Nishio Yuka, Hazuki Himari, Kagami Karin ~ D4DJ 4th LIVE Flowers

Nishio Yuka • Hazuki Himari • Kagami Karin
~ D4 FES Flower Stand ~

~ Contribute here! ~

This blog post will compile all the progress for the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew D4DJ 4th Live Flower Stand! All updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #OyuHimaringoKagamin4thFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet


~ Contribute here! ~

Illustrators: @Witera, @aka_aha15
Message Board: @aka_aha15

Hazuki Himari and Kagami Karin were recently added to the roster for 4th LIVE, so we’re now able to send them another flower stand!

All the D4DJ units unveiled their new stage costumes at D4 FES, and we’ll be using these costumes for the illustrations. We’ll also be putting headshot illustrations on the message board this time as a reference to their newly released Dig Delight! single.

We’ll be brainstorming more ideas for references to sneak into the illustrations, but for starters!
Nishio Yuka: Karaage-kun Red
Hazuki Himari: Her New Camera, ING Megaphone
Kagami Karin: Cute Drinks

To be continued…


Hazuki Himari ~ February 2020 Tweet Translations

14 Feb 2020 – 10:47 PM

Over 150k pre-registrations!! Amazing!!!!!✨✨✨
Thank you to everyone who signed up☺️🤍
I want to hurry and play~!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 150k Pre-Registrations)

14 Feb 2020 – 8:50 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @Card labo Hiroshima Store
Thank you!!
I hope Rebirth can reach lots of people🥰
The second photo is a deer from my recent trip to Hiroshima
I have classes in Hiroshima again tomorrow! Hope to see you there🦌

14 Feb 2020 – 8:47 AM (Negishi Ai)

Designed Cookies 2020🍪
I made Merm4id🥰
Dalia-chan’s hair got a little browned so it ended up like gradient hair🤣
I’m posting lots [of photos] on Instagram🥺…

14 Feb 2020 – 11:08 AM (Momono Haruna)

Cute–💓and well done💓💓That’s love😇

14 Feb 2020 – 11:35 AM (Negishi Ai)

H-happy😂💕You flatter me🙇‍♀️✨🥺

14 Feb 2020 – 11:11 AM (Otsuka Sae)

Aipon-chan, amazing!! So talented😳😳

14 Feb 2020 – 11:37 AM (Negishi Ai)

All of my feminine ability went into cookie making🤣😂This is actually all I’ve got! I’m glad to hear that🥰

Note: joshiryoku is a highly loaded term but it basically boils down to “ability to be appealing to men”

14 Feb 2020 – 11:29 AM (Okada Mei)

It’s Merm4iddd🥰✨✨That’s our Ai-chan…っ(´ᵕ`)♡!!

14 Feb 2020 – 11:38 AM (Negishi Ai)

Thanks🥰I felt bad for eating them since they’re our faces😭🤣

14 Feb 2020 – 3:34 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

These would indeed be hard to eat😂
Aipon is skilled👏💕

14 Feb 2020 – 3:45 PM (Negishi Ai)

But I enjoyed eating them😎

14 Feb 2020 – 12:22 PM

Waaaah, amazing!! Cute!!😳🤍

14 Feb 2020 – 1:21 PM (Negishi Ai)

Thanks–! I feel like Saori-chan came out the best🥰

Note: Saori is Himari’s character

13 Feb 2020 – 11:43 PM

I’ll be here tomorrow!
It’s Valentine’s Day🍫

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 2/14 Schedule)

13 Feb 2020 – 4:37 PM

It’s warm today☺️

11 Feb 2020 – 7:46 AM

Good morning☀︎

10 Feb 2020 – 8:35 PM

I finally bought it
I’ll take good care this🤍📷

9 Feb 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night🥱

7 Feb 2020 – 11:04 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
The disk skin currently being kept is this character design!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

7 Feb 2020 – 11:04 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

6 Feb 2020 – 8:22 AM

Good morning☀️

6 Feb 2020 – 12:25 AM

D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」is 9th place on Oricon Weekly!
Amazing. Thank you all so much😊💛
The picture is「M」for「Merm4id」Ⓜ️

5 Feb 2020 – 7:45 PM

50k people reached, thank you✨
Please be sure to use the Twitter icons( *ˊᵕˋ)

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 50k Pre-Registration Reward Merm4id Twitter Icons)

4 Feb 2020 – 1:11 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

3 Feb 2020 – 8:50 PM

Thank you for participating even though it’s a weekday!
I’ve won all my matches vs staff except for one in Kagawa Prefecture🦾
My next class is on the 14th in Hiroshima! It’s Valentine’s Day🍫

3 Feb 2020 – 1:55 PM

100k?!?! Wahh amazing🙄✨
Thank you to all the Tigglers!
Please register if you haven’t already=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Note: she misspelled Digglers

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix – 100k Pre-Registrations)

2 Feb 2020 – 5:39 PM

It looks soooo fun…!
I’m training my fingers while I can🤫

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Gameplay)

2 Feb 2020 – 5:36 PM

I’m putting my February #RebirthNationwideClasses600 schedule here!
Please come if you’d like🦌

2 Feb 2020 – 5:24 PM

@Card Shop Sakura
Thank you for participating!
Second time in Ibaraki Prefecture! My hometown!
Next up tomorrow at 19:00~classes in Tokyo🤝
Don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home👩🏻‍⚕️

2 Feb 2020 – 1:47 AM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

1 Feb 2020 – 11:24 PM

『Dig Delight』is 3rd place on Oricon Daily✨
Amazing! Amazing!
Thank you all so much💛

Linked Page (Oricon Daily Ranking for 1/31)

1 Feb 2020 – 10:43 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses600 in Ibaraki!
I’ll be participating with a mask on😷
Hope to see you there–!

