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2020.03.01 → Updated with CiRCLE information.
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Morfonica is the 4th live band in the BanG Dream! franchise and the 6th band in the Girls Band Party! game. In the Garupa universe, they are a girls band formed by first year students from Tsukinomori Girls Academy, a prestigious school for high-class girls. Their name and butterfly imagery come from a species of blue butterflies called “morpho“. The shorthand for their name is Monica (モニカ).

☆ Members:



Morfonica was first teased on 2020.02.23 in an update to the Garupa title screen, with silhouettes of Mashiro and CHU² appearing alongside Kasumi and Yukina. They were officially revealed on 2020.03.01 during the HaroHapi CiRCLE Broadcaster 3rd Anniversary Pre-SP stream, where it was announced that their band story, original song (Daylight) + MV, cover song, and ★1~4 cards for all members would be added to the game on 2020.03.16 for the third anniversary of Garupa!

Their first cover song will be an anime opening from 2010~2015.

☆ Trivia:

  • Post-live voice lines for Morfonica were added to the game files on 2020.02.09, then subsequently removed. These revealed four of the characters (excluding Mashiro) and confirmed Nishio Yuka as the voice of Nanami. The other three members remained unidentified.
  • Voice files for the main story were added on 2020.02.20, confirming Shindo Amane as the voice of Mashiro.
  • The chibis, loading screen, event banner, and Live 2D models for Morfonica were added into the game files on 2020.02.28 for the v4.0.0 patch, then subsequently removed.




Music Videos

  • TBD



  • [2020.05.27] Daylight

↑ Top


Shindo Amane • Suguta Hina • Nishio Yuka • mika • Ayasa

↑ Seiyuu

★ Shindo Amane / 進藤あまね

RoleKurata Mashiro / 倉田ましろ (Vocals)
NicknamesAmanesu (あまねす)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
SkillsGuitar, Dance (Cheer/Ballet/Hip-Hop)
HobbiesGames, Collecting Plushies, Drawing

Shindo Amane is a seiyuu under the HiBiKi talent agency. Her other roles include Kasuga Haruna (Lyrical Lily) in D4DJ and Mino Shuuko (GoGo Shichuu’s!) in Rebirth. Prior to these, her activities were limited and her only major role was Kyaro from Colorful Pastrale.

Amanesu’s motto is “Don’t forget your smile and initial resolution!!”. Amanesu loves stuffed animals and all sorts of cute things! In contrast to this, her musical tastes lean towards heavier J-rock thanks to the influence of her older sister and mother. She shares this love of rock with Nishio Yuka, giving them something to bond over despite a 10 year age difference.

If you’d like to know more about Shindo Amane, please visit Ghostavich’s page!


  • Her nickname was given by her senior in HiBiKi, Tono Hikaru, while they were in Colorful Pastrale together. Tonopii explained that it sounds like “Amazoness
  • Together with Nishio Yuka, they form Oyunesu!
  • Can play the electric and acoustic guitar
  • Often adds the “nesu” (ねす) from her nickname to her sentences, especially “ohanesu” (good mornesu) and “oyanesu” (good night + nesu)
  • Teaches Hina, Ayasa, and mika about Garupa!

↑ Seiyuu

★ Suguta Hina / 直田姫奈

RoleKirigaya Touko / 桐ヶ谷透子 (Guitar)
NicknamesO-Hina-san (おひなさん), Hinamaru (ひなまる), Suguhina (すぐひな)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Showroom
SkillsAcoustic Guitar
HobbiesSinging, Hair Styling

Suguta Hina is a seiyuu under the Animo Produce talent agency. Gintama was one series that influenced her to become a seiyuu (she wanted to talk with Gintoki). Prior to becoming a seiyuu, Hina worked as a nursery school teacher. Seeing how interested the children were in anime made her aspire towards voicing characters for children’s shows. Her debut role was Haruka in AFTERLOST (Shoumetsu Toshi) and she performed activities with a seiyuu idol group called SPR5 from this series.


↑ Seiyuu

★ Nishio Yuka / 西尾夕香

RoleHiromachi Nanami / 広町七深 (Bass)
NicknamesOyu (おゆ)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
SkillsViolin, Calligraphy, Singing, DJ, Horse Racing, Mahjong, Crane Games
HobbiesGames, Anime, Concert Appreciation, Handicrafts, Surprises

Nishio Yuka is a seiyuu under the HiBiKi talent agency. Her other roles include Aimoto Rinku (Happy Around!) in D4DJ and Higashiyama Yuu (GoGo Shichuu’s!) in Rebirth. Prior to joining HiBiKi, she had various activities as a singer, personality, and DJ under the name HARUCA.

