Kagami Karin ~ October 2020 Tweet Translations

11 Oct 2020 – 11:46 PM

#Gurumiku Presents #D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」

HapiAra revealed two new original songs
and a new cover of「PARTY☆NIGHT」at the live!

I’m so glad we could perform live in front of everyone🎀
Thank you so much for today!☺️✨

11 Oct 2020 – 10:12 AM

Good morning✨

Today is「Gurumiku Presents D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」!!
I’ll do my best to make it a happy live!💛🎧

Let’s have a great time together today–!😆
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra

Shizaki Kanon, Nishio Yuka, Mimura Haruka, Kagami Karin

10 Oct 2020 – 10:35 PM

It’s finally tomorrow,
#Gurumiku Presents #D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」!!
I’ll do my best to show you all a great time🎀

Also, EP2 of #HapiRaji airs today at 26:00💫
You can also listen to this with radiko’s Time Free, so be sure to check it out!
It’s nice having so much to look forward to☺️

10 Oct 2020 – 2:55 PM

An interview with Oyu-san and myself is published in the November volume of「Gekkan Newtype」which goes on sale today✨
I talked with Oyu-san about the characters and upcoming anime…!!

This new illustration of Rinku and Maho is so nice too…!!!😭💓
Please be sure to get it!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Nishio Yuka & Kagami Karin Interview in Gekkan Newtype)

10 Oct 2020 – 12:01 AM (Otsuka Sae)

I’ve decided on the [hash]tag. #Arasaaechi
I celebrated my birthday with Nukazuke postcards in hand.
Sorry for passing through like a whirlwind again this year.
Thank you!

I have lots to do and I’ll get right to work–!
On the personal side, I’m working on a song–!
so please wait~!

Please continue to support me at 25–!

Note: arasaa (around 30) + Saechi… she’s 25
Nukazuke is her song!

Video: Oh, a video! Uhh, it’s my birthday! Thank you. I’m 25 this year, so I’d like to make it a ??? year. Two songs coming up!

10 Oct 2020 – 2:22 PM

Sae-san✨Happy birthday!!
Thank you for always being so kind to me😭✨
Hope you have a wonderful year!🎂
Let’s do our best tomorrow…!!

9 Oct 2020 – 10:27 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
will be streamed on 10/14 (Wed) at 20:00~!

It’ll be streamed shortly after the live on the 11th, so please send in your thoughts on the live!
I look forward to reminiscing about the live with all of you😆

There’s also an illustration corner, so please send in some illustration requests as well✨

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #4)

9 Oct 2020 – 8:54 PM

We’ll be performing in「ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE」on 10/31!
It’s going to be held online this time, and I’m so glad that we get to participate!!
I’ll do my very best with Happy Around! so I hope you’ll support us😊✨🎀

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! @ ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE)

9 Oct 2020 – 8:12 PM

#Gurumiku Presents #D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」
The fixed angle page for the free stream has been posted!✨
Tickets for multiple camera angles & archives are also on sale!
Let’s have a great time together on the 11th–!!🎧

Quoted Tweet (LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!! Streams)

Note: she wrote 無料配信の固定アングルページ
= fixed angle page for the free stream
instead of 固定アングルの無料配信ページ
= page for the fixed angle free stream

9 Oct 2020 – 5:41 PM

「Nakano City&D4DJ Happy Around! Online Talk Show」will be streamed on 10/17 at 18:00!
A talk show with all the HapiAra members!
I’m really excited for it😆✨
It’s a free stream so please be sure to watch!!
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (Nakano City&D4DJ Happy Around! Online Talk Show)

9 Oct 2020 – 5:01 PM

『D4DJ-4koma mix!-』
which runs in #Getsubushi will be posted on Twitter starting today!!!

I love Shirokuma-sensei’s adorable drawings of HapiAra and I’m so glad I get to read this on Twitter too😭💕
I’m looking forward to future updates!!😆✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ-4koma mix!- #1)

8 Oct 2020 – 11:21 PM

HapiAra’s Live Manners LESSON!!🎀
Please check out these live manners so we can have a live where everyone can be happy!!😆✨🎧

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Live Manners LESSON Movie)

8 Oct 2020 – 1:00 PM

I’m appearing on the S Channel Spin-off Corner on 「Yoriko’s Uta Radio」airing~today at 13:30!

I’m hosting it with Sakuragawa Megu-san this month!
I have lots of fun talking with Sakuragawa-san, so please give it a listen😆✨
We’re also looking for letters!
I hope to hear from you☺️✉️

Quoted Tweet (S Channel Spin-off Corner)

8 Oct 2020 – 9:10 AM

Good morning!
It’s cold this morning…!!
I’ll do my best today💪✨

7 Oct 2020 – 12:04 AM

I bought a cute hair clip today and I’m looking forward to wearing it😚🎵
Good night~💤

6 Oct 2020 – 9:19 AM

Good morning!✨

5 Oct 2020 – 4:50 PM

I just realized it’s October already…
Time passes so quickly😭
Time passes so quickly…!
Our live is coming up next weekend too!! I’ll do my best💪🎀

3 Oct 2020 – 9:51 PM

「D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s
Guruguru RADIO TIME!! 」

The broadcast starts today at 26:00–!!
I’ll be hosting with Oyu-san this month!!😆
Please tune into #HapiRaji 📻🎀


Note: Nishio Yuka

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!! #1)

3 Oct 2020 – 2:09 AM (Kato Rihona)

I turned 25☺︎

I had so many opportunities to take on new and unexpected challenges and, despite my worries, pushed through and can’t help but enjoy myself now.

I’m supported by people every day and can push through each day thanks to them☺︎ I’m grateful and I’ll do my best to take in lots of things so that I can give back this year.

Still cute at 25!

3 Oct 2020 – 7:38 PM

Kato-san✨Happy birthday!!
Hope you have a wonderful year☺🎉🎂

3 Oct 2020 – 7:41 PM (Kato Rihona)

Karin-chan! Actually, I spotted you (Karin-chan) the other day but didn’t get the chance to talk! I’d like to have a nice long conversation☺︎! Thanks–!

2 Oct 2020 – 11:54 PM

Thank you for watching「D4DJ First Mix TV」!!

The two MCs were so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing🤣

The archive is on YouTube for a limited time, so please check it out if you missed it😆💿✨

Note: they had to blindly put their hands into a box and identify something slimy. Kagamin and Hiichan correctly guessed “nameko” (a kind of mushroom) but Tsumu guessed “shimeji” (also a mushroom but not slimy). They were reconfirming what everyone said and Tsumu claimed she said “nameko”, but Hiichan said Tsumu’s answer was “shijimi” (clam) instead of “shimeji” 🤦‍♂️

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix TV #1)

2 Oct 2020 – 10:41 PM

I made a guest appearance on「D4DJ First Mix TV」! It’s airing at 23:00~!!
#D4DJ_DJTIME, followed by D4DJ First Mix TV📺
Please be sure to watch😆✨🎧

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix TV #1)

2 Oct 2020 – 6:23 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME Play Back
The stream is today at 22:00~!!
We’ll get to look back with this special compilation of DJTIME until now😆🎧✨
There’s no archive so don’t miss it…!!!✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ_DJTIME Play Back)

1 Oct 2020 – 5:36 PM

I look forward to working with you more☺️✨

Quoted Tweet (Bushiroad Music 8th Anniversary)

1 Oct 2020 – 5:28 PM

Starting from October, I’ll be appearing with Sakuragawa Megu-san on the S Channel spin-off corner in「Yoriko’s Uta Radio」!

I’m so glad I get to be on the radio with Sakuragawa-san😭✨

We’re looking for lots of letters so please send them in✉️😆

Quoted Tweet (S Channel Spin-off Corner)

1 Oct 2020 – 9:31 AM

Good morning☀

September 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ September 2020 Tweet Translations

30 Sep 2020 – 11:21 PM

「D4DJ presents
Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!」

I’m going to be hosting…!!📻

The first episode is broadcasting soon~!!
Oyu-san and I talked a whole lot, so please be sure to listen😆✨✨🎧

Note: Nishio Yuka and Kagamin are the hosts for October

Quoted Tweet (4 Days to Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!)

29 Sep 2020 – 9:20 PM

I had a fun recording today✨
I’m really looking forward to all of you hearing it😆✨

28 Sep 2020 – 11:50 PM

Today was another happy day✌️✨
Good night~!!😴

28 Sep 2020 – 9:24 AM

Good morning!!
I’m going to work hard today☺️✨

27 Sep 2020 – 12:45 AM (Negishi Ai)

I [Negishi Ai] turned 28🥰🎉✨
I’m really fortunate to have a wonderful job and be supported by all of you. I’d like to grow and improve myself more. I’ll live yet another year in order to show you all great time☺️Please continue to support me.

27 Sep 2020 – 3:15 PM

Happy birthday🎉
I’m always inspired by how cool you look during lives😭✨
Have a wonderful year…!

27 Sep 2020 – 7:24 PM (Negishi Ai)

Kagamin🥺💕Thank you😭✨Also, happy belated birthday🥰(missed the right timing…😭)
Let’s keep it up🥳💕

27 Sep 2020 – 8:04 PM

wawa…!! Thank you! I’m just happy that you greeted me!!😭💕
Likewise, let’s do our best😖✨💿

26 Sep 2020 – 8:57 AM

Have you listened to it yet?✨

It’s so exciting to listen to with the personalities of each unit and character showing through the melody and lyrics!!

It’s so cute how they call out their own unit members and hearing it always makes me smile😌💕
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

24 Sep 2020 – 8:53 AM

Good morning!!

23 Sep 2020 – 4:45 PM

New cast members for the D4DJ Project have been announced…! Such an impressive cast😭✨

I can’t wait to see how the new characters will tie into the story…!!!
I’m really looking forward to the steady developments in D4DJ…!✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Supporting Cast Announcement)

23 Sep 2020 – 3:43 PM

Anime「D4DJ First Mix」begins airing on 10/30 (Fri)!!

I’m really excited now😖✨
The anime is full of excitement and I can’t wait to watch it with all of you…!!
I’m really looking forward to the broadcast😭✨✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix & Unit Radio Shows)

23 Sep 2020 – 3:22 PM

「D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!」
The first broadcast is on 10/3 (Sat) 26:00~ on TOKYO FM!!!📻💫

Wow, 11 days until the first episode air…!! It’s so soon! I’m really excited–!!
Please be sure to listen🎧Thanks for your support✨😆


Quoted Tweet (D4DJ presents Happy Around!’s Guruguru RADIO TIME!!)

23 Sep 2020 – 12:27 PM

「D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting」
streams today at 13:00!
The future of D4DJ…!!?
I’m so excited…!!
I’m really looking forward to it😆✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting)

22 Sep 2020 – 9:05 AM

Good morning✨

22 Sep 2020 – 9:06 AM (Shizaki Kanon)

Oh! I synced up with Kagamin!