Note: attendees are required to wear a mask due to the coronavirus outbreak

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 2/2 Schedule)

2 Feb 2020 – 9:44 AM

Good morning~!
Let’s make it a good day✊🏻

1 Feb 2020 – 10:00 PM

I went to see #Roselia‘s SOLO LIVE「Rausch」
The intensity in the venue was amazing
Roselia’s songs and performance need no words, and I love their wonderful portrayal!
It was an amazing live!!
Thank you🌹

Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei (Merm4id)

1 Feb 2020 – 8:13 PM (Miyakoda Kazushi)

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

Note: Miyakoda is the president of Ace Crew (Himari’s agency) and music producer for Merm4id

1 Feb 2020 – 9:19 PM


1 Feb 2020 – 12:44 PM

#D4DJOshiGacha A pre-registration gacha to obtain an in-game「Oshi Disc Skin」is currently underway!!
Pull the pre-registration gacha⇒

1 Feb 2020 – 12:11 PM

Pictures from yesterday!
Chinharu-san, my senpai in my agency. Nishio-san and Kagami-san, the Joint Audition Crew🤩
Thank you( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: Mimura Haruka, Nishio Yuka, Kagami Karin

1 Feb 2020 – 12:03 PM


Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei, Hirajima Natsumi

January 2020 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ January 2020 Tweet Translations

February 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Jan 2020 – 11:07 PM

「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure」
Everyone who came to the venue and supported us at live viewings,
Thank you!
Today was filled with lots of announcements and new costumes
It was a wonderful day. I don’t want it to end😌
Please continue to support #D4DJ and #Merm4id!!!

1 Feb 2020 – 11:52 AM

Thank you for the flowers, presents, and letters💛

31 Jan 2020 – 12:36 PM

At laaaaast, today is D4 FES.–!!
Nervous! And excited!!!
Hope to see you at the venue🤗

30 Jan 2020 – 10:09 PM

Tomorrow is「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-」! I’m already mentally rehearsing for tomorrow.
Are you ready for tomorrow?
Anyways, Merm4id has lots of jumping and movement during lives so please be well-prepared to move around💁🏻‍♀️

#D4DJ #Merm4id

30 Jan 2020 – 9:54 PM

Daily 7th place?!?!
The ranking is going up😳😳😳

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! 7th place on the Oricon Daily Ranking)

29 Jan 2020 – 8:54 PM

Wow, D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」
is 8th in the Oricon Daily [Ranking]!!🎉
A CD with my voice on it…amazing…so happy…!
Please be sure to buy it and check it out( *ˊᵕˋ)


29 Jan 2020 – 3:20 PM

On sale today✨
Have you gotten it yet?
Please listen to it lots =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」Release)

29 Jan 2020 – 10:13 AM (Raychell)

My coworkers threw a party for me yesterday and lots of people who look after me came over.
I’m really happy😭✨
I’ll do my best in 2020 in my own way✨
Pictured are the girls who came💕
Thank you!!!

Note: Otsuka Sae, mika, Kudou Haruka, Natsume, Raychell, Shizaki Kanon, Aiba Aina (HiBiKi), Hazuki Himari, Kurachi Reo (S inc.), Okada Mei (Lush Entertainment), Mimura Haruka
Everyone is from Ace Crew unless otherwise stated.

29 Jan 2020 – 2:38 PM

Once again, happy birthday🎉
I hope you have a wonderful year( *ˊᵕˋ)

28 Jan 2020 – 3:56 PM

Today is flying get day for D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」💿
I hope lots of people will listen to it( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: furage/flying get = retailers selling the CD a day before official release

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」)

26 Jan 2020 – 8:11 PM

@Torecafe Ikkokukan
@Yellow Submarine PLAYSOFT Miyahara Store
Thank you for coming out in the cold!🤧
I hope no one catches a cold…🙏🏻
I’ll be in Ibaraki Prefecture next on 2/2(ˊᵕˋ )
The picture is white mocha with nonfat milk🍼

26 Jan 2020 – 12:42 PM

It’s cold🥶

25 Jan 2020 – 10:35 PM

Tomorrow’s #RebirthNationwideClasses600 are here!
I’m going to Saitama Prefecture🤝

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/26 Schedule)

25 Jan 2020 – 6:45 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Before the live, Merm4id attached stickers to the megaphone Himari @Hazuki_himari holds during「ING」📣💕
We took a time lapse!
The designers made these cute stickers for the megaphone😘
Did you notice–??
#D4DJ #Merm4id @D4DJ_pj

25 Jan 2020 – 6:54 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Twitter dropping the video quality hurts
Maybe Instagram would be good?

25 Jan 2020 – 11:34 PM

Here’s the megaphone that’s cute now📣

25 Jan 2020 – 6:00 PM

”TOKYO MIX JUICE”~Super Fusion Music Fes~ Thank you🥰!
I was nervous about doing my first live in a while but it was fun!

#D4DJ #Merm4id

25 Jan 2020 – 9:54 AM

Good morning🧜🏻‍♀️✨

24 Jan 2020 – 10:58 PM

It’s finally tomorrow!
Let’s have a great time together🧜🏻‍♀️💋
I’m looking forward to it☺︎

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id at TOKYO MIX JUICE)

23 Jan 2020 – 4:01 PM

We had D4 FES rehearsal🧜🏻‍♀️!
Just a bit more until the big day…😮✨
I’m imagining how the day will go and getting excited
I want you to see it soon!
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

22 Jan 2020 – 6:23 PM

Posting a photo that I missed the chance to share🍁
This age-momiji was delicious~

Note: a fried, leaf-shaped sponge-caked filled with red bean paste

21 Jan 2020 – 8:56 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ BOOK ACE Shintoride Store
Thank you✨
This was the first class in my hometown(◜▿◝ )/
All the attendees got on well and it was fun!🥳
My next class is on the 26th in Saitama Prefecture!

21 Jan 2020 – 4:03 PM

It’s been posted🥳
Please be sure to listen!💫
I’ll be waiting for your impressions(_ _)✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth RADIO #16)

20 Jan 2020 – 11:09 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses!
19:00~at BOOK ACE Shintoride💁🏻‍♀️
Hope to see you there☺︎
Good night😪

20 Jan 2020 – 8:18 PM

Our unit photos have been revealed~🧜🏻‍♀️💗
The costumes were reproduced so accurately…!
What do you think?

Quoted Tweet (D4 Fes – Merm4id Costumes)

19 Jan 2020 – 4:29 PM

@Cardkingdom Takamatsu Store
Thank you🙏🏻✨
It was my first time in Shikoku, but everyone gave me a warm welcome and the food was delicious so I hope I can come again💭
I’m disappointed that I didn’t win all the matches vs staff…!!!
Next is the 21st at 19:00~BOOK ACE Shintoride in Ibaraki Prefecture💁🏻‍♀️

19 Jan 2020 – 10:08 AM

Good morning🌞
First up at 11:00 today~#RebirthNationwideClasses600 at Cardkingdom Takamatsu Store!
Hope to see you there😃✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/19 Schedule)

18 Jan 2020 – 6:31 PM

@Hobby Shop Neo Kokufu Store
@Rebook Tokushima Ekimae Store
@Nankai Books
Thank you🙏🏻✨
I won all four matches against the staff in Tokushima yesterday and today so I’m satisfied🥳
I’m headed to Kagawa prefecture tomorrow~!

