2019.10.14 → Ais.

Current Members

Kudou Haruka (工藤 晴香)

RoleHikawa Sayo (氷川 紗夜) (Gt)
NicknamesKudoharu (KDHR, くどはる)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Blog
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsRoselia’s RADIO SHOUT


  • Close friends with Aiba Aina (Yukina), and they message each other every day to make sure Aiai is not dead (Source)
  • Part of RUMMY LABYRINTH from Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis as Yumizuki Luna, along with Aimi (Kasumi / An)
  • Mentioned that Roselia’s members did motion capture for the NEO ASPECT MV (Source)

Sakuragawa Megu (櫻川 めぐ)

RoleUdagawa Ako (宇田川 あこ) (Dr)
NicknamesMeguchii (めぐちぃ)
Social MediaTwitter, Blog
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere
HostsRoselia’s RADIO SHOUT


  • Learned the drums for Roselia
  • Her fans are called Chiitah (ちぃたー)
  • Her mother is a heavy Girls Band Party player and her aunt periodically sends her tons of Roselia/BARBAPAPA goods from UFO catchers
  • Serves as a cheer ambassador for Sakuragawa City and provides narrations for museums and buses in her home prefecture (Ibaraki) (Source, Roselia Don’t Break Character Quiz pt.2)
  • Always goes “full throttle” from the start of every live. Gets very lonely, but pulls forward thanks to her follow Roselia members and fans. Wants you to come to Roselia concerts if you ever feel lonely (Source)
  • Voiced A-RISE’s Tsubasa Kira in Love Live!

Aiba Aina (相羽 あいな)

RoleMinato Yukina (湊 友希那) (Vo)
NicknamesAiai (あいあい)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Bandori Activity5/5: Everywhere


  • Previously worked as a professional wrestler for two years under the name Yuuki Harima
  • Her fans are called Ais
  • Cannot keep a straight face while saying Yukina’s lines
  • Roselia’s resident ponkotsu (lit. piece of junk, but used endearingly) (Sourceish, 2)
  • Plays Saijo Claudine in Revue Starlight, alongside Itou Ayasa (Arisa / Kaoruko) and Mimori Suzuko (Ushigome Yuri / Hikari)

Nakashima Yuki (中島 由貴)

RoleImai Lisa (今井 リサ) (Ba)
NicknamesYukkii (ゆっきー), Shimayuki (しまゆき)
Social MediaTwitter
Bandori Activity4/5: Very Active


Shizaki Kanon (志崎 樺音)

RoleShirokane Rinko (白金 燐子) (Key)
NicknamesNon-chan (のんちゃん)
Social MediaTwitter
Bandori Activity4/5: Very Active


Former Members

Endou Yurika (遠藤 ゆりか)

RoleImai Lisa (今井 リサ) (Ba)
NicknamesYurishii (ゆりしー)
Social MediaTwitter, Website
Bandori Activity0/5: Retired


  • Retired from industry in May 2018 due to health concerns
  • Also played bass for Tenshi no 3P (Source)
  • Still wears her matching necklace from Roselia (Source)
  • Previously part of the vocal unit YURI*KARI along with Takahashi Karin.

Akesaka Satomi (明坂 聡美)

RoleShirokane Rinko (白金 燐子) (Key)
NicknamesAkeshan (あけしゃん), Akeko (あけこ), あけさん (Ake-san)
Social MediaTwitter
Bandori Activity0/5: Graduated


  • Graduated from Roselia in September 2018 due to health/hearing concerns
  • Still actively performing other seiyuu roles (please support her!)
  • Had over 13 years of experience playing the keyboard and previously played classical music
  • Has perfect pitch

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