Kagami Karin ~ February 2020 Tweet Translations

March 2020 Tweet Translations

28 Feb 2020 – 9:02 AM

Good morning!😆✨

27 Feb 2020 – 8:16 PM

I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt lately!
It has a polar bear on it!!!!🧸❄️
The fabric is fluffy and it’s one of my favorites☺️✨

27 Feb 2020 – 9:09 AM

Good morning–!✨

26 Feb 2020 – 10:26 AM

Good morning~!☀️

26 Feb 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night✨😴

24 Feb 2020 – 3:59 PM

It was warm today✨

23 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM

Good night⭐

22 Feb 2020 – 7:42 PM

I had tea with shizuka-san the other day☕️
shizuka-san and I both like drawing, so we drew cats together–!
The cat that I drew is pictured🐱
Drawing together was really fun😆✨

22 Feb 2020 – 6:19 PM (shizuka)

Today is cat day, so I’m posting a picture of the cat that Kagamin and I drew together when we got tea the other day( ˘ω˘ )🐈

22 Feb 2020 – 6:20 PM (shizuka)

Here’s the cat
that I drew✨

21 Feb 2020 – 8:59 PM

D4DJ Special Live will be live streamed without a seated audience!!💫
The other units and not just HapiAra will be performing. It’s going to be a lively and fun show so I’m excited😊✨
I’m nervous about this new trial, but I hope to have a great time with everyone!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Special Live)

21 Feb 2020 – 10:15 AM

Good morning–!✨

20 Feb 2020 – 8:23 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」is out!✨
Everyone’s introduction and unit story is included so please take a look!!💁‍♀️
I’ll be doing lots of playing and training from now on–!💪
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix D4U Release)

19 Feb 2020 – 11:24 PM (Nishio Yuka)

I went out for food with HapiAra.
Our schedules fiiiinally aligned!!!
A slightly late D4 fes. afterparty––
I’d like to do this regularly💿
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: Kagami Karin, Shizaki Kanon, Nishio Yuka, Mimura Haruka

19 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM (Mimura Haruka)

We went out for food together~💓
It was fun~😍✨
Happy–! Around––😍✨🌍

20 Feb 2020 – 10:12 AM

I went out for food with HapiAra–!🏃‍♂️
We talked a lot and had a great time!!
It was a really happy time!😆
I want to go again💫

23 Feb 2020 – 8:19 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

I had an afterparty with the #D4DJ #HapiAra members the other day!

I’m looking forward to the event in March!

Note: Happy Around! 1st Live

20 Feb 2020 – 10:11 AM

Good morning🌞

19 Feb 2020 – 10:04 AM

Good morning–!☀️

18 Feb 2020 – 8:43 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」
Releases the day after tomorrow, oh my!!😆🎧
I am really looking forward to playing it–!!✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition 2/20 Release)

18 Feb 2020 – 12:20 AM

Good night🌙

17 Feb 2020 – 9:10 AM

Good morning✨✨

16 Feb 2020 – 4:25 PM

「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」is finally coming up in a week…!
HapiAra’s first outside event✨I am really excited now!!
I would be happy if you came and supported HapiAra😆
The photo is from D4DJ D4 FES. with Oyu-san!☺️📸
#D4DJ #HapiAra

15 Feb 2020 – 11:51 PM

Good night😴

14 Feb 2020 – 11:17 PM

Over 150k [pre-registered] users!!😭✨Thank you all!!
I can’t wait for the #Gurumiku release…✨
I’m really looking forward to playing it–!!😆

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 150k Pre-Registrations)

14 Feb 2020 – 10:49 AM

Good morning☀

14 Feb 2020 – 12:04 AM

Good night~😴🌟

13 Feb 2020 – 7:26 PM

A「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」trial session is being held–!😆💫

「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」featuring HapiAra will be taking place on the 22nd, also in Akihabara!!

I’d be glad if you could come to either of them!! Thank you😊✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition Trial Session @ Akihabara GAMERS)

12 Feb 2020 – 10:26 PM

Finally got to drink bubble tea for the first time in a while✌️
I am obsessed with strawberries as always so I got strawberry milk tea🍓🥛
I got tapioca for the first time in a while–!☺️
There was strawberry milk tea on the limited-time menu, so I ordered it without hesitation!!
It was sweet and delicious🍓

12 Feb 2020 – 12:16 AM

It’s already this late!🙊
A day goes by too quickly…!!😫
Good night~!!

11 Feb 2020 – 8:06 AM

Good morning!!