18 Jan 2020 – 9:50 AM

Good morning🌞
I’ll be participating in #RebirthNationwideClasses600 all day today!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/18 Schedule)

17 Jan 2020 – 9:46 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @Cardkingdom Tokushima Store
Thank you🙌🏻✨
My first time in the Shikoku region! I’m glad I could come here☺️
I also have classes in Tokushima tomorrow!
Be sure to come by🤝
The picture is Tokushima Ramen! It’s demonic~

17 Jan 2020 – 3:18 PM

We had Merm4id rehearsal🧜🏻‍♀️
I went in my Merm4id T-shirt!
It’s so amazing that I can get a close look at these three singing and dancing in front😤💞

Note: Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

17 Jan 2020 – 5:43 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

What the
You’re such an angel
Take care in Tokushima!!

Note: Himarin went to Tokushima for Rebirth classes

16 Jan 2020 – 11:13 PM

Tomorrow at 19:00~#RebirthNationwideClasses600 in Tokushima!!
It’s my first time in the Shikoku region😮✨
Be sure to come by🙌🏻

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 1/17 Schedule)

16 Jan 2020 – 6:14 PM

I went to Hiroshima yesterday and today🦌

14 Jan 2020 – 7:29 PM

This has been uploaded!
Please be sure to listen( *ˊᵕˋ)
I look forward to hearing your thoughts🙋🏻‍♀️

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Radio #15, hosted by Tokui Sora and Sasaki Mikoi)

14 Jan 2020 – 7:27 PM

I had Merm4id rehearsal today~!
We took this photo after rehearsal🤳🏻
I’m even more excited about 1/25 and 1/31 now🥳✨
Also, I get sleepy after moving around😪
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

14 Jan 2020 – 7:52 PM (Negishi Ai)

I know what you mean! I’m sorta sleepy the whole time too!😴🤣

14 Jan 2020 – 8:00 PM

I thought so!!! Nacchan and Meishan definitely get sleepy around this time😃!

Note: Negishi Ai, Okada Mei

14 Jan 2020 – 8:13 PM (Okada Mei)

(●´▽`●)*dozes off*…🌸

13 Jan 2020 – 9:46 PM

Thank you to everyone who came!
The pre-order [handshake] sessions and match sessions were really fun✨
I won two matches and lost one, which feels passable…😀
I want to play more matches!💥
I took photos with Sae-san, Koyama-san, and Narumi-san( ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )♡

Note: Otsuka Sae, Koyama Momoyo, Narumi Runa

13 Jan 2020 – 3:42 PM

Today is #NewYearsRebirthFes!!
My pre-order [handshake] sessions are at 17:00~, 19:00~, 21:00~
My match session is at 18:00~🤝
Let’s enjoy Rebirth together at Toreca no Doukutsu CARD WORLD TOWER AKIBA Store🥳

13 Jan 2020 – 12:18 PM

Today is Coming of Age Day!!
Congratulations to all the new adults㊗️

12 Jan 2020 – 7:29 PM

@Dragon Star Kyoto Shinkyogoku Store
@Card labo Avanti Kyoto Store
Thank you☺️🍵
I try to make the classes easy to understand even for newcomers💭
The streets of Kyoto were beautiful~!
Tomorrow is the New Year’s Rebirth Fes!!!!!
Let’s have fun! Hope to see you there🙌🏻

12 Jan 2020 – 10:23 AM

Good morning☁️
I’m here today!
Hope to see you there ( ˊᵕˋ )♡

11 Jan 2020 – 9:48 PM

I’m headed to Kyoto tomorrow for #RebirthNationwideClasses600🍵

8 Jan 2020 – 8:16 PM

Here’s the timetable for 1/25💁🏻‍♀️
It’s at 14:00~looking forward to it🥳💗
Merm4id’s first go in 2020
Let’s have a blast together✊🏻!

Quoted Tweet (TOKYO MIX JUICE Timetable)

7 Jan 2020 – 9:38 AM

Sorry, my guest episode isn’t today’s broadcast…!

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth RADIO w/ Hazuki Himari)

5 Jan 2020 – 10:38 PM

#Rebasu Pre-Broadcast! Presentation】
Thank you🎍✨
There was new information and tons of content☺️
The anime also started today!
I’m looking forward to Saki-chan’s appearance~🐼💗
I hope you’ll continue to support Rebirth!!

5 Jan 2020 – 1:33 PM

#RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ Yellow Submarine Yokohama MOVIL Store
Thank you💫
My first class of the new year!
I won against the staff so I have a good feeling about this year🙌🏻
20:00~ 【#Rebirth Pre-Broadcast! Presentation】
21:04~ Anime Broadcast
Today is filled with Rebirth💜!

5 Jan 2020 – 8:54 AM

Good morning🌞
First up today at 11:00~ #RebirthNationwideClasses600!
I’m heading to Yokohama~☺︎

1 Jan 2020 – 5:35 PM

Happy New Year🐁
I hope you’ll continue to support me in 2020
Let’s make it a fun year🥳🥳

1 Jan 2020 – 12:22 AM


December 2019 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ December 2019 Tweet Translations

January 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Dec 2019 – 10:48 PM

2019, thank you!

I was supported by many people this year.
I’m here today thanks to the people who support me day after day
Thank you so much!!

I’ll work hard every day so that I can return that gratitude someday!
Thank you for your support this year as well🌟

31 Dec 2019 – 8:10 PM

I’m appearing as a guest on #RebirthRADIO~TrainingEdition~ on 1/7!
Please be sure to check it out📻
Radio nervous…!!


31 Dec 2019 – 8:08 PM

I’ll be going here for January #RebirthNationwideClasses600( * ॑˘ ॑* ) ⁾⁾
I’ll be going to all sorts of places!!
Looking forward to it☺️🌟


31 Dec 2019 – 10:23 AM

Before I knew it, it’s New Year’s Eve!😮

28 Dec 2019 – 7:42 AM

Good morning☺️🌟

26 Dec 2019 – 8:27 PM

Hidaka Saori-chan!!
Her troubled face is so cute☺️💓
Her favorite foods are delicacies, motsunabe, and ramen at the end of the day…! Sophisticated!!
I love ramen too🍜
Her special skill is calligraphy!! I admire people with good handwriting
Let’s do our best so that your activities can gain more recognition!!
I hope you’ll support Hidaka Saori-chan🧜🏻‍♀️

Quoted Tweet (Hidaka Saori Profile)

25 Dec 2019 – 10:06 PM

Merry Christmas🎅🏻
I wonder what I should get as a Christmas present to myself~!

