: Honshu is the main island of Japan, she’s referring to the map of prefectures visited

19 Jan 2020 – 9:58 AM

Good morning~
Yamaguchi today! Hope to see you there–!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/19 Schedule)

18 Jan 2020 – 8:50 PM

Oh right!
I received Dig Delight! a little early and the randomly enclosed alternate [CD] jacket was!

When I first saw this illustration, I thought「Everyone has a cool expression and Rinku should have a cool expression too, but aren’t you unreasonably cute??」
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

Note: Oyu voices Rinku
Each version of the single had 1 of 12 different character jackets enclosed

18 Jan 2020 – 6:55 PM

in Planet Saijou Chuuou Store
in Futaba Books MEGA Nakasuji Store
Thank you–!
My first time in Hiroshima! Also, I was glad lots of people came & it was fun!!
Yamaguchi tomorrow~

18 Jan 2020 – 9:13 AM

Good morning~
Hiroshima today! At these stores–!
Hope to see you there!!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/18 Schedule)

17 Jan 2020 – 9:03 PM

in Card Box Tamashima Store
Thank you–!
It was my first time in Okayama.
Hiroshima tomorrow~

17 Jan 2020 – 1:03 PM

I was already looking forward to it, but this unexpected encounter made me happy( ˘ω˘)

Well then. Here I come, Okayama–!
Hope to see you at #RebirthNationwideClasses600!

17 Jan 2020 – 9:04 AM

Good morning☀️
Now playing~
I want to see Incite Mill (movie) again now.

Note: the song is Shinjite Miru (Try to Believe) by May’n
the song title is a play on the movie title, “Inshite Miru” (Incite Mill)

16 Jan 2020 – 7:37 PM

The day after D4FES!!
I’d like to hear your thoughts on the CD and the live–! Hope to see you!
#D4DJ #HapiAra #PikiPiki

Note: CD = Dig Delight! • Live = D4 Fes

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ×GAMERS Fair Watashikai on 2/1)

16 Jan 2020 – 7:25 PM

( ˘ω˘)ᴢᴢᴢ

Note: This is a nutritional supplement drink

15 Jan 2020 – 11:45 PM

A picture of me prevailing over hitsumabushi.
If you go to Aichi, you can’t go back home until you eat hitsumabushi–good night~

Note: Hitsumabushi is a local dish made with grilled eel over rice that is eaten in a very unique way. The eel and rice are first divided into four portions. The first portion is eaten normally, the second portion is eaten with condiments mixed in, the third portion has soup added, and the fourth portion is eaten is however you like.

15 Jan 2020 – 10:24 PM

I’m going to Aomori・Akita・Tochigi・Kanagawa in February–!!
I’m excited to visit prefectures for the first time!
Also, I’m familiar with the Shonandai area!
Hope to see you there–!
#RebirthNationwideClasses600 #Rebirth

Note: Shonandai is in Kanagawa, Oyu’s home prefecture

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 January/February Schedules)

15 Jan 2020 – 7:48 AM

Good morni……
Eh it’s snowing like crazy loll

14 Jan 2020 – 8:25 PM

This hair color seems good. Thank goodness––!

14 Jan 2020 – 4:38 AM

Good morning🌙

13 Jan 2020 – 5:34 PM (Kagami Karin)

I had my coming of age ceremony✨
I wore a navy blue kimono!!
Everyone was wearing kimonos with different designs and it was really lovely😖👘
I’m already an adult… From now on, I want to learn lots of things and work hard to become a wonderful adult!
I wore kimono for my coming-of-age ceremony! I chose navy kimono with the pink flower design 🌸☺️

13 Jan 2020 – 8:35 PM

Congrats! Cute!! A perfect score!!

13 Jan 2020 – 9:42 PM (Kagami Karin)

Oyu-san!! Thank you!😭✨
Oyu-san in a kimono earned a perfect score for cuteness too🕺

13 Jan 2020 – 7:00 PM

in Ou no Doukutsu jr Ichinomiya No. 22 Bypass Store
in Ryuusei no Arashi Nagoya Store
Thank you–!
I tried using the Garupa Pico and Starlight ReLIVE teaching decks that were just added the day before yesterday✌️
Okayama・Hiroshima・Yamaguchi next week~

13 Jan 2020 – 9:18 AM

The streets [are filled with] people in hakata and kimono! Congratulations to all the new adults㊗️ Nishio can fit in on Twitter⭕️

Today is #RebirthNationwideClasses600!
Two stores in Ehime! Hope to see you there~


Note: It’s traditional for women to wear a kimono / furisode (long-sleeved kimono) on Coming of Age Day. Men will either wear hakama or a western-style suit.

