Kagami Karin ~ April 2020 Tweet Translations

4 Apr 2020 – 7:10 AM

Good morning☀

2 Apr 2020 – 5:27 PM (Mimura Haruka)

We had lessons for HapiAra~♪
It was me and Kagamin today🥰

I moved around so much that I drank a whole
500ml of water~~😭!!!
I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow😍!!
I love dancing! It was fun~😆✨

Kagamin and I took pictures with matching poses✌︎
Good work––♪

2 Apr 2020 – 6:18 PM

I was happy to make a heart together with Chinharu-san!!☺️💕
Even I don’t know what kind of facial expression I was supposed to be making in the 4th picture…🤔😂

2 Apr 2020 – 8:50 AM

Good morning✨

1 Apr 2020 – 12:06 PM

With Chinharu at the previous live!📸✨
We took a photo with a matching pose!
I want to take a picture with everyone in HapiAra doing the same pose next time–!😆💫

Note: Mimura Haruka

March 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ March 2020 Tweet Translations

April 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Mar 2020 – 8:23 AM

Good morning–!!

30 Mar 2020 – 6:56 PM

I’ll be making an appearance here–!
We will be broadcasting with all four members of HapiAra this time✨
I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of conversations we will have!!😆💫
We are also accepting letters, so please be sure to send them💌
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Chou! A&G+Special  Kimi wa “HapiAra” wo Shiteiru ka? ~1st Album Release Celebration Special)

29 Mar 2020 – 10:05 AM

Good morning!!
It’s cold today…😖❄️

28 Mar 2020 – 11:53 PM

Good night~😴

27 Mar 2020 – 11:30 PM

「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」

We still got lots of support from everyone, even without an audience. It was a suuper fun LIVE☺️✨
I was really happy that so many people were watching! Thank you!!😭💫
#LostDecade #D4DJ
#Gurumiku #HapiAra

27 Mar 2020 – 6:56 PM

It’s finally today at 20:00!!
I hope you’ll have a great time with us in front of your screens!!😆✨
#LostDecade #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

26 Mar 2020 – 5:24 PM

【Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE】will be livestreamed tomorrow at 20:00!!

D4DJ’s first live without a seated audience! I’m really looking forward to it😆🎧
It will be streamed for free, so please be sure to check it out☺️✨

Here is the stream!
#D4DJ #LostDecGurumikuFreeLive

25 Mar 2020 – 4:11 PM

A double follow and RT campaign is currently being held to celebrate 400k pre-registrations for Gurumiku & the audience-less live being held–!!
There are two prizes, how extravagant…!✨Please be sure to participate!😊✨

Quoted Tweet (Gurumiku & Lost Decade Double Follow/RT Campaign)

24 Mar 2020 – 8:12 AM

Good morning✨

23 Mar 2020 – 7:39 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」has been updated✨
HapiAra had its original song「Direct Drive!」added!!😆🎵
I’m going to start playing now and aim to full combo the added songs–!💪✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition Ver1.1.0 Update)

23 Mar 2020 – 2:10 PM

It’s cold today😖🍃

22 Mar 2020 – 12:03 AM

Good night☺️✨

21 Mar 2020 – 8:17 AM

Good morning–!!

20 Mar 2020 – 12:44 AM (Mimura Haruka)

I had rehearsal today~♪
「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」on the 27th
I’m really excited✨
Will you be watching~?🥰💻

After rehearsal
I went to a cafe with Kagamin🍓
Cute Kagamin♪🥰
It was so relaxing~❤︎

20 Mar 2020 – 12:54 PM

I went to a cafe with Chinharu-san after rehearsal yesterday–!
We talked a lot and it was really fun🍓
Thank you😭💕

Next week is finally「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」!!
My first audience-less live! I’m really excited! I’d be happy if you watched the stream!!😆🎧

Note: Mimura Haruka

19 Mar 2020 – 7:43 AM

Good morning😆✨

17 Mar 2020 – 10:22 AM

Good morning!!🌞

17 Mar 2020 – 12:22 AM

The wind was cold again today😖🍃
It’s been cold again lately, so I’m going to warm up and sleep–!!
Good night!✨

16 Mar 2020 – 8:40 AM

Good morning☀️

14 Mar 2020 – 8:23 AM

Good morning😊✨

13 Mar 2020 – 12:09 AM

Good night~😴

12 Mar 2020 – 8:29 PM

I drank pink tapioca🌸
I look so happy holding my tapioca in this picture😌
Picture of me being so happy while holding pink tapioca drink 🍹🙋‍♂️

Note: The last part was written in English.

