Nishio Yuka ~ July 2020 Tweet/Instagram Translations

August 2020 Tweet/Instagram Translations

32 Jul 2020 – 11:31 PM

While decluttering, I found lots of clothes I like with the tag still on and clothes I’ve only worn once.
But I don’t really want to toss them out without wearing them so I’m going to wear them once (for the most part) then toss them. Launching the #OyuClothingDeclutterCampaign on a whim today🎉
It ends when I get bored or run out of applicable clothes(˘ω˘)

Note: she’s referencing the concept of minimalism known as “danshari”, popularized by people like Fumio Sasaki and Kondo Marie

32 Jul 2020 – 4:04 PM

#GarupaVocaloidLive Thank you–!
These two hours had me thinking about how great Vocaloid is and how neat it is that the covers give off different vibes!
My first time appearing with Yukki-san and Chell-san! They were both so kind and I asked them about the bass(˘ω˘)
Also, I based my clothes and accessories on Shinkai Shoujo🦋
#Bandori #Garupa

Note: Nakashima Yuki, Raychell
Morfonica covered Shinkai Shoujo

32 Jul 2020 – 2:15 PM

Amanojaku is on now~
There’s still more to come–!!
#Bandori #Garupa #GarupaVocaloidLive

Quoted Tweet (VOCALOID Cover Song Live Stream – 2019 Covers)

32 Jul 2020 – 12:45 PM

Coming up at 13:00~!
Let’s enjoy Vocaloid songs together and launch off~~
#Bandori #Garupa

Quoted Tweet (VOCALOID Cover Song Live Stream)

32 Jul 2020 – 12:49 PM

× launch off
○ get hyped

32 Jul 2020 – 8:48 AM

July 32nd!

Note: see here

32 Jul 2020 – 8:48 AM

but no worries! it’s posted on youtube! This was a chaotic episode. it always is though.
#Rebasu #Rebirth

Quoted Tweet (Rebasu #17)

31 Jul 2020 – 12:01 PM

I’ll be appearing here tomorrow–!
Maybe I’ll go with this for my outfit~~mufu
Thanks for your support! Please watch!
#Bandori #Garupa #GarupaMikuCollab

Quoted Tweet (VOCALOID Cover Song Live Stream w/ Nakashima Yuki, Nishio Yuka, Raychell)

30 Jul 2020 – 11:40 PM


30 Jul 2020 – 1:49 PM

Even though it’s afternoon? Because it’s afternoon? I’m getting sleepy ᴢᴢᴢ

30 Jul 2020 – 10:03 PM

Spoiler (˘ω˘)

Note: the person taking the photo is Shindo Amane

30 Jul 2020 – 1:37 PM

Shiopan is sinful・・・・・・yummy・・・yum・・・

Note: lit. salt bread, it’s croissant-shaped bread with a crispy, salty outside and chewy, buttery inside

29 Jul 2020 – 9:18 PM

Now streaming~!
A miracle happened~~
Please watch!!! #GetsubushiTV #OyuMoyo

Quoted Tweet (Getsubushi TV #4 w/ Nishio Yuka, Koyama Momoyo)

29 Jul 2020 – 4:50 PM

The profile of Shiro-chan’s face and her troubled expression are too good!! I really love the gradual sinking too!!! watch it watch it watch it
#Bandori #Garupa #GarupaMikuCollab

Quoted Tweet (MV for Morfonica’s cover of “Shinkai Shoujo” in Garupa)

29 Jul 2020 – 2:11 PM

Fantastic Bookstore!

Note: Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama is the base of operations for Kamen Rider Saber, which was just announced when Oyu tweeted this

29 Jul 2020 – 6:18 AM

There might be a big announcement!? or not!?
Look forward to it(ง ˙ω˙)ว

Quoted Tweet (Narita Kouyuu teasing a major announcement)

29 Jul 2020 – 4:07 AM

Good night( ˘ω˘ ) ᴢᴢᴢ…

28 Jul 2020 – 9:45 PM

Ah, by the way, here’s the origin of Oyu-chan that I mentioned last episode.
It’s「oyu」taken from the middle of「Nishio Yuuka」but this is where it started. #MoniRaji

Quoted Tweet (Oyu’s Twitter Before and After)

28 Jul 2020 – 9:49 PM

If I’d entered the proper name when making the account then it would show up in search results, so I used this fitting name until the official announcement.

