Kagami Karin (各務 華梨)

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Kagami Karin passed the S・HiBiKi・Ace Crew Joint Audition along with Nishio Yuka and Hazuki Himari. She became an associate member of her agency S in May 2019 before officially joining in July 2019. Her first role was Akashi Maho from Happy Around! in D4DJ. Her nickname “Kagamin” was coined by Otsuka Sae on the D4DJ STAY TUNE #2 live stream!

Kagamin was born in California and her middle name is Sierra, named after the mountain range in California. She watched anime as a young child and recalls being impressed that the same actor could play multiple roles. Kagamin was later inspired to become a seiyuu after seeing footage of the “Di Gi Charat Seiyuu Audition” on YouTube. She moved to Japan at a young age but her English is quite good, and she periodically tweets (and hopes to get more comments) in English! She sings in English for some Happy Around! songs, and aspires to do work internationally where she can utilize her English skills.

Kagamin loves both drawing and looking at art, and her favorite artist is Da Vinci. She also enjoys drawing cute things with friends. This weak spot for all things cute extends to her fashion, and she loves clothes with ribbons and other embellishments on them. Kagamin also loves stuffed animals and her room is slowly filling up with them… Kagamin dislikes the cold and prefers warm weather. She enjoys going for walks when the weather is nice!

Her Twitter feed is filled with pictures of milk tea, Starbucks, and any food that catches her eye. She’s obsessed with cute and colorful foods/drinks, most recently pink ones like Sakura Frappuccino and pink tapioca. Nice messages written on her cup make her day!


NicknameKagamin (かがみん)
Birthday1999.09.19 (Age 20)
Blood TypeA
Height156 cm
SkillsEnglish, Drawing
HobbiesWestern Art appreciation
AgencyS inc.

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• D4DJ (Akashi Maho / 明石真秀, Happy Around!)
• BanG Dream! 3rd Season EP13 (Audience Member)

• [2020.01.29] D4DJ Departure Disc「Dig Delight!」Aver・Bver
• [2020.04.22] D4DJ 1st Album「Direct Drive!」
• [2020.06.24] D4DJ 2nd Album 「Cosmic CoaSTAR」

• [2019.07.20&21] D4DJ 1st LIVE @ Makuhari Messe (Flowers)
• [2019.10.14] D4DJ 2nd LIVE @ Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball (Flowers)
• [2020.01.31] D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- @ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (Flowers)
• [2020.02.22] ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE @ Akihabara P.A.R.M.S
• [2020.06.20] Happy Around! 1st LIVE(仮) @ SHIMOKITAZAWA GARDEN (Flowers)

• [2020.03.27] Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE @ SHIMOKITAZAWA GARDEN
• [2020.04.26&27] D4DJ 4th Live @ Maihama Amphitheater (Flowers)
• [2020.06.20] Happy Around! 1st LIVE(仮) @ LIQUIDROOM (Flowers)
• [2020.07.25&26] D4DJ 5th LIVE(仮) @ Pacifico Yokohama

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