Hazuki Himari ~ September 2020 Tweet Translations

22 Sep 2020 – 8:07 AM

Good morning🌺

21 Sep 2020 – 9:43 PM

It’s amazing that I get to watch this live I saw at Fuji-Q again on stream( ´ ` *)
RAISE A SUILEN is so cool✊🏻✨


21 Sep 2020 – 9:12 PM



Note: Happy Around! performed as the opening act for RAS on Day 2

20 Sep 2020 – 11:16 PM

That’s it for「Einheit」!
I’m so moved😭


20 Sep 2020 – 10:42 PM

I love Sanctuary🌹
I was mesmerized as the sky grew dark and my heart was in pieces


20 Sep 2020 – 9:17 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Thank you, Merm4id🙏🏻✨
I took a photo with Himari-chan backstage🌻

Roselia’s about to hit the stage!!

Note: Merm4id performed as Roselia’s opening act at 8th Live
Hazuki Himari is her junior in Ace Crew Entertainment

20 Sep 2020 – 9:54 PM

Thank you so much!
I’m watching Roselia!🌹

20 Sep 2020 – 9:42 PM

Once again, thank you for having #Merm4id perform as the opening act🧜🏻‍♀️✨
I’m really grateful for this precious experience((( ´꒳` )))
Watching the stream for Roselia’s live🥀

#Bandori8thLiveCommentary_DAY1 #Roselia #Merm4id #Bandori #D4DJ

Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Negishi Ai

20 Sep 2020 – 3:03 PM

I’ve been looking forward to Saori-chan this whole time🧜🏻‍♀️🌊
Her smile is dazzling!! She’s lovely~((( *´꒳`* )))💓

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Hidaka Saori Artwork)

20 Sep 2020 – 2:59 PM

Merm4id performed as the opening act for DAY1 of「『BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE』Summer Outdoors 3DAYS Special Stream」which starts streaming today🌻
Please do watch(*´`)
I attended all 3DAYS and had a really wonderful time…🎶

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Opening Acts in BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE)

19 Sep 2020 – 10:01 AM (Kagami Karin)

I turned 21 today!!
I appeared in many lives and events and met lots of people when I was 20. It was a such a fun year✨
I’ll put in lots of energy to have even more fun at 21!!
I turned 21 today!!! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes😭💕

Note: the last part was written in English

19 Sep 2020 – 1:13 PM

Kagami-san! Happy birthday🎂🎉
Hope you [Kagami-san] have a wonderful year( ´ ` *)🎧

19 Sep 2020 – 7:45 PM (Kagami Karin)

Hazuki-san~!! Thank you😆
I look forward to working with you!!✨

18 Sep 2020 – 10:59 PM

It’s over in no time…this was a good Friday night🍻

18 Sep 2020 – 10:38 PM

Tsumugi-san’s DJTIME!!!!!

Note: Tsumugi Risa

18 Sep 2020 – 10:28 PM

The set list and transitions were both amazing! ( ´ ` *)

18 Sep 2020 – 10:06 PM

It’s started((( *´꒳`* )))

Note: Mizushima Seiji is the Photon Maiden music producer and D4DJ anime director

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition w/ Mizushima Seiji, Tsumugi Risa)

17 Sep 2020 – 7:49 PM

The [character] dialogue has been released🌈
I’ve been waiting for this!!! ((( *´꒳`* )))

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ Talk with Saori, Aoi, Miiko)

16 Sep 2020 – 8:07 PM

cute and sexy🌺𓈒 𓂂𓏸
a live at a night pool…looks fun( ´ ` *)

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Seto Rika Artwork)

16 Sep 2020 – 1:38 PM

Next week on the 22nd (Tue) is Merm4id’s release event
We have two different outfits( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )
I’m looking forward to seeing all of you👼🏻🤍

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id Release Event @ HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA)

21 Sep 2020 – 11:26 PM

I’ll be here tomorrow🧜🏻‍♀️
Hope to see you there( *ˊᵕˋ)

16 Sep 2020 – 8:07 AM

Good morning👼🏻

15 Sep 2020 – 3:47 PM

the&cutest=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Note: Merm4id members like to say sai&kou (saikou, the best / amazing)

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Matsuyama Dalia Artwork)

14 Sep 2020 – 8:03 AM

Good morning𖤣𖥧𖥣。

13 Sep 2020 – 7:08 PM

Merm4id Release Event @ Nagoya books HOSHINO Kintetsu Passé
Thank you(*´`)♡
It was fun meeting all sorts of people again today✨
I’m going to work harder and harder to live up to your support🧜🏻‍♀️
The next release event is on the 22nd (Tue) @ Tokyo HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA !
Hope to see you there𖤣𖥧𖥣。

13 Sep 2020 – 7:09 PM

#D4DJ #Merm4id

13 Sep 2020 – 6:12 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

fast asleep😴

I didn’t realize Hima-chan was taking pictures of me🙄
#D4DJ #Merm4id

13 Sep 2020 – 6:27 PM

She didn’t notice me at all( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )✌︎

13 Sep 2020 – 12:18 PM

Night pool! Marika-chan is so cuuuuuute( ´꒳​` ) 💚💚💚

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Mizushima Marika Artwork)

13 Sep 2020 – 8:50 AM

Good morning✨
Today is our release event at Nagoya books HOSHINO Kintetsu Passé( ´꒳​` )
There will be in-store sales [to participate] as well🕊 𓈒 𓂂𓏸

12 Sep 2020 – 11:54 PM

Good night𓈒 𓂂𓏸

12 Sep 2020 – 6:21 PM

Merm4id Release Event @Osaka HMV&BOOKS SHINSAIBASHI
Thank you🌻
It was my first time meeting with fans in a while and I’m happy that I got to talk with them(*´`)♡
Opportunities like this are rare, so I’d like to cherish each and every one of them𓈒 𓂂𓏸
We’ll be at Nagoya books HOSHINO Kintetsu Passé tomorrow!
Hope to see you there🧜🏻‍♀️

12 Sep 2020 – 6:21 PM

#Merm4id #D4DJ

12 Sep 2020 – 3:41 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Kogaryu Takoyaki during our break🐙💓
For those coming to the third session, if we smell like sauce…
please remember this video☺️lol
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: Kogaryu is a famous takoyaki shop in Osaka

Hirajima Natsumi (Nacchan): How is it?
Hazuki Himari: It’s tasty.
Nacchan: laughing eat, eat! You haven’t eaten it, right?
Himari: Mmm!
Nacchan: Yummy?
Himari: Mmm!
Okada Mei: Mmm, yummy!
Nacchan: Is it good?
Meishan: Mhmm!
Negishi Ai: …hot! Yum!
Nacchan: Yay!
Meishan: Osaka~

12 Sep 2020 – 2:47 PM

We’re in Osaka. 🐙

11 Sep 2020 – 11:36 PM

I performed in #D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9🌻
Thank you all for watching!
It was frustrating to mess up transitions, but it’s great fun having everyone listen to a set list that I came up with( ´ ` *)
Was I the&best today?
The left side has lots of fingerprints so I hid it👀(2nd pic)

Note: Merm4id members like to say 最&高 (sai&kou, great/awesome/the best). during the fanclub portion, people came up with “himari ga sai&kou!” to say when she played 4U

10 Sep 2020 – 9:49 PM

It’s tomorrow💄
21:40~Member-Exclusive Talk Part
22:00~DJ Live Stream
Please tune in*ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾
I’ll do my best~!


Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9 w/ Hazuki Himari)

10 Sep 2020 – 4:12 PM

Our Blu-ray event is being held in Osaka・Nagoya this week and tickets will now be sold in-store🌻
Please check each store’s event details for more information( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )
If you’re still on the fence! by all means🤍🤍

@Nagoya books HOSHINO Kintetsu Passé Store

12 Sep 2020 – 9:38 AM

Good morning~!
Today is the release event in Osaka *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾
Hope to see you there🐙✨

8 Sep 2020 – 9:43 PM

A #Merm4id interview has been released!
We talked about lots of things🌻
I hope you’ll give it a read(´꒳`)

Quoted Tweet (Mynavi Merm4id Interview)

8 Sep 2020 – 9:36 PM

[Submissions] end today!
I look forward to your questions / messages💌

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9 w/ Hazuki Himari – Message Form)

8 Sep 2020 – 7:46 PM

Crickets are chirping🌾

8 Sep 2020 – 6:41 PM (Takagi Miyu)

I’m 24 today🎂✨

This past year has once again reminded me how fortunate I am to do work that I love and live a healthy life😌💓
But! I still have plenty more stamina and room to grow so! I’ll work hard to stay even busier this year💪
I hope to come across wonderful series🙏

Thanks for supporting me♡
I want to see you all soon🥺

8 Sep 2020 – 7:51 PM

Takagi-san, happy birthday👑✨
Have a wonderful year(*´`)♡

9 Sep 2020 – 12:08 AM (Takagi Miyu)

Himari-chan! Thank you~💓✨

7 Sep 2020 – 8:02 AM

Good morning( ´ ` *)

6 Sep 2020 – 2:56 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

I turned 16🥳🥳
2020 was full of new experiences and a special year that changed my life☺️
Thank you for your constant support!
I’ll keep working hard, so I hope you’ll continue to support me(´˘`)♡

The first pic is a “6 pose” for my 16th🙌
(The photo[s] was taken when no one was around)