Note: in the “before” image, the name is “oyu” in kanji

28 Jul 2020 – 9:32 PM

Brought to you by Mature Suguta Hina and
Normal Nishio Yuka and
Nippon Housou Announcer Yoshida Annou[ncer]~ Look forward to the next episode~ #MoniRaji

Note: they were both supposed to be mature but Oyu did an Oyu

28 Jul 2020 – 9:24 PM

The tea is right in the center again today #MoniRaji

Note: reference to last week

28 Jul 2020 – 7:54 PM

I’ll be appearing in Gekkan TAMA-KYU (live stream)–!
I love gacha gacha so I’m excited–!

Note: TAMA-KYU makes gacha/capsule toys

Quoted Tweet (Gekkan TAMA-KYU)

Taguchi Ryusuke
Morishima Shuuta

28 Jul 2020 – 6:05 PM (Shindo Amane)

Last up is good old Oyunesu✨✨
Oyu-chan…was the cutest💕😘
I got to watch HapiAra’s performance and I completely sided with the Digglers lol
HapiAra’s performance fills you with energy and puts a smile on your face…happy🧡
Balalaika was super cute…amazing😭

Note: Oyunesu comes from their nicknames, Oyu + Amanesu.
Digglers = D4DJ fans
Happy Around! covered Balalaika by Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume).

28 Jul 2020 – 6:41 PM

We only met for a moment but I’m glad we got to take a photo!! #Oyunesu #D4DJ

28 Jul 2020 – 6:34 PM

We had a great time talking in this episode too
Please watch~~🦋
#Bandori #Garupa #MoniRaji

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #16 YouTube Archive)

28 Jul 2020 – 4:19 PM

I’ll be DJing on 8/9~! Look forward to it––🎧

Note: she misspelled the hashtag

Quoted Tweet (OMOTENASHI MATSURI – 2020 August)

28 Jul 2020 – 11:56 AM

When I go to book stores, I look through the table of contents and buy it if it catches my interest. This works pretty well, and it’s especially effective and precise (whether or not it’s what I’m looking for) when picking out self-improvement books and such.
You can’t just take titles or summaries of internet articles at face value without reading the content……I wish these were written accurately in a way we can understand…

Note: she’s mentioned not taking information on the internet at face value before

28 Jul 2020 – 12:03 AM

Three rounds of psychological warfare(?), please watch👀👀

Quoted Tweet (HiBiKi StYle #576 w/ Nishio Yuka, Shindo Amane)

27 Jul 2020 – 9:29 PM

Fall 2020・・・! Just a bit longer––!!
I can’t wait–––!!! #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ First Mix Key Visual)

27 Jul 2020 – 8:45 PM

Henceforth, I shall regard Suguta Hina-dono with utmost esteem and approach her with a textbook-perfect attitude. As they say, good fences make good neighbors!!!!! #MoniRaji

27 Jul 2020 – 9:11 PM (Suguta Hina)

wait lolll

I’m starting to become a weirdo so could you perhaps not……I’d like normalcy. Otherwise, a few screws in my head may come loose.
Thank you for your understanding.

27 Jul 2020 – 9:13 PM

Got it~~(՞ټ՞

27 Jul 2020 – 9:17 PM (Suguta Hina)

Thank goodness~~─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

27 Jul 2020 – 8:55 PM

Announcer Yoshida’s mikuron🦋🦋 #MoniRaji

Note: Yoshida Hisanori currently co-hosts MoniRaji with Oyu and Suguta Hina
mikuron is Touko’s catchphrase

27 Jul 2020 – 8:41 PM

When I was in training school, I thoroughly experienced, or rather, was taught that! I was often told to be more self-centered
As long as we live as humans, or even for non-humans, the world is survival of the fittest. #MoniRaji

27 Jul 2020 – 8:27 PM

My interview for Seiyuu Zukan has been released–!
I can fiiiinally say it! The sakura photos were from this time~
I talked about lots of things and they took such lovely photos, so please take a look––––!!!! #Koezuka #SeiyuuZukan

Note: she previous posted the photos here

Quoted Tweet (Seiyuu Zukan #249 – Nishio Yuka)

27 Jul 2020 – 8:25 PM

Starting at 20:30~! Soon–!
#Bandori #MoniRaji 🦋

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #16)

27 Jul 2020 – 4:27 PM

Each [unit’s] 1st single!
Each has two songs and instrumentals, so HapiAra has Happy Music♪and one other song…perhaps that one~? or maybe this one~?? mufu
If it’s that one, it’s a hype & crazy song at the same time. If it’s this one, it’s a hype & interesting song mufufufu

Also looking forward to seeing which songs will be in the cover album~! #D4DJ

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 1st Unit Singles)

26 Jul 2020 – 11:45 PM

Thank you for watching MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE–!
Did you enjoy it!? Did it make you happy!? We started with a rush of 5 new songs, gosh, a festival. In terms of song count, we had 11 songs (if I recall), gosh, a festival. Don’t miss D4DJ from now on!!
#HapiAra #D4DJ