13 Mar 2020 – 11:47 AM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Smiling Kagamin☺️
How cute~~💕

13 Mar 2020 – 3:54 PM

Sakuragawa-san…! Thank you😭✨
It was so delicious, I had a smile on my face the whole time I was drinking it!😊

11 Mar 2020 – 11:13 PM

I’m happy that it was warm the whole day today✨
The days where I can go out without a coat may be near…!!😆
Well then, good night–!

10 Mar 2020 – 7:53 AM

Good morning–!

9 Mar 2020 – 1:02 PM

I’m glad that it’s warm today☺️✨

8 Mar 2020 – 9:14 AM

Good morning!✨

6 Mar 2020 – 2:21 PM

I got Sakura Frappuccino for the second time–!🌸
It was topped with candy and sweet and delicious😋

6 Mar 2020 – 7:39 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

It looks good🌸

6 Mar 2020 – 8:06 PM

It was really delicious–!🌸✨
I would love to get tea with you next time…!🍵

6 Mar 2020 – 5:46 PM

The title of the #D4DJ audience-less live will be「D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」!😆🎧

Also! The additional performing cast has been announced✨✨
The live is looking even livelier and I’m really excited!🎉

I’d be happy if you had a great time with us in front of your screens on 3/27–!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

5 Mar 2020 – 6:12 AM

Good morning!☀
I slept soundly yesterday, so I woke up really early today😆✨

3 Mar 2020 – 9:28 AM

Good morning!!

2 Mar 2020 – 11:07 PM

The Sakura Frappuccino that I had a little while ago🌸
The sakura design is so cute every year and it makes me feel relaxed😭✨

Good night–!🌙

2 Mar 2020 – 12:34 AM

Good night😴

1 Mar 2020 – 6:33 AM

Good morning!☀️
I woke up early for the first time in a while–!😆✨

February 2020 Tweet Translations

Nishio Yuuka, Hazuki Himari, Kagami Karin ~ D4DJ 4th LIVE Flowers

Nishio Yuuka • Hazuki Himari • Kagami Karin
~ D4 FES Flower Stand ~

~ Contribute here! ~

This blog post will compile all the progress for the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew D4DJ 4th Live Flower Stand! All updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #OyuHimaringoKagamin4thFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet


~ Contribute here! ~

Illustrators: @Witera, @aka_aha15
Message Board: @aka_aha15

Hazuki Himari and Kagami Karin were recently added to the roster for 4th LIVE, so we’re now able to send them another flower stand!

All the D4DJ units unveiled their new stage costumes at D4 FES, and we’ll be using these costumes for the illustrations. We’ll also be putting headshot illustrations on the message board this time as a reference to their newly released Dig Delight! single.

We’ll be brainstorming more ideas for references to sneak into the illustrations, but for starters!
Nishio Yuuka: Karaage-kun Red
Hazuki Himari: Her New Camera, ING Megaphone
Kagami Karin: Cute Drinks

To be continued…


Happy Around! 1st LIVE Backstage Flowers

Nishio Yuuka • Kagami Karin • Mimura Haruka • Shizaki Kanon

~ Contribute here! ~

This blog post will compile all the progress for the Happy Around! 1st LIVE Backstage Flowers!
Updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #HapiAra1stFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet

~ Contribute here! ~

Illustrator: @nackoyo

Happy Around! 1st LIVE was announced at D4DJ D4 FES! The event will take place on 6/20 at Shimokitazawa GARDEN, the live house which served as the birthplace for Poppin’Party, RAISE A SUILEN, and Argonavis (tbd)!

Although the venue is too small to send a full size flower stand, we’d still like show our support for the seiyuu with backstage flowers! Here is an example of backstage flowers done by our florist for Kato Rihona and Otsuka Sae from Rondo!

These are often sent by individuals or small groups of people, but I’d like everyone to be able to chip in at least a small amount to show their support! We cannot fit a large number of names on the message card, so we will be addressing the flowers from overseas Digglers instead!

To be continued…


Kagami Karin ~ February 2020 Tweet Translations

March 2020 Tweet Translations

28 Feb 2020 – 9:02 AM

Good morning!😆✨

27 Feb 2020 – 8:16 PM

I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt lately!
It has a polar bear on it!!!!🧸❄️
The fabric is fluffy and it’s one of my favorites☺️✨

27 Feb 2020 – 9:09 AM

Good morning–!✨

26 Feb 2020 – 10:26 AM

Good morning~!☀️

26 Feb 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night✨😴

24 Feb 2020 – 3:59 PM

It was warm today✨

23 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM

Good night⭐

22 Feb 2020 – 7:42 PM

I had tea with shizuka-san the other day☕️
shizuka-san and I both like drawing, so we drew cats together–!
The cat that I drew is pictured🐱
Drawing together was really fun😆✨

22 Feb 2020 – 6:19 PM (shizuka)

Today is cat day, so I’m posting a picture of the cat that Kagamin and I drew together when we got tea the other day( ˘ω˘ )🐈

