Nishio Yuka ~ April 2019 Tweet Translations

May 2019 Tweet Translations

30 Apr 2019 – 11:46 PM

I was born in Heisei so Reiwa will be the second era I’ve lived in.
And it just so happens to line up with the second chapter of my life that started in April/May.

Nishio Yuka
will steadily run forward, one step at a time.

#ThankYouHeisei #Reiwa

30 Apr 2019 – 9:33 PM

#LastDayOfHeisei DJ preparation & stage reading rehearsal

Tomorrow is my first time in Yamagata!! DJing!
Then Reading Party is on 5/3~6!
Hope to sh-sh-shee you there

30 Apr 2019 – 4:38 PM

Yesterday, my friend showed me this song that I can’t get out of my head. I set it as my morning alarm song for today.

・・・well, I guess I’ve started off the last morning of Heisei with “Kawauso Iya” sᴏɪʏᴀ

Note: this is an insert song for Sarazanmai.

28 Apr 2019 – 9:32 PM

[Appearance Info]
Stage Reading「Reading☆Party
D4DJ 1st LIVE (DAY1)

#Eeshifuto #ReadingParty

28 Apr 2019 – 9:25 PM

The Heisei era doesn’t feel like it’s actually over without going through Golden Week–
Only 2 days left in Heisei huh
Eh, 2 days???? Seriously????

Note: a week of holidays ranging from the end of April into early May

27 Apr 2019 – 6:03 PM

This (left) is Tawashi yesterday.
This (right) is Tawashi today.

26 Apr 2019 – 6:38 PM

Inside my relative’s car when I went to Ehime.
Nishio “Why are there three of them, though they are cute”
Relative “I’ve caught a lot of octopuses lately so it’s a memorial for them”
Nishio “A memorial”

24 Apr 2019 – 2:42 PM

Yesterday, I received a copy of the manga “Liberty” written by Kitta-san herself🙏

Gehh the excitement and preciousness and beauty, my eyes!
My eyesss!!!
This is great… Liberty is great…!!

Note: Kitta Izumi, her senior in HiBiKi. The illustrator is Momono Moto.
Liberty is a yuri manga published by KADOKAWA.

23 Apr 2019 – 6:28 PM

Stage Reading「Reading☆Party-vol.6」
5/1~6 (I’m on 5/3~6)

Performances will consist of three 30 minute plays with the production and cast varying each time!
I personally recommend the 5th at 14:00,
Barring that, the 6th at 13:00 or 3rd at 18:00!
SS seats come with a signed pamphlet!

5/3 Afternoon (Harukoi:祥子………a reliable best friend)
Evening (Space Battleship Musashi:雪子………a somewhat strong-willed woman)
5/4 Afternoon (Idol Datte Iroiro Arun da yo:萩野月………a rookie idol)
Evening (Mata ne:奈那………a sickly yet cheerful young girl)
5/5 Afternoon (Senmon Gakusei no Keiko Fuukei:神谷………a serious maverick)
Evening (Mata ne:奈那………a sickly yet cheerful young girl)
5/6 Afternoon (Hirouen:渡辺………a timid young girl)
Evening (Space Battleship Musashi:スルーシエ……….ojou)

22 Apr 2019 – 6:08 PM

D4DJ 1st LIVE ticket lottery codes are in this month’s Getsubushi! Yo!!
And the application deadline is tomorrow–!
Don’t forget!

I’m looking forward to 7/20, Makuhari.
Makuhari huh… Makuhari Messe 1st Hall, seriously…
I’ll be standing there…! fooiii!!

20 Apr 2019 – 8:29 PM

Until we meet again, Ehime!!

Note: the picture is Marugoto Mikan Daifuku, which is a whole mikan with a layer of shiro-an (white bean paste) wrapped with mochi (sweet rice cake). The brand is Ichifuku Hyakka, produced by Seikodo in Ehime

20 Apr 2019 – 4:56 PM (Shindo Amane)

I’ve [Shindo Amane] turned 15~ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ
It’s my first time being congratulated by this many people so I’m really happy!!
At 14, I took the first step towards fulfilling my dream★
I’ll continue to do my best!
1 Kindergarten
2 Elementary 1st Grade
3 Elementary 5th Grade
4 Today

20 Apr 2019 – 10:41 PM

Amane-chan!! Congrats–!!
15 years old!!! I can’t believe we have the same taste in rock [music]! How great!!
Have a great year🙏

20 Apr 2019 – 10:43 PM (Shindo Amane)

Nishio-san, thank you!!
I was surprised too✨Let’s talk more about bands next time~╰(´︶`)╯

19 Apr 2019 – 11:10 PM

DJ Event 「EGOism」 Thank you–!!
Nishio’s Ego 10000000% Set List.
Gourmet RaceChase the Light!Evans
The SketchbookRAS
it was beyond fun doing these and many other fun mixes
A carnival in your brain, boom! #EGO_ism

Note: The set list is translated here.