26 Jul 2020 – 8:09 PM

#1 on Trending–!!!!
Thank you–! Wow!
By the way, HapiAra hasn’t performed yet! And there are still other units to come so it’s not too late to tune in~!! #D4DJ #Gurumiku #D4DJCONNECTLIVE

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE #1 on Twitter Trending)

26 Jul 2020 – 1:56 PM

It’s today~!! The live will be streamed for free!!
MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECTLIVE 💿🎧
Even HapiAra alone has lots to show and I bet the other units are the same so it’s totally gonna be worth watching. Seriously. Look forward & look forward to it~~!
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

26 Jul 2020 – 1:23 AM

The date has changed so this is today!
I’m gonna enjoy our first live in a while–!
Happy Around~~!!!!🍩🍙
#HapiAra #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Note: donuts and onigiri are Rinku’s (her character) favorite foods and the name “Happy Around!” originates from Rinku saying this whenever she gets excited

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

24 Jul 2020 – 6:19 PM

#MeAndMyBushiroadCards #Vanguard
I wonder how many AL4 BOXES I’ve bought
I have these two in my deck, but I’ve always thought the monster in Granblue are so cute~––.

Note: the Granblue clan has lots of ghosts and she likes ghosts
“Strongest! Team AL4” features cards from the Shadow Paladin, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, Murakumo clans. Golden Beast Tamer (left) is Pale Moon. Gust Blaster Dragon (right) is Shadow Paladin. She was trying to build Pale Moon in the mobile game.

24 Jul 2020 – 4:13 PM

#MeAndMyBushiroadCards #WS
「Fleet in the Deep Sea Collection」
The first deck I built when I decided to play WS!
So I kept it simple with just green and blue!
Everyone is perfectly cute……it’s both for collection and for playing!
My very first double sleeve!

Note: here is when she built the deck
Weiß Schwarz cards fall into Yellow – Rushdown, Green – Ramping, Red – Recovery/Direct Damage, and Blue – Card Draw (ignoring Purple, loose descriptions). most decks use 1-2 colors since the same color is needed on the field to play stronger cards of that color
double sleeve = sleeves to protect your designed sleeves or just to keep the cards extra safe. players often do this for cards that are precious to them.

24 Jul 2020 – 6:33 PM

Ah, not all the cards in the deck are shiny, it’s more like one shiny per type!
I didn’t know anything when I bought it, so I found out the Title was strong in the meta after I building the deck #MeAndMyBushiroadCards #WS

Note: For Neo-Standard Constructed decks, you can only build decks using cards from the same title, in this case, KanColle (KC).

24 Jul 2020 – 4:04 PM

#MeAndMyBushiroadCards #Rebirth
If I were to give the deck a title…
「Yuu-chan with Kei-chan~plus Shichuu~」
To think the day would come where I can build a deck around my own character…! Anyway, while building this deck I did my best to fit in as much Yuu as possible and have them cycle around.

Note: Yuu is her character. Kei is Yuu’s best friend. Go Go Shichuu’s! is Yuu’s group

24 Jul 2020 – 12:13 PM

「BCF2020 Osaka At Home」today
15:00~ Rebanama EP15 BCF2020 Osaka Venue At Home Special Edition
17:00~ WakaOyu’s Let’s! Weiß Schwarz!!
I’ll be appearing here–please tune in~
#BCFOsaka #Rebirth #WS

Note: this Bushi card game event got moved online due to COVID-19

Linked Page (Bushiroad Card Fight 2020 Osaka)

24 Jul 2020 – 11:05 AM (Minami Wakana)


Apparently, the fastener on the back of the clothes I wanted to wear today broke in the washer…

so sad…😭

24 Jul 2020 – 11:23 AM

I just put on the clothes I planned on wearing today and the shoulders were stretched out like Vegeta’s so I gave up on them. lol
We’re both wearing different clothes than originally planned!

24 Jul 2020 – 12:26 PM (Minami Wakana)

Vegeta yikes lol

23 Jul 2020 – 7:53 PM

2days of recording~
The three songs span different genres, different HapiAra’s, different Rinku’s.
It was so much fun~I can’t wait for the finished product!
with healthy-looking nuts&fruits. Buying these again.

23 Jul 2020 – 1:18 PM

they’re all so cuuuute
and Hiromachi doesn’t have her hair tied up!!!!!