22 Sep 2020 – 9:36 AM

Wah–!! We synced up for the first time, nice🥳✨

21 Sep 2020 – 11:40 PM

RAS’ performance was brimming with passion till the very end, and I watched intently the whole way through.
I’m so happy we were able to perform as the opening act for「THE DEPTHS」.
Thank you to RAS, and to all the BanG Dreamers for watching✨

21 Sep 2020 – 10:36 PM

CHU²-sama’s rap is always so cool and inspiring😖✨

[Note: Tsumugi Risa]

21 Sep 2020 – 9:58 PM

Takin’ my Heart
The members’ serious expressions as they perform are beautiful……😭✨

21 Sep 2020 – 3:33 PM

Continuing from last week,「D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO」featuring my guest appearance is now available!📻

I tried my hand at Gurumiku this week😆
I feel like this show was my first time taking on Expect difficulty…!!💪✨
Please listen to it~!!
#D4DJ #PikiRaji

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO #30 w/ Kagami Karin)

20 Sep 2020 – 9:13 PM

Merm4id’s opening act is so wonderful, I’m mesmerized…☺️🌺

20 Sep 2020 – 3:58 PM

For the「『BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE』Summer Outdoors 3DAYS Special Stream」,

The opening acts will also be streamed, Merm4id for DAY1 today
and Happy Around! for DAY2 tomorrow!!

It was so much fun performing on an outdoor stage for the first time for this opening act✨
I’d love for you to watch it☺️🎀
#D4DJ #Merm4id #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Opening Acts in BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE)

20 Sep 2020 – 10:08 AM

Today is Akashi Maho’s birthday🎂

I’m so happy to have met Maho-chan✨
I look forward to seeing many different sides of Maho-chan from now on🥰🎀

Maho-chan, happy birthday💛🎧


20 Sep 2020 – 12:00 AM (Yache)

Happy birthday, Maho🎈🎁🎊🎉
DJ battle with Shinobu💿😎🤘


20 Sep 2020 – 10:18 AM

Yache-sensei drew Maho-chan…!!!!

Her clothes are so mature, cool, and wonderful…✨✨✨🙏
It makes me so happy to see Maho-chan enjoying the battle😭💛🎧

Yache-sensei, thank you for the wonderful illustration😭😭

19 Sep 2020 – 10:01 AM

I turned 21 today!!
I appeared in many lives and events and met lots of people when I was 20. It was a such a fun year✨
I’ll put in lots of energy to have even more fun at 21!!
I turned 21 today!!! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes😭💕

Note: the last part was written in English

19 Sep 2020 – 10:26 AM (Otsuka Sae)

Karin-chan, congratulations☺️💓

19 Sep 2020 – 6:39 PM

Sae-san!! Thank you!!😭✨

19 Sep 2020 – 10:39 AM (Nishio Yuka)

HBD Kagamin🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

19 Sep 2020 – 6:40 PM

Oyu-san–! Thank you!😆😆😆

19 Sep 2020 – 10:46 AM (Shindo Amane)

Kagami-san, happy birthday🎂🎈
Please teach me English some time💦😂
Hope you have a wonderful year✨

19 Sep 2020 – 6:44 PM

Thank you–!!
I’d love to…!! Looking forward to talking with you again😖✨

19 Sep 2020 – 11:05 AM (Nakashima Yuki)

Happy birthday💕

19 Sep 2020 – 6:48 PM

Nakashima-san! Thank you!!
I’m happy that you’re always so friendly with me😭💕

19 Sep 2020 – 11:22 AM (Shizaki Kanon)

Kagamin!!!! HBD💓💓💓
Let’s keep doing our best in HapiAra!!!

19 Sep 2020 – 6:51 PM

Non-san~!! Thank you!
Let’s keep it up!!😆🎀🎀

19 Sep 2020 – 11:32 AM (Watase Yuzuki)

Kagami-san, happy birthday!🎂💞
I love your [Kagami-san’s] smile!!
Hope you have a wonderful year(˘︶˘)✨

19 Sep 2020 – 7:07 PM

Watase-san…!! Thank you😭✨✨
I’ll continue to do my best with a smile!!🥰

19 Sep 2020 – 11:37 AM (Ishida Aya)

Happy birthday!🎊🎉🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:14 PM

Ishida-san! Thank you!
We have the same birthday, huh…!! Congratulations🎉
I love how you always draw such cute live reports for us!! Thank you😭🙏

Note: Ishida Aya draws manga-style live reports for D4DJ in Getsubushi

19 Sep 2020 – 9:22 PM (Ishida Aya)

Thank you!
It’s nice that we have the same birthday–!☺️

I should be thanking you for the live reports as well!
Hope you [Kagami-sama] have a fruitful year…!😊

19 Sep 2020 – 11:45 AM (Kurachi Reo)

Happy birthday✨✨
Hope you have a wonderful 21st…!

19 Sep 2020 – 7:17 PM

Kurachi-san! Thank you✨
I look forward to working with you!!

19 Sep 2020 – 12:03 PM (Momono Haruna)

Happy birthday🎂🎉🎊
Karin-chan😊💓May your year be bright✨✨

19 Sep 2020 – 7:25 PM

Momono-san! Thank you!!
I’ll do my best to shine…!✨
Looking forward to our next live!

19 Sep 2020 – 12:52 PM (Okada Mei)

Happy birthday…っ🎂💗
Hope you [Kagami-san] have a wonderful day&year…💐♡

19 Sep 2020 – 7:40 PM

Thank you!! Let’s do our best in future lives!☺️

19 Sep 2020 – 12:59 PM (Kudo Haruka)

Kagami-chan–! Happy birthday🎂🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:32 PM

Thank you!! I’m delighted😖✨

19 Sep 2020 – 12:59 PM (Yutaka Hiradate)

Happy birthday🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 7:38 PM

Thank you!!☺️✨

19 Sep 2020 – 1:00 PM (Nakayama Masahiro)

Hurray!👋😆🎶Happy level 21st birthday✨You’ve shown lots of promise and your DJ level has gone up since your debut🎵Please have an intense and exciting year❗

19 Sep 2020 – 7:36 PM

Nakayama-san! Thank you!!
I’ll do my very best to continue leveling up from now on!
I look forward to working with you more in the future!

19 Sep 2020 – 1:13 PM (Hazuki Himari)

Kagami-san! Happy birthday🎂🎉
Hope you [Kagami-san] have a wonderful year( ´ ` *)🎧

19 Sep 2020 – 7:45 PM

Hazuki-san~!! Thank you😆
I look forward to working with you!!✨

19 Sep 2020 – 2:01 PM (Yache)

Kagamin-san, happy birthday!!!❤️🎁🎉🎂

Hope you have an even more wonderful year(^人^)✨
I’m hard at work on Maho’s birthday illustration too!!

19 Sep 2020 – 7:49 PM

Yache-sensei! Thank you!
Maho-chan’s illustration…!!😭✨I’m looking forward to it😭💕

19 Sep 2020 – 5:42 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Kagami-san, happy birthday🎉
I’m so impressed by your fluent English✨
I look forward to working with you(❁´ω`❁)

19 Sep 2020 – 8:00 PM

Ruka-chan✨Thank you!!
Let’s do our best for future lives🥰

19 Sep 2020 – 6:47 PM (Tsunko)

Happy birthday❤️🥺🥺
Hope you have a wonderful 21st🎉

19 Sep 2020 – 8:04 PM

Tsunko-san! Thank you!!
I’m looking forward to your [Tsunko-san’s] next cool performance!😭✨

19 Sep 2020 – 6:51 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Happy birthday🎂

19 Sep 2020 – 8:12 PM

Sakuragawa-san, thank you for the other day!
It’s been 5 days since then and, now that I’m 21, I’ll do my best to pull myself together!!

Note: Kagamin is referring to her birthday stream

19 Sep 2020 – 6:54 PM (Mizushima Seiji)

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful 21st! Maho is overflowing with charm because she’s played by you [Kagami-san]! Keep up the great work with Maho! \(^o^)/

Note: Mizushima Seiji is the director for the D4DJ anime

19 Sep 2020 – 8:23 PM

Director Mizushima, thank you😭
I’ll do my best to bring out even more of Maho’s charm! I look forward to working with you!

19 Sep 2020 – 9:59 PM (Mimura Haruka)

Happy birthday😻!!
Have a wonderful year✨

19 Sep 2020 – 10:16 PM

Chinharu-san~! Thank you!!✨
I want o take another picture of us posing together🥰
I look forward to working with you!🎀

19 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM (Tanda Hazuki)

Kagami-san, happy birthday♡🎂
I’m always captivated by your English during lives..🥺
Have a wonderful year🌸

19 Sep 2020 – 11:04 PM

Thank you…! I’m so glad to hear that😭✨
I look forward to working with you🥰💿

19 Sep 2020 – 10:23 PM

Thank you for all the happy birthday replies!

It’s so nice being congratulated by this many people! Thank you for your constant support😭✨
Please continue to support me✨

The video is me eating the cake I got on S Channel the other day as Sakuragawa-san watches over me🎂☺️

Note: Sakuragawa Megu

18 Sep 2020 – 10:53 PM

Tsumugi-san’s DJ performance was so much fun–!!!🤣✨💿
And the last part was super cool and awesome…!!😆🎧

18 Sep 2020 – 10:25 PM

Listening to back to back Photon [Maiden] songs is happiness…✨😭

18 Sep 2020 – 10:08 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME has started!!
It’s a Special Edition today!! I’m really looking forward to it!!😆✨

Note: #D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition w/ Mizushima Seiji, Tsumugi Risa
Mizushima Seiji is the Photon Maiden music producer and D4DJ anime director

18 Sep 2020 – 2:02 PM

The uncut version of「S-Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji」which I appeared in with Kurachi Reo-san has been posted on #SChannel!

We talk even more about「Kamome no Tamago」in the uncut version😆
It was fun pretending to be Kamome no Tamago🥚
Please give it a listen✨

Quoted Tweet (S-Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji)

17 Sep 2020 – 7:07 PM

This is my favorite outfit lately✨
It’s getting to be Autumn-like temperatures🍁

17 Sep 2020 – 8:04 AM

Good morning☀

16 Sep 2020 – 7:18 PM

Maho-chan is sparkling on stage…!!!
Her expression during lives is so wonderful…😭💛
I can’t wait for Gurumiku to be released🙏✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (Groovy Mix Evolved ☆4 Akashi Maho Artwork)

16 Sep 2020 – 8:09 AM

Good morning!!
I practiced DJing before I went to bed yesterday and, while I was asleep, I dreamt that I was practicing scratching…!
I feel like a winner this morning☺️🎧💤
I’ll do my best today💪✨

15 Sep 2020 – 6:54 PM

A video of me learning how to make paper flowers before yesterday’s「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」stream🌼
I was surprised you could make them out of paper!!!

