Bandori Seiyuu Overview

★ Preface:
The goal of this post is to give a basic introduction to each of the Bandori seiyuu. For information on Bandori programs, refer to the masterlist below!

-> Bandori Seiyuu Content Masterlist <-

★ Index:

★ Notes:

  • Some linked sources do not have concrete sources themselves, so please take care.
  • All names are ordered as family/first name, given/last name.
  • Ordering favors real life activity.
  • Bandori Activity is my simple 1-5pt scoring system to give an idea of how much you can expect to see a seiyuu in Bandori-related stuff. It’s +1pt for appearing in radio shows (at least 3 times), +1pt for appearing in video shows (at least 3 times), +1pt for hosting a show or corner, +1pt for guest frequency, +1pt for host frequency, +1pt (bonus) for performing live or posting Bandori on social media, and +1pt for being Aimi. Hosting from completed shows will eventually be removed. Scores are limited to my scope of knowledge, so please chime in if you think they should differ. -> Currently Outdated
  • Trivia will be focused on Bandori, musical performance, and connections to other seiyuu in the franchise. Especially notable random facts are also included. Sources will be provided so that you can dig into the seiyuu’s other roles and hobbies.

Latest Update (2019.01.08):
Moved to WordPress blog.
Need to update all pages.
Need to rework Activity scores.

General Sources: Official Bandori Website, Official Bandori YouTube Channel, @_satsunyan’s tweet and Seiyuuri (same author), Yunii’s BanG Dream Seiyuu Doc, bangdreaming tumblr, My Old Post

 ★ Thanks:
Special thanks to the members of the BanG Dream Franchise Discord Server for providing a bunch of information and sources! Also to my brother for some vaguely helpful suggestions. Be sure to visit us in the #seiyuu channel if you’re interested in the Bandori seiyuu!

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