6 Sep 2020 – 5:01 PM

Ruka-chan, happy birthday🎂✨
Have a wonderful year( ´ ` *)🤍

6 Sep 2020 – 8:05 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Hazuki-san, thank you(´ω`)

4 Sep 2020 – 11:29 PM

I’m performing on #D4DJ_DJTIME next week on 9/11🌻
I look forward to your questions and messages( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )🤍

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9 w/ Hazuki Himari – Message Form)

4 Sep 2020 – 10:34 PM

Such a cool transition…! Gamble Rumble🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️


Note: Merm4id covered this song by m.o.v.e

4 Sep 2020 – 10:13 PM


Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.8 w/ Tsunko)

4 Sep 2020 – 9:10 AM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Our group huddle right before we performed the opening act for #Bandori #Roselia‘s live☺️
The four of us were so nervous😣💓

Please attend the Merm4id 『Summer Flower Love Dream』release event too💓
9/12 Osaka 9/13 Nagoya 9/22 Shibuya
👇🏻Book Here
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note, left→right:
Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Okada Mei, Negishi Ai
one them says 最&高 → 最高 (awesome, the best), either Meishan or Aipon. Nacchan and Himarin follow after her 😆

4 Sep 2020 – 10:44 AM (Negishi Ai)


4 Sep 2020 – 1:24 PM


4 Sep 2020 – 1:44 PM (Okada Mei)


4 Sep 2020 – 8:04 AM

Good morning🐓

2 Sep 2020 – 6:38 PM

#Merm4id Blu-ray『Summer Flower Love Dream』 Release Event
🌻9/13(Sun)@ Aichi books HOSHINO Kintetsu Passé
The purchase deadline is the 6th!
I look forward to meeting all of you🤍

2 Sep 2020 – 10:22 AM (Raychell)

Watching Merm4id’s Blu-ray first thing in the morning👀
Everyone’s swimsuits are cute and the talk portion is interesting😂💕
The MV is wonderful✨🧜‍♀️🌻
#Merm4id #D4DJ

Note: Raychell has a couple relations to Merm4id now. She sang the guide track for one of their new songs and Hazuki Himari is her junior in Ace Crew Entertainment. Okada Mei is also partnered with Ace Crew now.

2 Sep 2020 – 1:35 PM

Raychell-san…!! I’m glad you’re watching it😭✨
Thank you🤍( ´ ` *)

1 Sep 2020 – 11:29 PM

Looking forward to September as well ☽︎︎.*·̩͙
Good night💭

August 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ August 2020 Tweet Translations

September 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Aug 2020 – 8:09 AM

Good morning🐻☁️

30 Aug 2020 – 1:26 PM (Yache)

Happy birthday, Rika!!🎁🎉🎂
It’s always fun drawing style monster Rika o(^-^)o❤️

30 Aug 2020 – 1:26 PM

Happy birthday to Rika, who’s always pulling Merm4id forward💛
This Rika is suuuper spicy(*´`)⚡️

30 Aug 2020 – 2:01 PM (Yache)

I drew Rika with a punch to her😎🤘👊💥

30 Aug 2020 – 2:31 PM

the&best thank you😎🤘💓

29 Aug 2020 – 8:23 PM

Merm4id from D4DJ went on stage for「SUMMER STRUGGLE in JINGU」🧜🏻‍♀️
It was such a valuable experience. Thank you!✨
I watched pro wrestling for the very first time afterwards and was fascinated! I got super excited whenever they performed a technique🔥

#D4DJ #Merm4id #njpw

Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Negishi Ai
Merm4id w/ Kidani Takaaki

29 Aug 2020 – 8:24 PM

I’d like as many people as possible to remember D4DJ or Merm4id( ´ ` *)

28 Aug 2020 – 11:02 PM

I’ll be performing on #D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9 on 9/11💄🧡
It’s fun thinking about what songs to play and connect together to get people excited(´`)

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.8-9 w/ Tsunko, Hazuki Himari)

28 Aug 2020 – 10:46 PM

ING!! I’m happy that she did the dance🧜🏻‍♀️🧡


28 Aug 2020 – 10:19 PM

matching DDJ-400( ´ ` *)


Note: the DJ controller they use

28 Aug 2020 – 10:06 PM

It’s starting=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )!


Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7 w/ Kagami Karin)

28 Aug 2020 – 9:05 PM

We’ll be taking the stage at「D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents SUMMER STRUGGLE in JINGU」tomorrow💄
Thanks for your support( ˊᵕˋ )✨


Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents SUMMER STRUGGLE in JINGU – Merm4id Pre-Match Greeting)

28 Aug 2020 – 12:34 AM

Good night( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )𓈒 𓂂𓏸

26 Aug 2020 – 7:37 PM

Also also!
Exactly One Month Before Release Presentation🎧🎧
There will be new information and a live recording corner so please don’t miss it(*_ _)

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Exactly One Month Before Release Presentation -Character Info Aplenty Special-)

26 Aug 2020 – 7:35 PM

D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting🎧✨
I’m looking forward to hearing about future developments( ´ ` *)

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting)

25 Aug 2020 – 8:36 AM

Good morning🦕⋆͛

24 Aug 2020 – 6:26 PM

Saori-chan’s black×gold headphones are so fancy🎧✨✨
Please do use it as your icon( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )


Quoted Tweet (Official Twitter icons for the Merm4id characters)

24 Aug 2020 – 8:17 PM (Negishi Ai)

That’s true!! I want🎧those headphones😳💕

24 Aug 2020 – 7:24 AM

Good morning🤍

24 Aug 2020 – 12:10 AM

Good night♬.*゚

23 Aug 2020 – 10:18 PM

We went to see『Special Live~Summerly Tone♪~』!
All the bands were wonderful🦋🌼🌈
Sorry for my limited vocabulary
it was such feels…!
After these three days of happiness, I’m energized and ready to do my best again tomorrow
Thank you✨
#Bandori8th #BandoriFujiQ_day3

Merm4id Members: Hirajima Natsumi, Negishi Ai, Hazuki Himari, Okada Mei

23 Aug 2020 – 9:57 AM

Good morning( ´ ` *)

22 Aug 2020 – 9:29 PM

We went to see RAISE A SUILEN’s live『THE DEPTHS』today🎧
It was so cool!
Thank you for an amazing time from start to finish✨
I could feel the entire venue coming together as one…!

#Bandori8th #BandoriFujiQ_day2

Merm4id Members: Hirajima Natsumi, Negishi Ai, Hazuki Himari, Okada Mei

22 Aug 2020 – 2:45 PM

Meishan=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )🤍🤍🤍

Quoted Tweet (Okada Mei announced a business partnership with Ace Crew, so she’ll now be partially managed by the same agency as Himari)

21 Aug 2020 – 11:22 PM

After the live ended, I took a photo with my senior from my agency, Kudo-san🌹
She’s always so beautiful𓈒 𓂂𓏸
Once again, thank you for an amazing time today🎸♡

Note: Ace Crew Entertainment, Kudo Haruka

22 Aug 2020 – 12:12 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Himari-chan🌻Your DJing was cute–!

22 Aug 2020 – 4:04 PM

I’m glad to hear that( ´ ` *)✨

Note: Himari is the DJ for Merm4id

21 Aug 2020 – 10:34 PM

Her scratching was so cool🤤

21 Aug 2020 – 10:07 PM

It’s starting!🐶✨

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.6 w/ Takagi Miyu)

21 Aug 2020 – 8:56 PM

I watched Roselia’s live after our opening act performance🥀
Their sound struck a chord with me and their passionate feelings came through. I was moved to the brink of tears…!
Thank you for a wonderful time✨

#Bandori8th #Roselia-san

21 Aug 2020 – 8:50 PM

#Merm4id 🧜🏻‍♀️from #D4DJ performed as the opening act for Roselia’s『Einheit』!

Thank you for the precious experience🥀
I had so much fun🌻✨


Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Negishi Ai

21 Aug 2020 – 11:21 AM

Merm4id’s first Blu-ray 『Summer Flower Love Dream』is now on sale🌻
I hope lots of people will watch it𓈒 𓂂𓏸
There’s also a special purchase event!
Thank you for your support( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )🧡

#D4DJ #Merm4id

20 Aug 2020 – 4:07 PM (Negishi Ai)

We had Merm4id rehearsal again today🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: this is a pun on shitekimasu (to do) + Merm4id (maameido) = shitekimaameido

20 Aug 2020 – 9:08 PM

Good work today Merm4id🧜🏻‍♀️❁*。

Note: same pun as Aipon’s except with otsukaresama + Merm4id = otsukaresamaameido

20 Aug 2020 – 8:52 AM

Let’s do our best today( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )𓈒 𓂂𓏸

19 Aug 2020 – 9:57 PM

Over 600k pre-registered usersっっっ
Thank you to all the Digglers😳✨

#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Note: Digglers = D4DJ fans

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – Over 600k Pre-Registered Users)

18 Aug 2020 – 1:47 PM

It’s so hot every day🥵
Please take care to avoid getting heatstroke𓈒 𓂂𓏸

17 Aug 2020 – 4:49 PM

Thank you💄💛
I’m gonna keep working hard with Saori-chan~!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Birthday Greeting)

16 Aug 2020 – 11:30 PM

Thank you( ˊᵕˋ )✨
I’ll do my best so that we can work together again someday!!
Looking forward to working with you again🌻𓈒 𓂂𓏸

Quoted Tweet (VOICE Channel Birthday Greeting)

16 Aug 2020 – 4:59 PM

Saki-chan is holding a present! Cute…( ˊᵕˋ )♡
I’m gonna get good at card games like Saki-chan~🔥

