Nishio Yuka (西尾 夕香)

2020.09.12→ Quality pass.
TBD: Interviews, Getsubushi Corners, HiBiKi Channel / D4DJ Radio / Rebirth Radio, HiBiKi Style 535~

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HARUCA (Former Name): WebsiteTwitterBlog

Twitter Bio:【HiBiKi】Rookie seiyuu, singer, DJ. Gacha creator. I’m an anisong otaku who likes plays, singing, game centers, and horse racing. My motto is “for starters, YES”. D4DJ: Aimoto Rinku (Happy Around!)/Rebirth: Higashiyama Yuu/Bandori:Ba. Hiromachi Nanami (Morfonica)🦋/Picot Town:Tommy/Brown Dust:Tweeny

Previous Twitter Bio:【HiBiKi-affiliated】Rookie seiyuu. I love plays, singing, game centers, and horse racing! Calmly and energetically brimming with curiosity. I’m a DJ. I can play the violin. My motto is “for starters YES”. D4DJ: Aimoto Rinku (Happy Around!) / Rebirth: Higashiyama Yuu / Bandori: Ba. Hiromachi Nanami (Morfonica) 🦋 / Picot Town: Tommy

Nishio Yuka (pronounced “Yuuka”) previously performed under the stage name HARUCA. During this time, she sang “Eien no Kotae” (Kado: The Right Answer ED), hosted an anisong radio show for two years, performed at club events as a DJ (self-taught) for a year with a focus on anisong/rock, and had minor voice-acting roles. The HARUCA Twitter account has since removed all its tweets except for the ones leading up to the transition.

On 2019.04.02, she changed her name to Nishio Yuka and joined HiBiKi after successfully passing the S・HiBiKi・Ace Crew Joint Audition along with Hazuki Himari (Ace Crew) and Kagami Karin (S). Over the next year, she received several major roles in Bushiroad mix-media franchises:
• Aimoto Rinku (Happy Around!) in D4DJ, 2019.07.20
• Higashiyama Yuu (GoGo Shichuu’s!) in Rebirth, 2019.07.18
• Hiromachi Nanami (Morfonica) in BanG Dream!, 2020.03.20

While she originally joked about not using Oyu (hot water) as her nickname, it naturally became her nickname. “Oyu” comes from the middle of her name, NishiO YUka. Despite her initial dissent, she quickly prepared with puns to accompany her new nickname. And contrary to her nickname, she takes showers rather than baths to save water. Oyu will occasionally refer to herself as “Oyu-san” but generally addresses herself by her last name “Nishio” or “Nishio-san”, a trait she proudly shares with her character, Hiromachi Nanami.

Oyu describes herself as “calmly and energetically brimming with curiosity” and her motto is “for starters, YES”. She’ll try anything at least once and see if she likes it. If catches her interest, she’ll quickly dig deeper, otherwise she’ll toss it aside. She’s prone to acting on a whim and doing as she pleases. Oyu’s favorite aspect of herself is her strong mentality (she’s even willed herself into low blood pressure and overshot an attempt to avoid going back to sleep). Despite picking up the bass for the first time for Morfonica, her attitude towards the role is「I won’t let myself say, “I’m a beginner so it can’t be helped”」.

Profile ( ˘ω˘)

NicknameOyu (おゆ)
Birthday1994.03.31 (Age 26)
Blood TypeO
SkillsViolin (since age 4), Calligraphy (3-dan → advanced), Singing, DJ, Horse Racing, Mahjong, UFO Catchers (crane games)
HobbiesGames, Anime, Concert Appreciation, Handicrafts, Surprises
EducationKeio University, Environment and Information Studies
PetsHedgehog (Tawashi / たわし)

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Media Mix
• D4DJ (Aimoto Rinku / 愛本りんく, Happy Around!)
• Rebirth for you (Higashiyama Yuu / 東山有, GoGo Shichuu’s! / GoGo しちゅー’s!)
• Bandori! Girls Band Party (Hiromachi Nanami / 広町七深, Morfonica)

• BanG Dream! 3rd Season EP10 (Student)
• Blend S (Shop Clerk)
• Neko Neko Nihonshi (The Three Azai Sisters)
• Record of Grancrest War (Rebecca)
• Rebasu (Higashiyama Yuu, Pastry Shop Clerk) (Subs)

Animated Motion Picture
• Ballerina (Nora)
• Mazinger Z: Infinity (Nurse)

• Brown Dust (Tweeny)
• Picot Town (Tommy)

