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RAISE A SUILEN is the third band in the BanG Dream! franchise.
They started as a back band named “THE THIRD (仮)” for Bandori bands that could not play their instruments live (Afterglow • Pastel✽PalettesHello, Happy World!Glitter☆Green). While they still perform this role, they have since evolved into a full band in the franchise with their own characters.

Raychell (Vo/Ba) → LAYER, Wakana Rei
Natsume (Dr) → LOCK, Asahi Rokka
Kurachi Reo (Key) → MASKING, Satou Masuki
Kohara Riko (Gt) → PAREO, Nyuubara Reona
Tsumugi Risa (DJ) → CHU², Tamade Chiyu

The most commonly asked question is “What is a SUILEN?”

SUILEN stands for curtain, as in a stage/bamboo curtain. The kanji is similar to that of 暖簾 (noren), whose second character means “bamboo screen”. Possible spellings are 翠簾 or 垂簾 (suiren), but the important point is that SUILEN = curtain. This ties into an overarching theme of “coming out from the shadows”, which is also reflected in the characters’ stage names.

The “face” of RAISE A SUILEN” is perhaps the five of us standing on stage but the staff, all the BanG Dreamers who support RAS, and Sae-san too.

I think that together we are all “Team RAS” [チームRAS].

That’s why is if there’s someone who says that they like RAS, or if there’s someone who compliments RAS, I feel like Team RAS is being recognized and that makes me all the more happy

From now on as a fellow member, to thank everyone for their “love” and “effort”, I will devote myself to unashamedly playing, performing, and dancing so that they’ll think “Team RAS, Team Bandori! is wonderful”!

Kurachi Reo – 2019.02.23


RAISE A SUILEN traces back to the Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Live on 2017.04.30, where Raychell (Vo/Ba) performed her original song with Natsume (Dr) and Otsuka Sae (Gt, Hanazono Tae). Soon after, Kurachi Reo (Key/Vo) was introduced and they evolved into the third Bandori live band, aptly named THE THIRD(仮)(仮 denoting temporary). THE THIRD(仮)first performed as a back band at Garupa Live on 2018.01.13-14 for Afterglow, Pastel✽Palettes, Hello, Happy World!, Glitter☆Green stages with their respective vocalists’ seiyuu singing.

Their 1st Live with Otsuka Sae as a guest guitarist was held 2018.03.25 at Shimokitazawa GARDEN, the same venue as the very first Poppin’Party live! It featured their new original song, R・I・O・T, along with many Garupa covers (w/ Kurachi Reo singing most Pasupare/HHW songs). Kohara Riko (Gt) was introduced in the latter part of this live. You can listen to the album version of the live here! Footage of this live comes with the BD version of their first single, R・I・O・T. Their 2nd Live w/ guest Maeshima Ami (Maruyama Aya) was held 2018.07.17 at Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA and debuted a new member, Tsumugi Risa (DJ), as well as an original song, UNSTOPPABLE. It was here that their official name, RAISE A SUILEN, was announced!

RAS performed stages at “Kariya Anime collection Super Live 2018” on 2018.10.27 and CharaExpo USA 2019 on 2018.11.10. Their 3rd live “Brave New World” (Bandori 6th Live, Day 1) w/ guest Itou Miku (Tsurumaki Kokoro) was held 2018.12.07 at Ryōgoku Kokugikan. This live introduced their characters and announced their appearance in BanG Dream! 2nd Season along with a new manga “RAiSe!” which began monthly serialization in the February issue of Gekkan Bushiroad on 2019.01.08.

Their 4th live “Genesis” (Bandori 7th Live, Day 2) w/ guests Maeshima Ami, Itou Miku, Misawa Sachika (Aoba Moca), and Mimori Suzuko (Ushigome Yuri) was held on 2019.02.22 at Nippon Budokan. They performed as the opening act for Day 2 of Poppin’Party x SILENT SIREN “NO GIRL NO CRY” at MetLife Dome on 2019.05.19.

RAS’ 5th live and first solo live was “Heaven and Earth“, held over two days at Kobe World Memorial Hall. Day 1 (2019.07.13) featured Maeshima Ami and Day 2 (2019.07.14) featured Itou Miku. They also held a special additional performance for Heaven and Earth titled “UNSTOPPABLE LIVE” on the second day of D4DJ 1st LIVE, featuring a shortened version of their Heaven and Earth set list.

They performed at “Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-” on 2019.08.31 and “ANIMAX MUSIX 2019 KOBE” on 2019.10.26. Their first music festival appearances were at Aso Rock Festival on 2019.09.29 and Magurock 2019 on 2019.10.05. RAS will be holding its first joint live, “Rausch und/and Craziness“, with Roselia at Makuhari Messe on 2019.11.30-12.01.

From 2018.11.05 through 2018.12.18, they were the special guests on Monday for All Night Nippon’s “ミュ~コミ+プラス” (Mu~Comi+Plus). They also performed this stage with Maeshima Ami for a “超演奏してみた” (Chou-Ensou Shitemita) live stream on 2018.04.28 and a live at CharaExpo USA 2018 on 2018.11.10. On 2019.07.28, they performed a short 40-minute set from Heaven & Earth at WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU 30.