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Birthday Greeting)

16 Aug 2020 – 11:57 AM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Happy birthday🎂🎈🎉
The more I get to know Himari, the more I’m drawn to her charm😌
I hope we’ll D4DJ Merm4id friends for a long time to come💓
#D4DJ #Merm4id

16 Aug 2020 – 4:48 PM

Nacchan is truly like an older sister who takes care of me and always helps me out👭🏻✨
Let’s continue to get along( ˊᵕˋ )♡

16 Aug 2020 – 11:17 AM

It’s my birthday🌻
I’ll do my very best in everything without forgetting my gratitude towards all the people supporting me!
Thank you for your continued support🕊 𓈒 𓂂𓏸

16 Aug 2020 – 11:52 AM (Raychell)

Happy birthday🎂Congrats㊗️🌻🧜‍♀️💕

16 Aug 2020 – 4:20 PM

RAYCHELL-san!! Thank you😭✨✨✨

16 Aug 2020 – 12:02 PM (Tsunko)

Happy birthday🥰❤️

16 Aug 2020 – 4:24 PM

Tsunko-san!💙Thank you(*´`)♡

16 Aug 2020 – 12:10 PM (Mimura Haruka)

Happy birthday☺️🎂🎉

16 Aug 2020 – 4:25 PM

Mimura-san!🐇Thank you( ˊᵕˋ )♡

16 Aug 2020 – 12:10 PM (b4k)


16 Aug 2020 – 10:31 PM

Thank you✨Looking forward to working with you☺︎!

16 Aug 2020 – 12:15 PM (mika)

Happy birthday🌻😊✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:28 PM

mika-san!✨Thank you🦋

16 Aug 2020 – 12:30 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Happy birthday🌻

16 Aug 2020 – 4:26 PM

Kudo-san!! Thank you(∩ˊ꒳​ˋ∩)♥️

16 Aug 2020 – 12:43 PM (Shindo Amane)

Happy birthday!!
Hope you have a wonderful year✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:34 PM

Shindo-san! Thank you🦋
I’m glad( ˊᵕˋ )♡

16 Aug 2020 – 1:19 PM (Yache)

Himarin-san, happy birthday🎊🎁🎈
I’d like to see your [DJ] scratching again soon🥺
I can feel how much you synchronize with Saori with the way you intently work so hard!!!

16 Aug 2020 – 4:23 PM

Yache-sensei!! Thank you✨
I’ll have to improve my scratching before the next time I get to show it off then😎🔥
I feel like I’m similar to Saori-chan in ways so I’m glad to hear you say that🧡

16 Aug 2020 – 2:14 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

Happy birthday😽

16 Aug 2020 – 4:35 PM

Shizaki-san! Thank you🥀✨

16 Aug 2020 – 2:30 PM (Natsume)

Himari-chan, congrats✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:21 PM

Natsume-san!! Thank you🥰💓

16 Aug 2020 – 2:54 PM (Tanda Hazuki)

Happy birthday🎂🌻
Hope you have a wonderful year♡

16 Aug 2020 – 4:36 PM

Tanda-san! Thank you🧚🏻‍♀️💓

16 Aug 2020 – 3:18 PM (Otsuka Sae)

Himarin, congrats♡🌻
The year went by so quickly, didn’t it!
I’ll do my best so that we can have more work together this year💓
Hope you have an amazing year~✨✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:30 PM

Sae-san! Thank you🐰💓
I’ll work hard to catch up to you even a little!!!
Looking forward to working with you more=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

16 Aug 2020 – 3:18 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Happy birthday🎉
Hope you have a wonderful year✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:36 PM

Fukagawa-san! Thank you=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )💗

16 Aug 2020 – 4:21 PM (Tanaka Bunkei)

Himari-san, happy birthday! I wish you success this year!!

16 Aug 2020 – 4:37 PM

Bunkei-san, thank you✨I look forward to working with you more( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )!

16 Aug 2020 – 4:32 PM (Kagami Karin)

Himari-san, happy birthday!🎂
Hope you have a wonderful year🌻✨

16 Aug 2020 – 4:40 PM

Kagamin-san! Thank you🌈♡

16 Aug 2020 – 4:40 PM (Koyama Momoyo)

Happy birthday🎁💓

16 Aug 2020 – 4:49 PM

Koyama-san! Thank you👑💓

16 Aug 2020 – 5:17 PM (Kurachi Reo)

Hazuki-san🌻Happy birthday✨✨🎂

16 Aug 2020 – 5:36 PM

Kurachi-san! Thank you🧸🤍

16 Aug 2020 – 5:36 PM (Nakayama Masahiro)

Hazuki-san, happy birthday✨Those born on 8/16 are strong at expressing their emotions and love to take on challenges! I believe many people will support your fun-looking DJing this year🎵DigDelight‼️

Note: Music producer for Rondo

16 Aug 2020 – 5:59 PM

Nakayama-san, thank you✨
I’ll do my best to become a DJ who can show everyone a great time🔥!
I look forward to working with you🎶

16 Aug 2020 – 6:06 PM (Nishio Yuka)

Himari-chan~Happy birthday–!!🎂🎉

16 Aug 2020 – 6:59 PM

Nishio-san–! Thank you=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )✨

16 Aug 2020 – 6:12 PM (Iwata Haruki)

Himari-chan, happy birthday😊🎉🎂

16 Aug 2020 – 7:00 PM

Iwata-san! Thank you(*´꒳`*)♡

16 Aug 2020 – 6:41 PM (Watase Yuzuki)

Hazuki-san, happy birthday🎉🎉🎉
Hope you have a wonderful year🌻

16 Aug 2020 – 7:01 PM

Watase-san! Thank you🧚🏻‍♀️💓

16 Aug 2020 – 9:50 PM (Momono Haruna)

Himari-chan🌻Happy birthday🎂🎉💕Your sunflower-like smile shines upon and brightens up your surroundings, and I lighten up whenever I see it😍I love how playful you are during breaks😋Hope you have a wonderful year✨✨

16 Aug 2020 – 10:23 PM

Momono-san, thank you🍑💓Your smile lightens me up whenever we meet=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )Let’s continue to get along☺︎

16 Aug 2020 – 10:52 AM (Negishi Ai)

Today is the birthday of Merm4id’s DJ, Hima-chan🥳🎉✨
HAPPY BIRTHDAY🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀🎂🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️💕Seeing you put in your utmost effort always gives me strength! Have an ama&zing day🥰✨
I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone🥺✨
#D4DJ #Merm4id

16 Aug 2020 – 4:45 PM

Aipo–n! Thanks🧜🏻‍♀️✨
Seeing your discipline always inspires me to do my best too( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )
Let’s continue to get along! the&best🧡

16 Aug 2020 – 9:47 AM (Okada Mei)

Happy Birthday…っ🎂💗

It’s already been a year since last year’s celebration…っ✨
Your cuteness and presence
always lighten me up…( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )♡

I hope you have an exciting, smile-filled year…🌸*゚

Let’s continue to get along…っ🥰✨
#D4DJ #Merm4id

16 Aug 2020 – 4:43 PM

Thanks [for greeting me] on both LINE and Twitter!!
Your presence always lightens me up too(∩ˊ꒳​ˋ∩)
Let’s continue to get along🧜🏻‍♀️🧡

15 Aug 2020 – 1:09 PM

We’ll be holding a special purchase event🌻
I’d love for you to participate( ˊᵕˋ )♡

Quoted Tweet (Special Purchase Event, take photos with Merm4id members by buying their upcoming Blu-ray)

15 Aug 2020 – 9:28 AM

Good morning🧚🏻‍♀️

14 Aug 2020 – 11:35 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME Thank you🌻
I was so nervous…! But more than that, I had a great time🧡
I’m gonna improve, I’ll do my best–!!!
How was my DJing today?⠒̫⃝

#D4DJ #Merm4id

14 Aug 2020 – 7:06 PM

I’m been nervous all day today👾

Note: for her D4DJ_DJTIME vol.5 appearance

13 Aug 2020 – 7:48 PM

It’s finally tomorrow~!
I practiced a lot for tomorrow so I’ve love for you to watch🧜🏻‍♀️💛
Let’s have fun togetherꪔ̤̥ꪔ̤̮ꪔ̤̫

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.5 w/ Hazuki Himari)

12 Aug 2020 – 4:53 PM

I can’t wait for 10/25 __✍︎

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Preregistration Opened)

11 Aug 2020 – 9:04 PM

Currently accepting questions / messages🕊 𓈒 𓂂𓏸

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.5 w/ Hazuki Himari, mail form)

11 Aug 2020 – 6:56 PM

I appeared as a guest on EP12 of #RebaRaji 𖤣𖥧𖥣。
Please be sure to listen~!!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Radio #12, hosted by Nishio Yuka)

10 Aug 2020 – 8:22 AM

Good morning🕊 𓈒 𓂂𓏸

7 Aug 2020 – 11:14 PM

Meishan does talk to herself pretty often🐏💭


Note: Negishi Ai appeared on D4DJ TV
Meishan = Okada Mei

7 Aug 2020 – 10:19 PM

This is helpful!


Note: Himari will be performing on # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.5!

