Kagami Karin ~ September 2020 Tweet Translations

30 Sep 2020 – 11:21 PM

「D4DJ presents
Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!」

I’m going to be hosting…!!📻

The first episode is broadcasting soon~!!
Oyu-san and I talked a whole lot, so please be sure to listen😆✨✨🎧

Note: Nishio Yuka and Kagamin are the hosts for October

Quoted Tweet (4 Days to Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!)

29 Sep 2020 – 9:20 PM

I had a fun recording today✨
I’m really looking forward to all of you hearing it😆✨

28 Sep 2020 – 11:50 PM

Today was another happy day✌️✨
Good night~!!😴

28 Sep 2020 – 9:24 AM

Good morning!!
I’m going to work hard today☺️✨

27 Sep 2020 – 12:45 AM (Negishi Ai)

I [Negishi Ai] turned 28🥰🎉✨
I’m really fortunate to have a wonderful job and be supported by all of you. I’d like to grow and improve myself more. I’ll live yet another year in order to show you all great time☺️Please continue to support me.

27 Sep 2020 – 3:15 PM

Happy birthday🎉
I’m always inspired by how cool you look during lives😭✨
Have a wonderful year…!

27 Sep 2020 – 7:24 PM (Negishi Ai)

Kagamin🥺💕Thank you😭✨Also, happy belated birthday🥰(missed the right timing…😭)
Let’s keep it up🥳💕

27 Sep 2020 – 8:04 PM

wawa…!! Thank you! I’m just happy that you greeted me!!😭💕
Likewise, let’s do our best😖✨💿

26 Sep 2020 – 8:57 AM

Have you listened to it yet?✨

It’s so exciting to listen to with the personalities of each unit and character showing through the melody and lyrics!!

It’s so cute how they call out their own unit members and hearing it always makes me smile😌💕
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

24 Sep 2020 – 8:53 AM

Good morning!!

23 Sep 2020 – 4:45 PM

New cast members for the D4DJ Project have been announced…! Such an impressive cast😭✨

I can’t wait to see how the new characters will tie into the story…!!!
I’m really looking forward to the steady developments in D4DJ…!✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Supporting Cast Announcement)

23 Sep 2020 – 3:43 PM

Anime「D4DJ First Mix」begins airing on 10/30 (Fri)!!

I’m really excited now😖✨
The anime is full of excitement and I can’t wait to watch it with all of you…!!
I’m really looking forward to the broadcast😭✨✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix & Unit Radio Shows)

23 Sep 2020 – 3:22 PM

「D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!」
The first broadcast is on 10/3 (Sat) 26:00~ on TOKYO FM!!!📻💫

Wow, 11 days until the first episode air…!! It’s so soon! I’m really excited–!!
Please be sure to listen🎧Thanks for your support✨😆


Quoted Tweet (D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!)

23 Sep 2020 – 12:27 PM

「D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting」
streams today at 13:00!
The future of D4DJ…!!?
I’m so excited…!!
I’m really looking forward to it😆✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting)

22 Sep 2020 – 9:05 AM

Good morning✨

22 Sep 2020 – 9:06 AM (Shizaki Kanon)

Oh! I synced up with Kagamin!

22 Sep 2020 – 9:36 AM

Wah–!! We synced up for the first time, nice🥳✨

21 Sep 2020 – 11:40 PM

RAS’ performance was brimming with passion till the very end, and I watched intently the whole way through.
I’m so happy we were able to perform as the opening act for「THE DEPTHS」.
Thank you to RAS, and to all the BanG Dreamers for watching✨

21 Sep 2020 – 10:36 PM

CHU²-sama’s rap is always so cool and inspiring😖✨

[Note: Tsumugi Risa]

21 Sep 2020 – 9:58 PM

Takin’ my Heart
The members’ serious expressions as they perform are beautiful……😭✨

21 Sep 2020 – 3:33 PM

Continuing from last week,「D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO」featuring my guest appearance is now available!📻

I tried my hand at Gurumiku this week😆
I feel like this show was my first time taking on Expect difficulty…!!💪✨
Please listen to it~!!
#D4DJ #PikiRaji

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO #30 w/ Kagami Karin)

20 Sep 2020 – 9:13 PM

Merm4id’s opening act is so wonderful, I’m mesmerized…☺️🌺

20 Sep 2020 – 3:58 PM

For the「『BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE』Summer Outdoors 3DAYS Special Stream」,

The opening acts will also be streamed, Merm4id for DAY1 today
and Happy Around! for DAY2 tomorrow!!