10 Feb 2020 – 10:17 PM

1st place–! Wow! I’m so happy☺️✨
Thank you all so much!!
Please be sure to participate in the campaign too🌟

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! GAMERS Weekly Single Ranking)

10 Feb 2020 – 10:12 AM

Good morning✨

9 Feb 2020 – 3:52 PM

I went into a cafe and couldn’t help but order this super cute houjicha latte that I found!!😆✨
It was really delicious and went perfectly with the dango😋

Note: houjicha = roasted green tea
mitarashi dango = skewered rice cakes with sweet soy sauce glaze

8 Feb 2020 – 11:53 PM

Good night~!😴⭐️

7 Feb 2020 – 8:22 AM

Good morning–!!✨

6 Feb 2020 – 6:08 PM

I’m relishing being in between these two from Rondo😭✨✨🙏
Tsunko-san, Sae-san, thank you!😖✨

6 Feb 2020 – 7:38 PM (Otsuka Sae)

Karin-chan, thanks♡🙏

6 Feb 2020 – 10:36 PM

Sae-san!! No, thank you for making me happy😭💕

6 Feb 2020 – 1:59 PM

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking 9th Place!🎉
Thank you to all the Digglers😭✨
I’m really happy that so many people are listening to my first CD!!
I’ll do my best to bring more excitement to #D4DJ from now on!!😆💫

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! Oricon Weekly 9th)

5 Feb 2020 – 8:32 PM

50k pre-registrations reached, thank you!
#HapiAra Twitter icons!! Everyone is so cute😌💕
Please use them!!💫
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 50k Pre-Registration Reward Happy Around! Twitter Icons)

5 Feb 2020 – 10:23 AM

Good morning!☀
I’m so happy that it’s been warm lately☺️✨

5 Feb 2020 – 12:05 AM

Good night–!!
Good night everyone😴💫

Note: The second part was written in English.

3 Feb 2020 – 1:31 PM

#D4DJ Groovy Mix」has surpassed 100k pre-registrations in 48 hours!! Thank you all so much!!🎉
I’m looking forward to the app release so much that I can’t stop fidgeting😖✨
If you haven’t pre-registered yet, please–!😆🎧

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 100k Pre-Registrations)

3 Feb 2020 – 12:05 PM

Didn’t get to upload this behind-the-scenes photo from the photoshoot so I’m uploading it! (Staff)

2 Feb 2020 – 11:07 AM

Good morning!!☀️

31 Jan 2020 – 8:16 PM (shizuka)

I got『D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」』which Kagami-san performed in☺️

Kagami-chan has a girly,
fluffy, and soothing aura🥺💕
She’s sparkling and cool while acting and on stage, and the gap always makes my heart pound🤦‍♀️💖

1 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM

Thank you for getting the CD!!
And even showering me with compliments…I’m so happy!😭
I’ll keep doing my best to put on even cooler performances!😖

1 Feb 2020 – 11:26 PM

I saw Roselia’s solo live「Rausch」😊

I was very impressed by how much fun Roselia seemed have while performing the live. They looked really cool while playing their music, and the venue was enveloped by a tremendous energy.

Thank you for the wonderful live!✨
#Roselia #Rausch

1 Feb 2020 – 10:32 PM

Oricon Daily Ranking
#D4DJ Departure Single 「Dig Delight!」is 3rd place!!🎉
This is too amazing!!
I’m really happy that so many people are listening to it😭✨
Thank you all!!

Linked Page (Oricon Daily Ranking for 1/31)

1 Feb 2020 – 6:02 PM

Photos taken yesterday!!

Takagi Miyu-san
Hazuki Himari-san
And I also took one with the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew📸
Thank you!!☺️✨

1 Feb 2020 – 3:05 PM

I was so happy that everyone copied our choreography during the chorus of our new song revealed yesterday,「Cosmic CoaSTAR」!
I could see it clearly from the DJ booth😆

Our original song「Direct Drive!」 will be in D4DJ 1st Album
and our new song「Cosmic CoaSTAR」will be in D4DJ 2nd Album!
Please be sure to check them out✅

1 Feb 2020 – 2:51 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix」#Gurumiku for short ✨
The #D4DJ rhythm game that was announced yesterday, I want to hurry and play it!!😆
Pre-registrations are currently open, so please be sure to apply!!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Announcement)

1 Feb 2020 – 12:33 AM

Performing a LIVE with the 4 members of HapiAra was fun✨
And…! The HapiAra Solo Live on 3/27, announced at #D4DJ D4 FES.!!
I’ll work even harder for these anticipated events!!
Please continue to support #HapiAra!

January 2020 Tweet Translations

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