7 Aug 2020 – 10:03 PM

It’s started~! Tsunko-san⚆.̮⚆💙

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.4 w/ Tsunko)

7 Aug 2020 – 9:20 PM

FRIDAY goes on sale today and Merm4id has🧜🏻‍♀️
5 pages!🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️
I bought it right away✨
Please pick up「Summer Flower Love Dream」which releases on 8/21 as well💛

#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: Summer Flower Love Dream is the Merm4id Blu-ray

6 Aug 2020 – 8:41 AM

Good morning𖤣𖥧𖥣。

4 Aug 2020 – 8:40 PM (Ace Crew Entertainment)

【Hazuki Himari】#AceCrewBehindTheScenesAlbum

Taken during DJ lessons🎥
Sharing their improvement now and then🥰

Blu-ray「Merm4id from D4DJ Summer Flower Love Dream」w/ Hazuki

\✨Currently Taking Pre-Orders✨/


5 Aug 2020 – 7:10 AM (Miyakoda Kazushi)

Himari has improved!
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: President of Ace Crew and music producer for Merm4id

5 Aug 2020 – 8:01 AM

I’m glad to hear that!! I’ll do my best to improve even more!!!!

4 Aug 2020 – 7:44 PM

Saw the sun for the first time in a while, photosynthesis🌱🌱🌱

4 Aug 2020 – 7:12 PM

I’m performing on #D4DJ_DJTIME on 8/14💿
I’m really nervous now ꪔ̤̥
Please be sure to watch my DJ performance!💄💛

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME Schedule)

4 Aug 2020 – 7:39 AM

hot hot🥵

1 Aug 2020 – 7:16 AM

Good morning ꪔ̤̥

July 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ July 2020 Tweet Translations

August 2020 Tweet Translations

30 Jul 2020 – 12:00 AM (Yache)

please take
the most beautiful photo of Marika!💕

Marika in the middle of a magazine photoshoot
Happy birthday🎁🎉🎂
#D4DJ #Merm4id #MizushimaMarika

Note: Yache is the D4DJ character designer

30 Jul 2020 – 9:03 AM

Isn’t our Marika-chan too cute?????

29 Jul 2020 – 11:35 PM

Good night😪😪😪

28 Jul 2020 – 7:49 PM


#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: probably a reference to ING where Himari yells into her megaphone. it’s not in the short YouTube footage but it comes after Aipon’s rap around 3/4ths into the song
Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei, Negishi Ai

26 Jul 2020 – 10:17 PM

Blu-ray「Merm4id from D4DJ Summer Flower Love Dream」
It’s really packed with content!!!
Please consider it💄

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id from D4DJ Summer Flower Love Dream)

26 Jul 2020 – 9:46 PM

MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE
Thank you for watching🧜🏻‍♀️💋
What did you think of #Merm4id?
I’m looking forward to tweets about your impressions💛


Note: Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Negishi Ai

26 Jul 2020 – 8:37 PM (Natsume)

I like Himari-chan from Merm4id🌻
Sexy three and cute one.
Floor Killer✨✨✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Note: “sexy three” is referring to Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei, Negishi Ai and “cute one” is referring to Himari
Floor Killer is one of their songs

26 Jul 2020 – 9:47 PM

waaaaah thank you😭✨✨✨

26 Jul 2020 – 9:51 PM (Natsume)

Himari-chan, nice work!!!
You were cute😉👍

26 Jul 2020 – 5:23 PM

It’s finally today at 19:00~🔔
I’m so excited💛
Please be sure to watch(*´`)♡

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

26 Jul 2020 – 5:24 PM

#D4DJ #Merm4id #MixChannel

26 Jul 2020 – 8:43 AM

Good morniMerm4id🧜🏻‍♀️
Let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest today~!!!


26 Jul 2020 – 1:23 AM (Momono Haruna)

There aren’t many chances to take our talking with members from the other units, so this was really refreshing and fun! Let’s stay safe during these times and show everyone a great time tomorrow!! I’ll do my best❤️

Himari-chan cutie❤️

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ TV #13)

26 Jul 2020 – 8:42 AM

Momono-san, thank you🤍
I had a great time at the recording( *ˊᵕˋ)

25 Jul 2020 – 10:11 PM

It’s finally tomorrow, 7/26 at 19:00~
MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE 🎊🌈
It’s gonna be the be&st!
I’m going all out to show you all great time✊🏻

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

25 Jul 2020 – 9:24 PM

I made an appearance🧜🏻‍♀️
Please be sure to watch( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: Momono Haruna

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ TV #13)

24 Jul 2020 – 11:20 PM

Rebirth was my very first card game!
It showed the fun in card games🧚🏻‍♀️💫
Looking through my photo folder reminds me of
how much fun it is going around the country and playing Rebirth with everyone( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ )💭

23 Jul 2020 – 9:04 AM

Merm4id appeared on R WORLD RADIO🧜🏼‍♀️
Thank you all for tuning in🌻✨
Please give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Note: hosted by Raychell with Shizaki Kanon as assistant

Quoted Tweet (R World Radio 7/22)

23 Jul 2020 – 1:46 PM (Raychell)

Bring smiles to everyone! I’m looking forward to the live✨😊

23 Jul 2020 – 6:01 PM

Thank you😭✨
I’ll do my best!!🧜🏼‍♀️

22 Jul 2020 – 11:39 PM

Available until the 26th💛
You gotta watch this over and over( ˊᵕˋ )✨

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id Floor Killer / ING footage from Departure)

21 Jul 2020 – 4:53 PM

So many announcements…!
I’m really looking forward to the future💛
I’m glad it was trending too=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )✨

Note: Groovy Mix ~100 Days Before Release live stream

19 Jul 2020 – 7:18 AM

Good morning🤸🏻‍♀️

17 Jul 2020 – 8:35 PM

My earphones always fall out no matter what kind I wear, maybe because I have small ears🥺👂🏻

16 Jul 2020 – 4:57 PM

Please be sure to apply🎁

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE Retweet Campaign to win poster signed by the seiyuu)

15 Jul 2020 – 11:21 PM

Good night🛌

11 Jul 2020 – 8:06 AM

Good morning⠒̫⃝

10 Jul 2020 – 10:20 PM

Her transitions are so cool and I like her song choice too⠒̫⃝⠒̫⃝

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.3 w/ Tsunko)

7 Jul 2020 – 8:13 AM

Today is Tanabata🎋
It’d be nice if it doesn’t rain💭💭💭

5 Jul 2020 – 9:07 AM

Good morning🌞

3 Jul 2020 – 3:44 PM

「Rebirth GO!」
is finally on sale today💿✨
There are four versions of the CD for each team🕊
Please give it a listen and pay attention to the lyrics (* ´ ` )

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth GO! Single Release)

2 Jul 2020 – 8:39 AM

Good morning!🌻

June 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ June 2020 Tweet Translations

July 2020 Tweet Translations

30 Jun 2020 – 10:16 PM

Sleepy all day and my ability to concentrate is~😪

27 Jun 2020 – 5:45 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @HOBBYSTATION Chiba Store
My first class in a while!
Thank you to everyone who came🐼
Rebirth GO( ˊᵕˋ )✨

Note: “Rebirth Go!” is what players say at the start of a match

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 @ HOBBYSTATION Chiba)

27 Jun 2020 – 10:01 AM

Good morning☁️
Today is my first #RebirthNationwideClass600 in a while(* ´ ` )

25 Jun 2020 – 8:13 PM

Daily 7th place!✨
Thank you to all the Digglers💛💛💛

Note: Digglers = D4DJ fans

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR 7th on the Oricon Daily Album charts)

25 Jun 2020 – 8:10 AM

Good morning🐌💧

24 Jun 2020 – 7:33 PM

D4DJ 2nd Album「Cosmic CoaSTAR」is released today!
Have you gotten it already?💿

#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR #BandoriD4DJ_ALSimultaneousRelease [AL = Album]

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR Release)

23 Jun 2020 – 11:46 PM

『D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」』finally goes on sale tomorrow ✨
Good night☽︎︎.*·̩͙

22 Jun 2020 – 12:21 PM

27th at 13:00~#RebirthNationwideClasses600 at HOBBYSTATION Chiba Store !!
It’s been a while since the last class~!
We’re performing them with safety in mind so please come and have fun🐌

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Countrywide Classes 600 6/27 Schedule)

21 Jun 2020 – 8:13 PM

Thank you for watching💿
I’m discovering new songs from the D4DJ cover songs, and it’s really fun finding out about different songs that way✨I’d be glad if it was the same for others too🌻

21 Jun 2020 – 6:51 PM

wo ai ni💗

Note: “I love you” in Chinese, lyrics from Merm4id’s ING (the song says “I love you” in 8 languages)

21 Jun 2020 – 6:22 PM

I get totally engrossed in Rondo’s songs

21 Jun 2020 – 6:07 PM

It’s started–!
Are you all ready to have fun?🌺

20 Jun 2020 – 8:16 PM

Thank you for watching D4DJ Sound Only Live Day1~!
So much happened🌼*・
I was happy about the response to Merm4id’s new cover song & original song☺️
The set list is different tomorrow so please look forward to it=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

20 Jun 2020 – 7:50 PM

Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this🎀
It’s! cute~!!