It was so much fun performing on an outdoor stage for the first time for this opening act✨
I’d love for you to watch it☺️🎀
#D4DJ #Merm4id #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Opening Acts in BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE)

20 Sep 2020 – 10:08 AM

Today is Akashi Maho’s birthday🎂

I’m so happy to have met Maho-chan✨
I look forward to seeing many different sides of Maho-chan from now on🥰🎀

Maho-chan, happy birthday💛🎧


20 Sep 2020 – 12:00 AM (Yache)

Happy birthday, Maho🎈🎁🎊🎉
DJ battle with Shinobu💿😎🤘


20 Sep 2020 – 10:18 AM

Yache-sensei drew Maho-chan…!!!!

Her clothes are so mature, cool, and wonderful…✨✨✨🙏
It makes me so happy to see Maho-chan enjoying the battle😭💛🎧

Yache-sensei, thank you for the wonderful illustration😭😭

19 Sep 2020 – 10:01 AM

I turned 21 today!!
I appeared in many lives and events and met lots of people when I was 20. It was a such a fun year✨
I’ll put in lots of energy to have even more fun at 21!!
I turned 21 today!!! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes😭💕

Note: the last part was written in English

19 Sep 2020 – 10:26 AM (Otsuka Sae)

Karin-chan, congratulations☺️💓

19 Sep 2020 – 6:39 PM

Sae-san!! Thank you!!😭✨

19 Sep 2020 – 10:39 AM (Nishio Yuka)

HBD Kagamin🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

19 Sep 2020 – 6:40 PM

Oyu-san–! Thank you!😆😆😆

19 Sep 2020 – 10:46 AM (Shindo Amane)

Kagami-san, happy birthday🎂🎈
Please teach me English some time💦😂
Hope you have a wonderful year✨

19 Sep 2020 – 6:44 PM

Thank you–!!
I’d love to…!! Looking forward to talking with you again😖✨

19 Sep 2020 – 11:05 AM (Nakashima Yuki)

Happy birthday💕

19 Sep 2020 – 6:48 PM

Nakashima-san! Thank you!!
I’m happy that you’re always so friendly with me😭💕

19 Sep 2020 – 11:22 AM (Shizaki Kanon)

Kagamin!!!! HBD💓💓💓
Let’s keep doing our best in HapiAra!!!

19 Sep 2020 – 6:51 PM

Non-san~!! Thank you!
Let’s keep it up!!😆🎀🎀

19 Sep 2020 – 11:32 AM (Watase Yuzuki)

Kagami-san, happy birthday!🎂💞
I love your [Kagami-san’s] smile!!
Hope you have a wonderful year(˘︶˘)✨

19 Sep 2020 – 7:07 PM

Watase-san…!! Thank you😭✨✨
I’ll continue to do my best with a smile!!🥰

19 Sep 2020 – 11:37 AM (Ishida Aya)

Happy birthday!🎊🎉🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:14 PM

Ishida-san! Thank you!
We have the same birthday, huh…!! Congratulations🎉
I love how you always draw such cute live reports for us!! Thank you😭🙏

Note: Ishida Aya draws manga-style live reports for D4DJ in Getsubushi

19 Sep 2020 – 9:22 PM (Ishida Aya)

Thank you!
It’s nice that we have the same birthday–!☺️

I should be thanking you for the live reports as well!
Hope you [Kagami-sama] have a fruitful year…!😊

19 Sep 2020 – 11:45 AM (Kurachi Reo)

Happy birthday✨✨
Hope you have a wonderful 21st…!

19 Sep 2020 – 7:17 PM

Kurachi-san! Thank you✨
I look forward to working with you!!

19 Sep 2020 – 12:03 PM (Momono Haruna)

Happy birthday🎂🎉🎊
Karin-chan😊💓May your year be bright✨✨

19 Sep 2020 – 7:25 PM

Momono-san! Thank you!!
I’ll do my best to shine…!✨
Looking forward to our next live!