22 Feb 2020 – 6:20 PM (shizuka)

Here’s the cat
that I drew✨

21 Feb 2020 – 8:59 PM

D4DJ Special Live will be livestreamed without a seated audience!!💫
The other units and not just HapiAra will be performing. It’s going to be a lively and fun show so I’m excited😊✨
I’m nervous about this new trial, but I hope to have a great time with everyone!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Special Live)

21 Feb 2020 – 10:15 AM

Good morning–!✨

20 Feb 2020 – 8:23 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」is out!✨
Everyone’s introduction and unit story is included so please take a look!!💁‍♀️
I’ll be doing lots of playing and training from now on–!💪
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix D4U Release)

19 Feb 2020 – 11:24 PM (Nishio Yuuka)

I went out for food with HapiAra.
Our schedules fiiiinally aligned!!!
A slightly late D4 fes. afterparty––
I’d like to do this regularly💿
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: Kagami Karin, Shizaki Kanon, Nishio Yuuka, Mimura Haruka

19 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM (Mimura Haruka)

We went out for food together~💓
It was fun~😍✨
Happy–! Around––😍✨🌍

20 Feb 2020 – 10:12 AM

I went out for food with HapiAra–!🏃‍♂️
We talked a lot and had a great time!!
It was a really happy time!😆
I want to go again💫

23 Feb 2020 – 8:19 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

I had an afterparty with the #D4DJ #HapiAra members the other day!

I’m looking forward to the event in March!

Note: Happy Around! 1st Live

20 Feb 2020 – 10:11 AM

Good morning🌞

19 Feb 2020 – 10:04 AM

Good morning–!☀️

18 Feb 2020 – 8:43 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」
Releases the day after tomorrow, oh my!!😆🎧
I am really looking forward to playing it–!!✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition 2/20 Release)

18 Feb 2020 – 12:20 AM

Good night🌙

17 Feb 2020 – 9:10 AM

Good morning✨✨

16 Feb 2020 – 4:25 PM

「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」is finally coming up in a week…!
HapiAra’s first outside event✨I am really excited now!!
I would be happy if you came and supported HapiAra😆
The photo is from D4DJ D4 FES. with Oyu-san!☺️📸
#D4DJ #HapiAra

15 Feb 2020 – 11:51 PM

Good night😴

14 Feb 2020 – 11:17 PM

Over 150k [pre-registered] users!!😭✨Thank you all!!
I can’t wait for the #Gurumiku release…✨
I’m really looking forward to playing it–!!😆

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 150k Pre-Registrations)

14 Feb 2020 – 10:49 AM

Good morning☀

14 Feb 2020 – 12:04 AM

Good night~😴🌟

13 Feb 2020 – 7:26 PM

A「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」trial session is being held–!😆💫

「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」featuring HapiAra will be taking place on the 22nd, also in Akihabara!!

I’d be glad if you could come to either of them!! Thank you😊✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition Trial Session @ Akihabara GAMERS)

12 Feb 2020 – 10:26 PM

Finally got to drink bubble tea for the first time in a while✌️
I am obsessed with strawberries as always so I got strawberry milk tea🍓🥛
I got tapioca for the first time in a while–!☺️
There was strawberry milk tea on the limited-time menu, so I ordered it without hesitation!!
It was sweet and delicious🍓

12 Feb 2020 – 12:16 AM

It’s already this late!🙊
A day goes by too quickly…!!😫
Good night~!!

11 Feb 2020 – 8:06 AM

Good morning!!

10 Feb 2020 – 10:17 PM

1st place–! Wow! I’m so happy☺️✨
Thank you all so much!!
Please be sure to participate in the campaign too🌟

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! GAMERS Weekly Single Ranking)

10 Feb 2020 – 10:12 AM

Good morning✨

9 Feb 2020 – 3:52 PM

I went into a cafe and couldn’t help but order this super cute houjicha latte that I found!!😆✨
It was really delicious and went perfectly with the dango😋

Note: houjicha = roasted green tea
mitarashi dango = skewered rice cakes with sweet soy sauce glaze

8 Feb 2020 – 11:53 PM

Good night~!😴⭐️

7 Feb 2020 – 8:22 AM

Good morning–!!✨

6 Feb 2020 – 6:08 PM

I’m relishing being in between these two from Rondo😭✨✨🙏
Tsunko-san, Sae-san, thank you!😖✨

6 Feb 2020 – 7:38 PM (Otsuka Sae)

Karin-chan, thanks♡🙏

6 Feb 2020 – 10:36 PM

Sae-san!! No, thank you for making me happy😭💕

6 Feb 2020 – 1:59 PM

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking 9th Place!🎉
Thank you to all the Digglers😭✨
I’m really happy that so many people are listening to my first CD!!
I’ll do my best to bring more excitement to #D4DJ from now on!!😆💫

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! Oricon Weekly 9th)

5 Feb 2020 – 8:32 PM

50k pre-registrations reached, thank you!
#HapiAra Twitter icons!! Everyone is so cute😌💕
Please use them!!💫
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 50k Pre-Registration Reward Happy Around! Twitter Icons)

5 Feb 2020 – 10:23 AM

Good morning!☀
I’m so happy that it’s been warm lately☺️✨

5 Feb 2020 – 12:05 AM

Good night–!!
Good night everyone😴💫

Note: The second part was written in English.