Note: she added “na no” to the end (no particular meaning). this is a reference to Takeshita Miiko from Lyrical Lily who does this with her sentences

Quoted Tweet (The Color of Tainted Sorrow by Lyrical Lily)

20 Jun 2020 – 7:18 PM

My body is moving on its own…💃🏻

20 Jun 2020 – 7:10 PM

A new original song!!
How was it?
It’s a song that’s really fun when performed live🕺🏻

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id’s new original song “4U”)

20 Jun 2020 – 6:50 PM

New cover song!!!
#Merm4id #D4DJSoundOnlyLiveDay1

Note: Merm4id covered “real Emotion” by Koda Kumi

20 Jun 2020 – 6:48 PM

Thank you for watching the pre live stream🕺🏻✨
Let’s enjoy Sound Only Live🥰
I took photos with all of HapiAra🤝


Note: Nishio Yuka, Kagami Karin, Mimura Haruka, Shizaki Kanon

20 Jun 2020 – 2:37 PM

I can’t wait for Sound Only Live & the live streamっっっっっ!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live & Happy Around! Meeting Live Stream w/ Hazuki Himari and Hirajima Natsumi as guests)

18 Jun 2020 – 12:06 AM

Good night ☪︎*。꙳

15 Jun 2020 – 6:37 PM

There’s a raffle to win acrylic boards for each unit~🎁✨
Follow and retweet @D4DJ_gm😉!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live Commemoration Campaign)

14 Jun 2020 – 6:57 PM

She’s certainly quite the unique character🧐
I like girls who dress like this🥰🥰
I’m really curious about what happened before she joined Merm4id too…!

Quoted Tweet (Matsuyama Dalia Illustrated Reference – TL)

13 Jun 2020 – 8:17 PM

Saori-chan is here!!!!!
So this is how Saori-chan normally dresses, how cute🥰✨
I don’t really like cilantro either so we match!🌿
I can see what she means about cilantro standing out…
I’m gonna become a floor killer together with Saori-chan! Let’s do our best🤝

Quoted Tweet (Hidaka Saori Illustrated Reference – TL)

12 Jun 2020 – 7:26 PM

Her casual clothes gives off a wonderful older sister vibe!🥰
I’m curious about how she met Dalia💭
I’d like to see her when she’s off relaxing too🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

Quoted Tweet (Mizushima Marika Illustrated Reference – TL)

11 Jun 2020 – 8:48 PM

It’s great how her casual wear gives off a different vibe🥰
And she’s childhood friends with Tsubaki-san!
I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s illustrated character reference👀✨

Quoted Tweet (Seto Rika’s Illustrated Reference – TL)

11 Jun 2020 – 8:29 AM

Good morning–!🌻

8 Jun 2020 – 9:20 AM

Good morning🌞

7 Jun 2020 – 12:20 AM

Good night ☪︎*。꙳

6 Jun 2020 – 12:03 AM

President Kidani! Happy birthday㊗️Have a wonderful year☺️✨


Note: it’s the 60th birthday of the president of Bushiroad, Kidani Takaaki

5 Jun 2020 – 10:55 PM

#D4DJSoundOnlyLive I’ll be appearing on the live stream just before Day1🤩🤩
Let’s have fun together!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live)

5 Jun 2020 – 10:39 PM

namaashi miwaku no mermaid

Note: “charmed by the bare-legged mermaids”
Lyrics from HOT LIMIT. Oyu said her favorite thing about DJing is coming up with connections, and last time she played a Merm4id song (ING) into HOT LIMIT with the connection being these lyrics

5 Jun 2020 – 10:26 PM

The amazing song selection is getting me excited🧠

5 Jun 2020 – 10:00 PM

Yay, it’s started😊

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ_DJTIME vol.2 w/ Nishio Yuka, a DJ live stream with songs from Bushiroad franchises)

4 Jun 2020 – 4:48 PM

It’s hot today~🌻
My freezer is prepared for the summer( ー̀֊ー́ )✧

3 Jun 2020 – 11:29 PM

Good nighttt😪

3 Jun 2020 – 8:58 PM

I opened 3 packs🕺🏻
That excitement the moment when you open them is the best, isn’t it✌︎︎✌︎︎

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth booster pack opening)

May 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ May 2020 Tweet Translations

June 2020 Tweet Translations

30 May 2020 – 7:19 AM

Good morning🌻

29 May 2020 – 10:59 PM

The transitions and set list were both amazing…!
I need to do my best at DJ practice so that I can join in too some day🤸🏻‍♀️ #D4DJ_DJTIME

Note: Himari is the DJ for Merm4id

29 May 2020 – 10:55 PM

Nationwide Classes 600 are restarting in June!!
I’m glad that I’ll get to go to lots of places and see all of you again🥳✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 Restarting in June)

29 May 2020 – 10:15 PM


Note: this is Merm4id’s song

29 May 2020 – 10:11 PM

It’s started! How fun~🕺🏻 #D4DJ_DJTIME

Note: a streamed D4DJ DJ performance by Takagi Miyu

28 May 2020 – 9:46 PM

I appeared as a guest on Nacchan’s SHOWROOM birthday stream💛
To think we’d be spending Nacchan’s birthday together…!😘
The important announcements were the opening of Nacchan’s fan club & a certain Merm4id photoshoot👏🏻✨
I’m gonna join the fan club right away=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )
Nacchan, happy birthday again🥳🎉

27 May 2020 – 8:17 PM

I’ll be appearing here💛
We’re gonna throw a huge celebration
on Nacchan’s birthday live stream~!!!!!


Quoted Tweet (Hirajima Natsumi Birthday Live Stream)

28 May 2020 – 7:59 PM

It’s starting–!!
Let’s celebrate Nacchan’s birthday together🥰

27 May 2020 – 5:15 PM

What a wonderful jacket!
Makes you want to get it as soon as possible, doesn’t it😘

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Cosmic CoaSTAR CD Jacket)

25 May 2020 – 4:43 PM

I received my fan letters✉
Your words of encouragement really touch my heart, thank you
I need to do my best to return the favor☺️🌱

24 May 2020 – 12:11 AM

Good night🌙

22 May 2020 – 6:33 AM

Good morning☁️☁️

21 May 2020 – 6:10 PM

I made plans to have an online call with my high school classmates and I’m excited👭🏻👭🏻
I’ve lost contact with some of them, so I’m glad I can take this opportunity to connect with them again☺️

20 May 2020 – 11:43 PM

I’m glad I could connect with all my seniors( *ˊᵕˋ)🤍

Note: #AceCrewChallenge

19 May 2020 – 3:10 AM (Okada Mei)

It’s my 24th birthday…🎂♡

Thanks so much
for all the greetings already…✨(´;;`)🌸

I’ll keep doing my very best, for every bit of love I receive
without forgetting who I am, to give back to each and every one of you…*゚

Thanks for your support…っ♡ˊᵕˋ

19 May 2020 – 11:09 PM

Meishan, happy birthday🎉
You’re fluffy yet tenacious and I love you🐑
Let’s continue to get along!!
I want to get together with Merm4id once things calm down🥰

20 May 2020 – 12:12 PM (Okada Mei)


You’re kind, gentle, and cute and I love you~っ💗ˊᵕˋ!!
Thanks for always making my stress melt away…っ\♡/

Likewise✨Let’s get along~っ🌸( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )
Let’s eat lots of food with everyone…♡︎ʾʾ

18 May 2020 – 8:56 PM

I’m thinking about where I’ll go and what I’ll eat when we can freely go outside again and I realized that I really do love things that feel distinctly Japanese🌸

15 May 2020 – 7:14 PM

I took on the
as a DJ💿
I’m glad I could join in my seniors’ wonderful performance🥰
Next, I’ll bring it back to Raychell-chan (@Lay0113) for now!

15 May 2020 – 7:20 PM (Miyakoda Kazushi)

DJ Himari! Good work!
It’s impressive with everyone gathered^ ^

Note: this is the president of Ace Crew

15 May 2020 – 7:23 PM

Thank you( *ˊᵕˋ)
I’m glad I could join in✨

15 May 2020 – 7:59 PM (Otsuka Sae)


16 May 2020 – 12:39 PM

Sae-san, thank you🥺✨💓

15 May 2020 – 8:01 PM (Raychell)

DJ, that’s amazing!!✨
Every time someone adds in their sound, I get even more excited😆⭐️

16 May 2020 – 1:02 AM

for you to call it amazing😭✨
Raychell-san’s voice really is the best!!!!!

15 May 2020 – 8:20 PM (mika)

Himari-chan DJs–❤
How cool–✨


15 May 2020 – 8:31 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Cute DJing🌻

16 May 2020 – 12:41 PM

I’m glad!!!! Thank you😭✨

16 May 2020 – 12:37 PM

mika-san, thank you✨
Your performance and smile are wonderful🥰

15 May 2020 – 9:49 PM (Negishi Ai)

Himari-chan has finally joined🥳It was such a wonderful concept and having the sound steadily build up was enjoyable, heartwarming, and uplifting! I want to do something that raises everyone’s spirits like this too☺️✨

16 May 2020 – 12:34 PM

Aipon, thanksss( *ˊᵕˋ)
I’d like to do something with Merm4id some day🌼

16 May 2020 – 12:39 PM (Negishi Ai)

I’d like that too–☺️💕🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

Note: they’re both in Merm4id from D4DJ

14 May 2020 – 2:58 PM

I appeared as a guest here🌻
I was working and didn’t get to listen…😢
To those who listened, how was it?