24 Dec 2019 – 10:41 PM

Merry Christmas Eve🎅🏻🎄⭐

How are you all spending it?

22 Dec 2019 – 7:23 PM

Let’s properly check the weather forecast from now on, let’s do that( ˊ࿁ˋ )🌂

19 Dec 2019 – 6:54 AM

Good morning😪

16 Dec 2019 – 11:03 PM

The amount of people around with influenza has increased😷
Be sure to take proper precautions!!

12 Dec 2019 – 11:30 PM

I’ve been addicted to Werewolf Village lately. It’s fun even though I’m bad at it🐺

Note: This is a smartphone adaptation of a social game called Werewolf / Mafia

11 Dec 2019 – 7:38 AM

Good morning☺︎!

8 Dec 2019 – 5:40 PM

@Famicon Shop Bears
@EDION Himeji
Thank you👼🏻🌟
Everyone was really warm and I had a great time☺️
Also! Today was my first time playing a match with staff but I was able to win(◜▿◝ )/✨


Note: The seiyuu usually play a match with staff while the attendees are given some free time to play against each other. Himaringo was paired with other seiyuu for most of her classes so they played with each other instead.

8 Dec 2019 – 9:46 AM

Good morning☀️
I’m in Hyogo today!!
Hope to see you💁🏻‍♀️✨

Quoted Tweeted (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/8 Schedule)

7 Dec 2019 – 8:17 PM

@Hobby Station Tsudanuma
@Hobby Station Matsudo
@Momotarou Kingdom Narashino
Thank you for participating in the rain and cold👩🏻✨
It’s been a while since my last class!
It was fun✌︎
I’m headed to Hyogo prefecture tomorrow~🐙


7 Dec 2019 – 9:39 AM

Good morning~☺︎

6 Dec 2019 – 7:31 PM

I’m going to Chiba prefecture for tomorrow’s #RebirthNationwideClasses600~🥜
It’s been a while since my last class!
Looking forward to it~☺️

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 12/7 Schedule)

5 Dec 2019 – 10:28 PM

Rebirth 『Team Name Decision Live Stream #4‼』
Thank you💟
We decided on『Venus』as our team name!! It’s a wonderful name( ¨̮⋆)
Please continue to support Rebirth and Venus🙌🏻💫


5 Dec 2019 – 7:43 PM

21:00~Live stream!!
Please be sure to watch⌄̈⃝💜
I’m looking forward to deciding our team name~!✨

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Team Name Decision Stream, Otsuka Sae & Hazuki Himari & Mimura Haruka)

4 Dec 2019 – 8:04 PM

Hot springs and hot stone spa now that tests are over♨️
It was refreshing to sweat it all out( ◜◡◝ )

2 Dec 2019 – 8:17 AM

Good morning cold🥶

November 2019 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ November 2019 Tweet Translations

December 2019 Tweet Translations

30 Nov 2019 – 11:08 PM

I went to see Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN’s joint live「Rausch und/and Craziness」!
Both groups had different merits and they took my breath away…!!
It was a really wonderful joint live✨
I’m going to let today linger in my mind as I sleep( ᵕᴗᵕ )”

30 Nov 2019 – 10:11 PM (Negishi Ai)

I went to see Roselia×RAISE A SUILEN「 Rausch und/and Craziness」! It was too amazing😭Both groups had such a wonderful sound and performance and I had a really great time☺️The collab [songs] were amazing too…I’ll do my best with Himari-chan for🧜‍♀️Merm4id too!!
#Raukure #Bandori #D4DJ #Merm4id

29 Nov 2019 – 4:09 PM

Seiyuu Paradise is on sale today!
I was nervous about my first Seiyuu Para but I had fun☺️
I answered lots of interview questions💟
Please be sure to check it out~!!!

Quoted Tweet (Seiyuu Paradise R vol.33 with Hazuki Himari)

27 Nov 2019 – 8:12 PM


Merm4id is too good🧜🏻‍♀️💗

Saori-chan’s expression is so sexy and she’s adorable down to her fingertips!! Amazing!!!

#D4DJ #Merm4id

Quoted Tweet (D4 FES Merm4id Key Visual)

27 Nov 2019 – 2:14 PM

Please be sure to watch=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of team name we’ll end up with🥰

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Team Name Decision Stream, Otsuka Sae & Hazuki Himari & Mimura Haruka)

26 Nov 2019 – 11:57 PM

Today was cold☁️
Thinking about how it’s going to get even colder makes me worried about whether I can make it through the winter( ˊ࿁ˋ )

25 Nov 2019 – 7:44 AM

Good morning☁️
Let’s do our best again today~!
I have exams starting today👩🏻‍🎓✍🏻

23 Nov 2019 – 8:55 PM

I was digging through the folder and this video from around August came up
Blue soft serve🍦💙

Note: Possibly “Blue Almond” soft serve that can be found around Shibuya and Ginza

22 Nov 2019 – 1:13 PM

Merm4id will be performing at 「TOKYO MIX JUICE」!🧜🏻‍♀️
I’m really looking forward to it!!
We’ll do our best to cover Mei-shan’s part too~💪🏻
Please come and have fun( ᵕᴗᵕ )”

Note: Okada Mei will be absent

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id Performance at TOKYO MIX JUICE)

21 Nov 2019 – 8:26 PM

The curry rice I ate the other day
I’m bad at figuring out how to balance the rice and sauce so I always tend to have sauce left over👲🏽🍛

19 Nov 2019 – 6:41 PM

Meishan, who voices Mizushima Marika, was actually casting the good luck charm on me during the recording🥰She gave [my hand] a *squeeze*🥰

Note: Merm4id 2nd Live Voice Drama. Himari’s char, Saori, was nervous and the other members were trying to help her relax

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id 2nd Live Voice Drama)

19 Nov 2019 – 8:56 PM (Okada Mei)



19 Nov 2019 – 7:37 AM

Good morning☁️

18 Nov 2019 – 4:55 PM

Now accepting team names!💟
I’m awaiting your wonderful ideas~ =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth team name campaign for Torigoe Juri [Otsuka Sae], Komogata Yutaka [Mimura Haruka], Kotobuki Saki [Hazuki Himari])

18 Nov 2019 – 8:10 AM

On my way to school while being sad that I can’t participate in a Pokémon GO EX Raid even though I was selected because it’s at a time that I definitely can’t make🙃

Note: these are large scale fights that require a semi-randomly obtained special pass (or invite)

17 Nov 2019 – 11:04 PM

How did you spend your day today–?
I was studying because I have a test in a week but
I fell asleep and it was night time before I knew it🙃

Here’s the December schedule for #RebirthNationwideClasses600!!
I’m going to Hyogo and Chiba🙌🏻💫


【Chiba Prefecture】
Hobby Station Tsudanuma 12/7 11:00~
Hobby Station Matsudo 12/7 15:00~
Momotarou Kingdom Narashino 12/7 18:00~
【Hyogo Prefecture】
Famicon Shop Bears 12/8 11:00~
EDION Himeji 12/8 15:00~

16 Nov 2019 – 10:00 PM

Nacchan and I went to Tenkou Shoujo*’s Tour Final to see Meishan’s graduation🐑🌿

It was a deeply moving live
Idol Meishan was so cool and radiant!