3 Feb 2020 – 1:31 PM

#D4DJ Groovy Mix」has surpassed 100k pre-registrations in 48 hours!! Thank you all so much!!🎉
I’m looking forward to the app release so much that I can’t stop fidgeting😖✨
If you haven’t pre-registered yet, please–!😆🎧

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 100k Pre-Registrations)

3 Feb 2020 – 12:05 PM

Didn’t get to upload this behind-the-scenes photo from the photoshoot so I’m uploading it! (Staff)

2 Feb 2020 – 11:07 AM

Good morning!!☀️

31 Jan 2020 – 8:16 PM (shizuka)

I got『D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」』which Kagami-san performed in☺️

Kagami-chan has a girly,
fluffy, and soothing aura🥺💕
She’s sparkling and cool while acting and on stage, and the gap always makes my heart pound🤦‍♀️💖

1 Feb 2020 – 11:54 PM

Thank you for getting the CD!!
And even showering me with compliments…I’m so happy!😭
I’ll keep doing my best to put on even cooler performances!😖

1 Feb 2020 – 11:26 PM

I saw Roselia’s solo live「Rausch」😊

I was very impressed by how much fun Roselia seemed have while performing the live. They looked really cool while playing their music, and the venue was enveloped by a tremendous energy.

Thank you for the wonderful live!✨
#Roselia #Rausch

1 Feb 2020 – 10:32 PM

Oricon Daily Ranking
#D4DJ Departure Single 「Dig Delight!」is 3rd place!!🎉
This is too amazing!!
I’m really happy that so many people are listening to it😭✨
Thank you all!!

Linked Page (Oricon Daily Ranking for 1/31)

1 Feb 2020 – 6:02 PM

Photos taken yesterday!!

Takagi Miyu-san
Hazuki Himari-san
And I also took one with the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew📸
Thank you!!☺️✨

1 Feb 2020 – 3:05 PM

I was so happy that everyone copied our choreography during the chorus of our new song revealed yesterday,「Cosmic CoaSTAR」!
I could see it clearly from the DJ booth😆

Our original song「Direct Drive!」 will be in D4DJ 1st Album
and our new song「Cosmic CoaSTAR」will be in D4DJ 2nd Album!
Please be sure to check them out✅

1 Feb 2020 – 2:51 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix」#Gurumiku for short ✨
The #D4DJ rhythm game that was announced yesterday, I want to hurry and play it!!😆
Pre-registrations are currently open, so please be sure to apply!!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Announcement)

1 Feb 2020 – 12:33 AM

Performing a LIVE with the 4 members of HapiAra was fun✨
And…! The HapiAra Solo Live on 3/27, announced at #D4DJ D4 FES.!!
I’ll work even harder for these anticipated events!!
Please continue to support #HapiAra!

January 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ January 2020 Tweet Translations

February 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Jan 2020 – 10:49 PM

『D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-』
It was really, really fun getting hyped up with everyone!!😆🎧💿
It was a very happy stage✨
Thank you!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

31 Jan 2020 – 9:26 AM

Good morning!☀️
Today is「#D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-」!!💿
I will do my very best to show everyone a great time!😆✨

30 Jan 2020 – 9:33 PM

7th place! The ranking is higher than yesterday…!😭🎉
Thank you all so much!!
#D4DJ D4 FES. is coming up tomorrow, so I’d be glad if you listened to the CD lots and had a great time with us on the day of!😆💿

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! 7th Place on Oricon Daily Rankings for 1/29)

30 Jan 2020 – 5:34 PM

Finally, tomorow is「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-」!!😆
I want to hurry and have a great time with everyone at the LIVE✨
Photo with Oyu-san!📸
I’m really looking forward to being on stage with the 4 members of HapiAra💫
#HapiAra #D4DJ

29 Jan 2020 – 9:48 PM

D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」released today reached 8th place in the Oricon Daily Ranking!!🎉

Thank you so much!!😭✨
I’m so happy that lots of people are listening to D4DJ’s music!
Please continue to support D4DJ and HappyAround!!💿🎧
#D4DJ #HapiAra

29 Jan 2020 – 6:00 PM

Today is the release day of『D4DJ Departure Disc
「Dig Delight!」』!!💿
I went around stores with Chinharu-san~! I was touched to see the CDs actually lined up in stores😭
I’m really happy that lots of people seem to have picked up the CDs!!😊

Note: Mimura Haruka

29 Jan 2020 – 8:35 AM

Good morning!!☀️

28 Jan 2020 – 8:44 PM

This has been released on the YouTube #D4DJ Official Channel!!