#Bandori #Garupa

Quoted Tweet (Illustration for Morfonica’s cover of “Shinkai Shoujo”)

23 Jul 2020 – 1:16 PM

The reset was successful but my last backup was last June so I lost a year’s worth of data… of all the times, it had to be unquestionably the most profound year of my life…
Also, if the backup hadn’t worked then just under 10 years of data would be……

Ah, one plus side is that the facial recognition is fixed! lol
(I haven’t finished restoring it so I can’t use LINE and such yet)

Note: she’d been having issues with her phone

24 Jul 2020 – 12:18 AM

My backup was from 2019.09 so there was data up until then👏Thank goodness・・・!!!
Rinku and Yuu-chan were revealed in 2019.9 so it hasn’t been that long, and Hiromachi wasn’t announced yet. Looking through my camera roll and reminiscing about various things.
I’m gonna piece together the missing 10 months from my Twitter and such–––!!!

24 Jul 2020 – 5:05 PM (Shindo Amane)

to Oyu-chan

Don’t worry, I have plenty of Oyu-chan and Oyunesu photos📸💕

from Nesu.

Note: Nesu is from her nickname, Amanesu

24 Jul 2020 – 6:45 PM

to Amane-chan

wah––I’ll get them from you later–––!
By the way, this is the most recent #Oyunesu on my phone from September of last year


Note: Pic 1, Pic 2

23 Jul 2020 – 9:18 AM

The third round is cuuute too! Eh, I really want the mask–! And it’s cooling too!!
Also, I [Nishio] wrote one of the artist comment keychains so look forward to it~ #Bandori #Garupa

Note: keychains with comments from a random cast member

Quoted Tweet (Bandori 8th Live Goods)

23 Jul 2020 – 12:28 AM

Ah, today was Getsubushi TV broadcast day–––!!!!
I opened that for the first time in my life. Please watch!! #GetsubushiTV #OyuMoyo

Note: she opened ramune for the first time ever

Quoted Tweet (Getsubushi TV #3 w/ Nishio Yuka, Koyama Momoyo)

22 Jul 2020 – 11:08 PM

WakaOyu’s Let’s! Weiß Schwarz EP0!!
It’s EP0! The momentous EP0! Excited. Look forward to it! #WS

Note: the show is now hosted by Minami Wakana and Nishio Yuka

Quoted Tweet (WakaOyu’s Let’s! Weiß Schwarz EP0)

22 Jul 2020 – 1:28 PM

Thank you for watching the Bushiroad Pre-Online Live Press Conference!
I was nervous since it was a press conference unlike the usual stream and, on top of that, I was a host…!!
Please enjoy these two days of lives this weekend from the comfort of your homes!

22 Jul 2020 – 9:05 PM (Ayasa)

Ah–! I have the same top in a different color!!✨
It’s a cute style, right?💙
…sorry for saying something completely unrelated lol
Great job hosting❤️

22 Jul 2020 – 10:28 PM

Oh!? No way! Matching again with different colors…!! The color and style are both great!
Not at all~thank you( ✌︎’ω’)✌︎

22 Jul 2020 – 8:21 PM

I passed by a very interesting scene. An elderly couple was fixated on ○○○ and seemed to enjoy watching it. Also office workers on their way home and women who seemed around same age as me. About 80% of the people passing by were watching even if they didn’t come in closer.
I’ll save this story for later, as I think there’ll be a perfect time to talk about it then~_φ(・_・

22 Jul 2020 – 7:05 PM

#D4DJ #HapiAra #MixChannel

Note: the song was Balalaika / Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)

Quoted Tweet (Hint for Happy Around!’s new cover at D4DJ CONNECT LIVE)

22 Jul 2020 – 2:33 PM


SUBWAY prosciutto & mascarpone
plain (bread) / heaps of veggies without olives / basil sauce

This was the only way to go for lunch in college since there was a shop on campus and it was fast and easy to eat in class. Prosciutto is the best–!

Note: the hashtag is #OyusanNoOsotoMeshi (Oyusan’s Meals Outside), similar to her stay home hashtag #OyusanNoOuchiMeshi (Oyusan’s Meals at Home). I’ve opted for the more natural translation rather than using a similar structure to keep the reference, but this is the reference 😆

22 Jul 2020 – 8:25 PM

Ah, I wasn’t secretly eating in class. I did it openly.
It was rarer for me to have classes I couldn’t eat in.
It seems this isn’t the norm though! I’m normal.

22 Jul 2020 – 8:20 AM


Note: good morning

21 Jul 2020 – 10:02 PM

Thanks for watching MORFONICAL–!
We’re having a great time practicing for August. I like when our eyes meet while performing, and it makes it even more enjoyable. Joy.