19 Apr 2019 – 8:13 PM

This waiting room is! huge!!

#EGO_ism has STARTED–!
Yayay! Woooo!

19 Apr 2019 – 4:04 PM

I’m truly glad that I didn’t give up.
Once again,
thank you all for your support!!

Quoted Tweet (S・HiBiKi・Ace Crew Joint Audition Results)

18 Apr 2019 – 8:33 PM

Setting aside the great news that I’ll be performing at D4DJ 1st LIVE.

I have a guest performance at the EGOism DJ event tomorrow!
Keeping with the event name, I have a “shameless ego unleashed” set list~

I’ve crammed in lots of transitions that I’ve been wanting to do!
They’ll enjoy this. (I think)
They’ll enjoy this. (supposedly)
They’ll enjoy this. (your mileage my vary)
Wait for me, Ehime–!

18 Apr 2019 – 4:15 PM

I’ll be performing!!
Hope to see you there!!! Yay!!

Quoted Tweet (D4DJ 1st Live Guest Announcement)

17 Apr 2019 – 12:13 PM

does nothing but wake up late in the day, nap in the afternoon, and sleep at night~. a well-slept child is a well-kept child. it seems she’s already an adult though. sound asleep.

16 Apr 2019 – 6:06 PM

(my eyelashes have grown out)

It’s finally the right weather to wear my rider’s jacket~or so I thought, but I wore it and now it’s hot. ehhh

Note: The first line is a reference to the transformation sequence from Revue Starlight.

15 Apr 2019 – 9:17 PM

【Appearance Info】

Stage Reading「Reading☆Party

Ehime is coming up this week!
#EGO_ism #ReadingParty #BUSHITABE

15 Apr 2019 – 6:15 PM

M” M” M” C” U” T” E”
It was so cute I just had to buy it!!!
I haven’t tried it yet but if it doesn’t work with my skin then I’ll repurpose it into an accessory case or something

14 Apr 2019 – 6:09 PM

Someone told me about a selfie app called “Kore ii yo!” [“This works!”] so I’ll be using it from now on.
Mmm but what’s with this pose
F-fleming’s rule perhaps~!???

Note: Shindo Amane told her about it

13 Apr 2019 – 2:51 PM

“what? you’re telling me to not just sleep all day and to step outside the house?


12 Apr 2019 – 12:09 PM

This picture is from the day before yesterday, but it felt like I’d gone flower viewing

Note: it’s a Japanese custom to view flowers, especially sakura around spring
she’s just being silly here and having her own flower viewing from the single petal on her umbrella though

11 Apr 2019 – 11:07 PM

I was watching #BandoriTV and the CM that I narrated played!!!! Yo!!! Happy( ✌︎’ω’)✌︎

Find it on    HiBiKi  Radio!!!

Note: CM = commercial

10 Apr 2019 – 7:50 PM

【Appearance Info】
Stage Reading「Reading☆Party

Hope to see you there!
#EGO_ism #ReadingParty #BUSHITABE

10 Apr 2019 – 6:58 PM

“hey. i’ve kept you waiting, ladies and gentlemen
my name is ‘tawashi’.
i am the one who shall rule this world…

(ah omg  there are so many new faces)

my name is tawashi~
i’m not very competent but i hope you’ll bear with me~~”

Note: she named her hedgehog “tawashi”, i.e. a scrubbing brush

9 Apr 2019 – 11:26 AM

So the era of Fukuzawa Yukichi is over……In my mind it was always Chiba Shiga Saga, even though in my wallet it was always Fukuzawa Yukichi…

By the way, my father’s face looks a lot like Fukuzawa Yukichi’s

Note: Chiba Shiga Saga is a skit by Rahmens.

Quoted Tweet (Japanese Bill Redesign. The 10k yen bill will now feature Shibusawa Eiichi rather than Fukuzawa Yukichi)

9 Apr 2019 – 11:42 AM

It was 澤

Note: She used the wrong kanji. 福沢諭吉 should have been 福澤諭吉

8 Apr 2019 – 9:37 PM

I’m performing on 5/3~6–!
If you purchase SS seats, you’ll receive a special bonus (signed pamphlet)!
It’s the first Nishio signature( ˘ω˘)
Look forward to seeing what the New signature will be like
( ˘ω˘)👆

Quoted Tweet (Reading Party HARUCA → Nishio Yuka name change announcement)

8 Apr 2019 – 9:36 PM

I normally try not to eat sweets but when I see catered sweets I eat them right up

I’m looking forward to the actual event–!