D4DJ D4 FES. is also coming up this week, so I would be glad if you watched this stream and learned more about D4DJ!✨
Thank you💫

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ A&G+ Special Appearance)

28 Jan 2020 – 4:06 PM

I received the New Year’s cards that arrived at my office✨
I’m really, really happy!

Your kind words of support give me so much encouragement.
Thank you for everything☺️✨

I will do my very best from now on, so thank you for your support!

28 Jan 2020 – 12:06 PM

Today is the flying get day for 『D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」』!

I’m excited for everyone to hear D4DJ’s very first, and my very first CD!☺️🎧

Happy Around! 「Dig Delight!」is included in both A/B versions, so I hope you will give either of them a listen!💿

Note: furage/flying get = retailers selling the CD a day before official release

28 Jan 2020 – 9:11 AM

Good morning!☂️
The wind is cold…😖❄️

27 Jan 2020 – 9:29 AM

Good morning!😆✨

26 Jan 2020 – 10:34 PM

D4DJ photoshoot behind the scenes📸She’s fixated on waving her hand👋 (Staff)

26 Jan 2020 – 6:53 AM

I was able to wake up early😆
Good morning!☀️

26 Jan 2020 – 12:14 AM

I need to wake up early tomorrow so I’m sleeping now~!
Good night😴💫
I need to go to bed now because I have to wake up early tomorrow😭🙉
Good night!!!

Note: The first part was written in English.

25 Jan 2020 – 12:33 AM

Good night~☺️✨

24 Jan 2020 – 12:13 AM

A video of [Kagamin] attempting the New Year’s calligraphy for the #D4DJ New Year’s project☺️
That day was her first time writing with a calligraphy pen, so she practiced many times! (Staff)

24 Jan 2020 – 12:02 PM

Feeling satisfied☺️lol (Staff)

23 Jan 2020 – 8:21 AM

Good morning!!
It’s so cold, I’m freezing…😭☂️

22 Jan 2020 – 8:16 PM

The photos for HapiAra have been released!!🎧💿
I’m so happy that I can wear the same costume as Maho-chan😭✨
D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- is soon…! I’m really looking forward to it!!😊💫
#HapiAra #D4DJ

22 Jan 2020 – 8:32 PM (shizuka)


22 Jan 2020 – 10:19 PM

shizuka-san🥺Thank you!!
I’ll do my best at the live too!😆✨

22 Jan 2020 – 12:35 AM

Good night😴🌙

21 Jan 2020 – 8:44 PM (Kurachi Reo)

With Kagami-chan the other day💛

22 Jan 2020 – 12:04 AM

Being together with Kurachi-san made the tapioca even more delicious than usual!!!
Thank you😭✨

20 Jan 2020 – 11:42 PM

I went to see【Roselia’s RADIO SHOUT! -Lachen- in Tokyo】!

It was my first time seeing a talk show, but Roselia’s teamwork was brilliant and it was wonderful how the whole venue came together through the lively talk with the two guests and audience joining in…✨
#Redisha [RADIO SHOUT]

20 Jan 2020 – 8:03 AM

Good morning!
I’m going to work hard today💪☀️

19 Jan 2020 – 12:24 AM

Good night⭐

18 Jan 2020 – 8:01 AM

Good morning!✨

17 Jan 2020 – 7:08 PM

Winter is the season for knitwear☺️❄️
This is my favorite knitwear lately–! The ribbons on both shoulders are the key point!
I’ve always been attracted to clothes with ribbons on them…🙊🎀

17 Jan 2020 – 12:12 AM

I exercised a lot today, so it looks like I’ll be sleeping well😴✨✨
Good night!🌙

16 Jan 2020 – 12:12 AM

Good night~~😴💫

15 Jan 2020 – 6:31 AM

Good morning!!☀️
I woke up early than usual today😊

14 Jan 2020 – 12:02 AM

Thank you for all the congratulations and likes on my coming of age ceremony tweet😊✨
I had a delightful Coming of Age Day thanks to you💫
I will keep doing my best to give back to everyone supporting me, so thank you for your support!