(I wanted to share a photo of me and mika-san but it disappeared from my phone’s data… but these clothes are the same as in the video so t-they won’t know right, okay)
#Bandori #Garupa #MORFONICAL

21 Jul 2020 – 9:42 PM

Curse you, humidity……
#Bandori #Garupa #MORFONICAL

Note: possibly a reference to Kamen Rider Decade. Narutaki’s “onore Decade!” (curse you, Decade!) is a popular meme within the fandom

21 Jul 2020 – 9:34 PM

Ah, I’m wearing today the same clothes lollllll
#Bandori #Garupa #MORFONICAL

Note: she happened to be wearing the same clothes in MORFONICAL #7 that she wore to the presentations this day

21 Jul 2020 – 9:14 PM

plastic bottle right in the center of the screen
#MoniRaji #Bandori

Note: it’s as she said

21 Jul 2020 – 8:27 PM

Thank you for watching the D4DJ presentation and TCG strategy presentation–!
Both had tons of announcements!
Please look forward to both D4DJ and Rebirth!

I just bought these earrings~
I’ve been getting them on the day of lately so maybe this is a new hobby of mine
#GurumikuStreamApprox100DaysBeforeReleasePresentation #d4dj #Gurumiku #Rebirth #hololive #BushiTCGLink

20 Jul 2020 – 9:55 PM

sigh I got back home (where there’s wifi so I can communicate) and it was over…
But the YouTube archive will be up tomorrow so–!
#MoniRaji #Bandori

20 Jul 2020 – 9:49 PM

It’s the first anniversary of 1st LIVE which means…
It’s been a year since I became Aimoto Rinku(CV Nishio Yuka)…!!
It feels like so much has happened so quickly.
But this is just the beginning!!!
I’m really attached to this outfit because we were very particular when searching for all the pieces and putting it together.
#D4DJ #HapiAra

Note: based on context it sounds like she put the outfit together but I used “we” to err on the safe side

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 1st LIVE 1st Anniversary)

20 Jul 2020 – 11:40 AM

I rebooted my phone and it’s been 🍎 for an hour now……
Looks like I’ll be going out without my phone, not just today, but for a while…can’t help but feel uneasy…no more…phone to help me even if I get lost……!! eek

Note: the iPhone boot screen is an apple

19 Jul 2020 – 10:39 PM

Speaking of VOCALOID covers… I took a look and!

🎉It’s passed 200k views––!!!㊗️
I’m so happy. Happy!!

♪Loki let’s sing

19 Jul 2020 – 10:10 PM

We’ll get to listen to lots of Vocaloid covers from the different bands!! I’m excited~
#Bandori #Garupa #GarupaLive[Stream] #GarupaMikuCollab

Quoted Tweet (Garupa x Hatsune Miku 3rd Collab Commemoration VOCALOID Cover Live Stream)

19 Jul 2020 – 3:47 PM

Stage Play「We are RAISE A SUILEN〜BanG Dream! The Stage〜」I watched via the stream!
My heart was stirred from start to finish, and the thrill and excitement had me on the brink of tears on numerous occasions…!!
Personally, that one line really stuck with me…! It’s a spoiler so I’m still keeping it ㊙︎ [secret]
#RAS_TheStage #Bandori #RAS

18 Jul 2020 – 5:16 PM

#BUSHITABE Thank you! I laughed a whole lot and it went by so fast

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Oyatsu Company!

Note: the snack she’s holding is from Oyatsu Company (lit. Snack Company) so they were possibly a sponsor or such

18 Jul 2020 – 10:38 AM

I brought two umbrellas by mistake…
It’s starting soon~! Hope to see you there–!

Note: an event where participants eat and play Bushiroad card games

17 Jul 2020 – 4:45 AM

Sleep time~~I made lots of progress and I’ll do the rest tomorrow!
I can make progress late at night and there are great ideas you can only think of with late night excitement( ˘ω˘)ᴢᴢᴢ…

16 Jul 2020 – 9:09 PM

Please watch!!!! #D4DJ #HapiAra

Quoted Tweet (Footage of Dig Delight! and Direct Drive! from「D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-」)

16 Jul 2020 – 12:54 PM


I just love thinking of things that make you go
「why lollllll(in a good way)」.