Thanks for all your hard work over these 5 years!!


Note: Hirajima Natsumi, Okada Mei

17 Nov 2019 – 7:45 AM (Okada Mei)


I was glad to have you kindly watching over me…🥰✨
Thanks for coming to see me♡ˊᵕˋ

Note: Okada Mei was the leader of Tenkou Shoujo*, a military-themed idol group. This live was her final performance as part of the group. The three of them are also members of Merm4id!

15 Nov 2019 – 8:44 PM

Even though I’ve already have years of experience with autumn/winter
I end up not knowing what to wear every year~

14 Nov 2019 – 9:41 PM

This photo was taken when I went to an art gallery the other day
Each person has their own sensibility, and I think people who can express it are wonderful✌︎

13 Nov 2019 – 5:26 PM

I got my flu shot for the first time in 2 years💉
I didn’t catch it last year so I hope I won’t catch it this year either!👏🏻

12 Nov 2019 – 7:20 AM

Good morning( ˊ࿁ˋ )

11 Nov 2019 – 10:02 PM

The food in Nagoya was delicious🤤

10 Nov 2019 – 6:52 PM

@Phase Nagoya Aratamabashi Store
@Advantage Osu No.2 Store
Thank you🌟
I had a fun 2 days in Aichi–!!
I’d like to try battling with you someday⠒̫⃝
Please continue to support Rebirth💟


10 Nov 2019 – 10:35 AM

Good morning!
I’m here today( * ॑˘ ॑* ) ⁾⁾
Nagoya is warm~🌞

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 11/10 Schedule)

9 Nov 2019 – 6:14 PM

@Preyz Horita Store
@Yellow Submarine Nagoya GAME SHOP
Thank you🐷
I was happy to have a fun class with you💜
I’ll be in Aichi tomorrow as well!!
Let’s spread Rebirth🤝✨


9 Nov 2019 – 9:17 AM

Good morning🌞
I’m in Aichi today!
First up at 12:00~ Preyz Horita Store
Hope to see you there(*˙ᵕ˙ *)

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 11/9 Schedule)

8 Nov 2019 – 6:58 PM

Tomorrow is #RebirthNationwideClasses600 !
I’m headed to Aichi =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )
Please come and have fun🙌🏻💫


Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 11/9 Schedule)

7 Nov 2019 – 8:16 PM

Sky high quality of life ramen🍜
I’ve recently been into kotteri [broths]
Please let me know some good ramen shopssss!

Note: kotteri describes thicker, fattier broths
as opposed to thinner, clearer assari broths

5 Nov 2019 – 7:18 AM

Good morning🌞
Let’s do our best today( ◜◡◝ )!

4 Nov 2019 – 9:41 PM

Three days of memories🍃
Gold leaf face pack from Ishikawa Prefecture
Toyama Black [ramen] from Toyama Prefecture
Tarekatsu & hegisoba from Niigata Prefecture
They were all amazing(◜▿◝ )/

Note: tarekatsu and hegisoba are both specialty dishes from Niigata

4 Nov 2019 – 6:36 PM

@Card Labo Niigata Store
@Gamekan Beat
Thank you🌟
How were the classes and pre-order sessions??
I had lots of fun( ˊᵕˋ )♡
The 3rd photo is called “don’t these clothes have cute sleeves?”📷
I’m going to Nagoya next week~!


Note: Attendees can pre-order a trial deck to have a handshake session with the seiyuu

Preyz Horita Store
11/9 (Sat) 12:00~
Yellow Submarine Nagoya GAME SHOP
11/9 (Sat) 16:00~
Phase Nagoya Aratamabashi Store
11/10 (Sun) 12:00~
Advantage Osu No.2 Store
11/10 (Sun) 16:00~

4 Nov 2019 – 9:47 AM

Good morning🙌🏻
At 11:00 today~ Card Labo Niigata Store
16:00~Gamekan Beat
#RebirthNationwideClasses600 !
Hope to see you there💫

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 11/4 Schedule)

3 Nov 2019 – 7:03 PM

@BOOK MARKET Kamiino Store
Thank you💜
Please be sure to tell your friends! about Rebirth too🌏🤝
Tomorrow is 11:00~ Card labo Niigata Store
16:00~ Gamekan Beat


3 Nov 2019 – 7:36 AM

Good morning🌞
I have #RebirthNationwideClasses600 again today!
Hope to see you there( ˊᵕˋ )✨

2 Nov 2019 – 6:52 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ Hobby Station Kanezawa!
I hope to spread Rebirth further and further💫
Tomorrow is
10:00〜 Toyama Prefecture BOOK MARKET Kamiino Store
17:00〜 Niigata Prefecture MRC Mediakan!


2 Nov 2019 – 2:08 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ KaBoS Okuwa Store🌻
I was glad that people came from both near and afar!💟
Saki-chan is cute~🤤
Next is at 16:00~Hobby Station Kanezawa store💁🏻‍♀️


Note: Kotobuki Saki is her Rebirth character

2 Nov 2019 – 8:20 AM

Thanks for your support( * ॑˘ ॑* ) ⁾⁾

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes600 11/2 Schedule)

1 Nov 2019 – 6:32 PM

I’m going to Ishikawa Prefecture~!
I’m really looking forward to it(* ॑꒳ ॑* )
Please be sure to come and have fun🌟

October 2019 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ October 2019 Tweet Translations

November 2019 Tweet Translations

30 Oct 2019 – 10:24 PM

The deadline is today!
Have you all applied?🥴

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- Ticket Lottery)

30 Oct 2019 – 2:16 PM

Long time no see(◜▿◝ )/
I can drink the milk tea and nata de coco at a nice balance now👶🏻!