Well then, good night!🌙

14 Jan 2020 – 8:32 AM (Otsuka Sae)


14 Jan 2020 – 3:48 PM

Sae-san!! I’m so glad! Thank you😭✨

13 Jan 2020 – 5:34 PM

I had my coming of age ceremony✨
I wore a navy blue kimono!!
Everyone was wearing kimonos with different designs and it was really lovely😖👘
I’m already an adult… From now on, I want to learn lots of things and work hard to become a wonderful adult!
I wore kimono for my coming-of-age ceremony! I chose navy kimono with the pink flower design 🌸☺️

13 Jan 2020 – 6:14 PM (shizuka)

That navy kimono looks super cute on you🥺💕

13 Jan 2020 – 6:34 PM

shizuka-san, thank you!!
I was really worried about my kimono, so I’m very happy to hear that😭✨

13 Jan 2020 – 7:53 PM (Mimura Haruka)

Kagamin, congratulations on becoming an adult😍✨
You look wonderful in a kimono~😭💫

13 Jan 2020 – 8:45 PM

Thank you!! You looked wonderful in a kimono too!😭✨👘
Let’s continue to do our best!

13 Jan 2020 – 8:00 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Congrats on becoming an adult☺️
Your kimono is lovely~✨

13 Jan 2020 – 9:34 PM

Thank you! I’m so glad😊
I was surprised that the fitting started early in the morning! I’m still immature, but I will do my best as an adult from now on!

13 Jan 2020 – 8:35 PM (Nishio Yuuka)

Congrats! Cute!! A perfect score!!

13 Jan 2020 – 9:42 PM

Oyu-san!! Thank you!😭✨
Oyu-san in a kimono earned a perfect score for cuteness too🕺

13 Jan 2020 – 8:37 PM (Shindou Amane)

You look really pretty✨

3 Jan 2020 – 9:47 PM

Amane-chan, thank you!
I’m sure you would look lovely in a kimono too…I’m picturing it in my head☺️✨
Let’s continue to do our best in D4DJ✨

13 Jan 2020 – 9:25 PM (Tsunko)

Karin-chan, congrats on becoming an adult!!!
The kimono looks super nice and cute on you😌💕💕

13 Jan 2020 – 9:58 PM

Tsunko-san!! Thank you😭✨
I went for a kimono with a chic feel😖Your praise makes me really happy!
Let’s continue to do our best✨

13 Jan 2020 – 9:57 PM (Hazuki Himari)

Congratulations on becoming an adult🎉

13 Jan 2020 – 10:08 PM

Himari-san, thank you! Let’s continue to do our best!!😊✨

14 Jan 2020 – 12:03 AM (Kurachi Reo)


14 Jan 2020 – 8:29 AM

Kurachi-san✨Thank you! Let’s continue to do our best😊

14 Jan 2020 – 8:32 AM (Otsuka Sae)


14 Jan 2020 – 3:48 PM

Sae-san!! I’m so glad! Thank you😭✨

14 Jan 2020 – 10:16 AM (Shizaki Kanon)


14 Jan 2020 – 3:51 PM

Shizaki-san! Thank you!☺️✨
Let’s continue to do our best in HapiAra✨

12 Jan 2020 – 8:31 AM

Good morning!
It’s so cold today that getting up is a pain…😖🍃

12 Jan 2020 – 12:17 AM

Good night–!💫

11 Jan 2020 – 7:35 AM

Good morning😪

11 Jan 2020 – 12:13 AM

Good night!!⭐️

10 Jan 2020 – 6:47 PM

Thank you to everyone who watched!!
I was nervous about my first time on radio, but it was really fun😊🎧

There will be a rebroadcast on 1/17 at 16:00~and it will also be uploaded to YouTube, so please be sure to check it out if you missed it👀✨
#D4DJ_ag #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ A&G+ Special Appearance)

10 Jan 2020 – 1:07 PM

【Super! A&G+Special Do you know about “D4DJ”?~CD Sale & Pre-FES. Special~】
I’ll be appearing~today at 16:00✨
I’m having a nice conversation with Maeshima Ami-san and Shindou Amane-san😊
Please be sure to watch✨
#D4DJ #D4DJ_ag #agpr

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ A&G+ Special Appearance)

9 Jan 2020 – 7:03 AM

Good morning✨

9 Jan 2020 – 12:11 AM

Good night~😴💫

8 Jan 2020 – 6:27 PM

The broadcast starts on 1/10 at 16:00!!✨
It’s a special program packed with lots of D4DJ information so please be sure to check it out😊💫

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ “Chou! A&G+Special” Stream)

8 Jan 2020 – 10:10 AM

Good morning!!
It’s really cold today…🌨😖

7 Jan 2020 – 8:30 PM

A campaign to win a #DigMikuji✨ mystery bag is also being held, so please be sure to get your fortune too😆✨

Quoted Tweet (DigMikuji Unit Mystery Bag Campaign)

7 Jan 2020 – 8:12 PM

I got HapiAra Luck😆
#D4DJ chars will dig up your fortune for 2020 #DigMikuji 🎧
Here’s your fortune🔮
A campaign to win special goods bags for each unit🛍️with at least 10❣️goods inside🎁& watashikai for real mikuji from the cast🎊are being held✨
Get another fortune➡️

Note: The text below the first line is auto-generated.
You can draw a mikuji from random D4DJ characters here!
A mikuji is a fortune slip commonly drawn at shrines.