16 Jul 2020 – 8:46 PM

Ah, since I brought up fun connections, look forward to OMOTENASHI MATSURI~~mufufu #omotenashibeats
There’s also something else though~mufufu

Note: OMOTENASHI MATSURI is a streamed DJ event she performed in

16 Jul 2020 – 12:07 AM

Wow. Guess what. I’ve been getting sleepy around 23:00~0:00 for a few days in a row now. Healthy!!!!
( ˘ω˘)ᴢᴢᴢ

16 Jul 2020 – 8:52 PM

By the way, about that other thing.
I’ll be 〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇 and,
guess what, Nishio’s 〇〇〇〇〇〇 will be 〇〇––––!!!!!
Isn’t that nice!? Isn’t that fun!? What a great talk!!!👏

15 Jul 2020 – 6:51 PM

I can’t wait!!! #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ YouTube Channel posting live footage and gameplay for new originals from Sound Only Live every day leading up to CONNECT LIVE)

14 Jul 2020 – 10:13 PM

even taken with the half-broken front-facing camera on my smartphone! the quality was pretty decent✌️
good night–not sleeping yet though~

14 Jul 2020 – 9:39 PM

Thank you for watching the Monica Radio archive stream–!
Goldfish [scooping] from last year🐟
#Bandori #Garupa #MoniRaji

Note: this game uses a paper scoop called a ‘poi’ and Oyu is outrageously good at it based on this video

14 Jul 2020 – 9:08 PM

I’m anemic
#Bandori #Garupa #MoniRaji

14 Jul 2020 – 8:59 PM

The archive stream is soon–!
#Bandori #Garupa #MoniRaji

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #14)

14 Jul 2020 – 5:35 PM

#RebaRaji EP8–!

Two members of Asterism came on!
Please listen👉👉 #Rebirth

Note: Ozaki Yuka, Saeki Iori

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Radio #8)

14 Jul 2020 – 5:24 PM

Round 2-!
Personally, I really want the Hawaiian shirt and promotional towel! And you can see everyone’s full body illustration on the acrylic stands! So that’s how Hiromachi was posing!? cute cute🦋 #Bandori #Garupa

Quoted Tweet (Bandori 8th☆LIVE goods)

14 Jul 2020 – 11:47 AM

This usually goes away completely as if nothing happened once I go outside and move around for a bit, but this sluggishness when waking up? cramped body? it’s not normal… isn’t there some way to feel refreshed in the morning?

14 Jul 2020 – 5:25 PM

Thanks for giving me so many ideas-!
I’ll try them out starting tomorrow( ˘ω˘)ᴢᴢᴢ

13 Jul 2020 – 8:23 PM

It’s starting soon!
#NipponHousou #MoniRaji #Garupa #Bandori

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #14)

12 Jul 2020 – 11:30 PM

Unexpected Mashiro with happy Hiromachis
#Bandori #Garupa

11 Jul 2020 – 3:59 PM

Thank youuuuuuuu!🦋

And it’s flame of hope!!
Here’s the email I sent my manager when I first received the demo for the song.
#Garupa #Bandori #Morfonica

Note: Thanks for your hard work, this is Nishio.
I’ve gone over the schedule and documents!
I look forward to our next correspondence.
(the original song is powerful, I’m so excited)


11 Jul 2020 – 3:44 PM

Everyone is so cute & beautiful–!!!
Hiromachi!?!? She looks cute in twintails and the illustration is too adorable!? Touko-chan’s playing the guitar whoaaah! but!! I think it’s about time to come home, Hiromachi!?!? You’re not even a ★4 this time!? #Garupa #Bandori

Note: Himitsu no Teien Yoru no Rinkou Gacha

10 Jul 2020 – 2:21 PM

Shinimonogurui is great.
or more specifically, I love Ueda Marie too much🙏 #sb69

Note: Ueda Marie performs the songs for Shinimonogurui, a band from SHOW BY ROCK!!
it was just announced they’d be added to the “Fes A Live” mobile game

10 Jul 2020 – 11:22 AM

「Date A Live」decks and boosters are coming out today~! I [Nishio] like Kurumi🕒
#date_a_live #WSDateALiveRelease

Note: Tokisaki Kurumi

Quoted Tweet (「Date A Live」Weiß Schwarz Release)

10 Jul 2020 – 9:18 AM

with that said, it’s just now registering that, “I’ll be playing in front of everyone!”…!!!
#Bandori #Bandori8th #Popipa #PasuPare #Morfonica

Quoted Tweet (Special Live Summerly Tone♪ Key Visual)

10 Jul 2020 – 2:46 AM

someone who takes selfies with other people’s phones (?)
I am. good night~

(When the quality is good, it’s usually because I’ve borrowed my manager’s smartphone to take it)
(I can’t wait to upgrade my phone……)

10 Jul 2020 – 2:31 AM

I was a guest on『Washizaki Takeshi’s Yoru Night×Yoru Night』!
My first late night radio show was fun–! Washizaki-san was very kind🙏I hope lots more people get to know about D4DJ–!
And aren’t our clothes impressive? Our coordination was on point but the colors don’t line up well. lol
#YoruNight #D4DJ #Gurumiku #agqr

9 Jul 2020 – 9:02 PM

I’m an otaku so I love key changes~~
But only when singing (true facts)