Note: Himari gets her milk tea with nata de coco instead of tapioca but has previously said it was hard to suck through the straw

28 Oct 2019 – 8:51 AM

Good morning🧜🏻‍♀️

27 Oct 2019 – 11:38 PM (Negishi Ai)

I’m looking at the pictures from the live and basking in the lingering excitement from today☺️People seemed to have trouble doing the 2 “Merm4id” calls in「ING」the first time around, but they had it down by the second time and hearing it so clearly made me happy🥳

27 Oct 2019 – 11:45 PM

Great pictures☺️

27 Oct 2019 – 7:30 PM

Thank you for coming to #Gekirock🧜🏻‍♀️💟
It was 1054763 times more exciting than I’d imagined and I had a great time( ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )
I’ll do my best so that I can keep appearing in all sorts of events in the future–!!

#D4DJ #Merm4id

27 Oct 2019 – 4:30 PM

Merm4id T-shirt🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️
It’s stylish so it can be used for day-to-day wear too(*˙ᵕ˙ *)
Let’s all match~!

#D4DJ #Merm4id #Gekirock

27 Oct 2019 – 4:35 PM (Otsuka Sae)

Cute, do your best💪🤤👶lol

27 Oct 2019 – 4:37 PM

I’ll do my best👶🏻!

26 Oct 2019 – 8:31 PM

It’s finally tomorrow!!
#Merm4id is performing in #GekirockDJParty😈🎃🧙‍♀️🐱
Let’s raise the roof!
Hope to see you in Shibuya💟

#D4DJ #Merm4id

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Merm4id Guest Performance at Gekirock DJ Party)

26 Oct 2019 – 8:03 PM

Cute, I want them too🧞‍♀️✡

Quoted Tweet (Gekirock DJ Party Merm4id Halloween RT Campaign)

26 Oct 2019 – 8:09 AM

Good morning☺️💫

25 Oct 2019 – 10:06 PM

Nacchan is good at drawing👏🏻


Note: There was a drawing game on D4DJ Special Live Stream -Autumn meeting- and Hirajima Natsumi was amazing in it. The goal of the game was to draw what they thought the person before them drew, then hopefully end up with the same thing by the end of the line!

25 Oct 2019 – 10:16 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Thanks for watching!
It’s not that I’m good
The others are……🙊🙊🙊💦💦

Note: bad

24 Oct 2019 – 6:40 PM

November’s #RebirthNationwideClasses600 schedule🍂
Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture! I’m going to lots of these prefectures for the first time!
Please come and have fun(* ॑꒳ ॑* )🌟

11/2 (Sat) 11:00~ KaBoS Okuwa Store
11/2 (Sat) 16:00~ Hobby Station Kanezawa
11/3 (Sun) 11:00~ BOOK MARKET Kamiino Store
11/3 (Sun) 17:00~ MRC Mediakan
11/4 (Mon) 11:00~ Card Labo Niigata Store
11/4 (Mon) 16:00~ Gamekan Beat

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 November Schedule)

24 Oct 2019 – 6:28 PM

【D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-】has the full cast lineup
Applications run until 10/30 (Wed) 23:59!
Have you all applied~? 👀

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- Tickets)

24 Oct 2019 – 7:56 AM

Good morning=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

22 Oct 2019 – 6:53 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ Yellow Submarine Ikebukuro Game Shop🌟
It was my first time participating alone but your kindness helped me relax(˶ ̇ ̵ ̇˶ )
Let’s spread the Rebirth hype💪🏻🔥
Entry in!


Note: “Entry in!” is the phrase that players say at the start of a Rebirth match

22 Oct 2019 – 2:22 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600@Card Shop Spirits💫
I was happy that my own knowledge increased thanks to your great questions☺️
Next is 17:00~at Yellow Submarine Ikebukuro Game Shop💁🏻‍♀️
Thanks for your support!


21 Oct 2019 – 5:30 PM

I’ll be here tomorrow✓
Please come and have fun🏃🏻‍♀️💫

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600)

20 Oct 2019 – 11:42 PM

I went to『Raychell×Natsume presents「MusicConnect」』!
It was inspiring and fun, and it stirred up my feelings
Music is amazing
It made me realize again how such amazing people are senpai in my agency, and that I’d like to follow their lead💫


21 Oct 2019 – 3:32 AM (Natsume)

Eh!? You came???
Thanks~😊 I’m glad✨

21 Oct 2019 – 12:09 PM

It was a learning experience!
I was really touched😭You looked beautiful and lovely in your dress too💕

20 Oct 2019 – 6:30 PM (Saeki Iori)

Thank you to everyone who came and to Card labo Ebina Store🦐
Please continue to enjoy Rebirth✨Thank you to Hazuki-san for today!

20 Oct 2019 – 6:46 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ Card labo Ebina Store🍤
Let’s keep enjoying Rebirth୧⍢⃝୨

My next stops are on the 22nd at
Card Shop Spirits 13:00~
Yellow Submarine Ikebukuro Game Shop 17:00~!


20 Oct 2019 – 2:35 PM (Saeki Iori)

Thank you to everyone who came and to FULLCOMP Yokohama Store! Snapped a photo with Hazuki-san.
Next up is Ebina~🦐

20 Oct 2019 – 2:37 PM

Thank you for coming to #RebirthNationwideClasses600 @ FULLCOMP Yokohama Store!!
I went around with Saeki-san 🔮💫
Next is at 17:00~ We’re going to Card labo Ebina Store~=͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )


20 Oct 2019 – 10:19 AM

Good morning⛅️
I’m headed to Kanagawa🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

19 Oct 2019 – 5:50 PM

There are #RebirthNationwideClasses600 tomorrow!
13:00~ FULLCOMP Yokohama Store
17:00~ Card labo Ebina Store
I’ll be participating here🌟
Please come and play =͟͟͞͞( ˊᵕˋ )

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 10/20)

19 Oct 2019 – 7:02 AM

Good morning⌄̈⃝

17 Oct 2019 – 7:15 PM

Gekirock DJ Party is on the 27th next week🕺🏻
Let’s have fun together!💫

#D4DJ #Merm4id

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id @ Gekirock DJ Party)

16 Oct 2019 – 12:17 PM

It’s surprisingly really cold😮

15 Oct 2019 – 6:54 PM

The D4DJ Track Jacket is big and cute and I’m really fond of it🤤

15 Oct 2019 – 4:23 PM (Negishi Ai)

From when we were eating bentos yesterday🍱
Nacchan was representing Merm4id [in front of press] at this time🙏
Two cuties eating their bentos
and my manly yay~ at the end😎
#D4DJ #Merm4id

15 Oct 2019 – 8:00 AM

The flowers made me happy, thank you🌼🌼🌼

15 Oct 2019 – 7:59 AM

Good morning⠒̫⃝

14 Oct 2019 – 10:39 PM

『D4DJ 2nd LIVE-Nonstop Night-』
Thank you🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️
Living up to its name, I was sweating nonstop…! I had a great time–!!!
I’m happy I could be with these members today🥰
We’ll continue to do our best as Merm4id so please support us!!