There’s an archive for yesterday’s stream, so please check it out if you missed it✨

15 Sep 2020 – 8:16 AM

Good morning–!!

14 Sep 2020 – 9:33 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
Thank you!!

I had a great time doing the drawing corner with Sakuragawa-san✨
The picture is the「yakitori」and「Beethoven」we drew in 30 seconds🤣
And I even got a cake…!
Thank you all so much for today😭✨

Note: Sakuragawa Megu
For the corner, they had to draw the given word in 30 seconds and their manager would decide if it passed or not.

14 Sep 2020 – 10:39 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
Thank you!

I enjoyed the program corners in this stream and was moved to tears by the growth of my junior~🥺

It’s a bit early but happy birthday, Kagami-chan🎉

Check out the archive if you missed it🔽


14 Sep 2020 – 11:11 PM

Thank you for coming onto the program today! I was so glad I could celebrate with you [Sakuragawa-san].
I’ll do my very best to grow!!
Once again, thank you so much for today😭✨

15 Sep 2020 – 12:23 AM (Sakuragawa Megu)

I should be thanking you. It was a bit early, but it was great being able to congratulate you [Kagami-chan] with all your fans!

Thank you for the wonderful time~☺️

15 Sep 2020 – 12:55 AM

I’m looking forward to working with you [Sakuragawa-san] again…!
I’ll be counting on your support!

14 Sep 2020 – 7:30 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
is coming up at 20:00~!!
September is my birth month, so our backdrop has a cute birthday setup😭💕
Sakuragawa-san will be joining us as a guest partway into the program!!
I’m excited again today…!
Please do watch✨

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3)

14 Sep 2020 – 7:27 PM

I was a guest on「D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO」!!
I had so much fun talking with the two hosts!😖✨
There’s also a Maho quiz🎧💛
Please give it to listen!🎀
#D4DJ #PikiRaji

Note: hosted by Takagi Miyu, Koizumi Moeka
Kagamin voices Akashi Maho

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Pikipiki RADIO #29 w/ Kagami Karin)

14 Sep 2020 – 9:52 AM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
will be streamed today at 20:00~!

This is a special episode with my senior, Sakuragawa Megu-san, coming as a guest…!!😆🎉

We’re still looking for letters, so please send them in!💌
I’m really excited for today–!!✨

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3)

12 Sep 2020 – 11:56 PM

Today was another fun day☺️🎀
Good night~!!🌙

12 Sep 2020 – 10:09 AM

Good morning✨

12 Sep 2020 – 12:00 AM (Nakashima Yuki)

I turned 23 today, 9/12~~😊
I was looking through my folder and found this photo from when I was little📸
Around 3rd year elementary school probably…!!
I hope I’ve matured somewhat lol
Please continue to support me!
Let’s enjoy my online birthday event too💗

12 Sep 2020 – 7:20 PM

Happy birthday!!!
I hope you [Yukkii-san] have a wonderful year!🎂🥰

12 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

Thanks for sending in that footage too😭✨

Note: Kagamin recorded a video for the quiz section of Yukkii’s birthday stream asking how to say “game wo shiyou” in English. Yukkii said she didn’t need any presents and wanted Kagamin instead. Credit to YeY | oH for this!

10 Sep 2020 – 7:09 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #3」
Streaming~ 9/14 (Mon) 20:00!

My birthday is this month so Sakuragawa Megu-san will be coming on the show as a guest…!!😭✨
It’s shaping up to be another fun stream😆

I’ll be waiting for your mail~!
Please do watch🌟

Note: Kagami Karin and Sakuragawa Megu are both under S inc.

10 Sep 2020 – 4:47 PM (S inc.)

【Yoriko’s Uta Raji】S Channel Spin-off. This week, Kurachi Reo and Kagami Karin showed off「Kamome no Tamago」while putting on an impromptu play in character♪
Those who missed it can listen with radiko’s time free, so please be sure to listen!✨

Note: Kamome no Tamago (lit. Seagull’s Egg) is a confectionery from Iwate Prefecture resembling an egg, made with soft sponge-cake filled with sweet bean paste and coated with white chocolate.

10 Sep 2020 – 6:56 PM

Kurachi Reo-san and I appeared on「S Channel Spin-off Yoriko’s Uta Raji」!
We also became「Kamome no Tamago」for an impromptu play~!!
It was so much fun✨
Please give it a listen😆

Note: they literally pretended to be kamome no tamago

9 Sep 2020 – 8:12 AM

Good morning–!!
I’ll do my best today!🏃‍♀️✨

8 Sep 2020 – 6:41 PM (Takagi Miyu)

I’m 24 today🎂✨

This past year has once again reminded me how fortunate I am to do work that I love and live a healthy life😌💓
But! I still have plenty more stamina and room to grow so! I’ll work hard to stay even busier this year💪
I hope to come across wonderful series🙏

Thanks for supporting me♡
I want to see you all soon🥺

8 Sep 2020 – 8:10 PM

Happy birthday🎂
Have a wonderful year!!☺️

9 Sep 2020 – 12:03 AM (Takagi Miyu)

Karin-chan! Thanks~☺️☺️☺️

8 Sep 2020 – 6:28 PM

Lately, I like to buy tapioca on my way back and take my time drinking it at home🥰
By the way, this is chocolate milk tea tapioca🍫it’s delicious

7 Sep 2020 – 9:25 AM

Good morning–!!

6 Sep 2020 – 11:39 PM

Good night~!☺️💫

6 Sep 2020 – 2:56 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

I turned 16🥳🥳
2020 was full of new experiences and a special year that changed my life☺️
Thank you for your constant support!
I’ll keep working hard, so I hope you’ll continue to support me(´˘`)♡

The first pic is a “6 pose” for my 16th🙌
(The photo[s] was taken when no one was around)

6 Sep 2020 – 8:07 PM

Ruka-chan, happy birthday!😆
Have a wonderful year…!!🎂✨

6 Sep 2020 – 8:23 PM (Fukagawa Ruka)

Kagami-san, thank you✨
Thank you for approaching me before the live the other day and for your advice!

5 Sep 2020 – 10:22 AM

New story on #D4DJ_DJCHAT !!
Shinobu and Nagisa calls each other Shino and Nagi!!!?? so cute😭💕🙏
I can listen to this conversation forever it’s very precious😌✨
#D4DJ #GroovyMix

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ CHAT – Maho, Shinobu, Nagisa)

5 Sep 2020 – 10:10 AM

Good morning☀

4 Sep 2020 – 10:40 PM

Consecutive HapiAra songs…!!!
I really appreciate how cool the transition was–!!😆✨🎀

4 Sep 2020 – 10:30 PM

Watching #D4DJ_DJTIME and it reached the halfway point in no time!!
Tsunko-san’s DJing is so cool😭✨🎧

4 Sep 2020 – 7:13 PM

Our dialogue has been released!!
Their conversation is too cute… it’s so precious😇✨
I want Maho to be my older sister too~!😫💛
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ CHAT – Maho, Shinobu, Nagisa)

3 Sep 2020 – 10:04 AM

Good morning✨

1 Sep 2020 – 10:24 PM

I wanted to draw something with summery colors~so I’ve been drawing this little by little✨

I drew so little at a time that summer ended before I finished it…!!
The seasons change so quickly🍁🙉

August 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ August 2020 Tweet Translations

September 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Aug 2020 – 11:19 PM

I’ll do my best again tomorrow~!!💪
Good night😴✨

29 Aug 2020 – 9:02 PM

For yesterday’s「D4DJ_DJTIME」, I wore the earrings that I wore at D4DJ 1st LIVE for the first time in a year!
Here’s a video of me shaking vigorously to check if it’s okay moving around in these earrings🙆‍♂️✨
It looks like I’m having so much fun🤔

29 Aug 2020 – 12:01 AM

#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7」thank you!!

I totally panicked at that one part…!😖😖
How was today’s set list?
I hope you enjoyed it!!🎀

Tsunko-san will be doing the next D4DJ_DJTIME🌃✨
I’m excited for next week–!
#D4DJ #HapiAra #MixChannel

28 Aug 2020 – 6:40 PM

「D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7」will be streamed today at 22:00!!
I’m already getting excited…!!
I really look forward to having a great time with everyone today–!😆✨✨
I’d be glad if you watched💛🎀🎧

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7 w/ Kagami Karin)

27 Aug 2020 – 8:05 PM

The 「D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7」stream is coming up tomorrow–!!
I’m nervous since it’s my first time on #D4DJ_DJTIME, but I’ll do my best to show everyone a great time!!😖✨

The live stream is tomorrow, 8/28, at 22:00!
Please be sure to watch!!!🎧💿
#MixChannel #D4DJ #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7 w/ Kagami Karin)

26 Aug 2020 – 9:20 PM

And on 9/25,「D4DJ Groovy Mix Exactly One Month Before Release Presentation -Character Info Aplenty Special-」will be live streamed–!
It seems like there will be lots of news!!
And a live recording…!? I’m excited for this too!😆🎧
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Exactly One Month Before Release Presentation -Character Info Aplenty Special-)

26 Aug 2020 – 9:18 PM

「D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting」will be live streamed on 9/23✨
New information on the anime and game will be announced…!!
I can’t wait! Be sure not to miss this📺✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Project Strategy Meeting)

26 Aug 2020 – 3:21 PM

A photo with Oyu-san nomming on the costume!!📸🎀
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: Nishio Yuka

25 Aug 2020 – 9:02 AM

Good morning☀

22 Aug 2020 – 8:24 PM

Happy Around! from #D4DJ performed as the opening act for「BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE」DAY2 「THE DEPTHS」🎀

I’m so happy we got to perform as the opening act on RAS’ stage!
Thank you so much to everyone watching✨

Shizaki Kanon, Nishio Yuka, Mimura Haruka, Kagami Karin

21 Aug 2020 – 11:22 PM

I’ll be performing for「#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7」next week on 8/28 (Fri) at 22:00!
I’m really nervous since it’s my first time performing, but I’m really looking forward to it–!!
We’re also accepting messages! Please do send one💿

I’ll do my best next week💪
Let’s have a great time together–!🎀✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7 w/ Kagami Karin)

21 Aug 2020 – 10:06 PM

This week’s #D4DJ_DJTIME is starting–!!!
I’m really looking forward to Takagi-san’s DJ performance today–!!😆✨👑🎧


Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.6 w/ Takagi Miyu)

21 Aug 2020 – 10:04 AM

Good morning✨

19 Aug 2020 – 8:35 PM

Congratulations on the release of RAISE A SUILEN’s 1st Album「ERA」and on finally reaching #1 on the Oricon Daily Rankings!!
It’s packed with RAS’ history, and every song was so cool😭✨
I’m going to carefully watch the live footage and learn from it!!💪
#Bandori #RAS #ERA

18 Aug 2020 – 9:33 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me 」
Thank you for watching!
This was my first time trying out the drawing corner!
How was it? The picture shows the samurai I drew in 30 seconds😎
It was fun to draw lots of things!😆✨
Please look forward to the next episode too✨

18 Aug 2020 – 7:55 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me 」is coming up at 20:00–!!
I’ll do my best today!! Please be sure to watch😆✨

18 Aug 2020 – 3:31 PM

The second episode of「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」will be streamed today at 20:00!

