[2020.04.09] Aiba Aina Official Blog ~ Aina blog Started♡

Original Blog Post

I’m Aiba Aina.

Starting now, I have a blog on LINE!!!

It’s my first post, which means!

A little self-introduction
I work as a seiyuu.

My nickname is Aiai.

Born 1988/10/17.
(You can remember it with “tooi na.”♪I share a birthday with Oshima Yuko-san and Matsuzaka Tori-san.)
Note: too = 10, i = 1, na = 7. “tooi na” means “it’s far away”.

O blood type.

My hobbies are pro wrestling and thoroughbred appreciation (horse racing)

Before becoming a seiyuu, I performed on stage
training as a student under STARD✪M
and making my ring debut with Actwres girl’Z.

I’ve kept ties with the wrestlers I met at this time, and we’re still friends who inspire one another♪
Comrades in arms, so to speak?

Oh right–the other day, I happened to
meet Ano Saori, who I used to fight with at the time♡

That evening reminded me of how great pro wrestling is

Back to the topic….

From there, I found my current agency and became a seiyuu!!!
(To put a long story short…)

And then,
I came across many roles♡

Vanguard G NEXT
Anjou Tokoha-chan

My first time doing work as a seiyuu.
I learned the fun in card fights!

Kemono Friends
Rockhopper Penguin

I met many friends, learned the greatness of animals, and fell in love with them even more♡

BanG Dream! Roselia
Minato Yukina-chan

She changed my way of thinking and my personality.

Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
Saijou Claudine-chan

Singing, dancing, fighting,
She reminded me that there are still many things I can do regardless of age.
I’m also studying French!

I’ve come across many roles over these years!
These roles have taught me so much!
And I’ve been strongly supported by the cast, staff, and all of you(^^)

Did you learn a little bit about me?

On 4/15,
my mini album「SiGN」goes on sale
and it includes「Beauty or Beast」, the theme song for
the female pro wrestling organization STARD✪M!!!

Discography | Bushiroad Music
Presenting information for Bushiroad Music’s Discography.

From now on,
Work-related things! Personal things!
etc. I’ll be talking about them on this blog, so thank you for your support

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