Linked Page (Rinku DigMikuji)

7 Jan 2020 – 9:08 AM

Good morning🌞

6 Jan 2020 – 8:29 PM

「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」tickets are still available!!✨
There is also a survey for attendees, so I’d love if you came and supported HapiAra!!😆

Note: HapiAra might perform at ANIMAX YOKOHAMA/OSAKA if they get enough positive feedback on the survey

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! @ ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE)

6 Jan 2020 – 6:31 PM

Our New Year’s calligraphy has been released!!
It was difficult since this was my first time writing characters with a brush…!
I’m totally an indoor person, but this year I’m aiming to go outside, get a feel for lots of things, and level up💪

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Kakizome)

Go Outside

In 2019, I played so many games that it felt like I was at home half the time, so in 2020 I’d like to be more Active!

6 Jan 2020 – 9:41 PM (Nishio Yuuka)

I really like this thing that Kagamin wrote for practice.

6 Jan 2020 – 11:24 PM

I was mindlessly practicing lots of「外」and, before I knew it, I had created something really ominous……🤔🙉

Note: 外 = outside

5 Jan 2020 – 9:29 AM

Good morning😊☀️

5 Jan 2020 – 12:51 AM

I was watching anime and at some point it got this late!!🙉
It was so interesting that I accidentally stayed up late…!
Time to sleep😴Good night~✨

4 Jan 2020 – 12:12 AM

Good night!!⭐️

3 Jan 2020 – 9:46 AM

Good morning~!☀️

2 Jan 2020 – 7:07 PM

Maho-chan’s profile has been released!!

Her special skills are home cooking and caring for others!! She’s a kind onee-chan type☺️✨
I want to try Maho-chan’s home cooking…!🤤💕

I hope you’ll continue to support Akashi Maho-chan💫
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ – Akashi Maho Profile)

2 Jan 2020 – 8:54 AM

Good morning✨

1 Jan 2020 – 4:02 PM (Yache)

Happy New Year!!🎍🐹✨
I met many people and drew many things last year!
I’ll do my best to draw even more wonderful drawings next year🐱✨
Thank you for your support🎀

1 Jan 2020 – 8:36 PM

The illustration that Yache-san drew…!! It’s so cute!!😭💕
Everyone in HapiAra is smiling so much and this was such a happy start to the year☺️
Thank you🙏✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra

1 Jan 2020 – 10:05 PM (Yache)

I’m glad😭
I’m really looking forward to putting out lots of Maho’s for Kagamin-san to perform from now on♬
I look forward to working with you again this year🙇‍♀️

1 Jan 2020 – 11:13 PM

I’m really happy that I can act out different Maho-chan’s drawn by Yache-san too!!😭✨
Likewise, I look forward to working with you in the coming year!

1 Jan 2020 – 12:27 AM

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your support this year as well✨
Happy New Year!!
I hope you will have a great year☺️💫

December 2019 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ December 2019 Tweet Translations

January 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Dec 2019 – 8:33 PM

2019 was a fun year where I tried many new things✨

I’m glad to have found all my supporters. Thank you so much.
I’ll do my best to grow even more and challenge all sorts of things next year!

I hope you’ll continue to support me next year.
Have a Happy New Year✨

30 Dec 2019 – 12:40 PM

I went to this cafe with my friend the other day~☺️✨
There are star cookies on the drinks and they’re really cute💫
I’m going to go to lots of cute cafés next year too!😆

29 Dec 2019 – 9:03 AM

Good morning–!

28 Dec 2019 – 11:37 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

I went with Kagamin-chan to see「WEST SIDE STORY」Season1 featuring Aoi Shouta, a senpai in our agency.

The incredible non-stop intensity made my heart tremble‼️


29 Dec 2019 – 12:30 AM

I went with Sakuragawa-san to see「WEST SIDE STORY」Season1 featuring Aoi Shouta, a senpai in our agency!
I was completely immersed in the rotating guest seats, the imagery used in the production, and actors’ passionate acting and wonderful singing voices✨

28 Dec 2019 – 8:23 AM

Good morning☀

27 Dec 2019 – 10:04 AM

Good morning!!✨

27 Dec 2019 – 12:03 AM

Good night😴

25 Dec 2019 – 8:02 PM

It’s Christmas so I got santa and reindeer cookies🎅
They were delicious✨
I got this cute icing cookies for Christmas😋 Hope you are having wonderful holidays!!🥳