I’m really looking forward to having a fun time with all of you today~!
Please be sure to watch😆✨
We’re also accepting letters, so please keep sending them in!
This is me after the first stream thinking it was a picture when it was actually a video🙊

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #2)

17 Aug 2020 – 9:41 AM

Good morning–!!

15 Aug 2020 – 9:47 PM

The lyric video for our「PARTY☆NIGHT」cover has been released!🎀

You get to see everyone in casual clothes too🥰
And! Oh my!! The lyric video also features Dejiko…!!!😭😭💕🙏✨
It’s a really, really wonderful video so please watch it lots!
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra

Note: Dejiko is the main character of Di Gi Charat. Seeing footage of the Di Gi Charat seiyuu auditions on YouTube was one of Kagamin’s inspirations for becoming a seiyuu.

Quoted Tweet (PARTY☆NIGHT / Happy Around! Cover Lyric Video)

15 Aug 2020 – 3:14 PM

「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #2」
The stream will be on~8/18 (Fri) 20:00–!!
I’ll be drawing this time!! I’m really looking forward to what kind of drawing I’ll do!!!🧑‍🎨 ✨
Please send in mail with your thoughts on the event too!
I hope you’ll watch the second episode of the stream😆

Note: “event” is probably D4DJ CONNECT LIVE

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me #2 – Announcement + Mail Address)

13 Aug 2020 – 9:39 AM

Good morning☺️✨

12 Aug 2020 – 5:59 PM

Preregistration for the「D4DJ Groovy Mix」app has started~!
I’ve preregistered too!!
I want to play soon!!! I can’t wait for 10/25😆✨✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Preregistration Opened)

11 Aug 2020 – 11:57 PM

It was hot today so I had cold udon for dinner~😌✨
I’ll do my best again tomorrow💪Good night~~!!

9 Aug 2020 – 10:11 AM

Good morning!!

7 Aug 2020 – 11:21 PM

I’m appearing on「#D4DJ_DJTIME」on 8/28!!!

It’s my first appearance, so my heart is pounding like crazy…!😖
I’ll be thinking up an exciting set list for the 28th, so please look forward to it!!!💿✨😆
#D4DJ #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME August Schedule)

7 Aug 2020 – 11:52 PM (Mimura Haruka)

Looking forward to it✨Good luck😻!!

8 Aug 2020 – 12:21 AM

Chinharu-san~! Thank you!!
I’ll practice hard and do my best!😆💪✨

7 Aug 2020 – 8:42 AM

Good morning!✨

6 Aug 2020 – 6:43 PM

The S Channel Side Corner has started on「Yoriko no Uta Radio」which broadcasts on FM Iwate every Thursday at 13:30~!
Sakuragawa Megu-san and Kurachi Reo-san will be appearing next week on 8/13!!
I’m really looking forward to next week too!✨😊

Quoted Tweet (Yoriko no Uta Radio – S Channel Corner)

5 Aug 2020 – 11:28 PM

Good work today✨
I moved around a lot today so I think I’ll sleep soundly~🥱💤
Good night–!!

4 Aug 2020 – 12:03 AM

Good night–!😴💫

2 Aug 2020 – 11:24 PM

Happy Around! will be appearing at「EJ ANIME MUSIC FESTIVAL 2020」on 10/18(Sun)!
I’ll do my best to put on a stage that will bring happiness to everyone across the screen😆✨🎀
Please do watch💿🎧
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! at EJ ANIME MUSIC FESTIVAL 2020)

2 Aug 2020 – 9:00 PM

For my Q&A to celebrate reaching 5000 Twitter followers, I’ll be responding to random replies to this tweet from now until 22:00!
I look forward to your comments😆✨
I will reply to your comments until 22:00(JST)☺️✨
Comments are also welcome in English too!!

Notable Responses:
• her soul food is sleep sleep sleep sleep
• her favorite song to perform is Dig Delight!
• aside from Kagamin, she likes being called “Sierra” (her middle name)
• she’s shy and practiced English by talking to herself at home
• her best subject in school was art since she likes to draw

2 Aug 2020 – 11:11 PM

Thank you for all the replies!
I couldn’t respond to everything, but I’m reading all your replies…!
Thank you so much for your supportive messages! I’ll do my best💪✨😭

Thank you so much for your replies!
I wasn’t able to reply all, but I read them all!☺️✨

2 Aug 2020 – 1:52 PM

I’ve reached over 5000 Twitter followers!!!🎉
Thank you for your continued support🥰

In celebration of reaching 5000 followers, I’ll be doing Q&A today to show my thanks to everyone!😊✨

I’ll tweet again around 21:00 today so please look forward to it!💪✨

1 Aug 2020 – 10:51 AM

You can check the key visual for「D4DJ First Mix」from here!✨

💿New Singles will be rereleased from each units! d4dj-pj.com/discography/

「Groovy Mix Presents D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」d4dj-pj.com/live/post-14

Thank you so much for watching!😆

Note: this was written in English

July 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ July 2020 Tweet Translations

August 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Jul 2020 – 2:52 PM

The stuffed animals in my room have been piling up again recently…😌💭
Here’s a photo I took with beluga-san a little while ago!!🐬☺️

Note: see here

31 Jul 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night~!!😴

28 Jul 2020 – 9:04 AM

Good morning!😊✨

27 Jul 2020 – 6:32 PM

I took selfies with all the HapiAra members at yesterday’s #D4DJCONNECT LIVE!!📸
I’m looking back at the pictures and reminiscing about how much fun the live was~😌✨🎀
#D4DJ #HapiAra

29 Jul 2020 – 10:31 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

I watched the live stream~!
Kagami-chan was refreshing and clearly doing her very best, she was super cute🥰


30 Jul 2020 – 12:10 AM

Sakuragawa-san! You were watching…!!
Thank you😭✨
I’ll keep working hard to earn your praise again!!💪

27 Jul 2020 – 12:30 AM

The teaser site for the TV anime「D4DJ First Mix」has been launched!
And!! It’s scheduled to broadcast in Fall 2020!!
I can’t wait for it to air😭✨✨🙏

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix Teaser Site)

27 Jul 2020 – 12:26 AM

Each of the 6 units will be getting a 1st Signle release–!
Happy Around! will be getting「Happy Music♪」🎀🎤✨
The limited edition also contains footage from #D4DJCONNECTLIVE so please be sure to get it~!!

Note: she copy/pasted the typo from the official account

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 1st Signles)

27 Jul 2020 – 12:05 AM

#Gurumiku Presents D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~」will be held on 10/11-12!!
It’s going to be another wondrous live with all 6 units assembled…!
I’ll do my best for the next live!!💪✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ D4 FES. ~LOVE!HUG!GROOVY!!~)

26 Jul 2020 – 10:39 PM

【MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE】
Thank you!
HapiAra had lots of new songs and new covers and newly revealed songs!!
Did you enjoy it?🎀💿
I’ll do my best to keep spreading happiness from now on!!!😆✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra

26 Jul 2020 – 8:12 PM

D4DJCONNECTLIVE is #1 on trending…!! Amazing…! Thank you all–!!
My heart is pounding until it’s our turn😖✨
The live is just getting starting, so please keep up your support!😆✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (CONNECT LIVE #1 on Twitter Trending)

26 Jul 2020 – 6:57 PM

#D4DJCONNECTLIVE is starting soon–!!!
I’m so excited! Let’s have a blast together–!!🎀✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE Starting Soon)

26 Jul 2020 – 12:19 PM

【MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE】
It’s today at 19:00–!
You can watch it from the 「Mix Channel」app😊🎀
I’ll do my very best to show everyone a great time!!!!
Thanks for your support💿✨🎧
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

25 Jul 2020 – 11:21 PM

Tomorrow is finally the day of our audience-less live「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」!!
I’m so happy that we’re able to perform live again…!
Please be sure to watch💿🎧✨
Well, good night~😴
#D4DJ #HapiAra

25 Jul 2020 – 10:09 AM

Posted a video for this week!!📺

You can watch Photon Maiden’s MV 「A lot of life」from the link below!! ✨

Looking forward to see you at the「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」this Sunday, from 3:00AM~!!😆✨🎀
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #PMaiden #HapiAra

24 Jul 2020 – 7:13 PM

Our comment video for「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」on 7/26 has been released!✨

It’s been a while since our last streamed live, and I’ll do my best to put on a very happy stage🎵
Please be sure to watch🎤🎀
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra🎀

Quoted Tweet (CONNECT LIVE Happy Around! Comment Video)

23 Jul 2020 – 9:33 PM

I was finally able to full combo Lililili’s 「Yogorecchimatta Kanashimi no Iro」which was added to #Gurumiku ~!!!🌸
And a Great Full Combo too! I’m so happy🥰

Note: The Color of Tainted Sorrow
Great Full Combo = all Perfect/Great notes (no Goods)

22 Jul 2020 – 7:45 PM

Oh! Hints for the titles of the cover songs that will be revealed at「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」have been posted🎵

HapiAra’s hint is “Ba”…!?!?🤔🎀
You can check your answers on the day of the live, so please look forward to it as you try to guess the song!!😊🎧
#HapiAra🎀 #D4DJ #MixChannel

Note: the song was Balalaika / Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)

Quoted Tweet (CONNECT LIVE Cover Song Hints Day 1)

22 Jul 2020 – 7:31 PM

It seems D4DJ was picked up by HIRUOBI! today!! Wow…!!
I can’t wait for Gurumiku to release on 10/25–!😆✨💿
#Gurumiku #D4DJ

Note: this is a TV news program on TBS

22 Jul 2020 – 9:11 AM

Good morning😊✨

20 Jul 2020 – 7:52 PM

HapiAra’s comments expressing their hopes for the free streamed live「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」on 7/26 have been released!✨

Today marks a year since D4DJ 1st LIVE…! Time flies…!!
Please continue to support HapiAra😊🎀
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! CONNECT LIVE Comments)

19 Jul 2020 – 3:20 PM

Stage Play「We are RAISE A SUILEN〜BanG Dream! The Stage〜」
I watched it via the stream!