Note: This a reference to “BUSHITABE!

7 Apr 2019 – 6:29 PM

【Appearance Info】←New!
6/22 BUSHITABE! in Nagano

I’m going to Nagano–––!
with Tonopii-san!!

6 Apr 2019 – 6:17 PM

Which is one “Yuka”?!

The correct answer is——left!
Right is “ta”ka

Note: She’s playing at how the kanji in her name (夕, evening) looks like the katakana for “ta” (タ)

6 Apr 2019 – 5:29 AM

DJ Event「OverSanjuu!」Thank you–!!
It was limited to songs by seiyuu older than 30 so… I played lots of songs I’ve always wanted to play–––! Yay fun––
And this was Nishio Yuka’s first event!! Wooooo #Sanjuu [30]

Note: obasan = older woman, sanjuu = 30
The set list is translated here.

5 Apr 2019 – 9:17 PM

I went to see Bushiroad DJ LIVE–!
It was on fiiiiire!!
I want to see vol.3 already!!!
Well then! Coming up at 2:00~ I hope to see you at Tsukiakari Yumeterasu! Ohhhh

4 Apr 2019 – 10:53 PM

The timetable for the DJ event I’ll be performing at tomorrow, “OverSanjuu!”, has been published–!

I think it’d be nice if you went to Bushiroad DJ LIVE, ate dinner, then came to “OverSanjuu!”!
I think!(^。^)

#Sanjuu [30]


00:00~00:40 Icchii
00:40~01:20 Kimoto
01:20~02:00 Shinki
02:00~02:40 Nishio Yuka
02:40~03:20 Chanberu
03:20~04:00 Chikichii
04:00~04:40 Nyamuko
04:40~05:20 Aranyan

4 Apr 2019 – 5:58 PM

It’s been nearly a year since I started to DJ and I’ve been fortunate enough to receive offers to DJ almost every month.
Even if you haven’t been to anikura before, just try going once and you’ll have a great time! (in various ways)
My hair color is totally changes depending on the event too!

Note: The set lists are translated here.
anikura = Anime Clubbing Events

Set List for Men

Set List for Women
Anisong Melodic Rock

4 Apr 2019 – 1:20 PM

I’ve seen “seiyuu A-san looks like B-san” here and there, but up until now I’ve been told I look like Fujiwara Tatsuya-san

3 Apr 2019 – 6:56 PM

How are nicknames decided…?

By the way, there is that one thing~it could become but( ˘ω˘)
Ah, I’m not Oyu( ˘ω˘)

Note: nishO YUka, written as お湯 meaning “hot water”

3 Apr 2019 – 5:11 PM

←Before Making Account Public                      Now→

It’s gotten so lively here in a day…!
Thank youuuuu!!
I’m reading all the comments!
I’m plan on tweeting about all sorts of things👆

Note: the account name before she made it public was “oyu” (hot water)

3 Apr 2019 – 7:06 PM (Shirahata Ichiho)


Note: hot water, and Nishio’s potential nickname 😅

4 Apr 2019 – 1:25 AM


Note: a [hot] water tap

2 Apr 2019 – 8:32 PM

【Appearance Info】
→songs by female seiyuu over the age of 30

→songs chosen on instinct


Stage Reading「ReadingParty

Hope to see you there!
#Sanjuu [30] #EGO_ism #ReadingParty

2 Apr 2019 – 5:17 PM

Nice to meet you!
I’ll be working under HiBiKi from now on!
My name is Nishio Yuka!

I hope to be a fun box of surprises for everyone!
Thank you!!

2 Apr 2019 – 5:57 PM (Shindo Amane)

Nishio-san! I look forward to working with you( ﹡・ᴗ・ )

2 Apr 2019 – 7:43 PM

Amane-chan–! Likewise, looking forward to working with you!

2 Apr 2019 – 10:13 PM (Tsumugi Risa)

Yutashiku unigee sabira-🌺💫

Note: “yoroshiku onegaishimasu”, “pleased to meet you” in Okinawa dialect

2 Apr 2019 – 10:26 PM

A ka sa ta na ha ma ya ra wa-🌻💫
(Pleased to meet you!!)

Note: This is the standard ordering of syllables in Japanese… i.e. complete nonsense

2 Apr 2019 – 5:19 PM

[Important Announcement]
From this point onward, HARUCA (former) will be working as “Nishio Yuka”
under the seiyuu agency HiBiKi.

Her twitter account will be here from now on↓↓
Nishio Yuka ( @240y_k )

Please continue to support her from now on!

2 Apr 2019 – 5:18 PM

I have a very important announcement.

Thanks for everything up until now.
The sky—is changing.

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