25 Dec 2019 – 8:58 AM

Good morning!!
Merry Christmas🎅🎄✨✨

24 Dec 2019 – 7:55 AM

Good morning!✨

22 Dec 2019 – 11:47 PM

It’s really cold today and was freezing all day😖❄️
I need to hurry and buy a scarf…!!
Well then, good night~!😴

22 Dec 2019 – 8:01 AM

Good morning🌞

21 Dec 2019 – 9:48 PM

I went to see『Nakashima Yuki Fan Event vol.13』today!!
There was so much—themed talks, stage readings, and game corners. I kept laughing at Sakuragawa-san and Nakashima-san’s conversation the whole way through!😆
It was so fun!
Thank you✨

Note: Sakuragawa Megu

21 Dec 2019 – 10:39 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

Karin-chan came to see my event✨
We took a picture too😊😊😊
It’d be nice if we had work together too–🥰

21 Dec 2019 – 10:56 PM

Thank you for taking a picture with me…!!😭✨
I’ll continue working hard so that we can work goether!
Thank you for a great time today☺️

21 Dec 2019 – 9:57 AM

Good morning!☀️
I’m still sleepy😪

21 Dec 2019 – 12:12 AM

Good night~😴✨

20 Dec 2019 – 7:09 AM

Good morning!✨

19 Dec 2019 – 5:22 PM

This photo was taken when I went out a little while ago!!
My face looks like I’m up to something🙊

Just waiting for my friend to guide me in the middle of a street, since I’m really bad at directions😅

Note: The second part was written in English.

18 Dec 2019 – 11:44 PM

Good night😴

17 Dec 2019 – 9:27 AM

Good morning!!
Good morning✨
It’s really cold outside…I’m freezing😖

Note: The second part was written in English.

17 Dec 2019 – 12:51 AM

Good night⭐️

16 Dec 2019 – 7:56 AM

Good morning✨

15 Dec 2019 – 9:11 PM

I found a stuffed polar bear!
I love stuffed animals so much that my room is becoming filled with them🤔

Me holding a stuffed polar bear🧸
Cuddling to stuffed animals always makes me happy☺️✨

Note: The second part was written in English.

15 Dec 2019 – 12:18 AM

I walked a lot today🚶‍♂️
Good night😴

14 Dec 2019 – 9:22 AM

Good morning☺️✨

13 Dec 2019 – 10:15 PM

The information was released today, #HapiAra is getting a manga…!!
I’m really looking forward to seeing how the story will turn out!! I can’t wait to read it!😆✨

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Manga Announcement)

13 Dec 2019 – 9:16 AM

Good morning!!✨
Good morning!
It is cold again today😖

Note: The first part was written in English.

13 Dec 2019 – 12:02 AM

Good night!🌙✨

12 Dec 2019 – 1:08 AM

Good night😴⭐

10 Dec 2019 – 9:16 AM

Good morning!☔️

9 Dec 2019 – 6:26 PM

I ate cake with shizuka-san🍰
We talked a lot and had a great time!!
shizuka-san, thank you😭✨

Note: shizuka is a pianist under AGEHA promotion, a division of S inc. (Kagamin’s agency) created by Satou Hiromi (CEO of S inc.) and Agematsu Noriyasu

9 Dec 2019 – 9:24 AM

Good morning!!☀️

8 Dec 2019 – 12:06 AM

It’s very cold today so I’m going to warm up and sleep…!😖
Good night~🌙

7 Dec 2019 – 12:28 AM

Good night⭐

6 Dec 2019 – 8:15 AM

Good morning☀️✨

5 Dec 2019 – 11:50 PM

I went to see BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE「VOICE -Hoshizora no Shita no Yakusoku-」!
Argonavis and GYROAXIA, both bands were cool in their own way and they were so wonderful…!
The excitement in the venue was incredible and it was over in no time!!✨

4 Dec 2019 – 9:14 AM

Good morning☀

4 Dec 2019 – 12:13 AM

Good night–!!💫

3 Dec 2019 – 8:29 PM

I ate a sandwich🥪
There was cheese omelette inside and it was a generous portion🤤
I ate sandwiches🥪 Cheese omelette inside of them and were delicious! I wanna eat them again😋

Note: The second part was written in English.

3 Dec 2019 – 10:11 AM

Good morning!
The weather is nice today☺️✨

2 Dec 2019 – 10:01 AM

Good morning❄️

1 Dec 2019 – 9:16 PM

Roselia×RAISE A SUILEN Joint Live
I went to see「Rausch und/and Craziness」DAY2!
The stage was filled with an awesome intensity from both Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN and I was so moved😭✨
Thank you for a really exciting, fun, and wonderful live…!

1 Dec 2019 – 9:10 AM

Good morning!☀️

November 2019 Tweet Translations