Quoted Tweet (R World Radio hosted by Raychell, Shizaki Kanon)

13 May 2020 – 9:22 PM

I received the
To be able to join in my seniors’ wonderful performance… I’m excited *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾

Quoted Tweet (#AceCrewChallenge with mika)

13 May 2020 – 10:56 PM (mika)

I wonder what Himari-chan will do!
My heart’s pounding!!!😊✨

9 May 2020 – 8:29 PM

Waaaah, what a wonderful project🥰

Quoted Tweet (#AceCrewChallenge by Raychell)

8 May 2020 – 6:37 PM

I end up eating to kill time🍙

5 May 2020 – 9:57 PM

Poppin’Party-san, great work!
Watching it gave me the energy to do my best again tomorrow!😊
Thank you✨

5 May 2020 – 9:02 PM

Listening to all these fun songs, songs that make you cry, and more, it was such feels…! #Popipa7thLiveCommentary

5 May 2020 – 7:13 PM

I love that feeling of euphoria before a live starts

Note: Jumpin’ Music♪ Screening Party

4 May 2020 – 10:51 PM

Roselia-san, good work!
I remembered when I watched the live and I felt somehow satisfied✨
I want to go see another Roselia live🌹


4 May 2020 – 10:02 PM

Encore! #7thRoseliaLiveCommentary

4 May 2020 – 9:04 PM

#1 Trending! Congratulations🎊
I love Roselia’s worldview🌹


Note: Roselia「Hitze」live stream with commentary by Roselia

1 May 2020 – 7:48 AM

It’s May!!👧🏻

April 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ April 2020 Tweet Translations

May 2020 Tweet Translations

26 Apr 2020 – 11:11 PM

I look forward to working with you🌸

Quoted Tweet (Lyrical Lily Cast Comments)

26 Apr 2020 – 11:08 PM

「D4DJ First Mix」
👀I’m looking forward to the broadcast~!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix)

26 Apr 2020 – 3:54 PM

#VOICEChannel VOL.11 is on sale✨
Please be sure to check it out🕊



24 Apr 2020 – 6:50 PM (Yache)

Today is my birthday!!
I turned 25~🎂🎉
I met lots of people at 24,
and owe so much to many of them!
The D4DJ anime and game are coming in the fall, so I’ll do my very best this year😎

Note: Yache is the character designer and illustrator for D4DJ

24 Apr 2020 – 8:50 PM

Yache-sensei! Happy birthday🎉
I love your drawings of Hidaka Saori-chan, and I’m so happy to have met her✨✨
I look forward to working with you in the future🥰
Have a wonderful year!🕊

24 Apr 2020 – 9:03 PM (Yache)

Himari-san, thank you😊⭐️✨
Thank you so much for always showing us wonderful performances on stage!🌺
It was so hype when you held that megaphone!! You and Saori are both modest and hard-workin
g😊I look forward to working with you in the future🙇‍♀️

Note: megaphone in ING

20 Apr 2020 – 11:26 PM

Good night🐏💤

18 Apr 2020 – 3:25 PM

How are you spending your time at home?🏡

17 Apr 2020 – 7:46 AM

Good morning🐓

13 Apr 2020 – 10:48 PM

My dad and mom both bought cream puffs so the fridge is full of cream puffs🤯

11 Apr 2020 – 1:45 PM

Recording on Discord was really novel!
please watch *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾

Note: the next Rebanama was prerecorded on Discord and will premiere on YouTube

Quoted Tweet (Rebanama #09)

10 Apr 2020 – 7:17 AM

Good morning🕊

6 Apr 2020 – 11:17 PM

Good night🥱🥱🥱

4 Apr 2020 – 8:19 PM

[School] Uniform Challenge Fail

Note: she’s actually 22

Video: How old do you look?

4 Apr 2020 – 7:50 PM

Rebanama Thank you for watching *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾
It was three of us from PanHS! How was it?
I want to build my own deck and battle someday💥

Note: Mimura Haruka, Tono Hikaru
PanHS = Saint Panda Girls Academy from Rebirth

3 Apr 2020 – 11:39 PM

Good night *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾

3 Apr 2020 – 6:42 PM

Please be sure to watch!🌸

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Live Stream「#Rebanama」#8 w/ Tono Hikaru, Mimura Haruka, Hazuki Himari)

2 Apr 2020 – 7:12 PM

The guide track for Mermaid’s new song was sung for us by RAYCHELL-san (@Lay0113)🥳🥳Thank you!
I’m so happy because RAYCHELL-san always kindly calls out to me and I love her voice😭✨

March 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ March 2020 Tweet Translations

April 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Mar 2020 – 3:45 PM

In regards to「D4DJ 4th LIVE」scheduled to be held on 4/26-27
Right now, your health and our health come first!
I hope we’ll be able to perform live for you soon
These are tough times, but let’s overcome it together!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 4th LIVE Postponement)

29 Mar 2020 – 10:05 AM


28 Mar 2020 – 9:10 AM

Good morning🥱

28 Mar 2020 – 12:02 AM

Thank you!📣
There were so many people watching, it was the be&st!!🥰
There’s been lots of gloomy news, but I hope we brightened your days even a little bit
Please continue to support #D4DJ and #Merm4id!

27 Mar 2020 – 7:36 PM

20:00~ Please be sure to watch!📣


Quoted Tweet (Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

27 Mar 2020 – 7:21 PM (Negishi Ai)

New Horizons local wireless with Meishan and Himari-chan in our free time🎮💕
Himari-chan’s room had a DJ table so we took a picture of everyone with their [D4DJ] characters’ hair📸💕
And Nacchan taking a nap is cute🧜‍♀️

Note: Okada Mei, Hazuki Himari, Hirajima Natsumi
Himari is the DJ for Merm4id
all three members are in their actual stage positions, and Hirajima Natsumi would be in the middle

27 Mar 2020 – 5:18 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Aipon @negishiai playing Gurumiku on expert with Himari @Hazuki_himari and Meishan @okada_mei0519 blankly😯staring like “what is happening?”😂
#D4DJ #Gurumiku @D4DJ_pj @D4DJ_gm

27 Mar 2020 – 6:52 PM

I was surprised by how amazing Aipon was😯

Note: Negishi Ai

27 Mar 2020 – 3:22 PM


Note: Okada Mei, her fellow Merm4id member

26 Mar 2020 – 7:46 PM

【Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE】is tomorrow at 20:00📢D4DJ’s first live without a seated audience! My nerves and excitement have me restless🙃It’s free for anyone to watch! Please be sure to check it out*ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾
Here’s the stream!
#D4DJ #LostDecGurumikuFreeLive

24 Mar 2020 – 7:48 AM

Good morning( ˊᵕˋ )

21 Mar 2020 – 7:35 PM

#Rebanama Thank you☺︎
The first Venus live stream in a while👸🏻
There was lots of content~!
How was it??
Please continue to support #Rebirth💜

20 Mar 2020 – 8:43 PM

Tomorrow at 18:00~ #Rebanama stream😊

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth live stream w/ Venus – Otsuka Sae, Mimura Haruka, Hazuki Himari)

19 Mar 2020 – 2:17 PM

On sale today!
Please be sure to get them and play!🤡

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Trial Deck Release)

18 Mar 2020 – 7:21 AM

Good morning!
I’m continuing my school assignment today👩🏻‍🎓

15 Mar 2020 – 9:18 AM

Good morning🕊

13 Mar 2020 – 9:51 PM

I had Merm4id rehearsal and DJ lessons today🧜🏻‍♀️
It feels like a long time since I’ve seen Merm4id!
Nacchan had other business😖
I’m looking forward to the 27th(˶ ̇ ̵ ̇˶ )

Note: Hazuki Himari, Negishi Ai, Okada Mei

12 Mar 2020 – 11:05 PM

I’ve been farming lately🐮🌱
I need go get my nails done since they’re getting long~

Note: the game is Story of Seasons

11 Mar 2020 – 11:11 PM

Good night☾︎

8 Mar 2020 – 9:51 PM

Saki-san has finally [appeared] on #Rebasu っっっ

Note: Kotobuki Saki is the character that she voices

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu EP10)

7 Mar 2020 – 4:33 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」is on 3/27(Fri)!!
19 people in all! All the Merm4id members will be there🧜🏻‍♀️
Look forward to it( *ˊᵕˋ)✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

7 Mar 2020 – 4:32 PM

This goes away today🐝

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id’s cover of HONEY on YouTube)

5 Mar 2020 – 7:51 PM

『VOICE Channel vol.11』
I’ll be on it🌻
Please check it out *ᴗˬᴗ)⁾⁾⁾

Quoted Tweet (VOICE Channel vol.11)

5 Mar 2020 – 7:01 PM

I had a RECORDING today~!
I always forget to take a picture😥
Here’s me waiting for the RECORDING📷

2 Mar 2020 – 7:31 PM

Went out for the first time in a while☂

February 2020 Tweet Translations

Nishio Yuka, Hazuki Himari, Kagami Karin ~ D4DJ 4th LIVE Flowers

Nishio Yuka • Hazuki Himari • Kagami Karin
~ D4 FES Flower Stand ~

~ Contribute here! ~

This blog post will compile all the progress for the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew D4DJ 4th Live Flower Stand! All updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #OyuHimaringoKagamin4thFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet


~ Contribute here! ~

Illustrators: @Witera, @aka_aha15
Message Board: @aka_aha15

Hazuki Himari and Kagami Karin were recently added to the roster for 4th LIVE, so we’re now able to send them another flower stand!

All the D4DJ units unveiled their new stage costumes at D4 FES, and we’ll be using these costumes for the illustrations. We’ll also be putting headshot illustrations on the message board this time as a reference to their newly released Dig Delight! single.