#D4DJ #Merm4id

14 Oct 2019 – 5:26 PM

『D4DJ 2nd LIVE-Day Party- 』
Thank you to everyone at the venue and live viewings!🧜🏻‍♀️
I was happy to see so many [people] getting excited🥰
There were lots of announcements too!
The evening [performance] will have a different atmosphere so please look forward to it🌛

14 Oct 2019 – 10:36 AM

Today! D4DJ 2nd LIVE💿

I hope more people will grow to love Merm4id today🤤💕

To everyone at the venue and theaters
thank you for your support🧜🏻‍♀️

#D4DJ #Merm4id

14 Oct 2019 – 12:24 AM

I hope tomorrow will be an amazing day(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)
Good night😪

Note: D4DJ 2nd LIVE

13 Oct 2019 – 8:35 PM

D4DJ 2nd LIVE is coming up tomorrow!!

I’m really looking forward to spending time with all the Digglers ⸜( * ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

There are live viewings too so please check them out!🎥

I hope to see you at the venue and at theaters🌟
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 2nd LIVE)

13 Oct 2019 – 3:19 PM

Is everyone safe from the damage of the typhoon??
It’s okay where I am💪🏻

11 Oct 2019 – 1:39 AM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Food with the members after D4DJ 2ndLIVE rehearsal🍚
For the sake of bonding!
It was fun talking about random things☺️

Himari-chan @Hazuki_himari had something on her mouth😆💓
[the video] is out of focus though🥺
#D4DJ #merm4id @D4DJ_pj

Nacchan: There’s something on your [lips].
Others: Cute!

11 Oct 2019 – 8:52 AM


11 Oct 2019 – 1:45 AM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Aipon @negishiai showcasing the chicken wing gyoza for us🥟🥟🥟🐓

Aipon: What do you think this is?
Nacchan: What is it?
Aipon: You think it’s a chicken wing, don’t you?
Nacchan: Yup.
Aipon: It’s gyoza.
Nacchan: Eh? It’s gyoza? No way!
Nacchan: It’s true! There’s the part Aipon ate.

11 Oct 2019 – 1:52 AM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Meishan @okada_mei0519 ate a crispy gyoza skin🥟🥟🥟
All 4 of us were eating this for the first time😳

Let’s do our best on 10/14–❣️
Taking a refreshing bath🛁
Good niight😊

🥺I tried to avoid having my manager in the shot but they made it in a little💦
#D4DJ #Merm4id

Video: Nacchan says Meishan is going to eat the gyoza cutely, but reminds her to add the sauce first. Meishan says it’s spicy.

11 Oct 2019 – 1:01 AM

I had rehearsal for D4DJ 2nd LIVE~!
The performance is coming up soon. I’m excited…!

We all went out for food afterwards( ˊᵕˋ )
The picture is chicken wing gyoza! It was delicious~🤤

#D4DJ #Merm4id

Note: Negishi Ai, Hirajima Natsumi, Hazuki Himari, Okada Mei

10 Oct 2019 – 5:39 PM

Please be very careful of the typhoon!!
I’m praying for everyone safety💭

9 Oct 2019 – 12:22 AM

Good night( ˘꒳​˘ )

7 Oct 2019 – 9:28 PM

I had DJ lessons~!
I want to become a cool DJ🕺🏻💫
I looks the D4DJ fans are called『Diggler』now (◜▿◝ )/

Note: The fan name was decided on the last Unit Meeting stream

7 Oct 2019 – 9:39 PM (Negishi Ai)

Himari-chan, go for it~🥳💕

7 Oct 2019 – 9:40 PM

Waaah thank you😭💕

7 Oct 2019 – 7:25 AM

Good morning⸜☺︎⸝

6 Oct 2019 – 6:03 PM

Classes featuring guests Otsuka Sae-san and Hazuki Himari-san were held at AMENITY DREAM Ikebukuro Power 9 Store!
Thank you all for attending✨ #Rebirth

6 Oct 2019 – 8:31 PM

Thank you for coming to the #Rebirth Class @ AMENITY DREAM Ikebukuro Power 9⌄̈⃝🌟

I’ll be going to lots of different places for classes from here on out~!
#Rebirth #RebirthNationwideClasses600

6 Oct 2019 – 3:32 PM

Thank you for coming to the #Rebirth Class@Cardkingdom Akihabara Ekimae Store🥰
I played a match against my senpai, Sae-san ⸜(๑’ᵕ’๑)⸝
Next up is Ikebukuro at 16:00!
Please come and have some fun💫

#Rebirth #RebirthNationwideClasses600

6 Oct 2019 – 2:58 PM (Rebirth Official)

Classes with Otsuka Sae-san & Hazuki Himari-san were held at Cardkingdom Akihabara Ekimae Store! Thank you✨
Coming up at 16:00~ Classes with Otsuka-san and Hazuki san will be held AMENITY DREAM Ikebukuro Power 9 Store, so please be sure to come and play! #Rebirth

5 Oct 2019 – 11:29 PM

□12:00~ Cardkingdom Akihabara Store
□16:00~ Amenity Dream Ikebukuro Store
holding #Rebirth classes there💫
I wonder how it’ll turn out?? Looking forward to it(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)
Well then, good night😪
#Rebirth #RebirthNationwideClasses600

5 Oct 2019 – 8:55 PM (Seiyuu Paradise)

【Congrats! #SeiParaDebut!】First appearance! First solo gravure~ #HazukiHimari chan! A long-interview and original photos of this up-and-coming seiyuu! We anticipate great things from her!! Next issue #SeiyuuParadiseR vol.33(on sale 11/29)

5 Oct 2019 – 9:36 PM

I had my #SeiParaDebut🎉

To have my photos in SeiPara…! I’m so happy🥰
I had cute photos taken and I talked about all sorts of things~!