It was a wonderful play that exemplified the bonds between the RAS members…✨
Listening to the live performance together with the story was really impressive and cool in its own way😭
#Bandori #RASStagePlayImpressions

Quoted Tweet (RAS Stage Play 8th Performance)

19 Jul 2020 – 9:03 AM

Good morning!!

18 Jul 2020 – 10:05 AM

Are you excited for【MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE 】?😆✨
All 6 units will be performing at the live concert!
Be sure to check it out~!😊♫🎧

Note: this was written in English

17 Jul 2020 – 2:15 PM

Have you already seen the live footage for「Dig Delight! / Direct Drive!」?👀✨
Watching it makes you even more excited for「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」on 7/26…!😆

The live footage is only available for a limited time, so be sure to watch it lots~!!🎀
#HapiAra #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (Dig Delight! / Direct Drive! – D4 FES Footage)

17 Jul 2020 – 9:32 AM

Good morning✨

15 Jul 2020 – 8:55 PM

S Channel「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
Thank you for watching!
I was really nervous but I’m glad we could have a fun time together!!
The picture is the most difficult proverb quiz from this episode😆
Please see the solution in the archive!

Note: the proverb is “笑う門には福来たる”, which means that smiles and happiness bring good fortune. the English-speaking fans didn’t know it since it’s a Japanese proverb and the Japanese fans didn’t know English so everyone was stumped!

15 Jul 2020 – 8:00 PM

Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me EP1 has started! Please tune in! (Staff)

Linked Page (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me EP1)

15 Jul 2020 – 7:55 PM

S Channel「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」The first broadcast is starting soon~!!
Please come and watch✨

15 Jul 2020 – 5:55 PM

S Channel
「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
is today, 7/15 (Wed) at 20:00!
It’s my first time streaming alone so my heart is really pounding✨
Today’s announcement is brought to you by beluga-san☺️🐬
Please be sure to watch~!!

Note: she loves sea creatures

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me)

15 Jul 2020 – 5:42 PM

The『Happy Music♪』gameplay video has been released!!
The stage in the background is HapiAra-themed and cute🥰
I’m really looking forward to playing it myself–!!✨
Please check out the live that’ll be streamed on 7/26「MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE」too!😆♫
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra #MixChannel

Quoted Tweet (Happy Music♪ Gameplay Video)

15 Jul 2020 – 8:31 AM

Good morning everyone!
Good morning~!☺️

Note: the first part was written in English

14 Jul 2020 – 5:14 PM

S Channel「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」
streams tomorrow, 7/15 (Wed) at 20:00~!💫
I’m looking forward to your letters and questions for me!
Please feel free to send emails and questions in English too!!☺️✨

The picture is me with flapjack octopus-kun🐙

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me)

14 Jul 2020 – 7:48 AM

Good morning!!

13 Jul 2020 – 12:54 PM

The first broadcast of「Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me」on S Channel has been confirmed–!!

It starts at 20:00 on 7/15, please check it out!☺️
We’re currently accepting questions, so be sure to send in mail✉️✨

I’m really excited about my first broadcast…!
Please tune in!

Quoted Tweet (Kagami Karin’s Break Time With Me)

13 Jul 2020 – 7:08 AM

Good morning!✨☀️

11 Jul 2020 – 9:58 AM

Uploaded a video for this week!😊
You can watch 「The Bushiroad Mobile Panel」from the link below!

Thank you so much for sending me questions!!
Did you enjoy my Q&A session? It was really fun answering your questions!😆✨
See you next week!

10 Jul 2020 – 8:38 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.3」
is today at 22:00!!
Tsunko-san, voice of Miyake Aoi, will be performing today✨
I’m excited to see how the set list will turn out this time!!😆
I’m really looking forward to Tsunko-san’s DJ performance again today–!💿🎧
#D4DJ #Rondo🌃

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.3)

9 Jul 2020 – 8:40 AM

Good morning😊✨

8 Jul 2020 – 4:54 PM

I worked hard to clean my room today!🧹
I’m glad that my room feels so refreshed now✨

7 Jul 2020 – 7:46 AM

Good morning–!!
I’ll do my best today✨💪

6 Jul 2020 – 5:10 PM

I drew a girl!😚
I drew her with round eyes👀✨☁️
I’m always satisfied just drawing faces so I have a lot of half-finished drawings piled up……😖

6 Jul 2020 – 6:49 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

How wonderful!!!🥺✨

6 Jul 2020 – 7:52 PM

Wah~!! Sakuragawa-san! I really appreciate you looking at this! Thank you😭✨

6 Jul 2020 – 12:56 AM

Good night~🌙😴

4 Jul 2020 – 11:28 AM

Thank you for watching「Bushiroad Mobile Panel」!✨
Thank you for watching #Bushiroad Mobile Panel!!
I was extremely nervous because it was my first time speaking as a host, but I had so much fun sharing lots of exciting news with Aimi and Yuka!☺️✨

Quoted Tweet (Bushiroad Mobile Panel)

4 Jul 2020 – 10:09 AM

Posted a video for this week!!😆
Thank you so much for sending your questions!! Hope you enjoyed this week’s video!👀✨
I will be answering few more questions next week, so please look forward to it~!!😊✨

Note: this was written in English

3 Jul 2020 – 7:43 AM

Good morning!! 😊☀️

1 Jul 2020 – 3:50 PM

#Bushiroad Mobile Panel will be streamed on July 3rd at #AnimeExpoLite!
Lot’s of exciting news will be announced, so please be sure check it out!✨

Quoted Tweet (Bushiroad Mobile Panel)

1 Jul 2020 – 12:27 PM

Good afternoon!😊✨
July already…!!? Time flies💭

June 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ June 2020 Tweet Translations

29 Jun 2020 – 6:26 AM

Good morning!!✨

27 Jun 2020 – 2:57 PM

Thank you for watching the「S Channel」stream!
I’m glad that so many people watched and that I got to talk a lot with everyone from my agency!
I’ll do my best to make the
「Kagami Karin’s Break Time with Me」
program on「S Channel」
enjoyable, so I hope you’ll continue to support me😊✨

27 Jun 2020 – 12:26 PM

「S Channel」will be streaming at 13:00!
Please be sure to watch😊✨

Quoted Tweet (S Channel Special Program)

27 Jun 2020 – 10:04 AM

D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」is finally released!! 💿🎧
And, I will be answering questions about D4DJ!! Don’t forget to send yours in the reply section below!!✨😆
#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR

Note: this was written in English

25 Jun 2020 – 7:09 PM

「Cosmic CoaSTAR」is 7th in the rankings…!!
I’m so glad that lots of people are listening to it!!
Thank you so much to all the Digglers🥳✨💿
#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR

Note: Digglers = D4DJ fans

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR 7th on Oricon Daily Album Rankings)

25 Jun 2020 – 1:28 PM

A campaign to win goods hand-signed by the cast is currently underway~!✨✨
You can apply with the serial code enclosed in D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」. I hope you’ll apply!!😊💫
#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR
#BandoriD4DJ_ALSimultaneousRelease [AL = Album]

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR Release Commemoration Campaign)

24 Jun 2020 – 7:24 PM

S inc.’s official channel「S Channel」has been launched on「OPENREC.tv」!!

And I’ll be appearing on a special「S Channel」program on 6/27 at 13:00!

I’m really excited to see how the stream will turn out!!
Please be sure to watch😆✨

Quoted Tweet (S Channel)

24 Jun 2020 – 1:02 PM

💿D4DJ 2nd Album「Cosmic CoaSTAR」goes on sale today!!

Do you already have a copy?👀✨
「Cosmic CoaSTAR」has a different vibe from the usual HapiAra songs🎀
It’s a really wonderful song, so please listen to it lots🪐🎢

#HapiAra #D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR

23 Jun 2020 – 8:07 PM

D4DJ 2nd Album「Cosmic CoaSTAR」goes on sale tomorrow––!!💿🎧
Happy Around!’s original song「Cosmic CoaSTAR」is included!
Please listen to it lots✨✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra #CosmicCoaSTAR

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR Release – Happy Around! Comment)

23 Jun 2020 – 10:02 AM

Good morning!!✨

21 Jun 2020 – 8:36 PM

「D4DJ Sound Only Live Day2」
Thank you for these past two days!!

The live was packed with each unit’s charm and it was over before I knew it…!✨
I’m really looking forward to the day when I can have a great time with all of you!

Please continue to support HapiAra😊🎀
#D4DJ #HapiAra

21 Jun 2020 – 7:55 PM

Already at the end…!!😭🎧
Let’s have a blast with Dig Delight!–!!✨🎀

21 Jun 2020 – 7:40 PM

DIVE TO WORLD is here!!
HapiAra’s new cover song!!🎀😆✨
The rap is super hype!

Note: Cover of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! opening theme by CHERRYBLOSSOM

21 Jun 2020 – 7:36 PM

Moonlight Densetsu!!🌙
The arrangement is so cool. I love it–!!

Note: Happy Around! cover of the Sailor Moon opening theme by DALI

21 Jun 2020 – 7:29 PM

#HapiAra has started~!! 🎀
Please attach a 🎀 and support us😆✨

Note: probably meant to be Rinku’s ribbon

21 Jun 2020 – 6:33 PM

Photon Maiden’s songs have such mysterious and beautiful lyrics and melodies……✨

21 Jun 2020 – 4:40 PM

💿「D4DJ Sound Only Live Day2」
It’s today at 18:00–!
This live has a different set list from Day. I’m looking forward to it!!

There’s also a live stream featuring Lyrical Lily, Nishio Yuka-san, and Negishi Ai-san at 17:00. Don’t miss it–!✨

Let’s have a happy, fun time again today😆🎧
#D4DJ #D4DJSoundOnlyLive

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live Day2)

20 Jun 2020 – 8:29 PM

#D4DJSoundOnlyLiveDay1」Thank you!
It was fun being able to listen to all the units with so many newly revealed songs!😊🎧
I’m really looking forward to Day2 tomorrow as well–!!
Let’s have a great time again tomorrow✨💿

20 Jun 2020 – 7:58 PM

「Happy Music♪」was shown in full for the first time✨
This song is exciting from start to finish!!!
And to end it, Dig Delight!😆✨

20 Jun 2020 – 7:50 PM

Lililili-san’s first appearance…!!✨
It’s so cute how they say “Li!”🥰

Note: Lyrical Lily. There’s a section in their song “The Color of Tainted Sorrow” where they go “Li!” multiple times

20 Jun 2020 – 7:46 PM

Whenever I listen to Cosmic CoaSTAR, the spectacle of everyone waving their arms together always comes to mind…! The feels…😭✨💭

Note: everyone waves their arms during the chorus!