We’ll be brainstorming more ideas for references to sneak into the illustrations, but for starters!
Nishio Yuka: Karaage-kun Red
Hazuki Himari: Her New Camera, ING Megaphone
Kagami Karin: Cute Drinks

To be continued…


Hazuki Himari ~ February 2020 Tweet Translations

March 2020 Tweet Translations

28 Feb 2020 – 7:02 AM

Good morning!🕊

26 Feb 2020 – 9:10 PM

I wonder if it’s better to use thumbs or index fingers for rhythm games😕

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix D4U Special Live Stream)

24 Feb 2020 – 7:31 PM

From when I ate mame mochi🕊

Note: sweet rice cake filled with beans

22 Feb 2020 – 8:46 PM

I finished my morning business and decided to take a nap, but when I woke up it was already evening😳

20 Feb 2020 – 1:56 PM

This is how I did on HARD!
I can’t really clear EXPERT, so I’m gonna grind it~

20 Feb 2020 – 3:13 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

It’s amazing that you can get all the way through Hard😳💕

20 Feb 2020 – 4:26 PM


20 Feb 2020 – 1:16 PM

Cute, I’m so happy to see them moving around!!!
I’ve only tried the game’s tutorial so far, so I’m going to play Merm4id’s Floor Killer now💃🏻

#D4DJ #Gurumiku

18 Feb 2020 – 8:53 PM

Finally, on 2/20, the day after tomorrow,
the early access version of the「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」app
will be released✨
I’m looking forward to it =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition 2/20 Release)

17 Feb 2020 – 8:21 AM

Good morning💎

16 Feb 2020 – 5:49 PM

@Hobby Zone Kabecho Store
@CARD BOX Hiroshima Store
Thank you to everyone for coming in this poor weather🍁
I won one and lost one today🙃
I’d like to come to Hiroshima again🦌🍁
Next up is Kumamoto & Kagoshima next week, 21st~23rd!

16 Feb 2020 – 9:41 AM

Good morning!
I have my bangs tightly held by hairspray but… I don’t feel like they can win against the rain and mask😷💧

15 Feb 2020 – 6:54 PM

@Minus Zero
@LEPTON Card Itsukaichi Store
Thank you to everyone who participated🍋
I lost my match vs staff yesterday, so I’m glad I was able to win 2 matches today🥳🥳
Tomorrow is my last day in Hiroshima!!

15 Feb 2020 – 9:32 AM

Good morning☁️

14 Feb 2020 – 10:47 PM

Over 150k pre-registrations!! Amazing!!!!!✨✨✨
Thank you to everyone who signed up☺️🤍
I want to hurry and play~!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 150k Pre-Registrations)

14 Feb 2020 – 8:50 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @Card labo Hiroshima Store
Thank you!!
I hope Rebirth can reach lots of people🥰
The second photo is a deer from my recent trip to Hiroshima
I have classes in Hiroshima again tomorrow! Hope to see you there🦌

14 Feb 2020 – 8:47 AM (Negishi Ai)

Designed Cookies 2020🍪
I made Merm4id🥰
Dalia-chan’s hair got a little browned so it ended up like gradient hair🤣
I’m posting lots [of photos] on Instagram🥺

14 Feb 2020 – 11:08 AM (Momono Haruna)

Cute–💓and well done💓💓That’s love😇

14 Feb 2020 – 11:35 AM (Negishi Ai)

H-happy😂💕You flatter me🙇‍♀️✨🥺

14 Feb 2020 – 11:11 AM (Otsuka Sae)

Aipon-chan, amazing!! So talented😳😳

14 Feb 2020 – 11:37 AM (Negishi Ai)

All of my feminine ability went into cookie making🤣😂This is actually all I’ve got! I’m glad to hear that🥰

Note: joshiryoku is a highly loaded term but it basically boils down to “ability to be appealing to men”

14 Feb 2020 – 11:29 AM (Okada Mei)

It’s Merm4iddd🥰✨✨That’s our Ai-chan…っ(´ᵕ`)♡!!

14 Feb 2020 – 11:38 AM (Negishi Ai)

Thanks🥰I felt bad for eating them since they’re our faces😭🤣

14 Feb 2020 – 3:34 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

These would indeed be hard to eat😂
Aipon is skilled👏💕

14 Feb 2020 – 3:45 PM (Negishi Ai)

But I enjoyed eating them😎

14 Feb 2020 – 12:22 PM

Waaaah, amazing!! Cute!!😳🤍

14 Feb 2020 – 1:21 PM (Negishi Ai)

Thanks–! I feel like Saori-chan came out the best🥰

Note: Saori is Himari’s character

13 Feb 2020 – 11:43 PM

I’ll be here tomorrow!
It’s Valentine’s Day🍫

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 2/14 Schedule)

13 Feb 2020 – 4:37 PM

It’s warm today☺️

11 Feb 2020 – 7:46 AM

Good morning☀︎

10 Feb 2020 – 8:35 PM

I finally bought it
I’ll take good care this🤍📷

9 Feb 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night🥱

7 Feb 2020 – 11:04 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
The disk skin currently being kept is this character design!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

7 Feb 2020 – 11:04 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

6 Feb 2020 – 8:22 AM

Good morning☀️

6 Feb 2020 – 12:25 AM

D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」is 9th place on Oricon Weekly!
Amazing. Thank you all so much😊💛
The picture is「M」for「Merm4id」Ⓜ️

5 Feb 2020 – 7:45 PM

50k people reached, thank you✨
Please be sure to use the Twitter icons( *ˊᵕˋ)

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 50k Pre-Registration Reward Merm4id Twitter Icons)

4 Feb 2020 – 1:11 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

3 Feb 2020 – 8:50 PM

Thank you for participating even though it’s a weekday!
I’ve won all my matches vs staff except for one in Kagawa Prefecture🦾
My next class is on the 14th in Hiroshima! It’s Valentine’s Day🍫

3 Feb 2020 – 1:55 PM

100k?!?! Wahh amazing🙄✨
Thank you to all the Tigglers!
Please register if you haven’t already=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Note: she misspelled Digglers

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 100k Pre-Registrations)

2 Feb 2020 – 5:39 PM

It looks soooo fun…!
I’m training my fingers while I can🤫

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Gameplay)

2 Feb 2020 – 5:36 PM

I’m putting my February #RebirthNationwideClasses600 schedule here!
Please come if you’d like🦌

2 Feb 2020 – 5:24 PM

@Card Shop Sakura
Thank you for participating!
Second time in Ibaraki Prefecture! My hometown!
Next up tomorrow at 19:00~classes in Tokyo🤝
Don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home👩🏻‍⚕️

2 Feb 2020 – 1:47 AM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

1 Feb 2020 – 11:24 PM

『Dig Delight』is 3rd place on Oricon Daily✨
Amazing! Amazing!
Thank you all so much💛

Linked Page (Oricon Daily Ranking for 1/31)

1 Feb 2020 – 10:43 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses600 in Ibaraki!
I’ll be participating with a mask on😷
Hope to see you there–!

Note: attendees are required to wear a mask due to the coronavirus outbreak

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 2/2 Schedule)

2 Feb 2020 – 9:44 AM

Good morning~!
Let’s make it a good day✊🏻

1 Feb 2020 – 10:00 PM

I went to see #Roselia‘s SOLO LIVE「Rausch」
The intensity in the venue was amazing
Roselia’s songs and performance need no words, and I love their wonderful portrayal!
It was an amazing live!!
Thank you🌹

Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei (Merm4id)

1 Feb 2020 – 8:13 PM (Miyakoda Kazushi)

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

Note: Miyakoda is the president of Ace Crew (Himari’s agency) and music producer for Merm4id

1 Feb 2020 – 9:19 PM


1 Feb 2020 – 12:44 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒d4djcampaign.bushimo.jp

1 Feb 2020 – 12:11 PM

Pictures from yesterday!
Chinharu-san, my senpai in my agency. Nishio-san and Kagami-san, the Joint Audition Crew🤩
Thank you( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: Mimura Haruka, Nishio Yuka, Kagami Karin

1 Feb 2020 – 12:03 PM


Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi

January 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ January 2020 Tweet Translations

February 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Jan 2020 – 11:07 PM

「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure」
Everyone who came to the venue and supported us at live viewings,
Thank you!
Today was filled with lots of announcements and new costumes
It was a wonderful day. I don’t want it to end😌
Please continue to support #D4DJ and #Merm4id!!!

1 Feb 2020 – 11:52 AM

Thank you for the flowers, presents, and letters💛

31 Jan 2020 – 12:36 PM

At laaaaast, today is D4 FES.–!!
Nervous! And excited!!!
Hope to see you at the venue🤗

30 Jan 2020 – 10:09 PM

Tomorrow is「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-」! I’m already mentally rehearsing for tomorrow.
Are you ready for tomorrow?
Anyways, Merm4id has lots of jumping and movement during lives so please be well-prepared to move around💁🏻‍♀️

#D4DJ #Merm4id

30 Jan 2020 – 9:54 PM

Daily 7th place?!?!
The ranking is going up😳😳😳

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! 7th place on the Oricon Daily Ranking)

29 Jan 2020 – 8:54 PM

Wow, D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」
is 8th in the Oricon Daily [Ranking]!!🎉
A CD with my voice on it…amazing…so happy…!
Please be sure to buy it and check it out( *ˊᵕˋ)


29 Jan 2020 – 3:20 PM

On sale today✨
Have you gotten it yet?
Please listen to it lots =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」Release)

29 Jan 2020 – 10:13 AM (Raychell)

My coworkers threw a party for me yesterday and lots of people who look after me came over.
I’m really happy😭✨
I’ll do my best in 2020 in my own way✨
Pictured are the girls who came💕
Thank you!!!