19 Sep 2020 – 12:52 PM (Okada Mei)

Happy birthday…っ🎂💗
Hope you [Kagami-san] have a wonderful day&year…💐♡

19 Sep 2020 – 7:40 PM

Thank you!! Let’s do our best in future lives!☺️

19 Sep 2020 – 12:59 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Kagami-chan–! Happy birthday🎂🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:32 PM

Thank you!! I’m delighted😖✨

19 Sep 2020 – 12:59 PM (Yutaka Hiradate)

Happy birthday🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:38 PM

Thank you!!☺️✨

19 Sep 2020 – 1:00 PM (Nakayama Masahiro)

Hurray!👋😆🎶Happy level 21st birthday✨You’ve shown lots of promise and your DJ level has gone up since your debut🎵Please have an intense and exciting year❗

19 Sep 2020 – 7:36 PM

Nakayama-san! Thank you!!
I’ll do my very best to continue leveling up from now on!
I look forward to working with you more in the future!

19 Sep 2020 – 1:13 PM (Hazuki Himari)

Kagami-san! Happy birthday🎂🎉
Hope you [Kagami-san] have a wonderful year( ´ ` *)🎧

19 Sep 2020 – 7:45 PM

Hazuki-san~!! Thank you😆
I look forward to working with you!!✨

19 Sep 2020 – 2:01 PM (Yache)

Kagamin-san, happy birthday!!!❤️🎁🎉🎂

Hope you have an even more wonderful year(^人^)✨
I’m hard at work on Maho’s birthday illustration too!!

19 Sep 2020 – 7:49 PM

Yache-sensei! Thank you!
Maho-chan’s illustration…!!😭✨I’m looking forward to it😭💕

19 Sep 2020 – 5:42 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Kagami-san, happy birthday🎉
I’m so impressed by your fluent English✨
I look forward to working with you(❁´ω`❁)

19 Sep 2020 – 8:00 PM

Ruka-chan✨Thank you!!
Let’s do our best for future lives🥰

19 Sep 2020 – 6:47 PM (Tsunko)

Happy birthday❤️🥺🥺
Hope you have a wonderful 21st🎉

19 Sep 2020 – 8:04 PM

Tsunko-san! Thank you!!
I’m looking forward to your [Tsunko-san’s] next cool performance!😭✨

19 Sep 2020 – 6:51 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Happy birthday🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 8:12 PM

Sakuragawa-san, thank you for the other day!
It’s been 5 days since then and, now that I’m 21, I’ll do my best to pull myself together!!

Note: Kagamin is referring to her birthday stream

19 Sep 2020 – 6:54 PM (Mizushima Seiji)

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful 21st! Maho is overflowing with charm because she’s played by you [Kagami-san]! Keep up the great work with Maho! \(^o^)/

Note: Mizushima Seiji is the director for the D4DJ anime

19 Sep 2020 – 8:23 PM

Director Mizushima, thank you😭
I’ll do my best to bring out even more of Maho’s charm! I look forward to working with you!

19 Sep 2020 – 9:59 PM (Mimura Haruka)

Happy birthday😻!!
Have a wonderful year✨

19 Sep 2020 – 10:16 PM

Chinharu-san~! Thank you!!✨
I want o take another picture of us posing together🥰
I look forward to working with you!🎀

19 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM (Tanda Hazuki)

Kagami-san, happy birthday♡🎂
I’m always captivated by your English during lives..🥺
Have a wonderful year🌸

19 Sep 2020 – 11:04 PM

Thank you…! I’m so glad to hear that😭✨
I look forward to working with you🥰💿

19 Sep 2020 – 10:23 PM

Thank you for all the happy birthday replies!

It’s so nice being congratulated by this many people! Thank you for your constant support😭✨
Please continue to support me✨

The video is me eating the cake I got on S Channel the other day as Sakuragawa-san watches over me🎂☺️

Note: Sakuragawa Megu

18 Sep 2020 – 10:53 PM

Tsumugi-san’s DJ performance was so much fun–!!!🤣✨💿
And the last part was super cool and awesome…!!😆🎧

18 Sep 2020 – 10:25 PM

Listening to back to back Photon [Maiden] songs is happiness…✨😭

18 Sep 2020 – 10:08 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME has started!!
It’s a Special Edition today!! I’m really looking forward to it!!😆✨

Note: #D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition w/ Mizushima Seiji, Tsumugi Risa
Mizushima Seiji is the Photon Maiden music producer and D4DJ anime director

18 Sep 2020 – 2:02 PM

The uncut version of「S-Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji」which I appeared in with Kurachi Reo-san has been posted on #SChannel!