20 Jun 2020 – 7:41 PM

Kokoro Odoru is a really fun song to sing and I love it😆✨✨

20 Jun 2020 – 6:31 PM

#D4DJSoundOnlyLiveDay1 Chokuzen! Happy Around! Meeting」Thank you!!
It was really fun playing against each other in the game–!!😆✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra #Merm4id

Note: they formed teams and played Groovy Mix, seeing which team could get the higher total score

20 Jun 2020 – 4:57 PM

[Kagami Karin] will be appearing in「 #D4DJSoundOnlyLiveday1 Chokuzen! Happy Around! Meeting」which will be streamed at 17:00✨
Please be sure to watch! (Staff)

Quoted Tweet (Happy Around! Meeting)

20 Jun 2020 – 9:27 AM

Are you ready for D4DJ Sound Only Live?🕺🎧😎

Day 1 Happy Around! Meeting: youtube.com/watch?v=FrGAh50K
Day 1 Sound Only Live: youtube.com/watch?v=_sX2g5oK1J

See you soon at the Happy Around! Meeting~!✨
#D4DJ #D4DJSoundOnlyLive #HapiAra

Note: this tweet was written in English

19 Jun 2020 – 7:24 PM

The free streamed live「D4DJ Sound Only Live」2Days will be held starting tomorrow!!💿✨
I’m also appearing on the live stream just beforehand at 17:00 tomorrow, so let’s have a great time together–!!😆🎧✨
#D4DJ #D4DJSoundOnlyLive

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live)

19 Jun 2020 – 9:33 AM

Good morning–!
I’m going to work hard today💪✨

15 Jun 2020 – 10:12 PM

The「#D4DJSoundOnlyLive & Pre-Live Stream」Celebration Campaign is underway–!
Acrylic boards for each unit…!? I want to decorate my room with them too!!
Please be sure to follow & retweet to apply!💿✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live Commemoration Campaign)

15 Jun 2020 – 10:05 AM

Good morning😴

13 Jun 2020 – 9:52 AM

Did you already check out music preview of our 2nd album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」?👀🎧
I can’t wait for the album to be released~!!😆

And don’t forget to submit your questions for the Bushiroad Mobile Panel!
I’m looking forward to answering your questions!😊✨
#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR

Note: this was written in English

13 Jun 2020 – 8:56 AM

Good morning–!✨

12 Jun 2020 – 12:25 AM

Good night~!😪🌙

11 Jun 2020 – 6:58 PM

I will be appearing in the Bushiroad Mobile Panel as a MC!!😆✨
We will be answering questions from you guys, so please let us know your question from the link provided!💫

Note: this was written in English

Quoted Tweet (Bushiroad Mobile Panel @ Anime Expo Lite)

11 Jun 2020 – 10:26 PM (Nishio Yuka)

Can’t wait for this〜!
I’m excited for Kagamin’s mc !

11 Jun 2020 – 11:56 PM

Oyu saaann!! Thank you so much!😆
I’m excited too!!!
Let’s Happy Around!!😎🕺

11 Jun 2020 – 9:41 AM

Good morning☀

10 Jun 2020 – 3:30 PM

It’s been hot these days…!😵
Let’s do our best to beat the heat–!!💪✨

9 Jun 2020 – 7:36 AM

Good morning!✨

7 Jun 2020 – 6:03 PM

The clothes I was wearing in yesterday’s video!
It kind of looks like Maho’s stage costume…isn’t it?😆✨
Don’t the clothes that I wore in yesterday’s video resemble Maho’s costume…!? I chose them with that in mind✨
The design of the lace around the neck and shoulders resemble it a bit…I think!!🥰
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: the first part was written in English

7 Jun 2020 – 8:17 AM

Good morning–!✨

6 Jun 2020 – 10:16 AM

Posted a video for this week!!

Did you check out D4DJ INDEX? It is released on

You can learn more about the characters, so please check it out!!😊✨

I hope you enjoyed my video☺️
See you next week!💿🎧

#D4DJ #GroovyMix #DJINDEX
#HappyAround #HapiAra

Note: this was written in English

5 Jun 2020 – 11:34 PM

I’m watching Kidani-san’s live stream!
And it’s trending…! Amazing!

Quoted Tweet (Birthday stream for Kidani Takaaki, the president of Bushiroad)

5 Jun 2020 – 11:10 PM

【D4DJ Sound Only Live】will be held!!💿
Also, I will be appearing on the live stream just before DAY1 on 6/20 (Sat)!
I’m glad to have so many more things to look forward to!😊✨🎧
I’m looking forward to having a blast with all of you~!!😆

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Sound Only Live)

5 Jun 2020 – 10:35 PM

Already the last [song]…!😭
It came back to Dig Delight! –!!✨

Note: Oyu teased Dig Delight! at the start then came back to it at the end, same trick as last time 😆

5 Jun 2020 – 10:20 PM

J~!! The calls for Direct Drive! were fun–!💿✨✨

Note: during Direct Drive!, Happy Around! says “D4D” as the audience calls out “J!”
this repeats 7 times followed by a delayed “J~!!”

5 Jun 2020 – 10:04 PM

It’s started!!
I’m excited😆✨✨

5 Jun 2020 – 9:25 PM

💿「 #D4DJ_DJTIME vol.2」will be live streamed today at 22:00!
Nishio Yuka-san, voice of Aimoto Rinku, will be performing today!
I’m so happy that I get to see Oyu-san’s DJ performance again–!!! I’m really looking forward to it!✨🎧
#HapiAra #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.2 w/ Nishio Yuka)

4 Jun 2020 – 7:42 PM

Good evening!!
I’ve been wearing nothing but collared blouses lately💭

3 Jun 2020 – 8:59 PM

Maho’s DJ INDEX has arrived✨
She is good at cooking!!! I would love to try her home cooked meals!🍛😋
#DJINDEX #HappyAround

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ DJ INDEX w/ Akashi Maho)

2 Jun 2020 – 12:07 AM

Good night~!!
Good night everyone😴💫

May 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ May 2020 Tweet Translations

June 2020 Tweet Translations

30 May 2020 – 9:44 AM

This is the video for this week😊✨
D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」will be released soon!💿
Live performance videos are now available on D4DJ English Channel on YouTube, so please check it out!😆🎧


#D4DJ #CosmicCoaSTAR
#HappyAround #HapiAra

Note: this was written entirely in English

29 May 2020 – 9:32 PM

#D4DJ_DJTIME」starts today at 22:00!!
Takagi Miyu-san, voice of Inuyose Shinobu, will be performing!💿
I’m really looking forward to Takagi-san’s DJ performance–!😆💿

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME w/ Takagi Miyu)

29 May 2020 – 8:02 AM

Good morning☀

26 May 2020 – 8:38 PM

The jacket illustration for D4DJ 2nd Album「Cosmic CoaSTAR」has been revealed–!!
They all have such cool expressions while performing live!✨
I can’t wait for the release!!😆🎧
The sample video has been released on YouTube so please listen to it lots💿

Quoted Tweet (CosmicCoaSTAR Jacket Illustration)

25 May 2020 – 12:11 AM

Good night😴💫

24 May 2020 – 8:17 AM

Good morning!!✨

23 May 2020 – 9:18 AM

I’m starting to post a video every week to share new information on D4DJ!!✨
Look forward to my post next week! 😆🎧

Official Web: en.d4dj-pj.com
Twitter: @D4DJ_pj_EN
Facebook: facebook.com/D4DJProjectEN
YouTube: bit.ly/3g3OBL

21 May 2020 – 4:44 PM

Photos from D4DJ D4 FES. !!💿
I found these while going through my camera roll so I’m posting them😚✨
Oyu-san poking my cheeks as I took selfies😌 📸
#D4DJ #HapiAra

21 May 2020 – 8:03 PM (Nishio Yuka)

cameo appearance(hand)👆
#D4DJ #HapiAra

21 May 2020 – 5:12 AM

Good morning!!✨
I’m up early today😆

19 May 2020 – 8:51 AM

Good morning–!!☀️

21 May 2020 – 4:44 PM

💿 D4DJ 1st Album 「Direct Drive!」
Have you gotten them yet?✨
The album and visual book are both filled with D4DJ’s appeal, so please get them if you haven’t already!!😆🎧

17 May 2020 – 9:18 AM

Good morning✨

16 May 2020 – 12:14 PM

4000 followers, thank you!😊
I’m really happy to have so many people following me!
I’ll keep doing my best from now on, so thank you for your support!!💪✨

Oh my, I’ve reached 4000 Twitter followers!
I’m really happy to have so many people following me.
Thank you so much for always supporting me.
I’ll keep doing my best, so I hope you’ll continue to support me!
I’m Kagami Karin, take care!

16 May 2020 – 12:14 PM

We have reached 4000 followers!! Thank you for your support😭✨

Note: this was written in English

15 May 2020 – 10:39 AM

Good morning–!☀️

14 May 2020 – 1:21 PM

Good afternoon✨

14 May 2020 – 1:54 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

Good afternoon!!!!!ヾ(o´∀`o)ノʏᴀ-ʏ♪

14 May 2020 – 3:43 PM

Nakashima-san–! Good afternoon!
I’m glad you replied…!
Your LIVE screening party the other day was so much fun!!😆✨

Note: Roselia Hitze Screening Party Live Stream

14 May 2020 – 11:20 PM (Nakashima Yuki)

I’m always so tempted to reply and I finally did it today…😭✨
I’m glad–!
Thank you for watching––😘😘

15 May 2020 – 12:10 AM

I’m so happy to hear you say that…!😭
It’s so nice to talk to you after a while!! No, thank you!😖✨

12 May 2020 – 8:26 AM

Good morning~!
Good morning everyone!✨

10 May 2020 – 11:00 AM

Good morning✨

9 May 2020 – 12:00 AM

Thank you for watching D4DJ TV ✨
The second half of HapiAra’s live part was fun and it went by in no time!!😊
Archived footage for today’s broadcast has also been released on YouTube so please be sure to take a look🎧💿
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ TV Archive)

8 May 2020 – 11:19 PM

Leaving the DJ table during the rap part is so novel…!!✨

Note: she’s the DJ but she comes down onto the stage during her rap section in Direct Drive!

8 May 2020 – 11:17 PM

Direct Drive!✨
It’s a cool song and I love it–!!

8 May 2020 – 11:10 PM

I’m watching D4DJ TV!✨
The second half of the live part has started!!😆

8 May 2020 – 10:05 AM

Good morning!☀️✨

7 May 2020 – 12:34 AM

I’m so happy that many of you watched my video! Thank you for your comments✨
Good night everyone ~!!🌙
I’m so happy that many of you watched my video! Thank you so much for all the comments too😊
Well then, good night~😴

6 May 2020 – 3:50 PM

Thank you so much for always supporting me!😊
I tried speaking in English today!
Thank you for always looking at my tweets☺️✨

Note: the first part was written in English

6 May 2020 – 6:21 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

Kagamin, teach me English next time~😭📝

Note: they are in Happy Around! together

6 May 2020 – 7:47 PM

Non-san–! Thank you for watching😭Definitely! I still have a long way to go, but let’s have fun talking with each other English~💪✨

6 May 2020 – 6:27 PM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Super super cute!!😆💕

Note: Meguchii is her senior in S inc.