Note: as opposed to when playing instruments probably

9 Jul 2020 – 8:49 PM

I wonder when I last used a crayon🖍

9 Jul 2020 – 12:57 PM

It’s today~!! My first time on a late night live radio broadcast…!
#YoruNight #agqr #D4DJ #Gurumiku

Quoted Tweet (Nishio Yuka, Kurachi Reo, Tanda Hazuki on『Washizaki Takeshi’s Yoru Night×Yoru Night』)

9 Jul 2020 – 8:36 AM

____ morning

9 Jul 2020 – 8:35 AM

We want ALLLLLLLLLLL your ideas!!! #GetsubushiTV

Quoted Tweet (Twitter campaign for things Oyu and Koyama Momoyo can do on Getsubushi TV to quickly get familiar with each other)

9 Jul 2020 – 1:01 AM

By the way, I got to stare at their song & dance at the end from up close uhehehe
With that said, it’s amazing how they came up with and memorized that choreo in about 10 minutes on the day of… As someone who can’t dance, I have nothing but respect for them..!! #LetsWS

Note: this dance

9 Jul 2020 – 12:54 AM

Thanks for watching #LetsWS!
I can’t believe the three of them pulled signed cards…! That’s absurd…!! I wanted to pull a signed card tooOoooOO someday…someday…!!!
#WakaOyu will do its best from now on so please support us! I’m in charge of black~~⚫️

Note: Let’s! Weiß Schwarz!! was previously hosted by Tono Hikaru (White) and Nishimoto Rimi (Black). The show will now be hosted by Minami Wakana (White) and Nishio Yuka (Black).

8 Jul 2020 – 9:29 PM

I went to an [escape room] with my friends and the staff stopped us when I shook the locked box and the lock fell off🔑gorilla play

Note: they had to solve a riddle on Getsubushi. Oyu actually said she went to a “puzzle/riddle” with her friends, but she’s posted about going to escape rooms with her friends a few times so I adjusted the translation to make sense.

8 Jul 2020 – 8:53 PM

Coming up at 21:00~! It’s soon!
The first episode of the renewed #GetsubushiTV!
And I’m also appearing in #LetsWS🙏
watch watch watch watch #OyuMoyo

Note: she now cohosts Getsubushi TV with Koyama Momoyo
Let’s! Weiß Schwarz!!

Quoted Tweet (Getsubushi TV #1)

8 Jul 2020 – 7:30 PM

It’s always exciting to plan fun things~ on my way home thinking about this. the color of the sky omg! so pretty~

8 Jul 2020 – 8:07 AM

G___ morning~

7 Jul 2020 – 9:57 PM

The moment I introduced myself to Yoppii-san and our eyes met, I got the feeling from his eyes that he was skilled at observing people and seeing through them. This really was the case, and it was amazing how he did it that short period of time. After the MoniRaji recording, I found myself thinking Yoppii-san was a counselor. #MoniRaji

Note: Yoshida Hisanori, currently cohosting Morfonica Radio with Oyu and Hina on Nippon Housou

7 Jul 2020 – 9:36 PM (Suguta Hina)

As a former nursery school teacher, here’s some advice I couldn’t share here.

After your exams, start gathering lots of songs, songs with hand motions, picture books, paper puppets, and hand made toys, as they’ll be really helpful once you start working~
Songs with hand motions and short songs are especially important for infants, so now is the time~
There’s also physical stamina~


7 Jul 2020 – 9:48 PM (Suguta Hina)

I want to put my knowledge to good use, and I want nursery school teachers to love their jobs, so anyone can feel free to ask me about this on #Hinamaroom~
I’ll answer whenever~seriously lol

suddenly got all serious🤣
laughing ’cause I’m embarrassed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

7 Jul 2020 – 9:39 PM (Yoshida Hisanori)

Eh…! Such a detailed comment…! Suguta-san, please put this kind of stuff on-air on Nippon Housou too!! lol #MoniRaji

Note: Yoppi is an announcer for Nippon Housou and cohosts whichever Bandori Radio show is currently on there (currently MoniRaji)

7 Jul 2020 – 9:44 PM (Suguta Hina)

I’ll do everything I can!!!!!!!!!

7 Jul 2020 – 9:45 PM

It’s not in Kansai dialect…which means…….

7 Jul 2020 – 10:04 PM (Suguta Hina)

Yes! That’s right!!!!

7 Jul 2020 – 8:53 PM

The archive stream will be up shortly~🦋
#Bandori #Garupa #MoniRaji

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #13 Archive)

7 Jul 2020 – 8:23 PM

I wish for corona[virus] to be resolved soon and that we can hold lives and events!
I wish for summer to end soon or for it to cool down!
I wish to wake up early and lose weight!!
I wish to get used to being on camera, for goodness sake!!
I wish for breakfast to make itself every morning when I wake up!!
I wish for my front door to become an Anywhere Door!!!!