• Dengeki G’s Magazine May Issue (2020.03.30)
• Card Gamer vol.51 (2020.03.31)

• AniGirl~Anisong Hits Radio~ (Radio NEO, 2016.04.04~2018.03.26)
• HiBiKi Channel (JFN PARK, 2019.09.30~2019.10.21) (1,2,3,4)
• Ganbare! Shinmai Danchou!! (Lost Decade In-Game Broadcast, 2020.03.06~2020.03.19)
• D4DJ presents Radio (Lost Decade In-Game Broadcast, 2020.03.28~)
• Morfonica Radio (HiBiKi Radio, 2020.04.07~) (1,2,3,4,SP,5,6,7)

• Gekkan Bushiroad TV (Getsubushi News corner, 2019.07.12~)

• Sensei Datte, Kamatte Hoshii. (Uzuki Makoto, 2019.10.16)
• Gurumiku wo Digurou!! (2020.03.25~2020.04.15)
• MORFONICAL (2020.03.24~) (1,2,3,Subs)

• [2016.11.05] Link-a-Nation mixi game「Link-a-Nation」Theme Song
• [2017.10.16] Eien no Kotae TV Anime「Kado: The Right Answer」Ending Theme
• [2020.01.29] D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」Aver・Bver
• [2020.04.22] D4DJ 1st Album「Direct Drive!」
• [2020.05.27] Morfonica 1st Single「Daylight」
• [2020.05.29] Rebirth GO!
• [2020.06.24] D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」
• [2020.11.04] Happy Around! 1st Single「Happy Music♪」
• [2400.03.32] B.B.B. (Iris, CV. HARUCA) TV Anime「Re:GENEsis」Opening Theme

• [2019.07.20&21] D4DJ 1st LIVE @ Makuhari Messe (Flowers)
• [2019.10.14] D4DJ 2nd LIVE @ Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball (Flowers)
• [2020.01.31] D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- @ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (Flowers)
• [2020.02.22] ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE @ Akihabara P.A.R.M.S
• [2020.03.27] Happy Around! 1st LIVE(仮) @ SHIMOKITAZAWA GARDEN

• [2020.03.27] Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE @ SHIMOKITAZAWA GARDEN
• [2020.04.26&27] D4DJ 4th Live @ Maihama Amphitheater (Flowers)
• [2020.05.01] Morfonica Debut Event「Prelude」 @ Maihama Amphitheater
• [2020.05.03] BanG Dream! Special☆LIVE Girls Band Party! 2020 @ Maihama Amphitheater

• [2020.06.20] Happy Around! 1st LIVE(仮) @ LIQUIDROOM (Flowers)
• [2020.06.20&21] D4DJ Sound Only Live
• [2020.07.25&26] D4DJ 5th LIVE(仮) @ PACIFICO Yokohama
• [2020.08.23] 「BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE」Special Live 〜Summerly Tone♪〜 @ Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest

• [2019.10.02~] Rebirth Countrywide Classes 600
• [2020.05.09&10] Rebirth Fes 2020


Her Twitter handle is 240y_k.
2 = ni, 4 = shi, 0 = o
y_k is for “Yuka”, with an underscore for the “u”.

Oyu is constantly making logical (and illogical) connections, so her social media is filled with puns and references. While DJing, she pays close attention to which song leads into which and gets excited when people get what she was going for (see her set lists). She tends to tease things as “this” or “that“, and has running gags like having an extra day in every month or increasingly abstract good mornings.

Together with fellow HiBiKi seiyuu Shindo Amane (pronounced “Shindou”), they form #Oyunesu! Oyunesu is a combination of their nicknames, Oyu + Amanesu. They’ll often drop the first half and simply refer to Amane as “Nesu“. Oyunesu hosts episodes of HiBiKi StYle together, and Oyu has taken to calling them “OyuneStYle“! Amanesu loses the vast majority of the time they play rock-paper-scissors, though Amanesu loses to everyone here so this isn’t especially notable.

Oyunesu YouTube Playlist

At first, Oyu wasn’t really sure about what kind of HiBiKi StYle videos she could do with a middle schooler, but to her own surprise, Oyu ended up not paying much attention on Amanesu’s age. They quickly began to bond over things like their taste in rock music, and Amanesu occasionally helps Oyu out with social media. In return, Oyu gives her important life advice. They frequently banter on Twitter!

Oyu Band Picks: UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Ling Tosite Sigure, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, Kami-sama, I have noticed, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

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