2019.07.06 → Sumipe cat facts.

  • Also known as PasuPare (パスパレ)


Maeshima Ami (前島 亜美)

RoleMaruyama Aya (丸山 彩) (Vo)
NicknamesAmita (あみた)
Social MediaTwitter, Blog, Website, YouTube
SourcesBandori Wiki, generasia
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsBandori! TV


  • Former leader of idol group SUPER☆GiRLS until her graduation on March 2017
  • Her special skill is karate
  • Did motion capture for Aya in the Mou Ichido Luminous MV (Source)
  • Was classmates with Kurachi Reo (PAREO), and they both did flag spinning in the color guard of marching band

Hata Sawako (秦佐 和子)

RoleWakamiya Eve (若宮 イヴ) (Key)
NicknamesShawako (しゃわこ)
Social MediaTwitter
SourcesBandori Wiki, Stage 48, Seiyuu Database
Bandori Activity3/5: Average


  • Former member of SKE48’s Team KII until her graduation in March 2013
  • Voiced Kanazaki Suzuko in the AKB0048 anime
  • Played the violin in high school
  • Has a computer engineering degree from community college

Nakagami Ikumi (中上 育実)

RoleYamato Maya (大和 麻弥) (Dr)
NicknamesIkumin (いくみん)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
SourcesBandori Wiki, Seiyuu Database
Bandori Activity3/5: Average


  • Aspiring shoujo manga artist, and is credited for Story + Art in the Girls & Panzer: Comic Anthology
  • Has played the electone for years
  • Has two sons and frequently shares pictures/videos of them on her social media
  • Has asked Ohashi Ayaka (Saaya) to teach her how to play the drums twice (Source)

Uesaka Sumire (上坂 すみれ)

RoleShirasagi Chisato (白鷺 千聖) (Ba)
NicknamesSumipe (すみぺ)
Social MediaTwitter
SourcesBandori Wiki, Show by Rock
Bandori Activity1/5: Very Low


  • Besties with Misawa Sachika (Moca)
  • Majored in Russian language in university and is fluent in Russian
  • Voices half-Russian Anastasia in iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.
  • Proficient in Chinese and English, and has passed multiple language proficiency tests
  • Interested in history, particularly Soviet history and the Showa era
  • Says she has never been officially invited to an event for BanG Dream! (Afterglow Radio #43)
  • Wants to sing Yura-Yura Ring-Dong-Dance and Happy Synthesizer with Maeshima Ami (Aya) (Source)
  • Reached rank 100 in Garupa in two months but can’t beat Expert or songs harder than ~24 difficulty. Wants a Moca (Misawa Sachika) x Chisato scenario (
  • Owns a cat named Mellow (メロウ)

Ozawa Ari (小澤 亜李)

RoleHikawa Hina (氷川 日菜) (Gt)
NicknamesAri-chan (ありちゃん)
Social MediaTwitter, Blog
SourcesBandori Wiki
Bandori Activity0/5: Almost None


  • Draws birthday pictures for Hina and Sayo!
  • Wants to sing a cover song with Sayo and has even suggested songs to staff but they did not follow up (Afterglow Radio #51)
  • Voices Sakura Chiyo in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, whose anime opening Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai was covered by PoPiPa and ending Uraomote Fortune was performed by Ozawa herself
  • Won the Best Rookie Actress Award in the 11th Seiyuu Awards in March 2017