They’ll be in #SeiyuuParadiseR vol.33(on sale 11/29) so please be sure to check it out ✓

5 Oct 2019 – 1:42 PM

I don’t know when I should wear autumn clothes( ˊ࿁ˋ )

Note: it’s hot in Tokyo

2 Oct 2019 – 7:06 AM

Good morning⌄̈⃝

September 2019 Tweet Translations

Hazuki Himari ~ September 2019 Tweet Translations

October 2019 Tweet Translations

30 Sep 2019 – 11:13 PM

「D4DJ Unit Meeting -Merm4id-」
Thank you🧜🏻‍♀️
It feels like Merm4id’s bonds have grown deeper
I’m looking forward to our future( ¨̮⋆)

#D4DJ #Merm4id

30 Sep 2019 – 10:36 PM (Hirajima Natsumi)

Thank you for watching “D4DJ Unit MeetingーMerm4id”🧸💕
It was too fuuuunnnnnn😆🥳🥰😉🤩
#merm4id #D4DJ

Note: Nacchan says the livestream finished. Aipon and Himari are trying to figure out how to get into the shot! They say the board is on stuck on properly now (it kept falling during the stream!)

29 Sep 2019 – 10:00 PM

It’s finally tomorrow! Looking forward to it( ¨̮⋆)

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Unit Meeting -Merm4id-)

28 Sep 2019 – 3:44 PM

I’ll be participating here✓
I’d be glad if you came to play( *ˊᵕˋ)
Thank you for you support💫

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Nationwide Classes 600 Schedule)

Note: They’re doing 600 workshops around the country to teach Rebirth. Different seiyuu will be appearing at every session!

27 Sep 2019 – 11:53 AM

We had D4DJ rehearsal yesterday
and celebrated Negishi Ai-san’s birthday afterwards ⸜❤︎⸝‍
Happy birthday🥳🎉
Every time we meet, it feels like “Merm4id is great, I love them”( *ˊᵕˋ)

27 Sep 2019 – 12:08 PM (Negishi Ai)

Himari-chan, thanks–🥳✨I think I somehow got a feel for your food preferences yesterday😎✍️Looking forward to the 30th☺️💕

26 Sep 2019 – 6:00 PM

Looking forward to the 30th🧜🏻‍♀️
We’ll be waiting for your mail( ˊᵕˋ )♥

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Unit Meeting -Merm4id-)

25 Sep 2019 – 11:36 PM

Good night😪

25 Sep 2019 – 3:54 PM

For the group work in my university classes, when they announce the person from the group who’ll be in front the presenter is chosen by lottery, rock-paper-scissors, etc., but I’ve almost always been the presenter this year…😕
My draws are too strong😕😕

24 Sep 2019 – 7:09 AM

Good morning🌞

22 Sep 2019 – 8:27 PM (Shindou Amane)

“What should I tweet…?”, I thought as I opened up my album searching for photos, and there it was((●゚ν゚)
Photos with people from the other teams📸
We were dancing to “Rebirth Go!” together backstage🎶
Pictures of the other teams tomorrow…( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )❤︎

Note: The other two seiyuu are Otsuka Sae (left) and Mimura Haruka (right).

22 Sep 2019 – 8:50 PM (Hazuki Himari)

Yay! Thank you(*˙ᵕ˙ *)
I was glad that you started talking to me🥰

22 Sep 2019 – 8:45 PM

I prefer Japanese confectioneries over Western ones🍵

21 Sep 2019 – 8:36 AM

Good morning
It’s cool and refreshing☁

20 Sep 2019 – 6:47 PM

Memories of Rebirth📸
Thank you for taking pictures with me( *ˊᵕˋ)

Note: Otsuka Sae, Shindou Amane
Nishio Yuka, Otsuka Sae & Mimura Haruka

19 Sep 2019 – 8:54 AM

Good morning☺︎

18 Sep 2019 – 10:02 PM

As announced
at the New TCG Rebirth Product Presentation
I will be playing the role of Kotobuki Saki🐼✨
Mimura-san and Sae-san are in my unit( ˶´⚰︎`˵ )
Let’s enjoy Rebirth!💫
Thank you for your support☺︎

Note: Mimura Haruka, Otsuka Sae

18 Sep 2019 – 12:37 PM

9/30 evening, please be sure to watch( ¨̮⋆)
Looking forward to your mail💌

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Unit Meeting -Merm4id-)

18 Sep 2019 – 12:29 PM

I had a certain Merm4id recording yesterday💫
Doing new things is difficult but fun☺︎

17 Sep 2019 – 7:36 AM

Good morning☀︎

16 Sep 2019 – 12:44 AM

Good night☽

14 Sep 2019 – 4:46 PM

I picked up my letters and presents the other day💫
Feeling again that there are people who support me makes me happy
Thank you☺️

13 Sep 2019 – 6:38 PM

I had a recording~!!
It was really fun to imagine that I was performing live as I sang, and I want to hurry and perform live! That’s what I felt ⌄̈⃝💛

#D4DJ #Merm4id

12 Sep 2019 – 7:13 AM

Good morning!! I’m sleepy😪

10 Sep 2019 – 8:58 PM

I dyed my hair black~!!
It’s more black than I’d expected
I’m not used to seeing it yet( ´ ` )

10 Sep 2019 – 3:12 PM (Otsuka Sae)

From the left: Mimura Haruka-chan, Hazuki Himari-chan
Ace Crew girlsԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
It looks like we’ll be working together a lot from now on so I’m looking forward to it–!

Note: In addition to being in the same agency (Ace Crew), all three are in D4DJ, albeit in different units

10 Sep 2019 – 3:58 PM (Hazuki Himari)

Thank you for the picture!!
Everyone from Ace Crew is so nice and I love them🥰

10 Sep 2019 – 4:06 PM (Mimura Haruka)

I took a photo with everyone🤳

9 Sep 2019 – 12:57 PM

Is everyone safe from the typhoon??
I was already asleep before it became a full-blown typhoon so I’m okay!!🌀

7 Sep 2019 – 9:05 AM


The CM video is also released so please be sure to take a look🌻

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id TV Commercial)

6 Sep 2019 – 7:07 PM

I wore a furisode the other day👘
Since I missed the chance to wear it when I was 20( ´・֊・` )

Note: A furisode is a long sleeved kimono that’s traditionally worn by women on Coming of Age Day when they turn 20

5 Sep 2019 – 9:36 AM


Note: Ohayou (good morning) + Hazuki

4 Sep 2019 – 7:39 PM

Our performance has been decided!!
Let’s have fun together🕺🏻

Quoted Tweet (Merm4id Guest Appearance at Gekirock Party Tokyo 19th)

2 Sep 2019 – 9:53 PM

I can’t handle horror so when a CM or such suddenly starts playing, it feels like my heart is going to stop😕

1 Sep 2019 – 8:43 AM

Before I knew it, it’s already September🤭

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