Manager: What’s that?
Oyu: airplane

12 Jan 2020 – 9:50 PM

I want Yuu-chan’s cellphone ringtone
#GetsubushiTV #Rebasu

Note: Rebasu EP2

12 Jan 2020 – 9:47 PM

My warmup for today’s Getsubushi NEWS was “waving a red cloth and fabulously dodging a bull”! (big lie)

Note: it was a tablecloth pull trick

12 Jan 2020 – 9:50 PM (Shindo Amane)

you da best!

12 Jan 2020 – 5:25 PM

#NewYearsRebirthFes Day 2!
Thank you–!
Anime「Rebasu」episode 2 airs tonight, please watch!!!
Fes continues tomorrow but I’ll be in Ehime for #RebirthNationwideClasses600! Hope to see you at either of them~

Note: Shindo Amane, Mimura Haruka

12 Jan 2020 – 9:31 AM (Shindo Amane)


Note: “good mornesu<…>nasu”, a play on her nickname Amanesu

12 Jan 2020 – 9:41 AM

Amane-chan, good morning!
I’m headed to today’s New Year’s Rebirth Fes!
Looking forward to it!!🍆

Note: 🍆 = eggplant = nasu

12 Jan 2020 – 10:15 AM (Shindo Amane)

I laughed like crazy on the train loll

12 Jan 2020 – 10:31 AM

✌️( ˘ω˘)

12 Jan 2020 – 9:20 AM

Good morning~
Hope to see you again today at #NewYearsRebirthFes!

Note: She’s holding chicken wings and her character Yuu goes to Tebasaki High School, lit. Chicken Wing High School

11 Jan 2020 – 10:17 PM

#NewYearsRebirthFes Day 1
Thank you–!
I enjoyed getting excited and talking with so many people–!
I won 4 and lost 4 of my thrilling matches!
Hope to see you again at Toreca no Doukutsu Card World TOWER AKIBA tomorrow!
#Rebirth #RebirthNationwideClasses600

11 Jan 2020 – 5:30 PM

Stylish and cool–!!
Moreover, the bangle lights come in each unit’s color this time!!!
There are so many wonderful goods👏 #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (D4 Fes Goods)

11 Jan 2020 – 3:00 PM

I hope to see you at the match session and pre-order [handshake] session later~yaay excited!
#RebirthNationwideClasses600 #Rebirth

Note: Ozaki Yuka

11 Jan 2020 – 9:46 AM

It feels like I’m resting (= recovering) even just rolling around on my bed without sleeping, so beds are wireless chargers(?)
Good morning~

10 Jan 2020 – 9:46 PM

Therefore(?)I dyed my hair~
Ah, but it’s not actually this pink and the color is pretty tame! But I’d like to try [coloring] it this much too–

10 Jan 2020 – 10:55 PM (Kurusu Reina)


11 Jan 2020 – 9:51 AM


10 Jan 2020 – 8:25 PM

in Hobby Station Yokohama Store
Thank you–!
I’ve nearly conquered Kanto✌️
And Rebirth Fes is coming up this weekend~

Note: Kanto is the eastern region of Honshu, the main island of Japan

10 Jan 2020 – 9:14 AM

Nothing should be taken for granted.
Good morning🎨

9 Jan 2020 – 6:40 PM

And tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses600
It’s finally come to my home prefecture of Kanagawa!!
Hope to see you there––!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/10 Schedule)

9 Jan 2020 – 6:32 PM

We had #HapiAra [rehearsal]~

Note: Happy Around!
Mimura Haruka, Shizaki Kanon, Kagami Karin

9 Jan 2020 – 5:07 PM

Non-chan gave me kibi dango and now I feel like a pheasant

Note: Shizaki Kanon
This is a reference to Momotaro, who befriended a dog, monkey, and pheasant by giving them kibi dango

8 Jan 2020 – 8:34 PM



7 Jan 2020 – 10:41 PM

The teaching, match session, and pre-order [handshake] session schedule for the #NewYearsRebirthFes this weekend is come out!
It’s a festival~!!

Quoted Tweet (New Year’s Rebirth Fes Schedule)

7 Jan 2020 – 6:20 PM

#D4DJ chars will dig up your fortune for 2020 #DigMikuji 🎧
Here’s your fortune🔮
A campaign to win special goods bags for each unit🛍️with at least 10❣️goods inside🎁& watashikai for real mikuji from the cast🎊are being held✨
Get another fortune➡️

Note: The text is auto-generated, and she got “D4DJ Luck” (the best draw)!
You can draw a mikuji from random D4DJ characters here!
The campaign is a play on mikuji, fortune slips drawn at shrines.

Linked Page (D4DJ DigMikuji)

6 Jan 2020 – 9:20 PM

Please! Please!
Come and support HapiAra’s first outside event!!!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE on 2/22, their first event outside of a D4DJ Live)

6 Jan 2020 – 7:19 PM

I’m going to make a happy around, a “koufuku shuuhen”✌️
The eye of a happy typhoon!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Kakizome)

Koufuku Shuuhen [lit. happy around]

Koufuku Shuuhen. (Happy Around.)
I wrote it with the desire to create a fun environment and have a fun time together with everyone.
Let’s spread D4DJ and “happy” and have a blast with all the Digglers–!!
Please continue to support us this year!!