We talk even more about「Kamome no Tamago」in the uncut version😆
It was fun pretending to be Kamome no Tamago🥚
Please give it a listen✨

Quoted Tweet (S-Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji)

17 Sep 2020 – 7:07 PM

This is my favorite outfit lately✨
It’s getting to be Autumn-like temperatures🍁

17 Sep 2020 – 8:04 AM

Good morning☀

16 Sep 2020 – 7:18 PM

Maho-chan is sparkling on stage…!!!
Her expression during lives is so wonderful…😭💛
I can’t wait for Gurumiku to be released🙏✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Akashi Maho Artwork)

16 Sep 2020 – 8:09 AM

Good morning!!
I practiced DJing before I went to bed yesterday and, while I was asleep, I dreamt that I was practicing scratching…!
I feel like a winner this morning☺️🎧💤
I’ll do my best today💪✨

15 Sep 2020 – 6:54 PM

A video of me learning how to make paper flowers before yesterday’s「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」stream🌼
I was surprised you could make them out of paper!!!

There’s an archive for yesterday’s stream, so please check it out if you missed it✨

15 Sep 2020 – 8:16 AM

Good morning–!!

14 Sep 2020 – 9:33 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
Thank you!!

I had a great time doing the drawing corner with Sakuragawa-san✨
The picture is the「yakitori」and「Beethoven」we drew in 30 seconds🤣
And I even got a cake…!
Thank you all so much for today😭✨

Note: Sakuragawa Megu
For the corner, they had to draw the given word in 30 seconds and their manager would decide if it passed or not.

14 Sep 2020 – 10:39 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
Thank you!

I enjoyed the program corners in this stream and was moved to tears by the growth of my junior~🥺

It’s a bit early but happy birthday, Kagami-chan🎉

Check out the archive if you missed it🔽


14 Sep 2020 – 11:11 PM

Thank you for coming onto the program today! I was so glad I could celebrate with you [Sakuragawa-san].
I’ll do my very best to grow!!
Once again, thank you so much for today😭✨

15 Sep 2020 – 12:23 AM (Sakuragawa Megu)

I should be thanking you. It was a bit early, but it was great being able to congratulate you [Kagami-chan] with all your fans!

Thank you for the wonderful time~☺️

15 Sep 2020 – 12:55 AM

I’m looking forward to working with you [Sakuragawa-san] again…!
I’ll be counting on your support!

14 Sep 2020 – 7:30 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
is coming up at 20:00~!!
September is my birth month, so our backdrop has a cute birthday setup😭💕
Sakuragawa-san will be joining us as a guest partway into the program!!
I’m excited again today…!
Please do watch✨

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3)

14 Sep 2020 – 7:27 PM

I was a guest on「D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO」!!
I had so much fun talking with the two hosts!😖✨
There’s also a Maho quiz🎧💛
Please give it to listen!🎀
#D4DJ #PikiRaji

Note: hosted by Takagi Miyu, Koizumi Moeka
Kagamin voices Akashi Maho

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO #29 w/ Kagami Karin)

14 Sep 2020 – 9:52 AM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
will be streamed today at 20:00~!

This is a special episode with my senior, Sakuragawa Megu-san, coming as a guest…!!😆🎉

We’re still looking for letters, so please send them in!💌
I’m really excited for today–!!✨

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3)

12 Sep 2020 – 11:56 PM

Today was another fun day☺️🎀
Good night~!!🌙

12 Sep 2020 – 10:09 AM

Good morning✨

12 Sep 2020 – 12:00 AM (Nakashima Yuki)

I turned 23 today, 9/12~~😊
I was looking through my folder and found this photo from when I was little📸
Around 3rd year elementary school probably…!!
I hope I’ve matured somewhat lol
Please continue to support me!
Let’s enjoy my online birthday event too💗

12 Sep 2020 – 7:20 PM

Happy birthday!!!
I hope you [Yukkii-san] have a wonderful year!🎂🥰

12 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

Thanks for sending in that footage too😭✨

Note: Kagamin recorded a video for the quiz section of Yukkii’s birthday stream asking how to say “game wo shiyou” in English. Yukkii said she didn’t need any presents and wanted Kagamin instead. Credit to YeY | oH for this!