Note: Otsuka Sae, mika, Kudo Haruka, Natsume, Raychell, Shizaki Kanon, Aiba Aina (HiBiKi), Hazuki Himari, Kurachi Reo (S inc.), Okada Mei (Lush Entertainment), Mimura Haruka
Everyone is from Ace Crew unless otherwise stated.

29 Jan 2020 – 2:38 PM

Once again, happy birthday🎉
I hope you have a wonderful year( *ˊᵕˋ)

28 Jan 2020 – 3:56 PM

Today is flying get day for D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」💿
I hope lots of people will listen to it( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: furage/flying get = retailers selling the CD a day before official release

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」)

26 Jan 2020 – 8:11 PM

@Torecafe Ikkokukan
@Yellow Submarine PLAYSOFT Miyahara Store
Thank you for coming out in the cold!🤧
I hope no one catches a cold…🙏🏻
I’ll be in Ibaraki Prefecture next on 2/2(ˊᵕˋ )
The picture is white mocha with nonfat milk🍼

26 Jan 2020 – 12:42 PM

It’s cold🥶

25 Jan 2020 – 10:35 PM

Tomorrow’s #RebirthNationwideClasses600 are here!
I’m going to Saitama Prefecture🤝

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/26 Schedule)

25 Jan 2020 – 6:45 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Before the live, Merm4id attached stickers to the megaphone Himari @Hazuki_himari holds during「ING」📣💕
We took a time lapse!
The designers made these cute stickers for the megaphone😘
Did you notice–??
#D4DJ #Merm4id @D4DJ_pj

25 Jan 2020 – 6:54 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Twitter dropping the video quality hurts
Maybe Instagram would be good?

25 Jan 2020 – 11:34 PM

Here’s the megaphone that’s cute now📣

25 Jan 2020 – 6:00 PM

”TOKYO MIX JUICE”~Super Fusion Music Fes~ Thank you🥰!
I was nervous about doing my first live in a while but it was fun!

#D4DJ #Merm4id

25 Jan 2020 – 9:54 AM

Good morning🧜🏻‍♀️✨

24 Jan 2020 – 10:58 PM

It’s finally tomorrow!
Let’s have a great time together🧜🏻‍♀️💋
I’m looking forward to it☺︎

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id at TOKYO MIX JUICE)

23 Jan 2020 – 4:01 PM

We had D4 FES rehearsal🧜🏻‍♀️!
Just a bit more until the big day…😮✨
I’m imagining how the day will go and getting excited
I want you to see it soon!
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

22 Jan 2020 – 6:23 PM

Posting a photo that I missed the chance to share🍁
This age-momiji was delicious~

Note: a fried, leaf-shaped sponge-caked filled with red bean paste

21 Jan 2020 – 8:56 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ BOOK ACE Shintoride Store
Thank you✨
This was the first class in my hometown(◜▿◝ )/
All the attendees got on well and it was fun!🥳
My next class is on the 26th in Saitama Prefecture!

21 Jan 2020 – 4:03 PM

It’s been posted🥳
Please be sure to listen!💫
I’ll be waiting for your impressions(_ _)✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth RADIO #16)

20 Jan 2020 – 11:09 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses!
19:00~at BOOK ACE Shintoride💁🏻‍♀️
Hope to see you there☺︎
Good night😪

20 Jan 2020 – 8:18 PM

Our unit photos have been revealed~🧜🏻‍♀️💗
The costumes were reproduced so accurately…!
What do you think?

Quoted Tweet (D4 Fes – Merm4id Costumes)

19 Jan 2020 – 4:29 PM

@Cardkingdom Takamatsu Store
Thank you🙏🏻✨
It was my first time in Shikoku, but everyone gave me a warm welcome and the food was delicious so I hope I can come again💭
I’m disappointed that I didn’t win all the matches vs staff…!!!
Next is the 21st at 19:00~BOOK ACE Shintoride in Ibaraki Prefecture💁🏻‍♀️

19 Jan 2020 – 10:08 AM

Good morning🌞
First up at 11:00 today~#RebirthNationwideClasses600 at Cardkingdom Takamatsu Store!
Hope to see you there😃✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/19 Schedule)

18 Jan 2020 – 6:31 PM

@Hobby Shop Neo Kokufu Store
@Rebook Tokushima Ekimae Store
@Nankai Books
Thank you🙏🏻✨
I won all four matches against the staff in Tokushima yesterday and today so I’m satisfied🥳
I’m headed to Kagawa prefecture tomorrow~!

18 Jan 2020 – 9:50 AM

Good morning🌞
I’ll be participating in #RebirthNationwideClasses600 all day today!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/18 Schedule)

17 Jan 2020 – 9:46 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @Cardkingdom Tokushima Store
Thank you🙌🏻✨
My first time in the Shikoku region! I’m glad I could come here☺️
I also have classes in Tokushima tomorrow!
Be sure to come by🤝
The picture is Tokushima Ramen! It’s demonic~

17 Jan 2020 – 3:18 PM

We had Merm4id rehearsal🧜🏻‍♀️
I went in my Merm4id T-shirt!
It’s so amazing that I can get a close look at these three singing and dancing in front😤💞

Note: Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

17 Jan 2020 – 5:43 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

What the
You’re such an angel
Take care in Tokushima!!

Note: Himarin went to Tokushima for Rebirth classes

16 Jan 2020 – 11:13 PM

Tomorrow at 19:00~#RebirthNationwideClasses600 in Tokushima!!
It’s my first time in the Shikoku region😮✨
Be sure to come by🙌🏻

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/17 Schedule)

16 Jan 2020 – 6:14 PM

I went to Hiroshima yesterday and today🦌

14 Jan 2020 – 7:29 PM

This has been uploaded!
Please be sure to listen( *ˊᵕˋ)
I look forward to hearing your thoughts🙋🏻‍♀️

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Radio #15, hosted by Tokui Sora and Sasaki Mikoi)

14 Jan 2020 – 7:27 PM

I had Merm4id rehearsal today~!
We took this photo after rehearsal🤳🏻
I’m even more excited about 1/25 and 1/31 now🥳✨
Also, I get sleepy after moving around😪
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

14 Jan 2020 – 7:52 PM (Negishi Ai)

I know what you mean! I’m sorta sleepy the whole time too!😴🤣

14 Jan 2020 – 8:00 PM

I thought so!!! Nacchan and Meishan definitely get sleepy around this time😃!

Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei

14 Jan 2020 – 8:13 PM (Okada Mei)

(●´▽`●)*dozes off*…🌸

13 Jan 2020 – 9:46 PM

Thank you to everyone who came!
The pre-order [handshake] sessions and match sessions were really fun✨
I won two matches and lost one, which feels passable…😀
I want to play more matches!💥
I took photos with Sae-san, Koyama-san, and Narumi-san( ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )♡

Note: Otsuka Sae, Koyama Momoyo, Narumi Runa

13 Jan 2020 – 3:42 PM

Today is #NewYearsRebirthFes!!
My pre-order [handshake] sessions are at 17:00~, 19:00~, 21:00~
My match session is at 18:00~🤝
Let’s enjoy Rebirth together at Toreca no Doukutsu CARD WORLD TOWER AKIBA Store🥳

13 Jan 2020 – 12:18 PM

Today is Coming of Age Day!!
Congratulations to all the new adults㊗️

12 Jan 2020 – 7:29 PM

@Dragon Star Kyoto Shinkyogoku Store
@Card labo Avanti Kyoto Store
Thank you☺️🍵
I try to make the classes easy to understand even for newcomers💭
The streets of Kyoto were beautiful~!
Tomorrow is the New Year’s Rebirth Fes!!!!!
Let’s have fun! Hope to see you there🙌🏻

12 Jan 2020 – 10:23 AM

Good morning☁️
I’m here today!
Hope to see you there ( ˊᵕˋ )♡

11 Jan 2020 – 9:48 PM

I’m headed to Kyoto tomorrow for #RebirthNationwideClasses600🍵

8 Jan 2020 – 8:16 PM

Here’s the timetable for 1/25💁🏻‍♀️
It’s at 14:00~looking forward to it🥳💗
Merm4id’s first go in 2020
Let’s have a blast together✊🏻!

Quoted Tweet (TOKYO MIX JUICE Timetable)

7 Jan 2020 – 9:38 AM

Sorry, my guest episode isn’t today’s broadcast…!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth RADIO w/ Hazuki Himari)

5 Jan 2020 – 10:38 PM

#Rebasu Pre-Broadcast! Presentation】
Thank you🎍✨
There was new information and tons of content☺️
The anime also started today!
I’m looking forward to Saki-chan’s appearance~🐼💗
I hope you’ll continue to support Rebirth!!

5 Jan 2020 – 1:33 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ Yellow Submarine Yokohama MOVIL Store
Thank you💫
My first class of the new year!
I won against the staff so I have a good feeling about this year🙌🏻
20:00~ 【#Rebirth Pre-Broadcast! Presentation】
21:04~ Anime Broadcast
Today is filled with Rebirth💜!

5 Jan 2020 – 8:54 AM

Good morning🌞
First up today at 11:00~ #RebirthNationwideClasses600!
I’m heading to Yokohama~☺︎

1 Jan 2020 – 5:35 PM

Happy New Year🐁
I hope you’ll continue to support me in 2020
Let’s make it a fun year🥳🥳

1 Jan 2020 – 12:22 AM


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