Poppin’ Party

  • Performs as a live band!
  • The first band introduced in the franchise.
  • Hosts a weekly radio show called Poppin’ Radio.
  • Also known as PoPiPa (ポピパ)!


Aimi (愛美)

RoleToyama Kasumi (戸山 香澄) (Vo, Gt)
NicknamesAimin (あいみん), Ai-chan (あいちゃん)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Weibo
SourcesBandori Wiki
Bandori Activity6/5: Bandori is Aimi is Bandori
HostsPoppin’ Radio, HiBiKi Style, Bandori! TV


  • Her full name is Terakawa Aimi (寺川 愛美)
  • Practiced her smile to its current perfection
  • Voices Julia in iDOLM@STER: Million Live, and one of her live performances as Julia is the inspiration for the BanG Dream franchise (Source)
  • Voices Tokiwa Kazumi in Futari wa Milky Holmes, forming the duo Feathers along with Itou Ayasa (Arisa / Alice)
  • Part of RUMMY LABYRINTH from Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis as An Chouno, along with Kudo Haruka (Sayo / Luna)
  • Voices Tatsunaki Suiko in Cardfight!! Vanguard, along with Mimori Suzuko (Yuri / Kourin)
  • Previously lacked confidence in her singing voice but is now content with it. She lost her voice in the first Bandori live (2015). This is directly referenced in first season of the anime (Source)
  • Owns a pet snake named Annie (アニー)
  • Came up with “gambaroselia” (がんばロゼリア), which is frequently used by Roselia members (Source)

Nishimoto Rimi (西本 りみ)

RoleUshigome Rimi (牛込 りみ) (Ba)
NicknamesRimirin (りみりん)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, YouTube
SourcesBandori Wiki, Seiyuuri
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsGekkan Bushiroad TV, HiBiKi Style


  • Had experience playing the electone, piano, guitar, bass, euphonium, and saxophone before joining the project
  • Having the same name as her character was intentional
  • Auditioned for Futari wa Milky Holmes but lost to fellow Poppin’ Party member Itou Ayasa (Arisa) (Source)
  • Can full combo Tokimeki Experience on Expert one-handed (Video)
  • Loves chocolate, perhaps more than her character does
  • Joined HiBiKi at the same time as Ozaki Yuka (Toyama Asuka) (Source)
  • Favorite Bandori originals: Roselia -> Opera of the wasteland, Pastel Palettes -> Shuwarin Dreaming, Afterglow -> Hey Day Capriccio, Hello Happy World -> Hello Happiness Magical, (Source)
  • Her favorite PoPiPa originals to perform are Teardrops and Happy Happy Party! (Source)

Otsuka Sae (大塚 紗英)

RoleHanazono Tae (花園 たえ) (Gt)
NicknamesSaechi (さえチ)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Blog
SourcesBandori Wiki, Seiyuuri, Otsuka Sae Special Interview
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsBandori TV (Corner)


  • Also plays the piano and trombone (Source)
  • Tae’s rabbits are based on Sae’s actual rabbits (1, 2, 3)
  • At one point owned 23 rabbits, 50 goldfishes, 4 koi, and 1 pigeon
  • The guitars she plays for Bandori are named Sunataro (ESP Snapper + “Taro”) and Furotaro (ESP Floyd Rose + “Taro”).
  • Played the acoustic guitar and sang on the street for four years prior to her debut as a seiyuu (Videos)
  • Composes her own music and performs them at SAE Vo.yage! lives. When lacking motivation, she practices guitar while watching TV
  • BanG Dream was her debut as a seiyuu. She did not originally know that she would be doing voice work, and was simply told she would be able to play the guitar
  • Previously performed as a guest guitarist for THE THIRD (now RAISE A SUILEN)
  • Will frequently “Like” mentions and comments on Twitter, and notably “ハロー快晴!” (Hello Kaisei! ~ Hello Clear Skies!) tweets in reference to her first original song (Source)

Itou Ayasa (伊藤 彩沙)

RoleIchigaya Arisa (市ヶ谷 有咲) (Key)
NicknamesAyasa-chan (あやさちゃん)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Blog
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsPoppin’ Radio


  • Close friends with Aimi (Kasumi)
  • Voices Myoujingawa Alice in Futari wa Milky Holmes, forming the duo Feathers along with Aimi (Kasumi)
  • Plays Hanayagi Kaoruko in Revue Starlight, alongside Aiba Aina (Yukina / Claudine) and Mimori Suzuko (Ushigome Yuri / Hikari)
  • Loves the Takarazuka Revue
  • Often makes puns on her name. Will tweet おはあやさ (ohaayasa) or こんあやさ (konnayasa) every day depending on when she wakes up
  • Has a pet hedgehog named Tofu-chan (とうふちゃん) (Source)

Ohashi Ayaka (大橋 彩香)

RoleYamabuki Saaya (山吹 沙綾) (Dr)
NicknamesHasshi (はっしー), Hegochin/Hego (へごちん/へご)
Social MediaTwitter, Website
SourcesBandori Wiki, Seiyuuri
Bandori Activity4/5: Very Active, Schedule Conflicts
HostsPoppin’ Radio


  • Voices Shimamura Uzuki in iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls, and Uzuki’s demeanor/personality were based on Ayaka
  • Loves heavy metal thanks to her mother, who sang her Marilyn Manson’s songs as lullabies. Her favorite bands include Evanescence, Papa Roach, and Slipknot (Source)
  • Had drumming experience from the age of 5
  • Joined the Light Music Club in high school, performing drums, guitar, and vocals
  • Made it to the finals in HoriPro’s 36th Talent Scout Caravan but lost to fellow seiyuu Tadokoro Azusa (Kaoru)
  • Owns a cat named Fleur (フレア) but usually refers to her as Fuutaso (ふーたそ)

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