Note: Tanabata is a Japanese festival where it’s tradition to write wishes on colored paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo
the Anywhere Door is a Doraemon reference and it does exactly as the name implies (leads wherever you want to go)

7 Jul 2020 – 3:23 PM

My desire to become a seiyuu artist, to become strong as a person, getting into music, pursuing this path, and even my sense of identity as a student were all born from knowing [Nana] Mizuki-san.
She’s someone who genuinely changed my life.
This is just as a fan and we haven’t met, but congratulations㊗️

Note: Nana Mizuki announced her marriage

6 Jul 2020 – 9:54 PM

Not only #D4DJ but also #ARGONAVIS!?
I can’t wait–––!!!

Quoted Tweet (#D4DJ_DJTIME vol.3 w/ Tsunko featuring D4DJ and ARGONAVIS songs)

6 Jul 2020 – 8:04 PM

This is~tonight at 20:30!
It was MoniRaji but it wasn’t MoniRaji…!!✨You’ll definitely get what I mean if you listen.
#MoniRaji #Bandori #Garupa #NipponHousou

Quoted Tweet (Morfonica Radio #13)

6 Jul 2020 – 9:40 AM

– 2020 August – I’ll be performing!
I’m gonna prepare a fun set list~~💿Please watch!!
#OMATSURI #omotenashibeats #omatsuri

Note: this is a streamed DJ event

Quoted Tweet (OMOTENASHI MATSURI – 2020 August -)

5 Jul 2020 – 10:32 PM (Tsumugi Risa)

My capacity for heartfelt love and gratitude for all of you has been blown😭‼︎

I’m reading all the replies and, for what it’s worth, my parents are looking at them and crying too🤣🤣The love was overflowing and my heart was swept away😭

A picture of me unable to grasp what happened when they suddenly started playing a birthday song at practice for the RAS stage play, and a picture of me getting a cake at another job🎂Thank you so much!!


5 Jul 2020 – 11:12 PM

TsumuTsumu, happy birthday~~!🎊🎉🎂

6 Jul 2020 – 8:59 PM (Tsumugi Risa)

Chan-oyu~🤩🤩🤩an assortment of thanks🤤💓💓💓💓

4 Jul 2020 – 9:10 AM

Kagamin hosting in English is way too amazingggg

Note: Kagami Karin

Quoted Tweet (ANIME EXPO LITE Bushiroad Mobile Panel)

3 Jul 2020 – 10:34 AM

On sale today–!!
Please listen to, compare, and enjoy each char’s solo ver. & Twinkle way ver. and of course the 12 members singing ver. too–!
And spot the secret in the lyrics too🙏
#Rebirth #Rebasu

Note: Rebirth GO!
each version has slightly different lyrics

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth GO! Single Released)

3 Jul 2020 – 10:21 AM

I’m appearing as a guest on「Washizaki Takeshi’s Yoru Night×Yoru Night」!
Please send in questions & messages, and of course watch too!🙏 #YoruNight #agqr

Quoted Tweet (Nishio Yuka, Kurachi Reo, Tanda Hazuki on YonaYona)

2 Jul 2020 – 10:45 PM

When I looked at the script, there were so few vertical lines separating cuts that I was surprised and thought “printing error!?” for a moment. It was intended. #GarupaPicoOhmori_09

Note: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO~OHMORI~ Episode 9

2 Jul 2020 – 10:03 PM

#RebaRaji has been posted~!
Saechi and Chinharu came on–! Please listen👉 #Rebirth

Note: Otsuka Sae, Mimura Haruka

Quoted Tweet (Rebirth Radio #6)

2 Jul 2020 – 5:11 PM

I have some time before my next job so let’s go looking for a certain gacha~
Ah, it’s a real gacha gacha today💊

2 Jul 2020 – 10:11 PM

By the way, I couldn’t find it–––––
IV Pouch (Red).
There’s something I want to put in it and it just has to be red…so I’ll be rolling until I find it⭕️Wait for me~~~! #TAMAKYU

Note: she wants this in red

3 Jul 2020 – 1:09 PM (Narita Kouyuu, Bushiroad Creative)

There are probably red ones at the office!

3 Jul 2020 – 3:25 PM

Oh my gosh…!? Thank you!!
I’ll gladly use it_|\○_

3 Jul 2020 – 3:29 PM (Narita Kouyuu)

By all means! Go right ahead!

June 2020 Tweet/Instagram Translations

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