6 May 2020 – 8:05 PM

Sakuragawa-san…! Thank you so much for your compliment😭✨
Thank you for watching the video!
I’ll do my best from now on!!

5 May 2020 – 9:55 PM

The three bands put on such an amazing live that I really can’t express with words!!
I have yet to wear my Monica costume and perform a live in front of everyone so I was reminded, “I’ll be performing lives like this”, and felt the need to work even harder. And I want to catch up. I. want to be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with them. 🦋 #Popipa7thLiveCommentary

5 May 2020 – 10:02 PM

BanG Dream! 7th☆LIVE「Jumpin’ Music♪」Screening Party, great work!
It was so much fun, and it really moved me and raised my spirits.
Poppin’Party, thank you!✨

5 May 2020 – 8:56 PM

Kizuna Music
Popipa-san’s expressions are so lovely that I’m about cry just seeing them😭✨

5 May 2020 – 7:49 PM

The tone of their acoustic guitars and both of their singing voices are wonderful…✨

Note: Jumpin’ Music♪ Screening Party, Aimi & Otsuka Sae Acoustic Corner

5 May 2020 – 6:21 PM

D4DJ Groovy Mix Character Illustrated Reference
Today is Akashi Maho-chan!💿✨
Her signature dish is curry! I want to try Maho-chan’s homemade curry rice too…🤤🍛
#D4DJ #Gurumiku #HapiAra #AkashiMaho

Quoted Tweet (Aimoto Rinku Illustrated Reference)

4 May 2020 – 10:45 PM

The BanG Dream! 7th☆LIVE「Hitze」Screening Party went by in no time!!
Both the production and performance were packed with Roselia’s worldview, and it was a such a cool and beautiful live…!🌹✨

4 May 2020 – 9:30 PM

BLACK SHOUT!!! It’s even more cool live!!😆✨

4 May 2020 – 9:01 PM

Sanctuary is such a beautiful song and I love it😭✨🌹

4 May 2020 – 8:14 PM

It’s started~!
Roselia-san’s LIVE screening party! Excited…✨✨

Quoted Tweet (Roselia「Hitze」live stream with commentary by Roselia)

3 May 2020 – 11:40 PM

I’ve been pulling my bangs back a lot lately💁‍♀️
Good night~!🌙

3 May 2020 – 9:33 AM

Good morning–!☺️✨

1 May 2020 – 11:58 PM

How was「D4DJ TV Special Edition」?
I enjoyed it a lot!!😆✨
A video archive of Merm4id’s live part has been released on the「D4DJ Channel」🌺
Next week is the second half of HapiAra’s live part!
I’m looking forward to next week’s broadcast too✨
Please be sure to watch~!🎧💿

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ ONLINE LIVE Merm4id Archive)

1 May 2020 – 11:25 PM

「D4DJ TV Special Edition」HapiAra’s live part is broadcasting✨✨
The choreography for Renai Revolution 21 is really fun😆
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

1 May 2020 – 12:13 AM

Good night😴

April 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ April 2020 Tweet Translations

May 2020 Tweet Translations

30 Apr 2020 – 8:59 AM

Good morning!!✨

28 Apr 2020 – 8:46 PM

Work in progress✏️✨
The face looks very different from before and after coloring…🤔
←Rough Sketch WIP Coloring→
It gives a different impression when colored!!🙊

28 Apr 2020 – 9:01 PM (shizuka)


28 Apr 2020 – 9:08 PM

shizuka-san!! Thank you😭✨
I want to draw with you again😖

Note: they drew cats together last time!

28 Apr 2020 – 10:32 PM (shizuka)

I’d love to😭💕
Let’s collab again
when corona[virus] ends🥺🖼

28 Apr 2020 – 10:46 PM

I’m looking forward to collaborating again😭🙏
I’ll think about what we can draw next time…!💪

28 Apr 2020 – 10:02 PM (Otsuka Sae)


28 Apr 2020 – 10:38 PM

Sae-san…!! I’m so glad you looked at it! Thank you😭😭

28 Apr 2020 – 11:47 PM (Otsuka Sae)

No~it’s amazing!! You have my respect🙇‍♀️
I want you to teach me! lol

29 Apr 2020 – 12:32 AM

No way~!😖
I always see Sae-san’s drawings and think they’re so warm and wonderful🙇‍♂️✨
I would be happy to draw together some time…!

29 Apr 2020 – 1:55 AM (Otsuka Sae)

That’d be fun! lol
let’s do it let’s do it😊✨

29 Apr 2020 – 10:30 AM

I’m glad😆
I look forward to it✨

28 Apr 2020 – 9:14 AM

Good morning~🌞

27 Apr 2020 – 6:20 PM

#D4DJ_StayHome 」is airing again today at 20:00!👀🎧
Tsunko-san, voice of Miyake Aoi, will be performing today!!
I’m really looking forward to Tsunko-san’s DJ performance…!!!💿✨😆

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_StayHome w/ Tsunko)

26 Apr 2020 – 9:05 PM

The D4DJ TV Anime teaser visual and title have been announced!!
The title is「D4DJ First Mix」✨
The teaser visual is so cute😭✨
I’m really looking forward to it and I can’t hold back my excitement…!!
Please look forward to the follow-up news too!☺️

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix Teaser)

26 Apr 2020 – 8:08 PM

The「 #D4DJ_StayHome 」live stream has started!!✨
Nishio Yuka-san, voice of Aimoto Rinku, is performing today!!
Oyu-san’s DJ performance…! It’s so cool😆✨🎧

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_StayHome w/ Nishio Yuka)

26 Apr 2020 – 10:39 AM

Good morning✨
Good morning!!

25 Apr 2020 – 2:15 PM

Yache-sensei! Happy belated birthday🎂
The illustrations you draw are filled with love and they always warm my heart😭✨
Hope you have another wonderful year…!

25 Apr 2020 – 2:33 PM

Kagamin-san, thank you!!!!!✨😍✨💘
I’m always astounded by the breadth of your acting ability and expressiveness. The way you become Maho on stage and look so cute while dancing boldly warms my heart too😭💛I’ll do my best again this year so thank you for your support🙇‍♀️

24 Apr 2020 – 8:05 PM

I played the role of an audience member in「BanG Dream! 3rd Season」#13 ☺️

The final episode was truly wonderful and I’m so happy I could be present as an audience member there.
It’s available on YouTube for a limited time, so please be sure to watch✨
#Bandori #BandoriAnime3rd_13

Quoted Tweet (Bandori S3 #1 Trending)

24 Apr 2020 – 10:42 AM

【Chou! A&G+Special Kimi wa “HapiAra” wo Shiteiru ka? ~ 1st Album Release Commemoration Special】which aired the other day has been released on YouTube✨
I was a very fun stream so I would be glad if those who missed it could watch it–!!😊📺
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Chou! A&G+Special w/ HapiAra Archive)

24 Apr 2020 – 9:47 AM

Good morning✨

23 Apr 2020 – 7:52 PM

The cast of Lyrical Lily will be announced on the 「 #D4DJ_StayHome 」stream on 4/26, 4/27!!!
I’m really looking forward to the stream now…!
You should check it out!!✨
#D4DJ #Lililili

Quoted Tweet (Lyrical Lily Cast Announcement on #D4DJ_StayHome)

22 Apr 2020 – 12:17 PM

D4DJ 1st Album「Direct Drive!」is on sale today!!!
It includes the original song「Direct Drive!」from HapiAra!
It’s a very happy and cool song, so please be sure to listen to it✨🎧

Quoted Tweet (Direct Drive! Album Release)

22 Apr 2020 – 10:28 AM

Good morning!✨

21 Apr 2020 – 11:20 AM

I’m hungry already🍙🤤

21 Apr 2020 – 4:10 PM

By the way, I ate the pasta that I had at home!😋
I want to be able to make something fancier😖🍳

19 Apr 2020 – 8:12 PM

LIVE footage of「Cosmic CoaSTAR」has been released–!🪐🎢
Everyone was doing the hand motions together and it was sight to behold😆✨
Please be sure to watch💫
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Cosmic CoaSTAR from D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-)

19 Apr 2020 – 8:50 AM

Good morning✨

17 Apr 2020 – 5:54 PM

Thank you for watching Chou! A&G HapiAra Special! I’m glad we got a reward😭🙏
📸✨with Yobikomi-kun who was in the center the whole time
Also! Happy Around!’s new song MV「Happy Music♪」was released😆✨✨
The HapiAra members are all moving! It’s really cute so please watch☺️💕
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: Yobikomi-kun is a little device used in Japanese shops that plays a catchy jingle and welcomes shoppers. They lost the game but got a reward anyway.

17 Apr 2020 – 9:49 AM

#IWantToKnowYourThemeSong came around to me from Non-chan♫
My favorite song is「Immortals」by Fall Out Boy✨
It’s also an insert song for「Big Hero 6」, a movie that I love, but the song has this coolness that never grows old and I’ve kept listening to it for the longest time💫
I’m passing it to Chinharu-san( @mimuharu_1027 ) next…!

Note: Full chain here.

16 Apr 2020 – 9:48 AM

Good morning–!☀️✨

15 Apr 2020 – 12:16 PM

This is airing on 4/17 at 16:00💫
The four members of HapiAra will be appearing on radio!!
I had a great time talking with everyone, so I hope you can watch~!😊✨
#HapiAra #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (Chou! A&G+Special Kimi wa “HapiAra” wo Shiteiru ka?)

14 Apr 2020 – 9:39 AM

Good morning😴

13 Apr 2020 – 7:41 PM

The archive has been posted for「D4DJ TV」EP2 where Oyu-san and I appear as guests✨
It’s available for a limited time so please don’t forget to check it out–!😆📺

13 Apr 2020 – 12:30 AM

Good night😴💫

12 Apr 2020 – 6:22 PM

I was finally able to get a full combo on Expert–!!😆✨
I’m aiming for a Great Full Combo next💪😎
#Gurumiku #D4DJ

11 Apr 2020 – 9:34 AM

Good morning–!✨

10 Apr 2020 – 11:51 PM

Thank you all for watching「D4DJ TV」EP2!!
I was nervous the whole way through, but it was fun to talk a lot about the live!😖✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ TV EP2)

10 Apr 2020 – 10:39 PM

「D4DJ TV」EP2 airs today at 23:00!!
I appeared as a guest along with Oyu-san!☺️
Please be sure to watch📺✨

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ TV EP2)

10 Apr 2020 – 9:31 PM

I’m often at home lately so I’ve been drawing a lot✏️😊
It’s spring so I drew a girl with sakura colored hair!🌸
Drawing the eye sparkles is the most fun part😆✨

Note: more Kagamin drawings!