On 2019.01.24, RAS began a weekly radio show called “RAISE A SUILEN’S RADIO R・I・O・T” hosted by Kurachi Reo and Tsumugi Risa.

Here is detailed information on all the guitar/bass equipment used at RAS lives!

Style / Discography

Their concerts are a beautiful, eclectic mess performed with explosive, headbanging zeal. Songs range from their rock/electronic-fusion originals, to Afterglow’s cool punk rock, to Pastel Palette’s sugary idol songs, to Hello Happy World’s off-the-wall fun tunes.

For 7th Live, RAS performed through their entire set (18 songs) with no intermission or encore, earning them praise on their stamina from Mimori Suzuko during her MC. They also surprised the audience by allowing everyone to record and post their second performance of EXPOSE ‘Burn out!!!’ (YouTube playlist) on social media!

[2018.09.26] THE THIRD(仮)1st ライブ
[2018.12.12] R·I·O·T
[2019.02.20] A DECLARATION OF x x x
[2019.06.19] Invincible Fighter

一緒に暴れましょう! Let’s RIOT together!

Official Videos


The members of RAS are very active on social media and Bandori programs!
They frequently post pictures together and comment on each others’ posts.


Raychell (れいちぇる) (Avex Profile)

RoleLAYER / Wakana Rei (Ba, Vo)
NicknamesChell (ちぇる), Ray (レイ, Natsume only)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Blog/Gree (Old)

Raychell originally went by the stage name “Lay” between 2010-2013, and released her first album titled L▶R to signify her change from Lay to Raychell. In addition to performing as a solo artist, she also joined the reformed SHAZNA along with Natsume on 2017.08.27. Raychell has been hosting a radio corner on NACK5 called “R World Radio” since late 2010. Otsuka Sae was previously the assistant (now Shizaki Kanon) for this show and RAS members have appeared on the show as guests.

The members endearingly refer to Chell as RAS’ mother, and Raychell happily embraces the role. She started bringing snacks to rehearsals for Reo and even brought homemade onigiri at one point! Raychell also has a playful side and loves to mess around with her children, especially with her character impressions.


Natsume (夏芽)

RoleMASKING / Sato Masuki (Dr)
NicknamesNatsupii (なつぴー), NatsuP (夏P)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blog/Blog (Old)

Natsume has played the drums for around 13-15 years and even has a drum lesson DVD (preview). She was previously part of a band but circumstances led to the band breaking up (possibly refers to Claddagh Ring [video], 2008-2012) and she decided to stick with solo activities until she found the right band. Over the years, Natsume has performed drum support for the MARCY BAND, HEESEY, BARBARS, Cyntia, Shinku Horou, Arashi, Otsuki Maki, and many others. NatsuP also joined reformed SHAZNA along with Raychell on 2017.08.27.

Natsume is known as the RAS member with the biggest moe gap. Her fellow members have noted that, despite her outward appearance, her pureness comes out the moment she starts talking! For her first anime recording, she wore a long skirt to hide her shaking legs (RADIO RIOT #5). NatsuP was crazy happy about RAS getting characters and when she heard about the RAS x GEKIROCK clothing collab, she bounced up and down in joy. She loves Sailor Moon, and her favorites are Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, and Sailor Uranus. For the RAS Christmas party, her exchange gift was a pair of fluffy socks. In November 2018, Natsupii adopted an Italian Greyhound named Rim (リム) and has not stopped posting pictures of her on Instagram since. This is her signature.


Kurachi Reo (倉知 玲鳳)

RolePAREO / Nyubara Reona (Key, Vo)
NicknamesReo-chan (れおちゃん), Reochi (れおち)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Ameba Blog, LINE Blog

Reo has played the piano since she was 2. Her hobby is dancing and her skills include incredible penmanship. Despite having experience on the piano, RAS is her first time working as a musician (Source: 三森すずことアニソンパラダイス, 2018.12.11). In April 2018, Reo started voicing a horse-racing mascot named 恵王エル (Keio Elu / KOL) and also hosted her radio show (Song). Reo voices Yumeōji Fumi in Revue Starlight ReLIVE. In January 2018, she began hosting “RAISE A SUILEN’s RADIO R・I・O・T” along with Tsumugi Risa!

Reo has the most elaborate showmanship in RAS, incorporating headbanging, high kicks, intense facial expressions, spins, and more! Reo and Riko were taught how to two-step for UNSTOPPABLE and now incorporate the move into other songs on their own. Fans have taken to drawing her hyper-active performances like this and this. Reo smashed her headset mic into her keyboard and broke it at CharaExpo (then tried to use Raychell’s microphone but was too short!). For 6th Live, her stylists were extra prepared and ran her headset through her braids so that she couldn’t shake it off.


Thank you so much, everyone!
Our connection is my treasure! I love you!!!