10 Sep 2020 – 7:09 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3」
Streaming~ 9/14 (Mon) 20:00!

My birthday is this month so Sakuragawa Megu-san will be coming on the show as a guest…!!😭✨
It’s shaping up to be another fun stream😆

I’ll be waiting for your mail~!
Please do watch🌟

Note: Kagami Karin and Sakuragawa Megu are both under S inc.

10 Sep 2020 – 4:47 PM (S inc.)

【Yoriko’s Uta Raji】S Channel Spin-off. This week, Kurachi Reo and Kagami Karin showed off「Kamome no Tamago」while putting on an impromptu play in character♪
Those who missed it can listen with radiko’s time free, so please be sure to listen!✨

Note: Kamome no Tamago (lit. Seagull’s Egg) is a confectionery from Iwate Prefecture resembling an egg, made with soft sponge-cake filled with sweet bean paste and coated with white chocolate.

10 Sep 2020 – 6:56 PM

Kurachi Reo-san and I appeared on「S Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji」!
We also became「Kamome no Tamago」for an impromptu play~!!
It was so much fun✨
Please give it a listen😆

Note: they literally pretended to be kamome no tamago

9 Sep 2020 – 8:12 AM

Good morning–!!
I’ll do my best today!🏃‍♀️✨

8 Sep 2020 – 6:41 PM (Takagi Miyu)

I’m 24 today🎂✨

This past year has once again reminded me how fortunate I am to do work that I love and live a healthy life😌💓
But! I still have plenty more stamina and room to grow so! I’ll work hard to stay even busier this year💪
I hope to come across wonderful series🙏

Thanks for supporting me♡
I want to see you all soon🥺

8 Sep 2020 – 8:10 PM

Happy birthday🎂
Have a wonderful year!!☺️

9 Sep 2020 – 12:03 AM (Takagi Miyu)

Karin-chan! Thanks~☺️☺️☺️

8 Sep 2020 – 6:28 PM

Lately, I like to buy tapioca on my way back and take my time drinking it at home🥰
By the way, this is chocolate milk tea tapioca🍫it’s delicious

7 Sep 2020 – 9:25 AM

Good morning–!!

6 Sep 2020 – 11:39 PM

Good night~!☺️💫

6 Sep 2020 – 2:56 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

I turned 16🥳🥳
2020 was full of new experiences and a special year that changed my life☺️
Thank you for your constant support!
I’ll keep working hard, so I hope you’ll continue to support me(´˘`)♡

The first pic is a “6 pose” for my 16th🙌
(The photo[s] was taken when no one was around)

6 Sep 2020 – 8:07 PM

Ruka-chan, happy birthday!😆
Have a wonderful year…!!🎂✨

6 Sep 2020 – 8:23 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Kagami-san, thank you✨
Thank you for approaching me before the live the other day and for your advice!

5 Sep 2020 – 10:22 AM

New story on #D4DJ_DJCHAT !!
Shinobu and Nagisa calls each other Shino and Nagi!!!?? so cute😭💕🙏
I can listen to this conversation forever it’s very precious😌✨
#D4DJ #GroovyMix

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ CHAT – Maho, Shinobu, Nagisa)

5 Sep 2020 – 10:10 AM

Good morning☀

4 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM

Consecutive HapiAra songs…!!!
I really appreciate how cool the transition was–!!😆✨🎀

4 Sep 2020 – 10:30 PM

Watching #D4DJ_DJTIME and it reached the halfway point in no time!!
Tsunko-san’s DJing is so cool😭✨🎧

4 Sep 2020 – 7:13 PM

Our dialogue has been released!!
Their conversation is too cute… it’s so precious😇✨
I want Maho to be my older sister too~!😫💛
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ CHAT – Maho, Shinobu, Nagisa)

3 Sep 2020 – 10:04 AM

Good morning✨

1 Sep 2020 – 10:24 PM

I wanted to draw something with summery colors~so I’ve been drawing this little by little✨

I drew so little at a time that summer ended before I finished it…!!
The seasons change so quickly🍁🙉

August 2020 Tweet Translations

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