6 Jan 2020 – 9:41 PM

I really like this thing that Kagamin wrote for practice.

6 Jan 2020 – 11:24 PM (Kagami Karin)

I was mindlessly practicing lots of「外」and, before I knew it, I had created something really ominous……🤔🙉

Note: 外 = outside

6 Jan 2020 – 10:37 AM

Good morning☀

is what it looks like I’m saying in this photo.

5 Jan 2020 – 11:20 PM

Whether moving(the anime itself)
Or stopped(ED stills and such)
You are adorable
nishi wo

Note: Pronounced “nishio”.
She’s referring to her Rebirth character, Yuu

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu Episode 1)

5 Jan 2020 – 10:54 PM

Rebasu「Pre-Broadcast! Presentation」Thank you–!!
Yuu-chan colored light blue furisode–!
Here’s the rumored ema that people called “scary” in the stream comments☀️
I hope you’ll support both the TCG and anime! Please~
#Rebirth #Rebasu

Note: A furisode is a long-sleeved kimono.
Ema Front「Victory.」
Ema Back
Person「Rebirth is great.」
Bunny「I see」

5 Jan 2020 – 11:34 AM

in Yellow Submarine Kashiwa Marui Store
Thank you–!
Kanto is filled up too⭕️
20:00~「Pre-Broadcast! Presentation」(Live Stream)
Please watch!!!

Note: Kanto region on the map showing where she’s held classes

5 Jan 2020 – 8:31 AM

Good morning~
Today is a #Rebirth day.
First is #RebirthNationwideClasses600. Kashiwa!
Hope to see you there–!

4 Jan 2020 – 5:39 PM

in Waku Waku Land Tsuchiura Store
in Card labo Mito Store
Thank you–!
This was a fun way to return to work.
Chiba tomorrow~
then「Pre-Broadcast! Presentation」(Live Stream)

4 Jan 2020 – 8:51 AM

Good morning~
Let’s take it one day at a time.

3 Jan 2020 – 8:31 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 again this weekend!
Resuming work in Ibaraki!
Hope to see you there–!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 January 3&4 Schedule)

3 Jan 2020 – 5:52 PM

I still enjoy it of course, but there was a time where I’d always be listening R・I・O・T to hype myself up
I love THE THIRD(仮) and RAS’ music and performance from the bottom of my heart. They’re so awesome and I look up to them so much…
#BDTV2020 #BDTV24

3 Jan 2020 – 4:00 PM

Caught one!

3 Jan 2020 – 4:03 PM

Japanese seabass (82cm)

3 Jan 2020 – 9:24 AM

Can’t catch……

3 Jan 2020 – 5:30 AM

Good morning🐟

2 Jan 2020 – 9:12 PM

Strange Video with Yuu-chan #Rebirth

2 Jan 2020 – 8:25 PM

I did gacha in 5 social-network games and beat the odds in all of them & I got the “good fortune” omikuji that I wanted from a shrine so…
2020’s gonna be big. 2020’s looking good.

1 Jan 2020 – 5:34 PM

Rinku’s profile has been released–!
My imagination is running wild( ˘ω˘)
Having onigiri and donuts as favorite foods is so Rinku🍙🍩
and #MotherNatureIsMyFriend.
・・・so like “My House Is My World”. I approve.
#D4DJ #HapiAra #AimotoRinku

Quoted Tweet (Aimoto Rinku Character Profile)

1 Jan 2020 – 4:02 PM (Yache)

Happy New Year!!🎍🐹✨
I met many people and drew many things last year!
I’ll do my best to draw even more wonderful drawings in 2020🐱✨
Thank you for your support🎀

1 Jan 2020 – 4:02 PM

This made me really, really happy🙏🙏
Truly a “Happy Around New Year”
#D4DJ #HapiAra

1 Jan 2020 – 4:48 PM (Yache)

Happy New Year🎍🐹!
Thank you💘💘💘💘💘
I plan on drawing lots of Rinku this year, so I look forward to working with you(^人^)✨✨🎀

1 Jan 2020 – 4:57 PM

Happy New Year!
Thank you for all the truly amazing illustrations🙏🙏🙏
I’m looking forward to future Rinku’s!!
Likewise, I look forward to working with you!💿

1 Jan 2020 – 6:36 AM

For the first time in my life, I “went to a countdown live” and gained a new experience right at the start of the year🌅Then I basked in the blasting sounds into a happy 2020☀️

I’m gonna have lots of first experiences & first challenges again this year–!
Please continue to watch over me and have fun with me this year!!

🎍Happy New Year🎍

December 2019 Tweet Translations

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