Kurachi Reo

Kohara Riko (小原 莉子)

RoleLOCK / Asahi Rokka (朝日 六花)
NicknamesRikopin (りこぴん), O-Riko (お莉子)
Social MediaTwitter, YouTube, NicoNico

Riko was perhaps best known as the guitarist for the real life version of The Sketchbook (2011-2015) from Sket Dance. Throughout 2014, Riko streamed for Phantasy Star Online 2 as an ARKS Cadet. She currently co-hosts a gaming stream called Ge-Gaku! (ゲーがく!) and appears in streams for the PS4 game Border Break. She previously hosted a corner in Bandori TV with Otsuka Sae called “Saechi and Rikopin’s Jam Session” where they shared Bandori announcements through improvised songs. She also voices Nibukawa Manami for Onsen Musume and Gekkou for Senran Kagura. At her first solo event, it was announced that she would be voicing Tatekayoko from Gifu no Tatekayoko, a series about her hometown of Gifu!

Rikopin is the mood maker of RAS, being extremely talkative and thoughtful of those around her. She stayed up past 7AM writing thoughtful, individualized responses in her 20k Q&A and even acknowledged people who frequently commented on her posts (without them mentioning this). From time to time, Rikopin will also peek at her fans’ Twitters, stating that her fans care about her so she wants to know more about her fans as well. At CharaExpo, Tsumutsumu accidentally passed MC to Raychell as she was tuning her bass but Rikopin quickly engaged the audience to make up for the mistake. She’s also the second yabee yatsu of RAS. One day, Rikopin tweeted about eating tissues and it has followed her ever since (she also gets tissues as presents at events). Sometimes Rikopin plays a real life shoujo manga character in love (Tsumu, Mikku, Mikku Again, Aimi, Saechi, etc…).


Tsumugi Risa (紡木 吏佐)

RoleCHU² / Tamade Chiyu (DJ)
NicknamesTsumuTsumu (つむつむ)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram

TsumuTsumu is the 5th and final member to join RAS. She was inspired to become a seiyuu in middle school after seeing a live anime dubbing session with Hirano Aya. However, she struggled to the point where her parents told her it was about time to give up. Tsumu now cherishes each and every character that she voices even if they have no name and her mother is huge fan of CHU², going so far as to create her own CHU² phone lock screen and keep a clear case in her room filled with CHU² goods. Revue Starlight fans may recognize Tsumu as the voice of Akikaze Rui in ReLIVE. In January 2018, she began hosting “RAISE A SUILEN’s RADIO R・I・O・T” along with Kurachi Reo!

TsumuTsumu is the yabee yatsu of RAS (~madlad), coined around November 2018 when RAS was appearing on Mu~Comi+Plus. She has a tendency to do random things like spouting “D-D-D-D-D-DJ!”, taking Raychell as her perch 30 minutes before a live (pt.2), and this. Her exchange gift at the RAS Christmas party was a “Throat-Friendly TsumuTsumu SET“. At first, TsumuTsumu didn’t really know what she’d be doing as a DJ but she’s found her place in showmanship and MC duties. Because she went to international school until 3rd year elementary, TsumuTsumu speaks fairly decent English and provides English MC + real-time translations during RAS lives!


Honorary Member

Otsuka Sae (大塚 紗英)
Nickname: Saechi (さえチ)
Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Fanclub
Character: HANAZONO / Hanazono Tae


A 30-minute web radio show on HiBiKi Radio Station broadcasting every Thursday at 12:00 JST. Hosted by Kurachi Reo and Tsumugi Risa.

Radio Corners

  • Listeners’ Corner
    • General mail about anything RAS-related
  • passions run R・I・O・T
    • Send in mail about things you love and why. The hosts will dramatically read the letters!
    • The first time a member appears on the show, they will also do this for something that they love!
  • Come into the world
    • The hosts will talk about some theme while expressing specific emotions/impressions. For example, “talk about something serious in a cute voice”.
  • My Invincible Fighter
    • Send in mail about an “invincible fighter” around you. For example, “my classmate falls asleep during the 1 o’clock class and doesn’t wake up until the 6 o’clock class. they must be an Invincible Fighter”.

Episodes / Synopses



“Catchphrases” from Mu~Comi+Plus:


S Inc



  • Tsumugi Risa (CHU²)
  • Aimi (Kasumi)
  • Nishimoto Rimi (Rimi)
  • Itou Ayasa (Arisa)
  • Aiba Aina (Yukina)
  • Itou Masahiro (Nanahoshi Ren)
  • Hyuga Daisuke (Goryo Yuto)
  • Maeda Seiji (Matoba Wataru)
  • Morishima Shuuta (Kikyo Rio)
  • Mimori Suzuko (Ushigome Yuri)
  • Kitta Izumi (Uzawa Rii)
  • Sasaki Mikoi (Wanibe Nanana)

Ace Crew

Note: These five have previously been assembled as the “Ace Crew Special Band”. They performed a special collaboration stage with Fischer’s at the Live Crew on 2018.12.28 and another stage at the Sanriku Connect Festival event on 2018.03.30-31.