Hazuki Himari (葉月 ひまり)

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Hazuki Himari joined Ace Crew Entertainment in April 2019 after successfully passing the S・HiBiKi・Ace Crew Joint Audition along with Nishio Yuka and Kagami Karin. Her agency romanizes her name as “Himari Haduki”, but this page will be using Hazuki in accordance with her Twitter handle instead. “Himaringo” was a nickname coined by fellow Ace Crew seiyuu, Otsuka Sae, but she’s usually called Himari-chan or Himarin now. Himarin is still attending university and sometimes posts about exam season.

Himaringo loves food, and she’s even pointed out how most of her tweets are food! After eating a portion at a family restaurant, she might still go to a ramen shop and order a gyoza set. She’s always craving sweets on the way home from university. Himaringo especially loves chocolate mint and has mentioned several times that she gets milk tea with nata de coco instead of tapioca even though it’s hard to suck through a straw. She’s finally able to drink them at a nice balance too!


NicknameHimarin (ひまりん), Himaringo (ひまりんご)
Birthday1997.08.16 (Age 22)
Blood TypeB
Height154 cm
HobbiesCafé Hopping, Shopping
AgencyAce Crew Entertainment

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Media Mix
• D4DJ (Hidaka Saori / 日高さおり, Merm4id)
• Rebirth for you (Kotobuki Saki / 寿沙希, ヴィーナス)

• Rebasu (Kotobuki Saki, Subs)

• [2019.11.29] Seiyuu Paradise R vol.33
• [2020.04.25] VOICE Channel vol.11

• [2020.01.29] D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」Aver
• [2020.04.22] D4DJ 1st Album「Direct Drive!」
• [2020.06.24] D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」

• [2019.07.20&21] D4DJ 1st LIVE @ Makuhari Messe (Flowers)
• [2019.10.14] D4DJ 2nd LIVE @ Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball (Flowers)
• [2019.10.27] Gekirock DJ Party @ Shibuya clubasia
• [2020.01.31] D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- @ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (Flowers)
• [2020.02.22] ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE @ Akihabara P.A.R.M.S
• [2020.03.27] Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE @ SHIMOKITAZAWA GARDEN
• [2020.04.26&27] D4DJ 4th Live @ Maihama Amphitheater (Flowers)
• [2020.07.25&26] D4DJ 5th LIVE(仮) @ Pacifico Yokohama

• [2020.05.10] Rebirth Fes 2020

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