10 Apr 2020 – 9:49 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

You’re so good!!! Amazing!

10 Apr 2020 – 10:06 PM

I’m glad–! Thank you!!😭
I’ll post if I draw something again✨

8 Apr 2020 – 2:45 PM (Yache)

I drew【D4DJAround story!】in
Gekkan Bushiroad May Issue, on sale today! I’m thrilled about my first manga publication👶✨⭐️
Thank you for your support🙇‍♀️
There’s also a poster with the live key visual included, so please!
#Getsubushi #D4DJ

8 Apr 2020 – 4:45 PM

The serialization has started for【D4DJAround story!】in the #Getsubushi May Issue that goes on sale today!
Yache-san drew HapiAra in casual clothes!!
Everyone has their own personality and they are so cute–!😆💕
I can’t wait to read it now✨
#D4DJ #HapiAra

7 Apr 2020 – 11:59 PM

Good night😴

6 Apr 2020 – 8:07 AM

Good morning!☺️
I transformed into a cat in my dream today…!🐱✨

4 Apr 2020 – 7:10 AM

Good morning☀

2 Apr 2020 – 5:27 PM (Mimura Haruka)

We had lessons for HapiAra~♪
It was me and Kagamin today🥰

I moved around so much that I drank a whole
500ml of water~~😭!!!
I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow😍!!
I love dancing! It was fun~😆✨

Kagamin and I took pictures with matching poses✌︎
Good work––♪

2 Apr 2020 – 6:18 PM

I was happy to make a heart together with Chinharu-san!!☺️💕
Even I don’t know what kind of facial expression I was supposed to be making in the 4th picture…🤔😂

2 Apr 2020 – 8:50 AM

Good morning✨

1 Apr 2020 – 12:06 PM

With Chinharu at the previous live!📸✨
We took a photo with a matching pose!
I want to take a picture with everyone in HapiAra doing the same pose next time–!😆💫

Note: Mimura Haruka

March 2020 Tweet Translations

Kagami Karin ~ March 2020 Tweet Translations

April 2020 Tweet Translations

31 Mar 2020 – 8:23 AM

Good morning–!!

30 Mar 2020 – 6:56 PM

I’ll be making an appearance here–!
We will be broadcasting with all four members of HapiAra this time✨
I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of conversations we will have!!😆💫
We are also accepting letters, so please be sure to send them💌
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Chou! A&G+Special  Kimi wa “HapiAra” wo Shiteiru ka? ~1st Album Release Celebration Special)

29 Mar 2020 – 10:05 AM

Good morning!!
It’s cold today…😖❄️

28 Mar 2020 – 11:53 PM

Good night~😴

27 Mar 2020 – 11:30 PM

「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」

We still got lots of support from everyone, even without an audience. It was a suuper fun LIVE☺️✨
I was really happy that so many people were watching! Thank you!!😭💫
#LostDecade #D4DJ
#Gurumiku #HapiAra

27 Mar 2020 – 6:56 PM

It’s finally today at 20:00!!
I hope you’ll have a great time with us in front of your screens!!😆✨
#LostDecade #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

26 Mar 2020 – 5:24 PM

【Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE】will be live streamed tomorrow at 20:00!!

D4DJ’s first live without a seated audience! I’m really looking forward to it😆🎧
It will be streamed for free, so please be sure to check it out☺️✨

Here is the stream!
#D4DJ #LostDecGurumikuFreeLive

25 Mar 2020 – 4:11 PM

A double follow and RT campaign is currently being held to celebrate 400k pre-registrations for Gurumiku & the audience-less live being held–!!
There are two prizes, how extravagant…!✨Please be sure to participate!😊✨

Quoted Tweet (Gurumiku & Lost Decade Double Follow/RT Campaign)

24 Mar 2020 – 8:12 AM

Good morning✨

23 Mar 2020 – 7:39 PM

「D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition」has been updated✨
HapiAra had its original song「Direct Drive!」added!!😆🎵
I’m going to start playing now and aim to full combo the added songs–!💪✨
#D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition Ver1.1.0 Update)

23 Mar 2020 – 2:10 PM

It’s cold today😖🍃

22 Mar 2020 – 12:03 AM

Good night☺️✨

21 Mar 2020 – 8:17 AM

Good morning–!!

20 Mar 2020 – 12:44 AM (Mimura Haruka)

I had rehearsal today~♪
「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」on the 27th
I’m really excited✨
Will you be watching~?🥰💻

After rehearsal
I went to a cafe with Kagamin🍓
Cute Kagamin♪🥰
It was so relaxing~❤︎

20 Mar 2020 – 12:54 PM

I went to a cafe with Chinharu-san after rehearsal yesterday–!
We talked a lot and it was really fun🍓
Thank you😭💕

Next week is finally「Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」!!
My first audience-less live! I’m really excited! I’d be happy if you watched the stream!!😆🎧

Note: Mimura Haruka

19 Mar 2020 – 7:43 AM

Good morning😆✨

17 Mar 2020 – 10:22 AM

Good morning!!🌞

17 Mar 2020 – 12:22 AM

The wind was cold again today😖🍃
It’s been cold again lately, so I’m going to warm up and sleep–!!
Good night!✨

16 Mar 2020 – 8:40 AM

Good morning☀️

14 Mar 2020 – 8:23 AM

Good morning😊✨

13 Mar 2020 – 12:09 AM

Good night~😴

12 Mar 2020 – 8:29 PM

I drank pink tapioca🌸
I look so happy holding my tapioca in this picture😌
Picture of me being so happy while holding pink tapioca drink 🍹🙋‍♂️

Note: The last part was written in English.

13 Mar 2020 – 11:47 AM (Sakuragawa Megu)

Smiling Kagamin☺️
How cute~~💕

13 Mar 2020 – 3:54 PM

Sakuragawa-san…! Thank you😭✨
It was so delicious, I had a smile on my face the whole time I was drinking it!😊

11 Mar 2020 – 11:13 PM

I’m happy that it was warm the whole day today✨
The days where I can go out without a coat may be near…!!😆
Well then, good night–!

10 Mar 2020 – 7:53 AM

Good morning–!

9 Mar 2020 – 1:02 PM

I’m glad that it’s warm today☺️✨

8 Mar 2020 – 9:14 AM

Good morning!✨

6 Mar 2020 – 2:21 PM

I got Sakura Frappuccino for the second time–!🌸
It was topped with candy and sweet and delicious😋

6 Mar 2020 – 7:39 PM (Shizaki Kanon)

It looks good🌸

6 Mar 2020 – 8:06 PM

It was really delicious–!🌸✨
I would love to get tea with you next time…!🍵

6 Mar 2020 – 5:46 PM

The title of the #D4DJ audience-less live will be「D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE」!😆🎧

Also! The additional performing cast has been announced✨✨
The live is looking even livelier and I’m really excited!🎉

I’d be happy if you had a great time with us in front of your screens on 3/27–!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE)

5 Mar 2020 – 6:12 AM

Good morning!☀
I slept soundly yesterday, so I woke up really early today😆✨

3 Mar 2020 – 9:28 AM

Good morning!!

2 Mar 2020 – 11:07 PM

The Sakura Frappuccino that I had a little while ago🌸
The sakura design is so cute every year and it makes me feel relaxed😭✨

Good night–!🌙

2 Mar 2020 – 12:34 AM

Good night😴

1 Mar 2020 – 6:33 AM

Good morning!☀️
I woke up early for the first time in a while–!😆✨

February 2020 Tweet Translations

Nishio Yuka, Hazuki Himari, Kagami Karin ~ D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -Party Time- Flowers

Nishio Yuka • Hazuki Himari • Kagami Karin
~ D4 FES Flower Stand ~

This flower stand was originally for D4DJ 4th Live! If you’ve already contributed then there’s no need to contribute again, though you can still participate in the TwiPla. I’ll be contacting everyone shortly to reconfirm their participation.

This blog post will compile all the progress for the 3 Agency Joint Audition Crew D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -Party Time- Flower Stand! All updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #OyuHimaringoKagamin4thFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet


~ Contribute here! (or PayPal.me)~


It’s been so long! We’ve been unable to send flower stands for the past year and a half due to COVID-19, but we’re back at it now that Bushiroad events have started allowing flowers again!

A lot has happened in the past year, including the unfortunate passing of our artist @Witera. As mentioned in this tweet, we will continue to keep his name on future flower stands to this trio in his honor.

Our other artist, whose new handle is @sdfxtsu, has agreed to continue working on the stand and will be handling our graphic design and illustration this time around.

I’ll be contacting everyone who previously contributed to the stand to reconfirm their participation. Thank you to everyone for your patience!

Let me know if you have any ideas for the stand!

~ iviachupichu


Illustrators: @Witera, @aka_aha15
Message Board: @aka_aha15

Hazuki Himari and Kagami Karin were recently added to the roster for 4th LIVE, so we’re now able to send them another flower stand!

All the D4DJ units unveiled their new stage costumes at D4 FES, and we’ll be using these costumes for the illustrations. We’ll also be putting headshot illustrations on the message board this time as a reference to their newly released Dig Delight! single.

We’ll be brainstorming more ideas for references to sneak into the illustrations, but for starters!
Nishio Yuka: Karaage-kun Red
Hazuki Himari: Her New Camera, ING Megaphone
Kagami Karin: Cute Drinks

To be continued…


Happy Around! 1st LIVE Backstage Flowers

Nishio Yuka • Kagami Karin • Mimura Haruka • Shizaki Kanon

~ Contribute here! ~

This blog post will compile all the progress for the Happy Around! 1st LIVE Backstage Flowers!
Updates will also be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #HapiAra1stFlowers!
Flower Stand Tweet

~ Contribute here! ~

Illustrator: @nackoyo

Happy Around! 1st LIVE was announced at D4DJ D4 FES! The event will take place on 6/20 at Shimokitazawa GARDEN, the live house which served as the birthplace for Poppin’Party, RAISE A SUILEN, and Argonavis (tbd)!

Although the venue is too small to send a full size flower stand, we’d still like show our support for the seiyuu with backstage flowers! Here is an example of backstage flowers done by our florist for Kato Rihona and Otsuka Sae from Rondo!

These are often sent by individuals or small groups of people, but I’d like everyone to be able to chip in at least a small amount to show their support! We cannot fit a large number of names on the message card, so we will be addressing the flowers from overseas Digglers instead!

To be continued…