Oyu’s motto is “For the time being, YES”. She’ll try anything at least once to see if she likes it, then dig deeper if it catches her interest. She has a knack for making logical (and illogical) connections, which shows through in her DJ set lists and habit of making nonstop references/puns.

If you’d like to know more about Nishio Yuka, please visit this page!


↑ Seiyuu

★ mika

CharacterFutaba Tsukushi / 二葉つくし (Drums / Leader)
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, YouTube

mika is a drummer under the Ace Crew talent agency. She began playing the drums at the age of 16. At 18, she moved to Tokyo and entered the ESP Musical Academy. After graduating, she started teaching the drums and became a drum instructor for Bandori. She’s also certified as a physical therapist and uses this knowledge when teaching her students.


↑ Seiyuu

★ Ayasa

RoleYashio Rui / 八潮瑠唯 (Violin)
Social MediaTwitter, YouTube, Instagram (Cat), Facebook, Bilibili, Weibo, Website, Fanclub
LikesAnime, Spicy Food

Ayasa is a rock violinist under the JUGGLER music agency. She started playing the violin at the age of 3, taking children’s music classes under Toho Gakuen before joining the music department at Toho Girls’ Senior High School. In her student days, she was a soloist for the St. Petersburg Festival Orchestra conducted by Andrei Anikhanov. She performed in 13 locations around the country, including Tokyo Opera City. Ayasa began to earnestly pursue entertainment in 2015, performing as a live band member for artists such as Yamamoto Sayaka, Momoiro Clover Z, and Yamazaki Ikusaburo. She continues to perform as both a support band member and a solo artist to this day.

Ayasa is a huge fan of anime and regularly posts anime song covers on her YouTube channel, including some Bandori covers (Nesshoku Starmine, LOUDER)! She often cosplays the characters for her videos as well! Ayasa and her character Rui notably play five string violins, while standard violins only have four strings.


↑ Top


Kurata Mashiro • Kirigaya Touko • Hiromachi Nanami • Futaba Tsukushi • Yashio Rui

Tsukinomori Girls Academy is a prestigious school with a 100-year history.
It is attended by many rich young ladies and top-class people who garner awards at competitions.

↑ Characters

★ Kurata Mashiro / 倉田ましろ

SeiyuuShindo Amane / 進藤あまね
NicknamesShiro-chan (しろちゃん)
Liked FoodsBeef Stew

A quiet and reserved girl.
Though she aspired towards Tsukinomori and was accepted, she felt overwhelmed by the talented individuals around her.
She was feeling down every day until she stumbled upon a band…
Mashiro is full of imagination and has a tendency to get lost in her fantasies.

↑ Character

★ Kirigaya Touko / 桐ヶ谷透子

SeiyuuSuguta Hina / 直田姫奈
Liked FoodsCup Yakisoba
Disliked FoodsMint Gum
HobbiesSocial Media, Clothing Design

A popular girl who surrounds herself with people both at school and on social media.
She’s cheerful and open-hearted, but those around her tend to be strung along by her whims.
Handles the costumes for Morfonica.

↑ Characters

★ Hiromachi Nanami / 広町七深

SeiyuuNishio Yuka / 西尾夕香
NicknamesNana (なな)
Liked FoodsSpicy Food, Acquired Tastes
Disliked FoodsNone
HobbiesGetting Freebies

A somewhat peculiar girl who longs to be normal.
She worries about standing out and hides her true self in order to blend in.

↑ Characters

★ Futaba Tsukushi / 二葉つくし

RoleDrums / Leader
NicknamesTsuu (つー)
Liked FoodsHer Mother’s Curry
Disliked FoodsGreen Vegetables
HobbiesHair Arrangement

A class president who’s always full of confidence.
Though she tries her best, her clumsiness comes out now and then.
She strives hard to become a reliable, trustworthy person.

↑ Characters

★ Yashio Rui / 八潮瑠唯

NicknamesRuirui (るいるい)
Liked FoodsShiratama Zensai
Disliked Foods

A talented individual who’s always at the top of her class.
She has a dry personality and always aims to be on top.
She once threw away music as something meaningless, but upon meeting Mashiro and friends…
Handles the song writing for Morfonica.


  • Plays a five string violin

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